Questions for Kreidler 8/17/18

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Friday, August 17th
What should baseball do about position pitching?

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I visited mister gizmo what's. Untested Michigan vs Idaho right now. Let's get stuff. Good drama. You're exploiting these kids. These kids should just be having fun they are having fun aren't they cannot MTV. On that part has to do with the money but don't confuse that with the kids I've been to Williamsport twice they have a blast. They absolutely Avant nonstop blast also there having fun it doesn't matter if they're being exploited that's correct okay well are right. All right time that it's happened to the limitless expert he's an author and columnist Marc Ratner yeah. He's been up and better he's also chooses cattle for pink guiding may be the only first daughter who's done both those things here. Think you are with the same years good chance yeah okay these are questions for Chrysler sale we just saw Reggie sharper Great Lakes strike out there. Key situation in Little League World Series on some high achieved. Why in the world is a fastball high fastball called high cheese. I feel like this is a trap question it's done well and I that it started in the trap that I know I don't know the answer. Oh that's had the classic makings of a question that you knew the answer to I can finally I don't at all trying to find out free agent on high eight cheese. High heat everyone understands and paper balls local Charlie right. Yeah and if future didn't really hard it's chatter and I don't really know that either rather than I know it's a baseball term suffered a billion times that. Like a lot of things in baseball we found out what we are in sub is yeah we don't often it with baseball baseball so jargon filled. That it until it from the time I was a young baseball writer. Early never questioned why anything was called anything I was just trying to make sure I knew what all the terms moon like he was Tony when he's a strong it's chatter. Like. Aloof okay you mean fast RI. Like I don't know why but I don't care is wants amnesty enrichment. And I know on colts uncle Charlie is a curve all right but I remember read Dwight Gooden excess on local term that's lowered Charles should get a he just meeker volley Seifert curve ball yes. Yes. We yes. You had a cold zone up highway you know it's tough to watch that. Is two strikes on him and they set up at the catcher actually standing up and threw a fastball that setting little mom had a sign that's my son and that didn't she'd like teared up and starts to open honest and you and I know she dizziness again and well that's good. All right yeah enjoy the Little League World Series and don't forget mark rather wrote that he literally wrote the book. On the Little League World Series surfing with champions. Bill actually it's called six good innings six good innings. I got to sell that book. At the Little League World Series school. It was in Williamsport you know set up and there's a big. Beautiful storefront to storefront but it museum from them in the book has been sold there. Hey stupid kids stop playing video games and buy my book you might learn something and it had words and Internet go on there it was for the parents I say let's face it. All right well good goodness question does it to do well there's a surge in popularity every time the Little League World Series ruler crown. It did it guy does it does it's a little bit weird because it's not really. Yeah it every year it gets a strange bomb. And but not because being sold at the World Series just because people start looking around for Little League speaking of strange bump don't forget we. Friday if you look at the we can still sneak preview for us there tragedy wanna do that note yeah. Is there anything baseball can't do anything baseball should do about the epidemic of position players. Pitching this year mr. baseball world record numbers of position players. Pitching Atlanta. And yeah. Let's let's not read that. Okay that's why NASA does open we could. What I mean is. Let's just talk about a general theory of general theory is. For me as a baseball fans guy who really likes watching baseball it's fun and I'd enjoy read about it soon and talking about it. I never overreact. To any one thing that shift has been a real conversation piece but the last thing that I would wanted to. If I were running baseball or had any you know. Significant contribution the conversation. Is to say what that's a problem let's get rid of the shift. I don't know I don't know that shift came organically out of the way baseball's been played currently. And there will be adjustments. A great example is Joseph Maddon who when he was in Tampa Bay. Led the league in in in. The number of ships that he played in and how dramatic is ships were and now what the cubs. The cuts ranks second to last in Major League Baseball in the number of times employers shift. I'm just saying that the shift. At some point is gonna work itself out it doesn't mean baseball ever go back to one. What app sleep standard but just. Let's not overreact when we've had a record number of all time record number of position players pitching that your in the majors bright and it's only mid August. And island position players pitch that means. Well. And it's happening more often than it ever did come. That's true. That's all that's true that's a potential problem well that might be teams that knowledge seen more obviously than before that game was indeed completely out of hand. Whereas the old baseball ethic was I don't care if it's eighteen to four. You know we're gonna use the bullpen. And the truth is like a lot of things in baseball a lot of conventional notions are being challenged. And that could be a number of people think he can to really compelling case came in there's no point in wasting another of your pitchers. When you play every day when the Balkans more important now because more heavily used than ever before. Why would you waste a pitcher. In a game that is completely out of hand. And you know baseball's big issue in that regard to me is image which is. We've sort of advertising that games really out of hand well yeah but people aren't stupid they're not looking at fifteen to two and saying hey you never know. No one games over. So. I wouldn't be over reacting to position players pitching. But let's just say yeah right now it's may be being it's not a good looks being exaggerated but it may come back to. And a more normal bounds it's not a good look and it's happening more often than ever have so I think it's a good time to at least be aware of it. How about adding another roster position spinning a roster before we expand for September call you need to add a pitcher yeah yeah I think that. That would try to be the most agreeable thing in the world managers be okay with the owners would love it but it's not be into the world financially. And the players union would say yes immediately because you're having one job to every team. Time and that's really what I think a lot of managers would say as part of my problem now is. I'm carrying minimum number of position players but because baseball's