Questions for Kreidler: Does Adrian Peterson have a shot at Emmit Smith?

The Rise Guys
Thursday, September 13th
What are the similarities between Peterson and Smith?

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Let me ask you a football question here as we get ready for questions for Chrysler tapping into the limitless expertise of our resolve this mark cried I have no idea you. Are there integrates data. Oklahoma Oklahoma so this idea and I knew that I knew that he's due. He used to treat Barnes for pink got used to paint cattle toes enough. Ends and means all right all have been examining and yet nobody was keeping score that close yeah Baseball Hall of Fame voter. Do you ever here's a question for rather than you ever watch MLB network and they got. Joe Schmo from you know the beat writer for the reds and he's on TV everything manifests will be run or be on TV right now on MLB network. By now and everything that. I'm a stimulus should be a lot can be grueling grueling work to be writer it is indeed also. At the time that I was beat writer that job was way more closely defined he had deadline. You know as a newspaper guy he had deadline and you hit deadline. At a certain time in the evening for your notes in the entry game's story in your rewrite. But the guys now really from the time it wake up they're sort of responsible for whatever you know happens at all times I got a good question for and I apologize because and I like to give Smart some idea what I'm gonna ask I apologize I just thought this now. What about the Sacramento bee's and sports. Portal live pay to get similar sports is that the way newspapers are going to pay for that. Well I think it I mean I think he should pay for the B anyway mom I think you should subscribe to the community newspaper or really do. Again on Sundays. And I get you know the the interwebs stuff bowling thing you're helping to keep the B afloat may not think this subscription is the important thing. And you know we subscribe to a few. I'm so. And I'm not lecturing anybody just I think that's a sly guy a Smart thing to do that but look as if it's a great question. Because a lot of newspapers and the bees one of them I say this you know loving it or their for a long time they were really late to this game. And they were late to the idea of a pay wall. Because they were late in the exhibits of when they put their website to get in the first place no kidding we get into it when they actually launched. And they didn't take it very seriously at first. In till I think they've been playing a game of catch up now for a long time and truly tough. Once you've conditioned people to getting it for free it's really tough to have a leap a pay wall but there are other sites like the athletic. Is the one that's gone up right now right. The only way you've ever been able to read anything on the athletic was to subscribe it's not it's just either or either yet you're paying for it or not there's no. The little of this but none of that. ESPN's tried that a lot of times should be years with. You know pay some of the stuff is open some of it is restricted in its ability and insider yeah it's tough way to do business and this I apologize decided really represented very accurately. So are going to be introducing a new playbook for readers to follow their favorite teams. Let's see sports pass a digital. Subscription. Thirty dollars a year to fifty a month. I'm limited access to all your sports content at sac bee dot com includes 49ers king's high schools and more right. So if your interest is strictly sports they're trying to give you a portal that gives you. Access to a whole lot of sports but especially to step that's locally oriented. And again you know I mean my advice would be subscribe to the B. In you know didn't and that's folded in his part of the subscription that you buy in the get Debbie also get news and important stuff and you know we have the mayor in here for whom a couple of hours and it that it's an incredibly important what's going on in and around our city right. You know subscribe to the paper it's a really good idea thank you. At the very least subscribe to be a sports past. Digital sports past it's not a bad idea it's just it's it it's an interesting way to go if their peoples and I don't want to read the paper he Abby care about the local sports right. Particularly you know I think it has a chance with high school Stanley high school parents but well I just want the coverage you know wanna be able to see. Lebanon high school games this question. Do you buy into the theory they gruden is gonna tear down the raiders and rebuild them in his an image. Quest. The theory it's a room. Heard people have been talking about it people who are described as a semi insiders have been talking about it. So we don't even know if it's really a thing but there are a lot of people around the raiders who. Seemed to think that some group media is considering her may be considering I mean I'd buy it chair I don't even think it's controversial. He was hired into added an unprecedented