Rams are getting a guy the 49ers wanted... 2/23/18

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Friday, February 23rd

Did San Francisco miss out?


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Had forty niners losing out on a guy is gonna be. Traded to one of their divisional rivals right yeah not good evening before we get to that here. Happy Friday reported thirteen Tony let's see if big l.s have and happy Friday out of feeling always says and I'm guessing yes figure out what's up. I'll I work hard at guys and happy Friday you have a block the week yeah having your lack patients about what about I'll. I lauded as that I heard the keyword I had to call because you know my guys. And become experts have seen for three years read these. Big hit even out that what sort of beat that team. That would you know well. We're stepping from the bat why Seattle bureau opera not vacations the year. Algorithm worked out well for McCain. Tank on. Tank at on dot com big Al you can be can do yourself actually. In you can just going to his simulated all right based on the standings today what are the chances they want to for the good pick. Yeah I think I thought it out but mr. cries a lot earlier today when we get to draft I've never you ought. It's so funny when you do those drought bank and who's gonna take where wife and what you what you know the draft position. Well look if you wanna hang out like opted out last year I thought he blaster. Lot is easily currently you know they do that was news or do Longo. Even thought to only have people here I am getting here because a group ball dead. Don't have good feelings about critical situations probably don't indium. Neck and it dedicated whatever. Always do not when your team gets when you get Paul George and LeBron you're gonna be sailing through next year so don't worry about it. Jerry I don't outlaw the year coming out here which spotlights what might not forget what brought in my opinion that forget LeBron. I would love to have the LAU. Undervalued and my baby go big aspect I want quiet latter. I think they can pull it off won't hear what you think. Well I'd in less San Antonio's decided that they have. In irreparable problem there's no chance in the world that they would talks the lakers about a deal. Yak is quite still under contract one more year right while right LeBron and Paul George could be. Will be free agents this summer correct and a national lakers blondes a ball is returning to lineup tonight against the mavs. And asked to ninety. Dad. He actually looks better today than maybe some of the parents because on a ball was asked about the whole payment thing and he said. I'd now we in mind as not being on that. Our entire focus was getting DC allaying getting out about that it was focused on one year EC LA and done. And he says now no money my dad does not them on that so. You know just scroll that away for whatever that's worth while interestingly last night on inside the NBA Shaquille O'Neal. And Charles Barkley Kenny Smith they were talking about why Leonard and Jack the data from the player's perspective and says look the doctors don't work for the player they work for the team so just because a doctor clears a guy. And as a mean that he's not hurt. And Charles Barkley said. You know Ernie Johnson said the same thing that I suggested that you know it's just so ought to be talked about some like this with dispersed no matter who's stronger. Who's in the right or what exactly is going on but Charles Barkley said I he wished and I think this was echoed throughout bell. They wish that. Quite letter which is c'mon say something. It because we're all one of what is going on if he said umps are still heard you know I'm beat. Organizations supported me but I'm just not ready to go or whatever it is if you would just talk but he is kind of sits they're never says anything. Which in a way makes it seem worse because you can't it's hard not to just assume the worst. And start to speculate things all my goodness maybe this is what's going on special when you got all these shadowy stories coming out. Yeah region. Bowed his story. In a little more detail. I was struck by the fact that when Weiler was in New York Cuba's working out at the players. Unions Jim. Om and also that it's the spurs had sent personnel. Spurs personnel with him. Through that entire trip where he was back in New York. So it isn't as though they are communicate clearly they're not only communicating but their. On some level working together like bush wasn't suggesting the spurs personnel were trailing collide around they were with him. You know observing get going through whatever protocols they could. And it's an odd thing but I have to say you're right about Hawaii. And how much. Clear this would all be if he spoke. But there's no question the spurs have been OK with the impression that's been created because they've done nothing. To take it down. You know Popovich is pretty no nonsense guy. If if what he thought was why do everything he can for God's sake he would've said something. You would have asked him one question but he would have answered it with this listen I can't tell ya something our guys work is. Hind in off he'd weeks T he just can't get back on the court and that's not what he says it right. He's he's part of whatever is going on. Right or left to read between the lines though which is unfortunate oh yeah I know we're reading them accurately but I'm definitely reading