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Wednesday, September 12th
Which coach is the bigger weirdo?

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Giants following today for the Braves tonight FaceBook don't watch game. Controversy. Marring the Braves victory they may throw this one back. I say we don't want. I need I I'm watching them a post game field interview with Charlie Culbertson. His so far said nothing about giving back to victory so this guy Lieberman do in the interview he is as a matter yeah okay go so I keep an honor system. To watch a guy so apparently the Braves scored a disputed run in the ninth and more on the game two to one. Yes. It sounds like what happened was there was a disputed play at first base that would have been to be in a run scored on the play if it's ruled safe. Dealt with this stretch at first base. It appears as though his toes on the bag and has a couple of the writers Bagley was one of it he said. In less New York has angles that we're not seeing in the FaceBook live broadcast there's no way they can there's no way they overturned the out call. Overture and the out call and ruled the runner safe at first ruled that belts foot was in fact Austin baguette see stretch for the throw. Thus keeping a runner safe allowing Iran to score in the Braves went to one. I'll admit that I mean otherwise and it does lost eleven straight me turn that dial up to eleven around losing she yet I mean you know they stink but. The only notable thing is it. And maybe this is just the frustration of the you know the street but a pair of a bunch of giants players I was Watson video we're just visibly angry like visibly angry Will Smith start with Will Smith Jesus. Quiet as a church mastered screaming at the umpire lock and off the field. So it was a bad melt down lost that included disputed call that's unfortunate right. Outside attack into the limitless expertise of the author and columnist mark rather she's. Question for Chrysler. Bayless scored one run syndicated to upset right. So that's a sweep root for the Braves as an area now eleven straight chair let a straight losses for the a giants. 34913. Twenty got a question for Chrysler as a big Al mania as Jan thirteenth when he lovely gal. I'm he is but I've out of Kuwait summit topics. Rob. Wherever I have an idea to marry a stroke or he's that terrible to me yeah. And everybody kind of girl out on the other prominent YE. I'm totally on your bandwagon I'm prop up outlook on my back. When it comes to be back in and blocked. It right the Chrysler right I'd. I wish I could believe in and irked by this story I just so I I think block he'll do what he does that note taken money. And I probably could be a viable option do anything else for any other NBA team needed reputation here. Not now later Charlotte so much embodied after they get money. You know be a night guy but that question for Chrysler now. What would be the tour championship well. You know Schiavo have lead the way they grew to bring up years ago you know eat them up early when that thing if he wins. The quiet about thirty guys have a pet you know people away in the FedEx Cup. Thank you. Thank you first question for prob get a staying for now its because it's pleasant for crying their. Does that really layer abstain and outcry you know we're proud of its special bodies. FedEx Cup picks special on our airwaves tomorrow the next day and first question for further thanks for hanging out when he got mark rather you gotta pick. I'm. Big out for only desperate CS for a pick and you can't to skim a simple. Pick for the FedEx Cup unknown I can I can give me complicated answer if you want my when I money's on Sina. Really you okay. He sits third Yost accumulating yet missive to topic like I used to pick Paul Casey all the time what he you'll remember. Now it's just it's Fina has been playing great golf end what he sees phenomenal Miller whenever said that. I could. Really yeah I have never said data or anything like I heard it somewhere down. But that's all go maybe I senate I don't know I can tell you they years ago in the FedEx Cup was new remember talking Kevin Sutherland was still on the on the main tournament Emery said yeah he's FedEx Cup we don't. We don't know what to do like blue chips to answer some reasonably clean up what I mean clearly did so many points for this or that we don't even understand what they mean. All you know as a golfer now on you know as you only know whether you're in or out. Yeah I hear in my in the FedEx object you're definitely in a sign your name on the list you want Euro 100% in the FedEx Cup was I mean I don't know. The year and it is the thing the FedEx Cup is the thing I don't know it's absolutely not. It's it's as much as they wanted to be I think your right yes it's. I just have trumped up thing to try to get people watch golf is at a football and good luck with that meant that there's. Money to be mating golf. I'm on whatever limited you know even if numbers go down