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Tuesday, July 10th
The MLB All-Star game is next week!

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While the all star game next week the baseball all star game gets here that have changed name that not all stars anymore so really good guys game. The baseball museum and show our first game that too many all stars don't this time not a tap into the limitless expertise of author and columnist mark rather. Baseball Hall of Fame voters community as being at Barnes and Oklahoma City is treated can offer and guy in Oklahoma. Who knows what else he's done. And Oklahoma I grew up there. Jimmer go bomb what he called out when you're looking for water. With a stick Serb term for that divining yeah I or do that no but I did paint oiled Eric's for a while Barca. What are you don't is that some people do and Oklahoma are have done walked around with sticks looking watered down slightly. Did no one's ever done that and Oklahoma you're telling me. During that dust bowl era I imagine AA I thought it was kind of a tradition where you go out with a family in a Sunday and hey let's see we got me being here in the 21 century probably not as much. I'll check in with my geologist bro when you see you know a lot of their was in the 21 century yet no it wasn't so as soon as simpler time mighty as what it was simpler time. Anyway he misses Oklahoma with us on your back in Oklahoma the leaders get them. Got to go to thunder game got to go to a thunder game in Oklahoma City I would love to. I would love to us heartbroken my brother moved that was going to be Norway and but I don't wanna seeded nuggets he lives in Denver. From so it was tough trade. How many creditors are back in Oklahoma now mama. Yeah things have changed having birthday she's had a birthday didn't seek to do things you for remembering the original because you were not panic when they're gonna call the monitor broke with oh yeah. Now I remember and I did yap yeah they're there are days and I won that day well good for you this close to pay with the injuries and replacements now MLB ends up picking close to eighty all stars every year yeah. Com is that just too many all stars. I mean if you. For sure writing class by the time you select all stars have them say no or be unable to attend. And then select their replacements of course you're running out of all stars moon but I'm not sure you have enough all stars to fill an all star team in the first place. If you had no trade out of everybody selected when. You're still the UB. Just by the way MLB does. You're always run the risk that a whole bunch of people bit that are there. Our were voted in by team literally wanted to player there weren't got added because every team has several players that are mean the other still question you don't have enough all stars. When retirement this earlier. I just gave it wearied of trying to figure out but like. Well he is he a star when he's contreras I don't know dar. She's just not. He's a guy like cubs he's a catcher on though would cubs team that won the World Series ten doesn't make him a one homers last Sunnis and nothing but rake it doesn't make you must like there's. The cubs are size has a lot to do with whether your star not rock were rightly or wrongly. Not well nationally not so much right I mean of course they're all stars in Chicago. But if you're talking about the cubs. You know you're talking about. To Baez and Chris Bryant and Rizzo inch border. Before even get to contreras. So that MI crop are some very popular team. Any winning team is any championship team news. But in it I think all and do his reinforcing I don't know that Addison Russell. I don't know if Jesus is he a star I don't know these short sub on the cubs it probably is but if I don't know I don't again right. My gut says of course he's not and I know he's popular that's not quite the same. But all star game is just a weird. You know it's I don't know what she would call it but yet you run out of starters mean there's no doubt mostly star game I mean the MLB showcase he does no other names aren't all that's at the when he eighteen mostly star game these players are almost all stars several of these letters all started being called stars and that's why it's. Sort of almost like a star game mean there's no way to do it please call an all star game and take your columns right to psych. You mean less guys play in the NBA Austrian which is really cool. The NFL gave up a long time in his cop a probable but they're never called it an Austrian market. It's us forget it we it's it was a all star game it's the approval. This government while their pros we can't call an all star game 'cause we have a bunch offensive linemen that no one's ever heard of what they're definitely pros. And here they count. So yeah baseball's got it's got to terminology problem there's no way you can have eighty guys come and have a wall be stars a problem. The all star game one of the big promises that with the interleague play and with some new games on TV. You almost don't need to have an all star game anymore yeah just while we always have a so we have to have it. Yet while you can see all the players from the best teams in one game. When you don't have the satellite I mean you can see anybody you want anytime you want now in considering that it was so the holding was created. You know as a marketing deal that was it the idea of the all star game missed it way to market sport. But didn't but for the longest time it at least had it and there was a curiosity factor about it's a overseas in town that's a mountain. Let's baseballs try to Iran and delineation. Between the two leagues anyway sure and they've moved teams from legally get these kids be that important right in right Heather every day all right who has the best Suez the worst slogan here of those who are am eligible for the final votes are there some of these are pretty not. You got send it hash takes and secure. There's not a great year violent offense hash tag vote Binnie. Urban intending. Hash tag eight S Gian Carlo. All star. Game is Gian Carlo. You got will you accept this rose he. What hit for our viewers are Ryo and it's kind of you know bachelor thing and vote Simba for Simmons and Ashley. You got has saying vote. Car. Hash tag vote tray hash tag vote Muncie. Hash tag built the ballot and hash tag we believe in Hayes news. By the way speaking of Brendan Bell suffered two courses teammates are they're really really behind them Derek Holland and underpants. And your brother your thoughts briefly probably thinking of other VP who goes by the name Brandon belt. But let me tell you something rather Wear low dollar earners though probably Brothers. Read all of you right now. To jump out of your seats flew right now off your cell phones start casting your votes. The undisputed. So hurry brain and then just pretty. And Brandon belt the best what can gather yourself that are gonna let me tell you something we got