Questions for Kreidler 9/12/17

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Tuesday, September 12th

What was the deal with the announcing crew last night? 


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They're really really behind your round here. Death. We had a ghastly if they're building today. Fire department came down taking fire department I feel by the way did I feel fine I didn't have any issues you know we had to evacuate the building everything is fine and there were knowing. That's what's two story this and other all the honor people in purse before anyone else yeah you guys go ahead or what else is not safe guys guys that's the right. Okay go get them. Be careful. The yield canaries at the yes welcome with open arms are it out part cross street into the hole and be safe thing techs I've lost so fairly days she's known local money and actually at one point my boss said. I'm building is off limits studio is optional. Oh yeah. Now hang on yeah I got some like that C studio is an optional return optional like optional. You need options and I might get CO MI uniter can go in now you can go back in now. They couldn't weigh all nonessential personnel allowed back in the building. Tragic on naked yet we'll because I mean everyone in the valley relies on our expertise in our insight it's like you hear India has thrown a crucial yes you know what goes on to the very fabric of the community yeah yen. Plus our studios is so closed off that there was no chance against giving here annually. Nothing else gets in them. You know except limitless expertise and operational challenges are right we cut out listed in your last week that's what you're right you're right he's. And rob let the door open today for muscle tone and. It just invent everything. Now I don't think it's Millen here's the you know the smell of bielsa cookies that he provide banks because there are guys in fairness and a very earnest mark right are also Baseball Hall of Fame voter. Hey Al lot of comments last not on social media. About the announcing crew. Beth moans Rex Ryan. And of course Sergio dip or a deal that crew last night at second anyway yeah there was so much going on mighty studio it was an historic. Crew right here on Owens' death villains became the first woman calling hey nationally televised. I should say now actually broadcasts. On NFL game. So every local calls before it ever national calls so in that sense she made history. I Tibet moans I would hope it would be exciting but another night because she's a veteran broadcaster and I'm in in she's called NFL games before this just happen to be a national call several locals also. One of the big. It was sort of this weird combination of forces in one was Beth Wallace is making her first national call still be undue attention. It. You probably never paid attention in all of the vast numbers of college football game she watched. If Beth loans have been calling one of those games trust me she'd been doing it for years on national college football then. She noticed it last night's name more attuned to what are her voice inflections one of the ways she says words. Mr. paired up with a guy and Rex Ryan who's never done. And I knew this is it's it's completely subjective so feel free did you know dismiss this but from my ear. He prepared for his role like forty times less than Tony Romo to. Tony Romo was at times. May be flying off the cuff a little bit but he was predicting things that we're about to happen. And Rex Ryan just seem like he was kind of fill in the gaps when Betts didn't talk university at buffalo football voice all pac. On Twitter said Rex Ryan the analyst is this like Rex Ryan the coach winging it. It sounded you know I mean look I thought at times Tony Romo did too he would he would kind of creeped out there and get. Excitable like football guy again but that part I like because he was really thinking to gain from. Maybe obvious deceit assist me that's not fair comparison looks like maybe Tony romo's can be really really good maybe so maybe that's not a fair comparison to Rex Ryan and his first game but it wasn't so much you know. You're right in. And maybe that's it he also is being paired with Jim Nantz to. At the very least he was sick it's certainly knows how to set up an analyst to say something. You know right on time or in the right moment. Maybe that's not fair to expect maybe Rex would be better in the studio for example where he can just wrist in the I wanted coach Rex Ryan Mouton. I liked that guy I didn't love him as a coach because he was such. And itself. I'm promoter but I would like him in the boot them. Because I would do the bat bombast actually works in the Booth they didn't take it from the best analysts right now you can put Ramona if you want. To Sager quick that once you doubting these guys are really get. Well I think am I still think the answer outs is really good might think Hollandsworth is really did not know a lot of people. It's where there is a wary did diverge quite a bit. I think. For me and only boards on a few lightweight means giving a very good and we started right there OK fair enough and I think from Lotta people agree review of those are offensive guys yeah we wanna hear about how a quarterback throws the ball rally kept the ball how to move the ball down feel and how to score points that's all we don't care as much may we shed by a large beverage cannon cares much about how you set the edge. I don't disagree that I'll say I'll say this in Britain was an offensive coach but grin figured out a way to take his enthusiasm into the Booth one and he gets steamed forward Allah oh right OK that's the greatest that's ever thrown got a coach. But I liked I liked the fact that gruden brings an energy into the Booth and make you feel like he still loves. Rex Ryan I think to be fair. I'd love to hear him eight weeks from now when probably he's figured out how to do it he's a Smart guy. You'll figure out and I hope just hope that someone from ESPN's has Bieber kicks in you really could that's fine. Your accounts on the air you know Jim Mora. It'll be fine he could out of New York coach. I'm I like that confident brash wreck chimed in here last night the insurgent it was 82 wild card. Genuine wild card. To guide that had never done a Monday Night Football or inning that football sideline broadcast for ESPN. Full network. It's of that if you guys here on the view of promote love just watching. Both events tells the from here. Watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the NFL. That's a walker wrestle the worst thing ever. No I laid back guy who's on the you know do in the second and and I came in English as a second language presumably. It's beating it candidate to a little bit of an on night in the old broadcast Booth that's. And Arnie got tutored Twitter blowback on house yeah I know I'd like him sorry Sumi. I actually think he's he offers things that are interest I didn't mean to get caught up in that debate but my point was I just I figured it's right