Questions for Kreidler 9/11/18

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Tuesday, September 11th
What did the Raiders do to improve this season?

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Right now sighed tapping the limitless expertise and an author and columnist. Mark cried last. What the heck are these these are questions forthrightly as an amateur ornithologist. He also has subpoenaed on earns in the in the great state of Oklahoma is that he's aware he's also treated kennel for pink did you have both those jobs. Same time and same properties in some yeah and you go over and paint via oil Derrick that was different summer difference out painkiller and and my apologies those times different them. And yeah. What did the raiders do to improve this off season and why didn't it show last night. Well. Go to the rams did and it shows class. Here's a couple things raiders. Tried to improve it did didn't show last night line is they change head coaches. And that was actually their biggest off season. And that didn't show last night partly because their. Their game plan for the rams. I'm pat know just been built into and in outlook. Just the facts of the matter I'm here's another couple things that they tried. I'm big they certainly tried. To add this is before they need visas certainly before that did they knew for sure the club Mac would be with them that they try to add rights and dipped into their ability get to the quarterback. I'm with you are in key with with Hearst with a couple guys and I wouldn't say that you know less I didn't show at all that they got no. No great pressure I would aren't key wasn't bad for rookie. And he you know he got a quarterback kitten a couple of Ares. But you know the impact just wasn't there. And that's what so they tried debt if you're talking about the receiving corps you know they lost trap trees like I'm not arguing that they. Got better but they did add Jordy Nelson and the reality is didn't matter I psych as the rams corners are better than the raiders receivers. Raiders try to wipe outs and that was an easy assignments the rams corners and it forced car into the tide in game. By the way Mike if you still list thing if I may go back a moment to. The eighties the rotation in the giants' 2014 giants. Their top six starters when he fourteen is a world championship team medicine bombed on our course and Tim Hudson who's nine and thirteen Ryan Vogel song eight and thirteen with a area for. Solid Tim Lincecum the RE 474 Matt Cain Gracie went 7418. In JP do you actually pitched well for them that's the top six starters on the team and the World Series that they were built the other way around they were built Sid just barely get in. In the regular season. And then you know gonna bomb garter repeatedly in the policies which they did for the win. Including Evan incompatible pin for the last in the World Series it's every deem. Now might fires can be the man bone of the best just say you can't name and again on the AC could even do that but yeah I just did you don't have a horse. You don't have a go to guy period. Doesn't mean you're doomed its range of a great challenge well I think. The fires is their best pitcher certainly he's not. Madison Baumgartner but their bullpen and the a's open is better than that giants' bullpen. Which is very good with Ramon not G in that app Feldman hobby yeah it's a very good book that team I don't know I still them on a one World Series. Fair enough fair enough miss cost why did all seven of the NFL's new head coaches lose this week. Question cry. You know but some are you are are. They have a job because they are taking over bad teams good point so in a part of it is just straight out right Mino Bure. It could be a tough go. I'm and then there's a coach Stoops had a chance at a win in Nagy. And you know they just. These can finish there was a center during its way of saying it now I mean that's very nice way of saying but I mean he they they did a lot of good things I've done. And there's a lot of promise there and you know they got beaten in is this in a stunning effort in and day out. They had beaten. At Lambeau. By Aaron Rodgers and his receivers and that happens and the rest resist but must seek out coach bad teams right now we talked about Mike Vrabel with the titans. Almost gonna give me an incomplete I know he'd lost but the game was interrupted twice for two hours apiece. Mean you know their lightning strikes in the dolphins won the game and meet someone who's gonna win the game. Titans lost by seven on the road in a lightning delayed game all right I don't even know what they are and he did that most of that area. So adult like he had a bad game plan they shouldn't get to execute them. You know him as address yes is to take a particular element on but it is asked the most. Had coaches knew it coaches that ever ever ever lost. The same opening weekend ever I have a right right yeah. And there are those guys were at home against non playoff teams somebody sitting up and W. Yeah I mean you're sure you. You blog believe so I'm and in that situation. I'm in New York is good game. That was a lost people saw common in it was a five point game. To the jags with Jacksonville's defense. But boy I mean to me that and scored which originally up against. I think you guys. He's really he's taken such hatter. Yeah I mean he's such a mediocre quarterback right now sloppy quarterback or pitcher was in and day and they haven't. They had a short targeting everything looks like Bosnia pretty good defense is I know it I noted that. He's gonna put better hurry all right camp that's what makes easy win for the 49ers this week against a Detroit team that appears to be in total. Disarray. And there's nothing about the niners next to me extremes easy whenever ice there doesn't exist what are the primary dissimilar and a half point favorite. I'm half exactly. And can have your points as the unofficial wager yet become line who who. You know late appoints I would certainly would if I had to right now via and I know I'm good it's coming out of last night. It's hard not to want idea because alliance looks so. Not just just to modulated in nine other jets again we knew they were running and that helps. But they really to me they'd they look like the least talented team on the field vile lot like what the jets have play makers. Lions have I don't know why. Goldman's the men Patricio may have a very clear idea of what he wants to do with this team defensively but the players have no idea what that is yeah. There's a lot of runner around last night and looking very confused but I don't think. My opinion afforded and it hasn't