changing. I need Bible can more than ever. There will be some energy officials say Venus and as to have decent starting pitching thing it deeper in games I mean you had yesterday and I understand it but Scott congaree right yeah he's pitching and he wasn't even trying to get everybody out. So any guess honesty ice Barak I've seen guys get out there and treated you know like to joke. Or like Pam I'm not I'm not pitcher at least Ottawa senator Paul when he came into pitch he's trying to get people out there it is trying to show be like a pitch a little bit. Keep your answer it Nelson line which is I'm I'm not get hurt. You know I don't wanna overthrow is going to be steep haven't done. It's not my thing I understand it but again fer for paying customers it's a bad luck. Potential issue going forward bitten this next question next question which is more of an issue for his team jerk McCain ends calf injury. Or Derek Rodriguez's hamstring. Injury. Whether we can do forty minister Gregory isn't enough I thought that listens to the giants. I was sent them. With big kid and I know they'll love it. But the 49ers seemed to understand that McKinnon is actually gonna be on scheduled to be playing when the season starts may be yeah I don't it's a little bit didn't they don't know a 100% but that's what they think in the timetable basically places him back when the season begins. It is a rookie had to be a bigger deal. And it's not nothing because is gonna put me in other he's important to them. But to me the giants. With. With a hamstring injury for a pitcher the giants probably genuinely don't know what's gonna happen it's a little bit scarier thing. And it might be that there rodrigues misses a start in his OK it was a great one announces a grade one. Hamstring. Strain and it could be that he just misses tonight when he was supposed to pitch but maybe by the end of next week she's radio but they don't know that. And because they don't know that because every single game they play right now so critical I would say that's probably the bigger concern. Probably Derek mean it's just there's just too much unknown about that and he's too. You know if for rookie he's come to be so important for them yeah I think perhaps there's just too much and on about T either player I mean McKinnon. From what coach Shanahan says the how well we just have to trust process that he's ready to go by we won that's a far cry from yeah he's going to be fine yes deny deny that he's probably could play already I agree. I agree not not saying that anybody knows for sheer. But with the giants I think with with them there are biggest for wanting he's already missing star is in the RD up against an innings limit anyway though. You know interest in I was reading about that and I. I think that I thought his innings limit was way closer than maybe it is I think that the idea was Hewitt still get several starts. Between now and any point shut down. In if they remain competitive what they were really trying to do his manages innings. Getting to build bullpen earlier but continued to run him out there. Basically for the balance so that could be a silver lining to have them push the start backup has like OK I everything depends on every result of everything. You know if it's a silver lining if Casey Kelly for some reason goes out pitches really well tonight. Or if the diocese you know have a great offensive night winning game anyway and you wind up missing very little now you've won a start. If he misses another start you your party wanted to know in Democrat beat you know on on his throw day I would suggest that statistically there's a silver lining here for Derek Rodriguez because he would I'm sure like to be rookie of the year. I mean not place their plan adds a cracker box. And we'll see about that yeah it's it's set up for. It's trouble everywhere and the giants you know voted up of lefties tonight trying to take advantage is that the market was scooter genetic four home runs and I rest my case Cheryl I mean it's the park where devolved remade himself as a Major League player. Just moved to Cincinnati and everything worked out. He's on the brazen you know it's close. Horowitz we got Alfa opening today. And again as I mentioned near there get to ESPN. 33 dot net check out the Amex fell club he could pick up a pass for two to see off but the Esquire IMAX theatre. Alpha opening today and it's about as he's a wolf any kind of likened the dude boy meets dog stories the end okay so what are your top three dog movies. Wes Clark cried and yeah. There's been some really good job and it's glass pane if you I'll just say this. I think if you start going on here but any which way rob would probably throw you out here. Why. Because they're more well. Why they're reference only go so buckle up their bid but it really good dog movies to ever seen or yell there. This mighty goodness. So here's my levels it turns out he should get too attached to them yes spoiler alert yeah I was no madame. All Geller is on my list old Hillary's third. 101 dalmatians animated pool is second. And the all time greatest dog movie puts its uneven really close and we really should just ask me what's the one. All time best dogma of MS turner and hooch but everybody takes place in in Monterey man says Lehman Tom Hanks what course to me is a highly organized can opt. Our planet loves dominates. It's a buddy movie you you know he's wrapping things up there's investigation in Monterey so we can take a job where. Well I don't Sacramento. Is Aaron as you remove the big cities and your job and senator fantastic time to step up in the world here who says that we'll call him lieutenant all of that is. Well. Not exactly I got a pretty good moving into it with unity but I don't he's. Looks like a rot. Except he's huge it's it's an I think at some exotic slobbering breed just he's a slaughter around the eyes and major slaughter yeah. Well rulers sorry. Yes turner who it's by far one. Turned huge 101 dalmatians Tiant beat him but that's for that's a fun there's lot funk on that animated flick animated. Optically close I'll catch them you know. Aren't you to check out alpha last week you said oh you gotta go see. You get to see the man I'm not exactly solitaire. Yeah prediction sonar glacier about alpha. I'm I'm still reeling from my meg predictions so I'm backing off what was really prediction so much as a recommendation yes I really predict any no I was trying to strongly Zardari gotta go yeah. I believe we're promoting it but any rate hike yeah I while we're promoting in a way were promoting. Alpha yeah but now I'm scared so I'm not going to all right those are questions for Chrysler for now we turn to Robby to find out mark crowd as we get good grades lately. Suit denigrating yesterday after going eighty minus BM today. See. Shooting on air as Hillary's. Wow. Really I'm. I had all the air boats lined up to manage going to be great. But I won't do that to how many other iron there about her but golden read about these matters in their blood. There's a basket almost first right yes yes bin bin golden receive the Calgary again going receiver. And then there was a soccer one. And analysts say beach tolerable and usher are not here.