Questions for Kreidler 9/11/17

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Monday, September 11th

What were the Raiders' high point and the 49ers' low point?


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I'd say what they're really really behind you around here here on Friday IC you know I think Edger God's gonna have a good game but it rather they give me credit for that. All I hear about from people all day long is about all outstanding result was yes I I didn't have anything to do at eighty dealt had a bad game so much you know like I let it wasn't half bad. I did not ask you on Twitter yesterday at any point. And I have not mentioned it today you've mentioned but I haven't because announced painful for me. Now does this kind of you can Tennessee common. And I think also it it's it. It speaks to how expertly the red rifle was setting up the ravens for the next time they play right in the season when he knows Hollywood game is probably going to be even more important. Junior Joseph Flacco after its speaking of your team. You've seen from earlier so OK that is underwhelming. You know opening weekend of NFL. Action chuckled Flacco said the game was boring is Ellen the most exciting game to be a poor I'll be honest with them in Chile. They did everything they could to make sure that he got from week one to week two he did a whole lot of stamina and handing off right. He checked it like what seventeen time claims there's something native now on interests you know who else did that a lot yes there was a boy Blake of portals. Well you can do that can't she when your defense is. Setting you up in a position to just control clock hold on time out is mark crime are actually giving credit to Jacksonville's defense surely you've ever done that before. I know I never have other then when they drafted miles Jack has said well. He wasn't the only guy in that trap that they had a really good draft two years ago. And I'm I don't know. Like a lot of things in week one I don't know I don't know if Houston all ever looked that bad again I don't know. I know that had a weird couple weeks but that Jacksonville defense like enough to keep them in games. Now I'm happy into the limitless expertise and offerings columnist baseball fans go to my prime lurks deep dark he let his war cry at the very. Jacksonville had an. Franchise record ten sacks yesterday. And meanwhile the Cleveland Indians have now won thirteen straight so. Their respective teams are having some phone this and social media so away hash tag we Indians. Or hash tag Saxon bill. Which way to go cried with you find yourself squeezing more frequently today that aspect we have now they're down that's a great blessing as he says Sachs and I'm back and forth all day which you know which tests go wanna throw into this tweet. I'm and I think I gotta go Indians via yeah. You know I hate them both right mean and not yet and at what to be obvious from my answer it. There's about a stupid that they until we Indians and I'll tell you why because I know what they mean by Sachs and bill. But when you say it it sounds like your referencing. Some heroes of your okay. The sax you lost me the saxons YE a theology and health of the Jacksonville I think night you might be over complicating it I think I'll go with that team that's who done it eighteen times vs the team that had the one game game the Indians eighteen straight wins tied for the sixth longest win streak in this season in the modern era. In the last sixty years it's just a second eighteen game winning streak yeah. In the last sixty years that's impressive. I'm the idea that their six longer than that is also impressive but right when you get back. Passed this error. Let's just say this error of baseball as you know last fifty years and forty years each team get into some records that will be truly hard to believe it's time and to still. Better get this right who was the last team to win eighteen straighter more. Why should I get it right. The New York Yankees. Rabin. And feel cleaning money ball RO OK they don't look at it a movie about it and care and raise him. But your mr. Miller no decline we have epic that's that there's definitely a thousand on word we used you know that's fine we will pursue this ever happened. In the floor I can answer quiz questions for the next three hours we we just remove line OK all right. The raiders high point the 49ers low point what were they yesterday. Hello dark ally. I didn't I money wasn't an eye out to be the biggest jerk on the planet and in fact he's one of the nicest gentlemen I've ever been in the game not a very accurate portrayal of art out of those moments where producer address Jesus is yelling now I know would it senses but we need and a guy we need a villain and we. However bad guy and a whole deal we can't we even tried to make David Justice look like a fool. Think they made him look like to meet what you have to pay for so noticed how cool you never had the pavers notice anyway. The raiders. To me. Did the the most encouraging thing on my game was what the raiders did defensively without caring