changed from last week and that was that wasn't a terrible loss. In Minnesota it is one they got away even the other play any good team. But I just think. Right now that's still a team that has a lot leakage you know and and and part of it is drop below does so in his pension to throw picks. And part of it is you know the run game isn't what they thought they were gonna have to to. Operate and part of it is. You know in a line that lost to guys. In one day and he can neither of whom its future is certain immediate future should today don't know his status of but either guy. I'm a person or Garnett. So I just don't I think that everything for the niners to me will be a struggle when there's fine does not thrown there'll be times when I think our offense in the looked really good. But I think they're a team down to struggle. I don't they get over lately they're not gonna play big blow to I think they went big this week. Will seek. Finally how long can the giants. The baseball's giants losers of nine straight. And we've asked is how many times this year but they continue to do and how long can the giants pretend they're close to contending. It means to fly solo you know. No less than a factor. Absolutely fantasy with the team right now not right now there contending. But they're pretending that they're close next year and how long can they continue to follow all of that big yeah they don't right now obviously they can continue that into next year. Absolutely how long can they keep doing that who are they fooling armor to fool and anybody that if if they they have. And Derek Rodriguez true this game last night they have a new set of starters that are Gannon. Perform for them. You know he's a piece of chip. Starting pitcher Major League quality now ready ago in you've seen it at almost every saudis may cool reserve market share for the parade now. I'm behind them garner. Rodriguez Suarez Stratton it's totally different but that isn't bad. That's not very good honestly that's not very good. You don't think so no I don't. And I likes Warren's. Well if if I get there Rodriguez three more wins and is limited starts would you feel any different because he's earned at least three meeting again and he's very good but I mean you know bomb garner. Rodriguez swore as Stratton well I don't know who else you know because I don't know that quite on I don't know bouts margin. But I I'm I don't think they're going in there with nothing and I'm not trying to. Like I don't have any interest in the giants I'm no skin in the game but if I'm trying to figure out how they can make an argument I know how they can make an argument. Because they liked underlined they should they like Slater line and they should pounding and it's a big boost he's not a kid. But did they like Shaw a lot even though he's got kinks in his swing that after work out they're not finished. Are you saying there there in the middle of a rebuild yeah they're absolutely. We built such a dumb term because it strictly to the ground don't do that but look at the number of parts they've swapped out. This year on the fly. Yes they're getting younger in front of yeah they are getting younger Brooke the not really getting better and and when all us and done 11 thing you could say about this your brother better last year. Right gathered on that much better than they were last year will dollar healthy was better than any outfielder they had. So they're getting better at a place like he's like he's a guy and you know what he could be a Major League player. He is even though you know like he can be amazingly leadoff hitter who play center field that's incredibly valuable you don't just some guy any unity. Well maybe my point is that I don't think he's proven that yet. OK but I mean I I'm. He's got that I would be canceling an insane absolutely he's gonna play from. Slater I'd be unless sure he can play more positions but he strikes me more is the guy you're describing. You know. Doubters on base percentage is 303. That's your leadoff hitter Jenna he's going to be my leadoff hitter absolutely. What is getting it highly enough here I think your make and some big assumptions are copyrighted you may be but that's all I'm saying is from what you've seen of him this year. I don't think there's enough there to say yep that's your guy. Every baseball's projection that he's a guy would project as my starting center field area and ask to be enough to put the giants in contention. Well. I don't think so. But I think you're asking ask me how can they argue it yet they can argue it. They can argue it. Because there are also arguing that they'll have Posey back in a much better shape much rarer condition and has been they have to make a major move the likes of which they are not willing to make. It'll spend this winner. They are move they've instead I mean even when I get Harvick he says that nobody wants economy here. He said that he's line I mean he was being overly dramatic right well I don't know players sign here all the time who I'm we sum up big free agents what big free agents have gone there. Him. I cool I don't. I mean I and off the top online and on offensive guys bomb. Yeah I don't know I don't know if I have an answer for one think it's a fair point I mean guys don't wanna go there big name free agents don't wanna go there and see their numbers depressed. And plus it's cold there it's is hard so what are you gonna do you have to trade and they don't seem willing to do that. Yet life that's in the that I think that make me offseason. Mean I think that if they could have stated. Driving value through belt I think they would move them even though that doesn't mean that they have an answer for space but I think they've got to move immovable he's not helping them do that right now no he's not. And they keep rat him out there because they want they're trying to give him every opportunity to show he may be the first person to senator can you put my pennies back again I don't know that I can't hit a home run since it took my appendix out I'm on Duggan or not they're there they're. Played a division where someone should run away with it already and didn't. And so I don't know you know. I'm getting just be wrong about the dodgers' all year but if that's the case and there isn't really a runaway breakaway team. In the giants can make an argument that if they tune that they're actually still contending. Known as enter ceiling does is lower and lower and lower and lower will look where it's going down into the season as yeah into their four rookies the lineup tonight those are questions for cried for now has letter grade today is. B plus CIQ us I guess I had.