between the lines and because that's on guy yet meanwhile big trade in the NFL here's a guy that boy that. Forty niners would love to have they were interested in a deal themselves they weren't able to swing one mrs. got a could've drafted I was open that would drafted him Tony fifteen. But they took our Eric Armstead who have worked with personally so OK yeah then there's an error counsel wins. Eighteenth right after the 49ers pick that year he went to the chiefs markets Peters. And he is going to be traded we say going to be because teams right now can only agree to trades Aiken officially do anything yet. But chiefs trading markets Peters outstanding corner to the rams. Yep that's a stunner. The rams don't have a 20182 round pick. So it is it looks like looks like that she's wanted. Robert Quinn at some point but now in Rappaport suggesting it looks like the rams are just gonna give up picks. Or markets Peters one of the best corners in the NFL. Who wore out his welcome in Kansas City last year pretty fast. There was a level of disbelief I was reading some of the Kansas City stuff over the last few days there was a level of disbelief. When it was first suggested that they might move Marcus Peter's new Aaron how much of a headache he may have been at some time. In that related fears that the thinking there was just he's way too good to just trade I mean. You know how hard it is to find a defensive back right now everybody's looking for in a really. Unquestionably. Top notch one. The energy energy and talent when he fifteen no player has more interceptions or passes defensed. And including playoffs Peters has 21 interceptions only. Ed Reed is more interceptions and Peters over the first three seasons of a player's career in the last 25. National Football League seasons yeah. It to the point where. Teams throw. Away from which is such an advantage for defensive coordinator for half that. If he also basket he can be under contract. The next two seasons one point 892018. Team fifth year option between nineteen which is very club friendly in Europe where that caliber. To be an act on a contract it's rare in the NFL so it for the rams and challenge try they were trying to swing a deal. I'm bad news for the raiders and by the way mail goes said that the 49ers never actually made an offer. On Martha's Peters there's no question that they were interest it. I'm so maybe they knew from the early. I don't know onset of that the cup you know that they just didn't have enough to offer but I I don't know or maybe they were. Scared off by his. Issues character issues is that alert chiefs to suspend him yeah that's their an uneasy as the city is you know they just he was too unpredictable too volatile to make a tale worth it. And that's veteran coach being able to I think probably flexes muscle that there is sandy Reid saying can't you guys. Will win without them have won without guys like going to be you know. Will win and so trust me but we don't but we're not gonna go there yet they got David Emerson now. Yeah hi and the rams then are very clearly got a part with Jermaine Johnson. So the 49ers may turn their to have foreigners inches medical pointed out today. There should anybody who can can play in the secondary them so it's strange just as a big a contract number but that doesn't mean that the 49ers would look at him pretty closely and we now know cries and you've been anxiously awaiting. Details on this we know when that forty niner raider coin flip is going to be held to determine. Who picks ninth and knew the extent than the draft filly Friday march 2 okay. Hopefully we'll have a coin flip freeing for you here and he has been thirteenth warning us that we're we're online and that up yeah that's spectacular next Friday. What a way to in the week lightly we'll have new ms. in the tests. You know lots we know coal means threatening all kinds of stuff. Tails never fails real or fake you know we got a bunch of stuff go and Condoleezza Rice has to live that's a that's who gets to have you thought spring baseball exciting. Need to get a coin flip now it's tremendous but hey yes that this is that listen this that said the raiders win in all of this because marked as Peter's out of the AFC west. Mean it's again day for the raiders team. That that foreigners come up short. And they're gonna have to deal with Marcus Peters. As an op as an opponent but the raiders there's a happy moment for them. Get him out of the division of the chiefs to mime no matter what's going on behind scenes. The them to ship out someone of that caliber is. Staggering. For the I mean and for everybody else AFC west it's kind of a good moment. Chair I'm sorry governor problem with them by all means you should move him who you pick in in the coin flip. Who's gonna win. I will go to raiders' in the coin flip your buddy of mine forty niners got that things block grants so strong in the flip. I'm tremendously strong and that my gas. You know they they roll sea bass out there and sort of you know we cut you. But we love you and we you are a raider for life and he wrote that long touching. Post this week about how he's rated for life and Lynn says he's have been tucked into his analytics guys. He says a word back as it's 5050. Yeah if they get Jimmy Jeter flip it if you don't labor Ito went over assisted the legal team and the legally either side flipped a coin. We're flipping a coin now here in New York someone please call during a conference call.