Questions for Kreidler 6/11/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, June 11th
Which team is in the most dire need of an 'IHOb' style makeover?

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Happy US open week there's been ten years now since tiger's last. This US open victory in San Diego with a broken leg and all that ten years in here already years. Since his last major victory. In some ways the most eventful ten of his life. This last decade not to when he wanted to speak you know the great game of you can go to ESP at thirteen twenty dot net for a shot at a golf. Get away to the Diego harbor that includes a three day two night stay at the union hotel two rounds of golf for two with the links it but degas harbor. Hundred dollar food credit Callaway chrome soft golf to go golf balls and a pig and oaks Alistair McKenzie led just place in that contest ends on the 25. So. It is int thirteen twenty dot net and good luck to you it's pretty special yeah speaking of golf in getaways. On that attempting to. Limitless expertise and author and columnist mark rather the car. Class students fall or cried. If somebody we're going to Hawaii next week and they were probably gonna play golf with their brother lost some point yes she today rank clubs. Or go ahead and then take clubs over. Well man. For an and I did you know where you're playing I mean do breaking its muscle Hawaii class. Panel on the island must apply the courses over there have generous club rental I mean it's just easier than on your round. What exceptional ID if you have fitted clubs you trying need to take your own right. Yeah. Well this is all theoretical okay. Theoretically if someone had fitted clubs that would maybe be a tougher decision yeah I mean I've taken my clubs that seems to me the way to go. What this friend of mine is like his brother and losses novels as current clubs and her my buddies like I'm not sure that's I don't know if I wanna do that. Way down that's that's. That's an inching way to go open yeah I would say if you're worried about I think they're gonna play prince bill. How lovely what your friends in for a trade what do treat not a feud get so congratulations see different clubs that are you know ill fitting. Is your friend get a play only the one time. On the whole assuring my friend has like some back issues these prominently at a lot of golf. But he might. Plea about prior round maybe probably maybe two if things go over probably one okay what's your friend thinks he might play more than one round in a week. My friend Sega has clubs and how we didn't take in his clubs sounds like a pretty good idea. If he's gonna play more than once in a week I think my friends go with a group of people family needling a hold their own whereas the club's dog Gabriel away for the clubs in your friend is truly conflicted mean. Need to reach out to this do so what is your advice ransom clubs could make it is difficult. I mean just tell your friend look buddy crystals are really nice course and not have really nice rentals. You know it's I mean that's the beauty of slain a really nice course. You can you can actually process. You rental clubs is boy it's. Good luck. I won't tell you try to project I was good luck lugging his club back and forth from Paul I am sure they won't get lost played in and that's the other thing this friend of mine does have some back issues and it's kind of easier to travel without. Plug in your clubs through the airports yes that's true. My good luck your friend but thanks I appreciate that BMI is solved this problem at all I'll let on now this question. Let's see here you know we have this new I hop logo I Hobbs. Yeah I HOB assist temporary Krajina trying to draw attention to their. New line of signature burger so it's a new logo very much like the old they're a little too reliant on breakfast for their clientele that's what I read. Thank 60% of their dough gets raked in in the mornings hey don't forget we have burgers to so. What professional sports team is most in need. And I hop style make over. They offer the brand logo they haven T named collars I don't know how far you wanna go and I had class. Well I didn't. This I swear this is an icon down. It may seem a little too easy. There's no question in my mind that the Washington Redskins need a complete my hobby. Style they need to re do you only not a temporary loan. You're listening to CNN apparently as we're about to get political again not at all it's kinda it's more about. I feel like they're that good franchise. Has been swimming upstream. For so many years with regard to the uniform just the uniform. And the nickname just those two things in obscures must. Every other conversation about moon to the point that a lot of that people in our industry refused to call them the Redskins because they considered a slur. I would say it's demonstrably hustler but they'll refer to the team as Washington only. I don't know how much more you need before. Someone or a number of people in your front office saying. This is a good time for this it is an. Surrender is cystic good time to re brilliant mom that tall it's not it doesn't you know. It doesn't have to ultimately be an entire political story can also be the re branding of your franchise you know to. Take your franchise in a new direction and to you by the way start all over with memorabilia sales and does not necessarily a net negative. I would go and I can't disagree with you but I would go clippers. Or nets in the NBA. Clippers just Reese this is Los Angeles where they just recently a couple of years ago they redid their logo and it's terrible. And the nets when they moved into the new the book the Barkley senator. They really scaled back its black and why eight and I think it's kind of RD kinda. It hasn't aged well yeah I just not right now block. Yes not striking it's more like that's it mr. And they used to have a beautiful red white and blue logos and you'll get out and they don't hold back colorful low that they were colorful they also nearly became the New Jersey swamp dragons and that has a very interesting story in the ninety's. They were close to doing it. And they got some research back that suggested. Well known good game gap which you can look it up there's a logo and everything they came close to become mint or at least trying to become. The New Jersey swamp drag outs they're playing in the swamp. No joke mean that's where it. Arena was. Still there's only just don't play there anymore. Com what patty build up the spurs. Just when you said net type you know San Antonio keys or reading. I would say no just because. They've got the history spur stands for some yes you know this