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Wednesday, August 8th
Have NBA fans been naughty or nice based on the Christmas Day schedule?

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On his favorite teams yes otherwise you'll learn how can ever gonna in good conscious root for these things right they're not angry so he picks pixels favor players first thing hasn't yet I also think you gotta be careful about children. You can inject no that's character. I'm that's true story I told writing this I swear on this happened I went my friends. Kind of got from his fantasy team because he thought it was a bad influence on the other players on this NC chair yeah. Did it work. I million dollar team meeting but I certainly didn't what he had scheduling issues he could figure out when to call a team meeting has. Every Apple's lineup is a tough one for him you know he guaranteed wins on the schedule they actually vote she brought in Will Smith one night and raid black and next day. And both of those guys had been terrific. And that's that's a snake bit moment but it doesn't mean all is lost Brian. I mean they're without bell that's a surprise or even able to play nine innings they don't really usually even have the will to go out there like me so it's a great actors that they suit up without bell tell us did our first question. I got so hot here I don't think these are the officials brother has penalized but they have Dustin Johnson a 21 Rory twelve the line. Justin Thomas fourteen to one Jason Day eighteen to one yet and kept actually clean one so we don't just Thomas lived up on board he's eleven to one and the reason is it a whole bunch of money came in on him because of last week. So as you would expect people loved him at fourteen new ones today bent down to eleven to one. I'm Astro my picks. You know McIlroy just now I am reading their previews. Of the PGA championship and the way the course is set have been designed. It'll it did that's all theory in theory it would tend to favor I've. Guy hits farther. And guided to see it left to right and that's macro way about cases so. In fear justice. The guy who people keep thinking is about to break through in Winnetka I'd say he's phenomenal but I did not. Mark I'm not my day Tony phenom and no see that's not that's not my thing that's your thing that's I would never do that way. In your presents are nice. Thank you very much and thank you. Now Joyce Saint Louis golfers saying QRJ in this question next question for Chrysler has to do in fact with the NBA Christmas shed jewel you've seen what CNN has brought us so. Would you say that. Santa thinks it NBA fans have been naughty or nice. Given what he's. Bringing them next year increased to answer this question vote nice it's actually I'd like this definitely did you really yeah. It's I. On its Alaskan accent a box. That's a first so out of five games if you give me three to meet at the schedules excellent. The meat of the schedule is I'm thunder rockets which is good matchup could game good. Salt. End sixers Celtics was straight up should be a really good game I think the quality of the Christmas Day schedule is defined by. The peripheral games because you know you're gonna have two or three. Solid blocks. Christmas Day can have any teams why they have some Christmas Day to have you'd top Portland you know that the box. I like the box but on Christmas than box and the knicks on Christmas Day. But you tell I think that that basketball fans deserve better I don't know about parsing assist timeline but it some maggots C degree creek on Christmas Day. First game out of you know K I'm OK with them. A ticket I mean your pricing can be ready to go by they can all be perfect. The Greek frequent and forcing gays I don't know that's I set I don't know the timeline probably not I think if I think all the way through probably not but then I'm okay with seeing. Until a couple on the in the in the first came out I'll take it and yet on us a third quarter glad I got here. Oh yeah. An account I have no explanation for the last game other than. They had to finish up some learn right they used to be Clifford territory but it does have to be West Coast game at that and I got those teams are good teams but. Just not a lot of star power it's like today where watch enough baseball on the main monitor. And two good teams that the Phillies in the Diamondbacks it was a sinker that's the first round series nor is gonna watch that. Yeah I know it's against either team or the fans of either team I mean you're going after Sacramento state trees Hoskins without its front. But it's true that in both cases. Including this NBA example. It's it's more stretched at least at last in my Christmas Day you know it's is staying Willard and Donovan Mitchell. Yeah and that's how you market mean. It's not I like it and things get scheduled now we have seen the uniforms yet or whether there's a uniformed dictate. From the league guys seem there will be. That can make a break today were ideas you know I should the first episode a hard knocks make browns fans more or less optimistic about their team's future. And let me guess Chrysler's insert an. You've got where they were glad they give us an idea I'm move onto the next question it detective story. It is scripted aren't bad actions or script and edited Chenault. It's hard not to be optimistic if you're watching because you're here an awful lot of you know pat impassioned speeches and and don't eat Kiki dug in on guys personal stories and how much it means them and you know if your a browns fan that would be tempting but I think he'd have to walk away from it saying I don't like Chris is headed yeah I agree because of the problems at the top not because the players. The roster isn't really ready yet right the roster has some. Since young talent on it in a little bit of established talent but it's still very much a work in progress. So any optimism would have to be invested in hue Jackson's. I'm ends in Hughes relationship with a front office and his relation to the coaching staff and not a good in the first episode and in your boy baker may feel. Yes. And I saw that you know he saw the one exchange between hue Jackson Victor makes a lot of field. Where he was talking about you look good what time Tyrod Taylor got to the right stadium uninteresting I mean