Questions for Kreidler 8/9/18

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Thursday, August 9th
Is the great Kershaw not what he once was?

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Time to tap into the living. Thanks Chris he's an author and columnist mark private data. He's very insular. Otherwise those questions for pride letter. Has the great claiming trichet law has Aziz broadcasters as suggested last night. Has she as he lost all something using not the pitcher he used to be. Understating this to be temporary. Hi yeah right now he's not pitcher used to be not on he's a very good pitcher he's not the Dominic got that he has been right. It's so I was looking at what he's done since he came off the DL he's made nine starts. In none of those starts is given a more than three rounds so and a lot of kind of in some of what you think about her shock yes the same guy he's really stingy it's really hard to get to him. I am but in other ways time he is. He's just not the same guy he's. You know he's done this is what Dallas Braden Hussein last night Ellsbury or knows a thing or two about its. You know his post game comments. Were could have been played after a lot of the starts he's had since he came back from the DLs post game Thomas Oreo wasn't bad guys didn't. I just didn't have mice stuff I just couldn't. I did have an out pitch. And that's really reflected you know that's what made me look at BA strike outstanding why he is the fact that the only punched out one time against Kershaw in six innings. And I thought well maybe they're. You know maybe I haven't followed as closely in May be there strikeout totals actually low no other shot capsules pretty high but struck out a lot six most in the Yale so. You know. He would normally be I'm way up on strike outs he right now is thrown more innings than he has struck out batters and for him that's highly unusual. I'd be the first time if it wound up that way for the course of whole season that would be very unusual for him. So I think that usually more you know what you saw. Calm. Last night. Was was. The Kershaw that the Dodgers sent have been seeing now. For several weeks which is hey he's clearly good at you know he still gonna make life very tough for you. But he just does not. He he he's not a punch out pitcher right now. And that's not the same as saying he's done it's just it's all about power with him it's about locating his pitches and he just his location is great to come back yeah he's made nine starts. You know after really lets face it what has been a year plus of dealing with the various injuries. So pretty good snow looks different yeah. The get it's wrong no but it's just. You know I think we're so used to CNET gerchas got somebody one and two they're just done is just like got five ways to get you out and usually with a strike count and that's not the case right now on the a's but that. The ball in play just enough to keep you know to keep Tricia from. Do what he wanted to do the other thing about last night that I think is uncharacteristic for Kershaw is. And this goes to deadlock event at an out pitch yet second 97 pitches to get through six innings. And I mean that's about when you would pullen basically. But that's you know for him 97 normally gets him. Into the eighth almost. Clinched definitely deep in the seventh so things have changed for him. So pretty good though I take somebody's not what he once was just attention to watch thirty years ago today the Chicago Cubs play the first nine game. On that same day. Wayne Gretzky was traded to the LA kings which was more significant thirty years ago today the cubs play in their first night game. Or Wayne Gretzky getting traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the LA key. I would entail guys. Take religious history making day classes they think congress opposed to play the night before they got rained out and so they ended up playing. August the ninth 88. I mean they're such different things but to me big pick Gretzky trade was just are shaking it really was it was it was the end of an era. And it also change the fortunes of the kings forever. I'm it was a bit but it but ending his time. I'm. In candidate who it was just it was such a breathtaking moment at that it actually happened was so stunning ten. You know two for a player of his caliber. To be doing interview it's like Jordan moving teams mean it was it's hard to even find apparel for Abu assist. So unbelievably huge and I would argue. I cubs thing I know what bothered a lot of people at the time. And time it felt as though Chicago was somehow. Selling out to the modern game. I'm but really I mean of course they sold out the modern game during the cubs adding lights really shouldn't be in this story that it was the should've done along time before they did. And I say that as someone who always got covered day games. I mean. I had a great time we always cut I'd I had nothing that day games at Wrigley for the longest time and I was a kid. Just starting out covering baseball I loved it but did it never made any sense immunity Rouse separately for a long time. Sent to me Gretzky seeing is more important in the big run when they really comes modern social LT did an enough for a lot of people it felt like a big moment. And what is but it was really just becomes joining. The twentieth century in Gretzky in their plan for a couple other teams after that he did ya but directly in that moment. He changed the the that's how would have won a move it once was just stunning franchise arc is that a thing I really don't know because it is made up an emphasis. On ross' get a team leader franchise arc yeah. Did their whole their their franchise are chain oh lead Jayson Werth hear you talk about that they'll call you a super nerd again. Can imagine someone or laptop out there trying to thin Gretzky. Chick the I camp this question bank user. I know you're the football Scrooge we all know it. Everyone knows you're the football Scrooge and you've admitted to it a bit but that said can you give us three things worth watching in tonight's pre season opener. Crowds sure anybody has some doubts paying football screeched the aren't there are three things that it even for your worth watching in the pre season openers share. Com that's easy though I mean I think it I don't know if you ask me next week it might get tougher but the first time out of the gate. Time everybody knows baker may feel it's gonna play for the browns and keys that after all with take away a high percent of key is the first overall pick in the draft. And yet the history of of number one overall picks in the draft. As quarterbacks is they play a lot as rookies I mean most teams don't picket guy first overall in even wanna wait a year. Almost nobody does so. Kill me out there and probably at least the way it's been reported out of Cleveland he's gonna play a lot. So yes I think a lot of people wanna watch and I didn't. I'm I will. I will watch just because I have a curiosity like everybody else not to be on quarterback centric but it looks at the plate and and you know he might just look normal I think they're asking you partner football's okay far into Landers a little more comfortable that they might spend that that high school ball. But I I just think. There's a natural curiosity there ending in you should it it's it's. It's worth watching it and I can think about other quarterbacks but the third thing I would say is this is there much fun bit. Everybody's can at least watch and say do they punished him and a helmet rule is moon I mean that's worth a look. Someone's got to tell me something to that wasn't so hard was it football Scrooge agonized through that this question. Last question. Would you rather be bitten by the cardinals rally cap I don't know if you remember grounds again here on yet taken a cat it's a rally caddie got bitten. How would you rather be bitten by the cardinals rally cap or have a moth stuck in your ear like the umpire the Yankees game this. It's a liar. Take a seat that makes sense yeah there's nothing cute about having something inside your dad's letter was a big soccer I mean look I. I think I can get through it. But that would try to that would just drive me insane. I don't think you got all the way in or there's no I don't know that but I'm saying it's from it's there and you can't get it out for some reason you need somebody can take it out orient. That would drive me insane with that said. It's really close I don't wanna feral cat coming in my arm whiny. I'm not even gotten hold the rally at all you want to be lives under the stands over the stadium. God knows what's on that kitty cat next week if not all your shot if you don't hear a dozen U this is bad news man. I'll take a mock in my ear for nine innings before I let some feral cat Kim enemy. Can that be broke. And that is that the same guy that groundskeeper unit of getting hit in the head with a an errant. Ceremonial first pitch this year so he was just like chalking something in any god. Cold cocked to think I kinda rethink strategy how those are questions for cry there for now.