colors. They've had those color since what 1974. I think pretty but they've won championships it's true yes so it's still stands for some even though. If he shouted to somebody's not a big fan they probably would be underwhelmed member. Is that in the ninety's state trying to act. Had like orange. And okwu who may have like oh yeah yeah like try to. Spruce it up a little bit and and it's of it just made it worse. And the team personality for that anyways there's probably good they stayed. But they're there another team that I think sometimes I look at their Younis and just think that I mean this is a high five franchised succeeding at wild levels. But everything about their presentation is. Understated mean you have to over the top just tape what about a splash color mom you know they don't be afraid to mix and I mean I I've never. You know this and stop for some I've said it I've never been crazy about the kings purple. But I appreciated that the fact that they you know they rattle him and I mean they left their old color scheme behind Madden and that's a that's. That's what you should do you try to reinvent yourself a little bit. As a franchise every so often and I would say the spurs are overdue. But my first. I I just don't see how Dan Snyder gets up every day I'm the owner of the Redskins gets up every day it's as gap where Camille were doubling down. You know it's Redskins wary of scientists. I wanted to something that's actually a plummeted. It's amazing to me he falls back on the same research our fans don't want the logo changed small man syndrome maybe. You can't tell me what to do you know I cancer and onions that they ought to tell what the richest guys in the country at some point you think you be comfortable. Mean OK camp but he got this question. Look at odds gonna get a deal Chrysler casino on where LeBron is gonna end up here west. Well on a Yemeni not supposed to get I'd be instances we have a few. Fifth you know. He essentially listed in the inverse order of underdog and you have E. Coli warnings posted I don't know if you ebony LeBron onto that's illegal thing I mean. That's nothing I mean percent thought I'll see read and he's asking for your entertain their health test Nazis E. Coli Mel and I know it's a big issue with all it does like Vietnam winner student took it just think knowledge is that. You know the they caught a lie presidents acknowledges the goal line it said you know. Who was still back colonel I mean you joked about it it was certainly definitely. That's when you know that. At this point Houston is the ansari I joked about your E. Coli remind us use it you know it was just a bad deal Houston is the top dog which we know Jason is. Plus 200. Them. And if you know how all that stuff works it means. You'd get your money back plus 200 if you get on Houston to be the team. But here's very it's inching the lakers are almost the same lines at the Chrysler casino not everywhere and and I've seen the lakers listed as a favorite several places them. We think that even though it's very complicated we think that the rocket could do it throughout the spurs the after mentioned the spurs they're a much longer shot we have the spurs at plus 500 along with the caps. So we go it's Houston plus 200 the lakers listed CN. The sixers at plus 300 in the in the cavs and spurs plus that but it gimme excuse me if sixers have. Plus 300. Miami and they're off now I know people talk about that out on TV and now we don't even I mean I'm just giving you the top five teams that we've got on the board in Miami is not in that grouping. So even though Cleveland has only at this point I think an outside chance that's how we feel about the suffers as well good pitch I like the approach I think it be cool. But you know if you just coming handicapping the odds they still think that the lakers have a tremendous amount to offer LeBron. And I think that the rockets. It's very complicated it takes a lot but the rockets LeBron would almost have to opt in. To his contract and into a sign and trade panel to get in at least based on a friend doesn't work too many other ways. But that's doable it's doable yeah yeah it's complicated that's doable this course last question. Marvin Bagley the third working out for the kings today can you give me three reasons why they should draft them and just for that about three reasons why in your opinion. They shouldn't. Question but it's probably easier to get it I give me three reasons why they shouldn't but they're not to serve out the ones. As far as why should I mean I think he is from his athletic schism is really obvious. I think that he's going to be a scorer in the league and I think she's come he would become an end to play a natural position for him and those are all big bonuses. I'm big bonuses as far as you know things to. Two that would put you off. Mean clearly and it just watching do X games. He was a step slow. On defense quite a bit step slow in rotations and did on a plane having a play a lot of zone defense down the stretch partly because of that. Tom heat. It's written this is really just gets a little bit dicier that you know he was pretty getting college kind of bullion guys and that won't work as much in the NBA so I think he's gonna have to add some finessed to his game that he doesn't have. And then. You know I would say at this point his outside shot which is gonna be everything for him but. Clearly a work in progress boy your number one reason I think you would be that he's just not as good as gone too it's right I mean as well this is completely about badly and I would I would take Don church first. Before Bagley but I can't build a strong case against badly which is good news you know. The kings in the end they may get knotted up about this especially if Gavin owner on one side and GM on the other with two different guys. And sue me if they took badly I would I would take dodge it if they took badly I wouldn't be upset. That mean I think that he's clearly that good. And held in he's gonna be getting BA player there's no question and what was your final advice further than my body with his golf clubs go and rent clos I would rent again when you said prince filtering that's the clincher. Like OK are you going to a really nice place to play golf. It's like you're gonna get. You know some. I mean different. Yeah if if you if he wants to really you know go play that is his brother or whatever but if he really wants to. Yeah rim Gavin Gavin is his name. Kevin Kevin cleese and now hitting yeah the best of luck together. Yeah they're both renting that away. Level playing field from the and now not not so much but those are questions for cry there for now.