I think I understand the point he was making. I am but he knows he's Mike Dunn so he's kind of taken his young quarterback to the woodshed on TV which stretching is a really bad idea. Because I think they really liked picking me. And I think that they're it's pretty clear Polly put his arms and shoulder. Or don't get and that allows light to make a not so what Tommy didn't Amare you know I think again and again how about five we just I'm thinking got into bigger said well he has his own thing that he does. And she says solar wind which her own thing. I thought okay that's an interesting approach. Except I know that he knows he's on camera shoots everything with you is so. TV moment. I saw an interesting thing to do. That's kind of thing I would've saved. For my rookie quarterback away from the camera. I don't know how much you can tell like you say it's it's edited but I know couple years ago golf looked like a disaster. On hard knocks and he was a first year. And one episode in mayfield looks like there's definitely softened their already yeah. You know the we've been here in all the spin maybe it's not all spin he's had a schedule he's impressing us and when he ran on the offense he looked good he looked like he knew he was doing on the team was responding to his leadership yeah on the field yet. And I think that he has that. I'm personality to that he probably will be moving in the direction of taking over the team so. It's all out there for him it's just a question of when the browns decide to do it he's got to be either quarterback. And the question is whether they have. Even the capacity. To get him ready for week one I think if they thought they could they would sometimes that shows hard to watch specially last night as we discussed when you're CN. Hue Jackson any stock into his sister about the passing of his brother in the passing of his mother. And it reminds me of the Foo Fighters documentary. That was at now and then and they and no holds barred and a member. In that documentary he had to April talk about Taylor Hawkins by the agree receiver name when it Taylor Taylor options yeah the draw Ernie saga about the drug problems against up and Taylor Hawkins I remember said. I wish she wouldn't have done that in front I don't know why he needed to do that so some that's tough to just feel like. This is interesting but I just feel like I shouldn't really be seeing this hill. Yep I agree. There are times and I think I thought that in most of the hard not seasons to be fair there's been at least one storyline right side passion. Really for anybody so these business that's way too personal. And every year emerald I mean every year HBO gets manages to get inside story. In and not letting go. And you know I I take its beacon at least argue that. He Jackson could probably have said look we do I want this stuff can't be part of the show. It just came. I'm because it's very personal was very. Tough to watch. But it but the other thing about hard knocks it so weird it is. It gets juxtaposed with football it's like right right after talking about. You know his fear of losing members of the Stanley he's right after that he's going right back to film. Like a case on the sequence here Michael wait why what just. Happened when the best things about the shows that we have Shriver. As his narration you ads. It wouldn't miss this show without his voice tremendous. Of that anyway can't wait for the next episode this question. All right nationals pitcher Erik could be. Not a household name and Eric for. International and the big soccer yeah big time in the upcoming year debt while was a mark Brothers most harrowing encounter with a ball burger or other critter. Didn't look like they're question. I got I used to work at pet stores so. I was cleaning fanatic hate. Full of where the journal's. And I was like oh we're gonna opens tonight in Europe so is grabbing like handfuls of them and I got I got bitten right in the middle and by some kind of redemption over like whoa. Well I had screams from up there just wasn't trying to hurt a resin heard. We are up in Tahoe this is several years ago we're up in Tahoe and heard a scratching at the door scratching at the door on Hosea harrowing Donna doesn't mean I get murder anything just in terms of just kind of weird value. I'm we know has an affair. Time but opened the door and there was not one rack and an entire feeling a wreck tunes. Could RD clawed through the screen to our own mind and were seen were you know like get rated barely into the house and I guess. Whoever rented the house before us had left food. You know it's like on the patio porch or something. And it's just. I'm sure they are not harrowing summarizes it was creepy because. It just meant so quietly but so deliberately they we're just gonna keep common were you sure. They were raccoon proposal Masso Munich could have been. What they weren't identify Boca are right if that's Judy. At a Theresa look on all levels line and of course these are my pet snake whoop it bit me once. That's pretty creepy well rob stop actually surprise it's it's white woods stuff happens but you should tell the snake story. Well I think he once had a snake they've probably been through this site. Is that a snake. Tell a story I'm one up the top over container and she's coming out so. With the right hand I'm trying to put the the her food to brat frozen. Putting that in but then. She starts to come out so IE. Put the rat down and then with my hand I reached for her to get a back in the cage while she smells the food all over my hand. And just latches on in my hand ethnic and they can handle it back meantime. And it didn't really hurt but it's just was so terrified be bitten by state. Not venomous or anything and she's pretty small that time Newton but it was I'd I'd you know ice cream like a three year old girl. I just I got hit by a snicker yeah she did yeah. That would be my emissary thing anything involving a stake in a coal oil and lying and Ellis to wish today he. And you know just realizing that's a snakes do today I'm a mammal and sneak sea mammals that's why they're here you know. But we got over it we got along great have to work through auto full always mindful. There and on it yeah okay keep telling yourself that. If it's a snake I don't wanna know about it period in my opinion happening.