Questions for Kreidler 7/9/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, July 9th
What grade do the Giants deserve for the big trade they made yesterday?

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Looks like the act cowboys. As best as we can tell maybe you've been the cowboys. Practice. During this summer they don't charge. People to watch them. Practice during training camp but you get pay for parking. So they charge. Didn't know him. Meaning they already charged the NFL that is not just the cowboys they charge full price for pre season game so. Yeah that should be that's borderline criminal in and of itself. To make that part of your season ticket packages. You know extortion. And people pay it because it they've just factored in the cost but doubts when it costs them. So your average ticket price for an NFL game should actually reflect what you also had to pay for easily two pre season home games. They just pay for right now assigned to tap. And the U limitless expertise about every columnist mark right there hey hey hey. Mr. baseball who. These are questions for private sector. Mr. baseball one of many Michelle Otto who was named the American League all star team unit what if you were to get treated. Before the all star game to a National League team. I'm glad you're. And then what is your baseball guy. So I really don't know. Well what happened did Jeffs a margin 2014. When the cubs traded him to the days. And what they did then was a syndicate camp play based on all star you're still a nationally all star but see that's win I'm not mistaken he still had. The winner of the game returning home field Newton so now it's there they tried to save and I don't know with a Dave price haven't played for one team or the other. Yeah I. Don't gonna happen anyway is it he's actually a trader before that and. I don't think so but if he did. It eat it still be kind of weird. To have them play for the American League. I know that that's who voted you in that you hear you don't belong to them anymore. So I think they might look for a way to put it on the National League team. It'd be some late dad or someone we get mysteriously ill when some margin oh was an all star between fourteen he wore a generic nationally Jersey and all star game cap. This wasn't on the cubs anymore and tenor. Especially Terrell I'd I'd rather see them. Just say European clearly aired all sir you were voted as an all star. And if you played in the utterly you would have been voted as an all star city play for the National League that's wiggles American League to getting a selected this year. What so margin I don't you don't results aren't final yet why be so. I mean I would say yes probably. But there's always a chance that laughing no no kindness question. Mr. baseball what is the official mr. baseball great for the giants big true read it. Yesterday a question and a is the questions Stephen Tucker era begins is that an overstatement of the sons of resident. Yeah Doug your era begins. It's an overstatement ethnic yet the deal itself. It it is all bad but the deal solves a C minus for I'm some important reasons and one is that. The big giants basically wanting Bobby Evans said yesterday as we need to get younger more athletic. And you're already at a C minus because he knew that in the offseason and didn't have the courage of your conviction. So. At this point they had to move a prospect that they like a lot because they had to get that this salaries. Of Austin Jackson Corey gear off the books so the deal itself just in you know in a vacuum. It's not a win in there's no way to make data win you have to move salary. Or you'd be over the luxury tax threshold and knock him to do that now. What that myth was that they promoted two guys who might be part of their future in doubt there is only 24. And they re black is I think 28 but who has had a really good. A couple of months here at double and triple teams had. An incredible array of health problems yet a friend making it to show. They greet him being on the field is pretty impressive considering the number of times she's had to shut down over the last four years. But. They're. There's you can cautiously making case. That the giants are kind of sneaky. Rebuilding. Because they'll never go for a full fledged rebuild there's no chance on earth that that ownership group would do that. Because of the implication for the fans. And so they're kind of low key and it like they just promoted to young guys and win some margin. Good example was ready to be activating quit those are to be activated it incendiary Eric Rodriguez down. It's a great way to do it assists so hard to do and it's so rarely works in African doing great yeah I agree I mean it so you're you're always walking a fine line. And if the end result is that you now have a younger but not competitive roster than. You know that's. I'm. That's a risk that you can seek common. But. They were in this case I'm not arguing for Garn. In Karen get a gave them some pretty decent outings over the last couple of years but not this year. So there's no impact lost there is just too bad you had to move those guys is because you had money issues. So it it yet to open up the room for doubters especially. In yeah I mean to the tiger era I consider he's had four at best probably not. But they do think he can be an everyday center field then from kindness question next question has to do with the warriors and the market is 'cause n.'s Bob Meyers the worst GM. Add to Vegas summer league explained what the markets will add to the warriors for us. It's. Time we needed to lose I'll I think you've been out. Let's do a little bit of blood pressure a lot of the same guys last season it was great worked out very slick. It seemed a little monotonous and it seemed like we thank heavens the year prior week and a half minutes jolt of adrenaline out last year. It was kind of the same guys who started doing again and I think we needed to. If you've never kind of happens