calmly beat in the reason I keep mentioning him is. They drafted him to be part of their answer he has been unavailable to them and was unavailable for game one. I'm. They took a risk when they drafted so you just understand they put a lot of they're pushing ships element table when they drafted calmly. They did it because they really needed some fixes on defense and will it turns out. That they were able to play at an elevated level yesterday against a pretty good offense. Maybe the titans are. Still figure out what they wanna be I don't know. But based on last season you have every reason to want to to think that Mary additional level up again they wanna be a team to run the ball down your throat apparently. And with Mary on as your quarterback that's had stretcher. But any rate they gave the raiders' chance to find their footing defensively and they did. To me it's it's. It isn't just that they played well on defense is that they did it without the guy that was supposed to be. Part of the ride to the rescue wise it's a to have scratch I mean look what an outstanding rushing attack that for deck press gone and as for Democrats got. Really mean to continue doing it late in the game when you haven't had a lot of successes. And its catcher to me I thought that they would switch up at the very least. And if you have to ask Mary noted try and when your game go ahead. Of what you were if there's cheesy can do it for you anyway that's me was by far the most encouraging. For the for the niners. To me that the most discouraging thing was a CDO line just fall apart. And I think it it it really accentuates. I think they called up by the way last week that we have I mean. It sure looked like that's was gonna happen. To me but I was all I was still disappointed to see the way it played out none of Carolina's defense is good. Team grant on a curve if you want to. But. I think that they are gonna have a hard time here's the thing Palestinians offense if he runs it the way he wants to. Personal run heavy as opposed to a surprising degree. And there's there's at least the hope that that seemed going to be able run the football in the future debate they don't pass protect. And I don't and I think that Hoyer was in trouble early and often they were with lake and Tomlinson had guard. Okay. At better than or Zain Beatles only because I think it remind you. In camping going into the season eighteen to get excited about the things that you see their work but things are working. And you know part of it was the defensive front and Solomon Thomas had a poor game but I still think he's. I think on balance he's gonna be a very good news invisible man yeah. But I but I think it's more disappointing third pick in the draft to realize that the old line that that is that. Porous is the one you're saddled with all season it's only week one. So will always be starting a game knowing that their compromise they're not the only team. But it's tough to run an offense that way. Just after an offense that. That's means that that's the toughest thing to watch because it's not really fixable as we sit here. All right hey Cam Newton what are you got this question fair enough I'll week two gets under way Thursday night we have anemic completed week one got to realize what day. Double header tonight. Week two gets underway with ma. We'll get out. Look at Houston against them angles a couple of teams he got embarrassed yesterday. We're gonna figure out who should be starting quarterback for Houston to. O'Brien I don't know I'll take no long thing to think about long term tonight. And trying to continue to work on Cincinnati. And see what folks who have the best approaches. No vs them. He has no ideas so we should be starting at quarterback where they were pretty. Texas to undermine it looks like Watson may have a little bit of an ankle here yeah if watching together though lights turn but I would have started and coming into the season the thing I don't understand about bill O'Brien. Is. That he he did everything he could in camp to give the job to to savage. To Tom savage. And he. He tried to walk that line but he clearly didn't believe it he clearly knew that Watson probably gives a better chance his explanation for the halftime switch yes they were as well. A turning you know see if I can get missile sparked by get someone who can you know move out of pocket a little bit. How will. If that was your issue he knew that coming into the game there I don't ask don't understand that. I think in general if you can avoid rushing a rookie in you do it not not every team has that luxury don't have that luxury. That's a playoff contending team and Tom savage what was it like being yanked from the game coming. Obviously never wanna be replaced the strip. How you found. That's that's scorpions or mobile boosting. That's in my control song and be ready to go from the sort of man for the past four years and that's kind of what kind of threw us. He wasn't good don't get me wrong but I'm just I don't understand. Why bill O'Brien didn't just at some point can't say to Sean give the first team reps let's go. You're