deal. That gives him total power. Which he's flexed plenty of already. And you know you don't not to beat the one step into the ground just teams changed roster change a lot every year. But 60% turnover in one offseason is pretty dramatic. So he's already rebuilding the team in his image. It seems to me that the question people are asking. Really is. Will she ditched Derek Karr because outside of that what he really talked to him I think it's a little bit. May be controversial isn't the right word but I'll go of that I think it's a little controversial because you look at the raiders they were three and thirteen in their cars first year than there were seven and nine. Then they won twelve games than last year's step back and I got to turn that down mom and that's interesting. You've already got rid of one your very best players arguably your best player so maybe thirty started. I think it house. And I think the remaining question is really the one on the quarterback because. If Jon Gruden decides. I like him. I see it I see a featured then they're really good shape because he's already under contract. If on the other hand gruden says. I've tried it just isn't there I can't work this kid then you have a problem. It's a problem for Oakland Raiders fans. By the time you get to Vegas on the right. Right and that's the frustrating part of all of this trade too little Mac way what do you get all he gets some future. Care about the future you mean here on the desert. Good luck T you. So I don't have any doubt that he's remaking that I don't like I said I I guess it's controversial except it's already happened on. Is she had already turned over the roster. You know I mean Crabtree now know he's four Marquette team now now these are right. Matured out of under so much to understand. Is pretty high level guy pretty high level performer prudent system not for me. Off Hedo. You know personality conflict had been rumored Crabtree car's favorite target. I I think he's an impediment to what we really need to get done we need the ball mark to proceed as alarming indeed Ayman trade cars favorite receiver. Or deduce Latimer let him get he's whatever it. I'm that's pretty you know. Mean maybe part of it is good insane amount panic. In the other party is armed force and some changes here there's new sheriff in town. It's all of its infinity and everything gruden says. You know it's not it's not desperate because he doesn't feel desperate. It doesn't need to be but it's there. All right. From so you think it's already underway in Fallujah this question. Let me ask you this. What do you like in tonight's classic. Thursday night that would. All match stop it play undefeated being. Posting the undefeated green business what I'm in a rematch of last year's meeting this week seventeen contest and SeaWorld now. Minute not entirely meaningless for one team. When team got knocked out of playoffs by that game anyway they beat the for what it's worth. It's a pick him. That lies so it truly is you know whatever little home till the advantage. Is gained for the Bengals is negated by with a bookie stink about the ravens. I'm very curious to see whether Baltimore's offense is as good as it looked last week we may see more Lamar Jackson tonight right. There might be some really different looks tonight. Time they may have actually tried and I the ravens may have to try it at. But I think and I know the history. Because we already talked about it just today. I I think the Bengals win this game at home rule and a good game and I could win and I think they win it. A lot in in substantial measure by giving a mix in the ball again and what is your just guess here your. You're correct percentage. Your accuracy rate when it comes to predicting Yakima Bengals games all time. We'll fight factor in. While going back to. She's if I go I don't know early to get zero. Tomorrow that's just the way. I tips fairly accurate and pretty Germany had the privilege of working with you for several years here it's only been ten years you've seen me make wrong picks on having you may be overstating it but not by that month on month. And I don't remember being right about anything I've ever guessed it nothing. Can rob know that includes a toll in and sometimes things imprint for the wrong reasons. But that includes times when being wrong about the tingles meant being you know losing I'm a challenge on the air and after decent stupid. Or self embarrassing punishing picks I used to have you know carrot that stuff and so that was that was. There are those were not my happy as memories. When the angles would cost me a week and I would have to go do some just idiotic because I'd lost about. Those are nominee happy days mom so I hate giving us the design anyway it's weird I remember them very happily yeah I'm quite sure it has. Reporter thirteenth when he big Al on ESPN thirteenth when he hello big out. A lot of guys acquired Chrysler I. I have accommodation not my little heart on its criteria remark went for me it not viewed as your idea well on my topic which of