where you gonna go. I think by and large most of the most popular analysts are offensive guys and a lot of them if not most of them are quarterbacks chair. He calls were it was a receiver so you're all on the same side of the ball talking speaking the same language everybody wants a smaller salt selected their fingers into thinking it's so far with that. And but Rex Rankin do you rich rank and bring a lot to it just because he's head coach. You be one things like I didn't hire a parent head coach think like any coach or talk I can't count you can do for me can even just give me a coach's insight on what to do in that situation. Almost like for a guy is so brash he's much he's really reluctant. To just say. This what I would do here hey that's a rookie coach make it a rookie coach mistakes. I would have looked deferred Unionists and I'm sure it's difficult you're out there you know it was a great shots of people no doubt I remember I Romo told the story so I don't know if you his. Tony Romo Arab or ar Rahman now ski now I wish it was an attorney or OPEC said that during their. Or surge Euro during their their their walk up to the season when they were doing essentially pretend games or pretend calling games. He said that their network was pushing back on him saying you're being too brutal. You don't have to be debt skating and I thought. I I eight. I don't mind if he'd go there as long as she keep it respectful like gentlemen if you criticize got a world doing it's it's a like Tony Romo did a lot more prep work and Rex Ryan yeah I'll bet to Tony Romo got now all more money than Rex Ryan do to do that it's all true. It's all true he's being paid to do a big job. And he was it's an audacious gamble but I got to add a text from from Justin last night centered that what does this prove they're ruining my Monday Night Football yeah a lot of people just couldn't stand it. Well and I just I am quite sure a lot of people will brew react. You know viscerally to death moments just. First all she does she has a weird broadcast DC just tells us sportscaster playing and she doesn't mean it's the other the match is very competent knows the game and understands the circumstances. And situations. I've known a few broadcasters in my life. Two after meeting them I did walk away thinking. Wow he in in this he really does speak like that but most people don't. And I have to think this doesn't speak like that when she's away from the microphone maybe she does I I don't know I don't know either but I mean it it has it has been done. Any rate that was so just out of too weird late night. In it was a weird true big contest so yeah the game saved. And Bethel in cedar job she's actually she's just very very competent. At what she does and I'm sure that a lot of people want in order because they don't enjoy her voice. Where they can't in disciplining guys might culprit he's gotten great reviews for the most part yet I've seen the lot of a lot of male viewers still get. Frost by a female calling football. No debts Muslims assay blaster yeah if there's a guy and his voice rather be handset has voice bothers me sauce on saying about her and yeah she's she did she knows what she's doing but it is hard to listen sometime to. And I think a lot of people agree with that too well she got plenty of compliments for being thoroughly prepared and doing a pro job but that's not surprising and she's done so many games exactly that was definitely you know her head last night no it doesn't mean her voice won't bother me. She could be all things can be trees she can be during its early pro job and you could still walk away sand boom I don't pain that can go the other way. In turn on the volume and I think that's it for that true right because I think she does games for fox and other different partner from a mistaken. Mean maybe it's CBS but anyway. And Rex I don't even know really what Rex is full job description is the Caspian so or whether he's got whether he now floats out of the jobs. It was an interesting try. And you know first Monday night's second game the late game on Monday night given a world in our next question of quickly. Drives questions I'm Adrian Peterson didn't seem too happy last night I get into the blue but would this coach. And the Arizona Cardinals have a running back situation here with a knee injury. Should the Arizona Cardinals trade for Adrian Peterson knocked out if they file the cardinals and I saw the bad body language last night. With Adrian Peterson and and Sean Payton. And I saw him in effect for their running game was anyway. At least make it called pay you don't mean featuring Ian. We'll take him. And dates date they found out today. David David Johnson's injury is in fact a wrist surgery and that it's you know and looking at three months of Chris Johnson time. So they re not forgotten why it from a speed. This Gus Johnson once famously said yes and they had already released civilian circle back around to Chris Johnson and hope for better times. I at least take a look at Adrian Peterson less they're convinced that what they saw last night is because. Adrian Peterson is the issue enough the saints on line which I'm not sure is true what Chris Johnson will likely get most of the carries against the colts followed by occur when Williams Andre Ellington you like penny and DJ Foster so. Hey Sean Payton. We'll take them yet I chair I still wouldn't do it I think I Adrian Peterson's done. I think he's Fini. That'd be so disappointing to me out I'm invest a lot of hope in the idea that he is never really good year with New Orleans a funny have a good game last night. He's got a lot of mileage the last couple years he's hardly played and always been heard a lot it happens I know it I mean I was reading all about him in the some training camp. And young players were struggling to keep up with him his training was just unbelievable I thought well he's gonna actually do business. What better night to prove it if you can not show out in Minnesota then I don't know what happens going forward do you know how many yards career yards rushing Chris Johnson has and it's a might be surprised. Yeah enters this season with 9537. That's impressive. He was one of my favorite runners or watch when he was in. We'll healthier right this is a different time though and they may find themselves with Chris Johnson been probably they're signing Chris Johnson in already looking for other help. Is there gonna have to go by committee probably to get through the season they're really compromised. You know Arizona then they look old anyway but now they are old I mean there have. You know quite frankly they do have one of the older rosters in the league yeah. Yeah and suddenly the rams used as a blitzer ridiculous world we think well maybe they'll arrive a little ahead of schedule the rams you know. Workers. For hams or woman seated in the NFC what do they say the power rankings that's all I care about I don't know and I don't care there. T ban thank you mark rather those are questions for credit.