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Monday, September 10th
How much of Jimmy G's rough game is his fault?

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Again today on the list of the NFL's all. Leading rushers Frank Gore. Brand verse six. Even one yards I'm not mistaken so he. Is fifth all time on a list of NFL leading pressures and he's. Fourteen out of fourth place wow and moving into the top ten Jim Brown is no longer one of the top ten rushers in the history of the NFL. He is now eleventh and Adrian Peterson. Is tenth with 121372. Yards. And he is closing in Landon. Next up for it would be Tony door set at 12739. Injured. I looked good yesterday and today Adrian Peterson got a lot of work. A lot of work and they were very happy to have him on the field. So US truly mean his just on and is rushing alone. Heating actually quite even hit four yards a carry but it was just the work course mentality. Out but he can't a couple of balls to any kid break a couple of runs. I thought you know with nothing out of that dolphins game is going to be really remembered because it kept breaking up. Coral needed nine carries he was really good he's going to be a big part of what Miami's doing. Francoeur fifth inning Adrian Peterson tenth they are the only two active players in the top 25. All time NFL rushers who have. And as you said Frank Gore isn't. Fourth his was within his sights and I mean stunning. Just stunning but that's a guy who. Has has among other things he's one of his amazing attributes is being available he's been able to take the ball. Year after year game after game is so impressive that's perhaps this is most amazing ability Shia. And you know he's one of those guys this is something that I think let young bill as is dealing with Frank Gore to starting way back in. I don't know his second contract with the 49ers. Way back then people were questioning the wisdom of paint him. So he's been a guy who's spent a lot of years now YE a lot of his career I've been spent has been spent on two and three year deals. The two year deal a three year deal to your deal through your deal. Because teams. They keep waiting for running backed to be done. May assume that obesity appears at some instances questions for cry there a minute trying to football question here it's time and to stump. Can you name three former 49ers. Who are in the top 25 all time and rushing. We just mentioned one. Frank Gore oh wait OJ played. OJ is right he's 21 that's right okay yes. And Frank Gore obviously yes and then 23 is Ricky Watters. I'll be honest the U. I almost guest. And I'm sorry I didn't but I don't know but then I thought him play long enough. Yeah he's 23 all time he racked up some yards actually. That's one reason but yes I wish I apologize if I I you know I look at it up against they got their hand out there right now and I was hit it India. Now we'll give it to you yeah I don't because actually talk myself out. Right now exempt into the limitless expertise of author and columnist mark rather. Our questions for Chrysler. And it is a niners Monday and Ted Robinson coming up top of the hour yeah yeah I how much is Jimmy GE's rough game yesterday was his fault. Question I'm you know let out Torii 5%. And I. Not even not even half the load was his he he really made some good throws. And time. The did the pick it was the most damaging was absolutely positively not his he threw the ball to the right spot. And Kendrick Bourn ran the wrong route which he confessed to after the game he just sits straight up be to set I'd I'd. I don't know what out what I was thinking in night I bring in the wrong round I was thinking of a completely different route. And I went to my quarterback on the sideline and apologize cinnamon. You know he says the gravel told them be kids forget it let's move on the next play it's over. So you know given that and given that he had. I'm. Listen they're all good plays in the NFL they're all good plays but he had to bosnians on the iPod could have been cut for touchdowns. And really to. On passes first. Chance in the end zone he really just got out muscled mean he's a rookie in name you know veteran took the ball away from him on the way down. And he'll have to get stronger it's run its not. You know he ran a good round it was good throw all kind of his dad put on on the all right probably held it up. But yes for everyone to see your second catch my tennis usually it. And in our son. You know it's a bit too good catch the NFL receivers make that couch he had both hands on the ball yes he's been undercut a little bit and yet he went horizontal and a but nobody did it's of all the receivers catch. So. I don't I know that crop we'll beat himself up particularly on the one terrible he threw one. Ball that his third interception he just again forested minutes late McCain as bad decision. But overall I don't I don't think I think there was mortal like an outline. This question who that scam by the way just to Campbell's win yesterday should actually not. Yeah almost with a candidate myself that Prince Charles here and zone and it's time. Our our our the saints defense and the cowboys offense keys me sing Stevens cowboys' offense. As bad as they looked yesterday. Actually I think so. Wow. No no idea I mean not gonna help your letter grade I understand it that the saints defense. I'm in range. They've gotten roasted before early in seasons yes so I don't want overreached. On it but there's clearly some problems there and one is that they have I'm just no push these didn't know. No threat. To take anybody down behind the line of scrimmage I think one of the best things you could say about the saints defense and it's not much but. I know people look at Ryan Fitzpatrick instincts and back out. Tampa Bay has a written when he's thrown the ball accurately guess he's showing candy you. They have a really good aerial attack they do whatever good receivers I mean exactly you know. Evans and who my missing. I'm going to do something but yeah I mean. They're they're gonna be a problem for a lot of people. And but I still I just think you know to give up to 100 yard days to receivers in a home game is inexcusable and I'm and they really got carved up that's not a bad secondary right I mean. It's not a bad second period but there's no question that they just don't. They're they're gonna have a lot of trouble on defense. Because of their inability to pressure the quarterback and simple menu come now last season evil will have success with you this Mike Evans seven catches for 147 and a touchdown. Seven catches and seven targets Desean Jackson 5 catches for 146 and two touchdowns. Five catches in five target that can't happen I mean and that's. You know that's with some pretty good guys back there right mean that's with. You know flatter more aren't you knew right that's a bad it's magic went right after Lattimore yeah they definitely saw a matchup that they