your contract is a good TV contract and so you wanna deliver the number of state she said he would. But after a certain point which is relief. Practically speaking after the PGA championship. You know it's kind of it feels like the season's over. And this was just one way try to address that. Some pay what's and what's way to inject false life into me just playing tournaments doesn't feel very important and all the majors are done so what do we do. So for the record Tony fee now is mark cried others. Solid as Iraq. PGA FedEx Cup picture virtually eighteen thank you mark rather take you well. Camp if you would please share this question thank you can't we have on the one hand we have dug around the coach. The Jacksonville jaguar okay. And dug around says. It's been a long time since he's watched the Super Bowl decades. He says when you aspire to go there and you're not there I just don't wanna go through the whole season get in my mind and not being there I'm usually so. Upset I can handle that he doesn't watch the Super Bowl. Because of the season and is too painful form. We also have Mike Zimmer coach of the vikings but was asked after the Sunday night game involving Aaron Rodgers what he thought of Aaron Rodgers quote Mike simmer. I don't know. Any assessment and you know Watson at football yeah I don't have a TV so I didn't watch it. As Mike Zimmer. Coach of the vikings so which coaches the bigger weirdo Mike Zimmer Mike I don't have a TV Zimmer or Doug I don't want to super balls too painful. Maroon and I got to goes Hemmer hill grilling yeah. I couple reasons one is. I don't know Deborah means he never watches admitted it disapproval are Forrest what he means is I never planned a lot higher army can you clans. But I know what they said. One guy says he never watches the Super Bowl okay. The other guy says he doesn't have a TV. The reason that debt Zimmer is close to be in a weird out isn't that not having it TVs weird. Because I know lots of people who don't strictly speaking needed TV anymore. It isn't that means that it's that he's trying to position himself as some odd ball when the truth is she's surrounded by media every minute of every day. Let me ask you this Doug Brown was asked when was the last time you did watch a Super Bowl probably when I was and a coach and how is allowed to gamble probably when I was like twelve. When I had a little money on it right. He turns 54 in July. So it could be the last super boy he watched was Super Bowl Levin. Opened 32 Minnesota fourteen in January 1977. That might put him off a suitable for ever gone. It was not that there's a great win for the raiders but not the most thrilling Super Bowl I've ever seen. I'm Clarence Davis had a big game that day I don't believe either got to really to Serena don't believe you got. Really of course I'm of course got room has seen a Super Bowl there's no question about it in forty years. Just note I mean I understand you make it a bigger point and all that much Izard there aren't that different. Target and that district of football coach she never watches should rule for forty years I'll leave that for 12. And simmer on San about Zimmer is I think that's close to be in play too weird status. But again you know Mike Zimmer is surrounded it every minute of out of his day that he's not on the field. I am by media as all coaches are his immunity. The debt that's not the same as saying gosh I'm out of touch. It's possible that if I asked. A head coach about some shallow. Right very possible that if I asking head coach about some show he's gonna say why. And that's legit like I'd I don't know I've never heard of that ship. All because Ollie doesn't watch them but the idea got a cavity. Well you know I know that quote yeah I don't have any TV so I didn't watch it again. I just a 100% you watched everything about the game that you needed to know right. Only saying is he didn't go watch it on TV I was apartment or whatever. There aren't. Aren't married when we have up next here Sam Arnold already being compared to Nickelodeon's hey our old. And we started that here announced taken often. Do you have any other quarterback cartoon character comparisons. For us to do me. Question I'm glad to. Critique and dad quarterback cartoon character. Yeah I mean starts in just a movie count. As a movie camp it's as animated brown okay Cassini adult looks like buddy that kid from the Incredibles. He does he looks like buddy the little who who became ball is being whatever he became wonderful way. We're advocates sorry route. And and Jimmy gee looks like him. Stan Smith from American Dad! with these huge jutting jaw of Pakistan's north America's foreign ball beyond that I guess I'm Scott thank you for adults. That's all I got for Coca. The Stanley Jimmy G definitely it is just is that massively in Orange all of his. It's like Stan Smith and can it looks like. Aladdin two dozen yes. Yeah. Yeah it does except Aladdin have a big huge Sheehan. Clock on his party's is squared job in