you know like residuals in some ways they're keeping the markets will be very calm and listen to everybody can do that this tastings sometimes. Prevented from getting the same benefits as quote. Is a DeMarcus Cousins the jolts that the warriors need. Question I'm crying the. I've got a question. I don't think he really fits that description exactly. Our hands that are you know I don't think he fits the description did Bob Meyers just laid out exactly you know what's incredible about that. If you take him at his word there. And it's true they didn't really get much better last year in the offseason right they got. To ramp of course sensational than they did not think. Still way better than everybody else let me. Doing getting playing yeah. And he's making the case for. People seeing a different look even yeah but with two Marcus that's gonna be hard to. I don't really think that's why they acquired him with all due respect to Bob Meyers because you can't do that because he can't play. So if you ask them to camp with you. And he's ready to go and you're about avenue nine camp in new big giant camp who everybody knows is talented but emotional. Yeah I think you can make that argument pulling it feels different already but you're talking about January or February. And I mean at some point before that yes he's on the practice floor but I don't think he gives you that right away. But join Hannity guy over the weekend. Jonas Jerebko Trent Cunningham. Another guy I don't know how they're doing it exactly the wrinkles and he vet minimum I guess mom well it's a nice place to play full yeah I don't understand why he would go light I thought they were kept. I think in the end. I like them live on cousins I mean no question they're getting at bottom a premium talent. Adam massive discount. And all they have to do his weight which they're one of the few teams only they could possibly afford to wait. And if they're wrong it only costs them a tiny little fraction that'll come right off the books. But as far as doing what he's talking about he cousins can't do that because he will be available to them for a while think how much money they could charge. People. To come watch them practice they could yeah. I hope they never do but when they move across the bay there's a chance they might. If you timeout opening up a brand new building with a brand new practice facility. And it wouldn't be that much the stretch to say yeah we're gonna have couple of you know practice states. Team by the way teams charging for fan fest some do and some don't but that's all practice men seemed a lot seems a charge for can't test every year that's not that big a deal but that's a 100% actually. That's why they made the deal at all. In a beat date I mean the guys that we're talking about they could've argued for moving anyway but that's not why they made the deal they made the deal to offload that salary 2.0 yeah camp this question. Hey Rodney hood according to read Jason doesn't meet. The king's son may have some interest in Rodney that is Rodney had a guy the kings need to pursue. During the game creates stick out like China I don't think I would. For lots of reasons tiebreak he. Only so either I'm with you guys I'm with both of yet I wouldn't hurt a number of reasons and for sure in you know in this atmosphere. You still have to always argue money because he really can't get around like part of it would be what do you mean pursued by Troy how much. It's always a fair argument and if someone comes in. At a low. Surprisingly low price or you realize that someone could be had for a really low risk offer sheet. You know I'm not saying that king shouldn't try to add talent I don't think riding hood really answers any of the questions they've gone but that's a separate matter. He needs the ball a lot yeah I don't see dad and that's fine but I don't see that fitting some one of the things I like about Levine. And he needs a ball lot too but I saw his slashing style being a better compliment. To us some of the perimeter shooting that my guys like but he healed. And Madonna that your so proficient that relatively speaking but running out of that team I don't I don't think it fits. I don't you so that done them now so ever fit duck issue right off the top but didn't the very next thing is of course money. And if any of the numbers that have been kind of tossed around generally on Rodney hitter accurate. To hard packed app that's what I don't think it would hurt them I mean down the road they was still have money in there and a cap next year. To do some thing to do so it's so hard to get people to come here. I don't have as big of an issue would them potentially overpaying for someone if it's somebody can help them. Sure I don't think it really hurts them like it could hurt other teams I don't know where the beer thing you know give their money away is the bottom line they have been able to. And there entire futures can be predicated on them developing a good enough reputation and culture. That guy's a police considered because there are pretty quick now for a lot of players now. But that said I wouldn't want my money tied up in bad deals just just because saved me you know probably no sign next year. So my concern is running originally more I just think he's. And the answers the big questions that they've got right now. He's just to guide you could say well we added Rodney hood yet I did I mean if you just wanna be able argue that you did something. But I don't think you fit. It's those are questions for cry there for now now we turn to Robbie. Radio rob who'll give mark rather than grade for the day and don't elect trying to fully of these he gets nervous about the senators that. It. B plus it's. OK okay that's the highest to ever receive yes it is yes it is and I've learned a long time ago never to answer anything more. A B plus is like. Wearing a crown. Okay all you want is to not get you know as whack at the world newspaper from Ronnie. Well congratulations thanks.