liked. And Evans was extremely good guy I idea to I think it's legit I think that I'm when you when they're some alike. Some like Cameron Jordan. On the field and you basically don't even remember that he played in the game then you know the you have pressure problems. So I went to their defense is going to be they're gonna be asking their secondary to be great. All year long what do you think this I was watching now I can't remember if it was boxers CBS. But you know they have this the scrawl on the bottom. And they have fantasy performers they had perfect as of Mecca imperfect went. Then I realized okay. That's you'd have the perfect team if you had the the best of everybody top performers at each position. And Ryan Fitzpatrick of course was the quarterback yeah. Do I get. Do I like yeah yeah like I always like it is just another way of saying here's the guys who did best today but you know in other words if you see. A lot of times a lot of Tennessee Geisel tell the guy tied lifting 42 points against them and that's basically another way of saying. For a lot of people if you played that guy just think when you be doing right so I don't wanna starting Fitzpatrick. But nobody certain Fitzpatrick and neck in you know yesterday in their fantasy leagues unless I am neutral on his his son's convinced his other son to put a minus Tennessee team. But I think he was unsure whether some plane overnight yesterday yeah if I remember correctly I'm not sure do so I thought so I think this answers the defense is legitimately in trouble. Even though it's early and it can be fixed but. It's problem how about that Dallas offense they have to promise in my opinion and in one is I'm. Just not fix little video line problem is not something that they're gonna get fixed but I'm they have to hope for to get better and have to hope that trap senator can return at some point. But their their leaky on the line. And that's going to be a real problem for them in the game and it prevented them from doing much of anything yesterday. And really you know I'm itself point haven't someone like Tiki your backfield if you can't give him a little daylight. And the other problem is. This is really not related test. To the Dez question because I agree with rob I'm I wouldn't want to know is from the cowboys seized on instrument problem. But it looks at me like maybe you don't have receivers that separate Clancy and easily seven for 73. In. Owner earns at a catch stardom that guys seek it separate and I didn't see it you know my time they. They have guys they like terrain they like Austin and I've got guys they like but. Man it was tough watched it was a tough why should I know Carolinas could defense psych. You went up against it defense there's no question about that. But I think I think that really in trouble pardon me I think Dak really misses Jason Witten. Of course if I think sex is still looking for resisting evil and he's not there it maybe just maybe I'm just used to seeing a guy basically over there when that when we were on this play. Who's my safety now and he's not there anymore. And I just things in me huge adjustment so. I'm fatal I don't know but it it it's gonna end it clearly is can take him a few games to figure out how to play that's too bad because this is a maker my I don't know for the maker break here for Dak but it's a big year for him in terms of a big contract. And so there put him out there the key offensive line they couldn't anticipate that. But they could have anticipated that there are receiving corps. So little underwhelming and are intact shows what you got yeah he got sacked six times yesterday yep that I mean it's tough when you're on the run all day the other thing that happened is. The deal line I'm you know put the cowboys in a lot of holes with there were holding calls and you know they took a lot of penalties and it's just tough to beauty you're constantly playing for what they played from behind all day it was not easy but also just. They started in so many negative situations because of penalties missed class final question of the day with Leo won only Ted Robinson coming up. How did the raiders beat the rams tonight and pushed the 49ers into a four way tie for first in the NFC west. Carlos loss of the Seahawks lost their way into organized loss of the rams lose corners tied for prayers. Well me. If that's true on their their true niners Monday's sell you know looking for the. Scarlet and gold lining my I'm telling you they're they're tricked the raiders trick would be I'm would be ball control and their debts can be really tough because I I just think if the balls. If if the rams offense has the ball the raiders are in trouble. And just period does not a nice way to put it they're gonna be in trouble the rams could be moving and moving and moving and threatening to score in scoring and threatening score. And the one waiting counteract that if you don't have a defense and keep up the one laying counteract that is for you know. You know Marchand to run heavy assuming he's good to go. And for you to have that may be a run first offense on a few possessions and see if you can't have chew up a five or six minute. Clocked child that I think that's their best weapon and I'm not be in. Not not sarcastic right there if they don't control clocked. They're just ticket ever choose to get really embarrassed they really need ardent cheated you sound tonight right specially after the way Cologne Mac played last night well they're leaning on him just generally. You're gal of course but also just. It's so critical that someone and they think it is him but that someone. Provide some polish. You know if if he can give them any edge rush it seemed like their daughter on the other side then they at least have a chance there are so many raider. Fans. Who just want to pretend. Or just just not deal with the fact that he was leaving. I get the sense so many of them I you have widest I don't I don't wanna think about that if they play well that's great programs coming back but then it seems like for some those fans once. Clear macros treated that was a tipping point. I guess the census for a lot of fans have no idea how many vote for a lot of fans is like well that's it I just can't go along with this anymore. We've heard from some of them yeah and I think that that's part of it is that you you know the the in in their own way the raiders actually coming up the inning on this whole thing. Because trading clone Mac is one of those CU in two years news. Aren't move. That's how anyone handling it okay. And the reality is at their left with a lesser defense than they have in you saw last night some example of how much classic candy. So if they can't control clock I just think. Whether Arden key is great. Whether someone in the secondary like Conley is great. It's not gonna change the fact that the rams are gonna put tremendous pressure on those are questions for Chrysler for now.