these magic get a magic lantern June 5 that's probably what it is. Paranoia maybe you left open but yeah for shown I'm guessing as prime better if we don't process he regrets that we started. Which World Series matchups would you most and least like to see this year mr. baseball. You won't glanced. Oh me. Tim to go home inform the back and I don't think it does it get there have been I'd most like to see case that ball really yeah. Yeah just today anchors arresting three yet. That would be cool to me I don't think they're allowed to the a's get through either. By the way seasons lesser is reporting like as of twenty minutes ago. It now Trevor came hills haven't back muscle problems. Did not gonna have one starting pitcher. Who's ever been a starter left except Mike fires the guy they'd literally obtain plea you know a month ago their racist pitcher while. He's all they've gone he better be great. They can't bring apple Turkey sub get. Mighty crazy and how fast can he get here. But DA's in the Dodgers would be. My two in naturally more. I'd love to see the a's beat the Dodgers in the World Series game fund it's happened before let's not forget it has happened before but I like to see that happen that be very cool. Least least favorite. Probably me more about. I don't know time and place like Alan Garcia Rockies in the World Series. So if I go Rockies Red Sox I'm not overly interested because it sounds like a mismatch. And we have that World Series you porno was a dreadful mismatch in 07 well was you know I mean it's long time ago but out and the other thing just. Being honest. Colorado Boston's content be the worst weather World Series at may be out of all the ones I can think often like wild I would have a chance to be postponed seven times. Or he had and it would authorize standards or relational scientists know. Well that's probably closer to the truth isn't as they would play it and we'd all save gas baseball. I know it looks like based solid. That guy's wearing a payment covers is all face. All I can see as the frost coming off his breath and it would be hard for me to really get behind brewers and Indians just because one minute they used to be in the same division of but I mean that was the case last year the Astros Dodgers and that was good series so yeah I mean brewers Astros beat the same problem right. But I was thinking more of other at the World Series were when you say the names I would think. Attend Boston would roll Colorado personal and secondly it's just in sit it would shape up as a game that just doesn't feel like baseball even watching. I hope the cubs are in their just because I like the way Joseph Maddon. Just irritates you. And and being here and I think he's brilliant I had to see it's me there's been an advertising new. Joseph Maddon flaw sometimes he gets a little stuffy about things right that that. But not and I mean it's true I've tried to Canon. But I think the guy's genius I do I think I think it not everything he does you know deters adult gold but to a man by the way once a rule change scribes. And I'd like to rally from one to change in scoring right now I think if second base was playing any outfield grass. And the Paulson to resent able to complete to play the left hand hitter to hitter should get hit on the play these do you know if you wanna make create some kind of fairness or stand within the game. Girardi but they got a disadvantage by putting the fielder. It's such a depth situation. And then when used to run that foreign attempt to make a play and then not to get rewarded or or penalize the defense I don't think that's accurate. That's quote do you mean he's talking about where he Samad assigning errors two guys who are shifting into the outfield and then failed to make or sell an outfielder on the infield. Something like that okay. I'm you know official scorers no jet official scorers it so far haven't really made much allowance is likelier baseball player make a play. But history that you asked guys pretty often now to go make a play. In a part of that field in which strange things happen like that area right behind second base. But before right field that's a danger zone and always has been it's a guy can't make the playing eyes. Well it's a better question to ask what's an error in knowing in just say that's a better question to me it's about a better question is what's an air because an air so right now. Not at all Brian Kinney but it bear for Sherri is whatever the score keeper says it is and that's. All he's getting it. What is the letter grade for today for mark primary questions for grab her I'm thinking that the cartoon thing this a tobacco between them cranked NER a C minus two. But I got a stance that's for American Dad!. They distribute those skirts that there. I don't know Brian Kinney it's an automatic deduction the you don't go running CUNY and rob no no tonight a prank you back on the show. We've had a yeah why not he's really get companies cyberspace will make rob is on that.