The Raiders will be facing a wrinkle when they meet the Cardinals on Saturday 8/9

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Wednesday, August 9th

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NFL news and lots of it. And we'll get to all of it very quickly including that they've sort of inching wrinkled at the raiders will be facing on Saturday. Against the cardinals. The first let's say go out Omnia. Going around and call the hotline it's not really a hotline 34913 twenty is how to reach as big Al. Has chosen to do so BI doing. Drove well all it ought not Liberia out called out the beautiful sealed the great golf today gorgeous. Light of that court anyway com. So I know you're like all my but it the last major but my question for Chrysler or factor Bennett they're PGA. Major. It would be or friends or the least important for me. Well there's no question and I really don't know how the PGA what do they do out to make it more relevant. Do you move it on the calendar what do you do. Are there are numb and my body art art robbers are now that we talk about the fifth major being the players because it is it really the the out. The players turn it back now they've moved around rounded you know mate yet but it. It has the native Tibet being able. In all gall. Because you know it did not part in the face a bit about your ranking third year and have the best world players better bet that really should probably be more major. I know what you do at the PGA immediate immediate PGA pros turn meant that what you get about ten guys that are people that no one will ever know what they're they're local needs. You guys all part of it but. I urge you immunize your right I split is different and more interesting courses and courses that are not regular rotation. Yeah. I don't know I mean it's it's well anyway thanks a call out its its toll what. The thing of the PGA and in moving it is very plot problematic for lots of reasons. In one is that I think. Or a lot of the international players it wouldn't necessarily be. As easy to move. And that has to do we have the way the European tour is set out then and other staff but I do agree. That's always inching you see something as insertion the PGA of like four Jordan's been dents on the snuff and that's the major that he would need to add to have achieved. I Grand Slam. Not any year but you know sort of as a career. As a career achievements so. It's not that it's it's nothing obviously. It's a major thing it it it's it's it's a major for good reason in his produced some great results but it's the afterthought on the count in a question about. The NFL's a busy today because we're forward because we're getting to that point. I'm and as we are mentioning earlier. I'm Caroline in Houston owner. In India and skim NG thing today it's it's called pre season game it's comes in the G. I without too many starters involved but teams during their ram and a Foreman. The first cuts have already been made on a hard knocks so I guess for underway according to Chris Ballard from from SI the colts. Say they're still no timetable for when Andrew Luck is gonna be able to return to the field. He had right shoulder surgery this off season and to be fair he's the one Andrew Luck is the one who said ferry earlier on Isetan I don't know. I I'm not even get a really throw until camp. So let's be responsible about this Chris Ballard is also my name they GM of the cold season just a writer for assigned to different people. And discus ballad to GM says they're not gonna. They expect into looked to be activated. From the pup list that's physically unable to perform before the start of the regular season. The reason that matters is if you're on the physically unable to perform list or the pup list right now in camp. No big deal if you still on the list when the regular season begins. You got to miss six weeks. So of course he'll be moved off the list before the season begins. But his status for the regular season opening it's the rams are still yet to be determined. Luck has made progress in his throwing program. Over the last two weeks this is a really good quarterback. I know a lot of people Simon Stanford that this is way beyond that he's a really good NFL quarterback. Potentially. And upper Echelon NFL passer for a long long time if he can stay healthy. And that's their big issue I Abe. And I'm not expecting him to start the season. Active I think you know I don't think you'll be on the pup list but I don't think you'll be the quarterback of the colts because I think if there's any question. And I mean any question. About where he has in his rehab or how far he's progressed in his throwing. Program. Then they they they withhold he's he's just too valuable to to risk at all John Elway in Denver is. Knocking down a report that surfaced via Denver radio station. The report suggested the Broncos were looking to acquire. AJ McCarron in and trade with Cincinnati AJ McCarron. Accepting Andy Dalton in Cincinnati. But on the obvious suggestion there would be that the Broncos are paying thinking about their. Quarterback position and it is actually true. That neither. Actually it's march ever Ximian is really locked down a job. Neither one of those guys has been in camp to step in and what what are we in ten days of camp but neither one of those guys has seized the starting job. Nevertheless. John Elway who's consistently said that he liked his choices at quarterback the ones that are Arnie honest team. Take to Twitter. Early this morning. As follows rumor of us being interested in anyone other than they QBs we have is another example of irresponsible fake news not a huge fan of the phrase. But I take his point LA is consistently publicly expressed his belief. That either Simien Aaron lynch can get the Broncos back into the post season. They were 97 last year missed the playoffs brought cost Weiler not a problem anymore. They were two teams ago for us while there but it is fair to say that John LA. In the post of Peyton Manning era hasn't been able finally quarterback. They're still probably looking. The raiders. Have a finish up at a really good Napa session honestly very good nap recession. Tenth of their fifteen practices. Scheduled. Was conducted today Carl Joseph second your safety so I don't watch guys he's he's been really really good. I'm this is guy remember was coming last year as a rescues come off torn ACL. Slow progress but he feels good physically he is absolutely attacking. He is. Very physical on the field chip Marshawn Lynch on Sunday at the end of play. Which prompted a funny response from marsh on but I this is you guys get after it and he is absolutely. Sort of chomping at the bit so called justice Joseph secular safety got to keep him in mind keep in line with the raiders also really unclear. At what point Mari Cooper's going to be back on the fields coming up close to a week now. I'm sad to mark Cooper's been on the field with the raiders. I'm repeatedly what I've seen what is worth repeatedly seen as it reassurances that he does not have a significant injury. But he is. He's a he's a week away from the field so if he's not on the field by today which is not. It sort of did in him to pry I was gonna playing answers on anyway. But almost certainly he won't for the raiders there more concern than younger players their first four draft picks here on Conley. OB I'm off on Wu Eddie Cantor doesn't David Sharpe were all out. Yesterday. They were. You have him there there's at bitterness enemy it's not considers it a serious thing that they decided to withhold again. Is being careful no reason push and he said he good early can't they don't wanna push too hard. I'm Donald Payne and of course as you know still not with the team. Not that that's nothing and I'm still not overly concerned about doll can be at the raiders. Well think he's gonna need a full camp to be ready because he's a veteran and he understands what it takes to be ready for an NFL season I'd be. Very very surprised. If he in fact some have got to camp. And wasn't ready to play and finally Colin -- Nick's camp is denying a report to be turned down an NFL contract there was report. Flooded yesterday that suggested he. Had a chance to sign with an NFL team to turn it down because he wanted to create a bigger media frenzy and fill an end and senate the better payday for himself. When if his. I don't what they wanted his rant but it teams he identified as a core a so's course close to cap Nixon calls arrange talks. And any contractor any money at any NFL team. Any suggestion otherwise a bull they slide fishermen bald face live I'd take his take is point. I'm what will run a few of these topics particularly. The idea of a shorter pre season what that might mean. I passed our next guest KC Joyner but he's also an absolute fantasy football expert from ESPN a lot of good info. I got that story coming up next on the rise guys ESP and thirteen point.