to give him did you see it without you we need your cell phones involved. You've got to get on there and you've got a bowl selection. And full home. Way to the top product. Tomorrow. And not a moment there account is one today underpants that it was one take he said he took a lot of my line so it is gonna roll with the but we did one take if it. I saw the video and you can definitely. It's 100% certain debt under appearances lines were all gone or something as. Every so often he would jump forward and say two things. Like new batch Wright Brothers and then jumped back yet so which one does it for just on the basis of the slogans. Who gets the vote while casting Carla is impossible to top like debts to get it. AS Gian Carlo again that's awesome because that's all star game is like perfect that is that is perfect. Absolutely perfect. And yeah bottom of the barrels a tie with knowledge does the Volvo railroad month's vote car hi I ease you know. I'm not voting for car me cadres very often so due I don't know an update on the voting yes I don't have numbers are margins but the outed by the way. MLB says cigarette first. Many attendees second in American League stand third were Zaria fourth Simmons fifth in the nationally gives. Ideal our first belt second the Muncie turner and car doesn't this in pretty soon went and are they announce it tomorrow at I think five our time here okay. And you know. Good on you baseball I guess you're trying to chip you know make news out of bowl that may have person who wasn't actually chosen for the all star team that you're now going to. I'm Russian real story I never really liked this final vote thing I don't either and it bit but. I salute baseball's getting an extra two days of attention out of it I get mountain. Narrates this course hobby Baez is attempt debate Alan Hansen Diddy Diddy actually try. Two pretended he was against the law quickly enough in order to beat hands and into trying to score and did that back. Fire on a last night. Question I'm glad. But without him confirming it isn't going to solve this someone as son as it first here and they go grow by as second baseman tracks down a dark territory. Hansen goes a second goes to third rounds third pitch for Albright buys the hornets picked up and based on what. Just based on what's visible. I don't giants player saying oh we have saluted him but just based on what's visible catcher looked like it because Baez took his time. Ball glanced off prison is club by the way Rizzo was charged with the air. So we had to do with how he tried to catch most of the glee when a glance off his glove permit. It weighed down by the right field bullpen but by his jaw and like you could have sprinted he see he knows that Alan incidents. And he. Could've gone harder than he did to get to the ball was calculating no matter what I do is a third that's right right no matter how quickly retrieve the ball is at third and now they nighttime I can get him at the plate that's right and he'd been. Again industry calculation. Connick has is the way he picks up the ball. So there's he's either trying to make Alan Hansen or his coach Ron Lotus coaching third base. If trying to make him think he doesn't have a handle on the ball or that he's just. Would never assume my enhance to attract for home and in fact by as is absolutely 100% old school. Just trying to bait him into a mistake and he threw out a seed. To mean he threw a strike from the right field bullpen to home plate. And Hanson was safe by the barest of margins. Yet backfired. Although he got what he wanted using get the out maybe just miscalculated Hanson's be crucial run and obviously in a 221 win for the giants could be win. Them this question. Now with a weather heating up mr. baseball. Two things one out his brother stay cool and more importantly what MLB team is poised to be baseball's hottest team in the second half. Question yeah. Classically you know I mean prides. Practical beverage itself an awful lot in these. Exceedingly hot months here in Sacramento some adverse devices. Is stay hydrated. Particularly with the crimes or something like currency alcohol actually. You mean you don't go drink afterward you're saying stay hydrated I just wanna make shares at a euphemism because glug glug glug that all dehydrated you just wanna make sure we understand your instructions yet we wouldn't wanna misleading me adults in the thinking that you know. And drink put harm them everybody knows trickled dehydrated then you have to mix it up. Just get a drink water required that's Lagos. So that's your first answer as far as which team can heat up. It's more complicated question. Because it actually some of it does have to do with where they play I'm not and how they're built to compete and all that. I'm there are a couple of teams and there's a team actually in the NL west and I'll think anybody's thinking about and that's Iraqis. I don't know if this term set to be red hot they haven't pitcher curt for one thing. But mandate in the first part of the season why they they're not a bad team. Wouldn't really get offense they've had some pitching issues that they were really bad at. And if you just look at how they're starting to play all of a sudden. They've become a good home team again Charlie Black men is playing like the weight of a new contract has really weighing on him in her. Like he's talking Bryce Harper disease you have trying to justify his enormous. Numbers yeah it's got on his paycheck yes dom and I don't know. If they've got against the pitching for them always is a question it will begin this year and they've had a couple issues that as far as. The though the the team that I think could surprise people. By getting very high because they were really good at start of the season except at home. And they turn veteran. So that's a team should keep in on what that said in this is a boring answer but the Dodgers are best position to get really really hot. Because they're. Getting their guys back. They're pitching start to come back I'm sorry there. They're did you start to come back. They are. Not fully healthy but they've figured out how to contend offensively. Why do you billion gathering alone let what you're doing. And I think that unfortunately. Four dodger hitters everywhere I think they're pretty well positioned to get really hot. With Kershaw fully back with my eight and now returning. And they may or may not wind up with Michelle bossy. Mean if they add added mission out of it added that. But their offense is actually pretty good right now so two teams in the NL west mr. baseball says watch out tough division teams in the west are gonna get hot tough division yeah beginning of how the same time to. All right coming up next at the K oh by the way sorry letter grade for mr. baseball today in Christopher Chrysler. So it's just it's less that's naive. That's pretty good. That's pretty great isn't it now the court like shredded move on. You know delete data incoming can just move on.