the Bennett got. It's not a patient and you work really ride on reach your on the property. And wait for that and be a real thing in my opinion. It is. Running it like that like they view for the lap birdie running as the US. Amateur but the women's amateur the US. A lot of broke component and look that you're down for TV time yeah or you don't have like collapse they die. Lapping guys match play or whether it be cool. He gets broke in did that happen in an order up but it broke for the stolen and that all banged up and drop one. And the issue and go at too great permits bright bright. War and you can move up the chart we all make it to collapse that he the example and I doubt. Because otherwise I'd get them now that you know I know I know that the credit in Saudi you know he had a chance he can win with a five respectively agency to. What do you know this business this about it. It's it would be able Whitacre bought for her that he made here bot mode your right I don't not Gerald virtually yeah. And then or now right at the outside of or 41. And tiger beat and work. Thank you out here just to confuse not me it's not your fault obviously is just too confusing but it will tell you ouster greats I would explain why it's not a thing it's too I think he is and he's very kind to me now is rated walk that back and say I think it's that thing in fact that's my official position today. I think the FedEx Cup is I think ultimately that's the thing I can't believe this is definitely thing the gall to go getaway has get thirteen twenty dot net three days two nights of Carmel Valley ranch for 22 rounds of golf each Bridgestone tour being gulf gulf to go balls and elections he wedge. All right kitty that yesterday when he dot net. For a shot at that wonderful. Wonderful package gladly yes and as things he taught. Thank you a big out all right Kim I think we got time for one more this question yes Adrian Peterson says breaking Emmitt Smith's career rushing record he says it's. Very realistic. Is he right eats it that. Easy right. I know he's not right he's not right now. There's been no I like Adrian Peterson he was sooner. I'm even sort of tried to look past other things off the field it is I have to do that all the time as the sooners fans notice two. But he's at 33 years old 16000. Yards short of Emmett Smith. Isn't it five something finally eased 123. And and Emmitt Smith finished at eighteen something a fact it's a six grand. Gulf. And again he's 33 years old. It's not that I. It means I'll be easily look at last week I by August 23 last week I hope that last week. Is what he really is this season when a great thing would be. We did NAFTA have. Five minorities mom to even be knocking on the dual war. He's having all things considered. Clinton like losing a year. Generally wonderful. Running career but he can catch him Christmas. The problem is one of the problems is so obvious with the promise but in order to have. A year like you're talking about you says you say needs 5 am we don't know this but I mean. He needs five great years and five great years for running back. Each one of those years takes like three years off her life span is just the battering. That a player takes. Makes it impossible for him to do that five more times. At age 33 here's here he could pass though if he's able to play for a couple more years you know to play well in plain good system what she's doing now. I'm he sitting tenth he get past Tony 2% mean names on it you know once you're inside the top two in the names are ridiculous but he can past or set. And he could pass Eric Dickerson can he catch Frank Gore. I made it well. He's 2000 plus short of Frank Gore. And Frank Gore still playing francoeur will be 43 and go on I think I can still touted ya and for and been seriously Frank Gore like three years from now some will say. I think going get a fifty out of the you know well I mean yeah it'll be three point nine a carry but that guy. Avoid the big hit at all times. At any rate he's gonna go past some awfully big names and he Michael pastor room that is like he. What Adrian Peterson could do if he's able to stay healthy. Is be a top. If I may be top six running remarkable time in terms of yardage not gonna catch him it's just no way. It's truly remarkable Emmitt Smith played. Fifteen years. And I guess. Being fair probably thirteen. Were incredibly productive Debian on a great offensive line absolutely when he went to the cardinals and all of a sudden when the same plan let's look quite as good I don't know what happened. Does not quite as you know so yeah that's part of it in DC you know Adrian Peterson is right now based on what we saw last week in any. That line may really help in the way they're running their offense that may open up some opportunity for those are questions for cry before today yesterday mark rather letter grade for questions for Chrysler with them. Was a C minus what does he get today rob he bounced back with a BP's. There you go cries. And trash can in the Aggies this week Friday yeah I love this yeah well done.