clearly better and the other guy. Yeah we have to fast track Cuban Soviet isn't it possible that and I and see the whole game but I had every time right. Turned it on there was there was a Jacksonville player picking up a fumble or take an interception and run it and I'll say yes house so isn't it possible that they just. Realize wow this is a disaster we have on our hands we thought SATA it would give us more than this. Desperate times covered desperate measures yes and it's always possible you can be that wrong as a coaching staff but that's not a compliment if he went through camp and didn't see this. Now I I don't know the browns. Don't ask me well if you Jackson treading he likes Kaiser he looked to know Verney said you know what I know as a rookie but he's our best shot. Let's play him I don't wanna get him killed but let's just see with the kid can do you. And and I'm generally speaking I would favor starting the veteran if you implement that half. Should you started the etiquette. So I would start to Shawn Watson because clearly don't have any confidence is out to Shawn Watson's thoughts on his first game. The I'm sorry. Nelson's mother listen live and learn. First career with a birdie and so it's not good for a recitation and remove. By the way to Texans have listed 21 players on the injury report today who they have five in concussion protocol. Including all three tight ends. None of those five are expected to play on the short week turnaround on Thursday which for them also includes the travel how many tight ends. All three are in concussion protocol and none are expected to play. No need to correct none is expected to place so. They'll have to sign somebody here has some money for the week just to get through the game. Given that and I know it sounds unfair to to Shawn Watson but if he can go as a mobile quarterback. He might be your best chance because you may have to try and scramble for first the NFL's. Efforts to make it look like they care about player safety Mabel opened their faces may be so right concussion protocols which it guess what no one can play. Record whatever was getting can cost this football exactly via. You know community they're just their their beat up after one week and they also have. Particular to concussion protocol ya. That's too bad once you get a guy checked out he's probably gonna cry about not having my assistants while. I mean I listen you know beat the patriots list you know no list when he got an injury report to. So part of it part of this could be. For show them but the five concussion. Related guys or not that's real. Finally this is big cries and notes on off football today about the NBA season not that far off. You know they Kevin Durant is a Nike spokesperson. And step curious teammate is an under armour spokesperson yes the rent told the ringer on a podcast last month that quote. Nobody wants to play and under armories. Also stepped curry says. I know for a fact the people wanna play one aware under armor system Currie said he and Kevin Durant had a discusses. Is this the beginning of the end for this. Warrior. Dynasty. Question yes it is. Yes it is and when you go back in and India and trying to market as a sports archaeologists and go back you know twenty years announced say. Gosh it seemed like they had it all together what happened. Well you know the old story grieving ego well that's exactly will happen. You'll go back and look at. Staff Curry's mind and his own business when he takes a broadside. From a guy that he recruited to the franchise. Step says he wasn't angered by the comments and he says there's nothing that's gonna put a wrench in our locker room but I I understand that you they did discuss it. Yes and let me tell you that that interview that your reading from is is. Is a condensed version of the interview that he gave to Ghana and Scott Fowler who writes in Charlotte staff was in Charlotte for the game yesterday as this was a pregame essentially interviews. And when he was asked that question. According to the guy who wrote the article. When the guy any citizen exclusive between he and staff when he asked if we angry about it stepped paused. Took a long pause and then said 99 on. Angry. Translation he was furious because. It's taken his legs out from under him. And in the end he said they had a conversation about it and the upshot is. I respect Katie in his business. And he respects me in the brand I'm trying to build. This is where all all fell apart and he. Too funny I'm telling you. I'm Katie should've thought second he should've bought a second. He probably serious pricing and off the calf army enemy wants to play in an arm's not thinking. His own you know desperate and teammate was where we were four years ago where we are now you can't Timmy nobody wants to our issues Currie said I know for a fact they do. Now defense of McGraw word disown him. Yeah the only so makeup case can smooth that went over us the most offensive he's ever been in his career because Arnaud is often. So we are angry. Indiana I would agree that it. All right those are questions for credit for now.