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Tuesday, May 15th

Should Draymond Green have been ejected last night?


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It is. Put his greatness his history you know to uses and good. No post season OT was a bad place to be in the were open and it's not just about how they lost it's not that they lost about how they lost game one to itself but LeBron says he's. Not concerned at all. And you know LeBron. After game one loss is very LeBron has yet to ask this is a LeBron he night and every point yet he he tends to be his LeBron used in game twos. And seeing. In overall series LeBron James has trailed 206 times his teams have come back to win twice. One of them you guys remember was that finals and so the warriors aren't out of that so it can certainly be done but it's tall order right now it's time. Tap into the limitless expertise about when. Once again. Question. Chrysler. Let's start this remind green. Where losses temper a little bit last night yeah punish jobs through an elbow at James Harden even dream on admitted he was a little excited. I think fellows of the bit overzealous bit. But I rather that it needed to come off flat so I cannot take them only with that removed results. Should dream on green have been injected from that game western crying faster and cry now okay. I mean I thought that he was a question of her volatile and exploit us and on him like Scott I knew what I was trying to like silence a room assistant. She Timmy what Jamont did early in the game was worthy of a T he got to eat right move. That's absolutely what you do when you're gonna keep order pay whatever else happens here we're not heaven you know it's thrown anybody into a chair or anything like that. So this'll end about here wasn't it by definition unnecessary and excessive. You I don't know about excessive. I mean it was necessary yeah you have to chalk him. You have to throw an elbow man but that describes a lot of cells. I am I it's it's not it's not a I'm glad he was under attack tourist but it was woo. He was. He was kind of skirt malign her that's right he was walk the line but in my opinion he was on the right sidelined by a little and I know it's completely. Subjective and it's probably true. Dated a playoff game they'd be slower too strong mountain. As it should be the end but even with that noted I wouldn't have anyway. I would teed them up and center right now. Everybody understand you're one T away just so you know I think Harden continuity was doing but whether he was no question they did. As I I was shaking his said as he walked away because he's got a crane and his knack. And you know us thinking passing and their goes the old porcelain mom right that's a guy he'll Chinese nickname for James. 100%. Absolutely you'd scenic site. I am mama I may have to go to adventurous are guys that. And I got to sit out hey what's wrong exactly. He would Downey hit the deck at one point per tablet now in the late for separately second hit the deck. And I thought that initial. You know Marv Albert wasn't her censure. About a lot of things. One of things he wasn't sure about was what happened is that I you know I think it was an ankle and I thought he's holding his groin so I'm not sure it was an ankle. And then you know. Let her register I think he got the wind knocked out of them. And then they guessed at something else and my guess was the force and mom moon but my guess was picked. Mike any of those things he might want it believe it was done and sure enough he can get as the biggest coming grimace and scan take a bit but I just need a minute. The Christian right back and read back. That's part of what Harden does. And he'll also make it look as though you've just bludgeon them. On some routine her two great he's great hook artist he's really got a test in gamers zones James Harden. He tries to catch like docs and things because he's a foul Holland turner. Think in the zones. Very funny I you know I didn't really do justice there. Next question can now he gives yes thank you. Robby can no 88 game suspension for violating MLB's substance abuse policy. Should we be shocked and what does this mean that the steroid era is not old. Mr. baseball question and I'm glad I don't know what areas. I'm yeah I'm not sure it's. Totally crazy we have seen it. We'll we've seen we've seen uptick in sort of old school steroid violations. So I guess in that respect no it probably was never over. But the fact that they're going to acted like drugs from the seventies and eighties like nandrolone that's tough guys used to get popped for I'm not kidding whom forty years ago. Super old school steroids. We don't know what. I'm canal was actually taking because what he was suspended for a season a direct that dilute the of the the presence not the other drug and a system. So of of course you shouldn't be shocked I don't even think people are. I doubt people. I don't know how many people have the capacity be shocked. Anymore if you're Norway BO pay attention right now might be discipline like not can no. He's really good he you know that mirrors were cut off to a decent start some good can happen there see that's the tell a league that are OK yes. So just the background is he actually tested positive before this season. This is the end game of an appeals process that he finally decided to drop it. So what happened so we tested positive for a diuretic. It's it's something that's normally used for people. With legitimate men look medical conditions. Kidney staff heart issues. Even stroke victims. And and so it really doesn't suspend for that specifically what it does is it it sins the test on secondary testing. For lack of better way to explain it where someone determines well the presence of this much amount. Of this particular drug means that using it to mask something else mean. And that's what was concluded. And can now finally dropped the of the appeal and agreed to to start serving. Is eighty games so it's a big deal to big deal for the mayor's course canals in Seattle while you era and those count. Yeah is that he's missing while he's rehabbing count toward his suspension get out but if they do seminoles stumble toward the play out he can't play. He can play when he gets on with the suspension in the regular season don't want suppose seasons starts he's banned again. Which I didn't know until today as a first. Even mr. baseball can learn things I think that's a lesson for all of us rob. There. Yeah and the other thing I didn't know is that he has licensed doctor in the Dominican his test. Thousand and any time yet say licensed doctor and a cycle hold off on rain yeah. This certainly has really been trying to convince here to me by a licensed doctor in the Dominican Republic to treat a medical ailment. While I did not realize at the time that I was given a medication blah blah blah blah I have is he now wish Bob Bob Bob apply them that's why baseball doesn't care how. Or why. Baseball only cares what it. We got your system. It's not far from how you got in your system. You know ebitda only fifteen years you probably know that our general policy is columnist Bryan will sell you if it's Dan Tim this is really hard. So the man Etsy that from the mayors because they had a shot I don't know Lett and or how legit but got a shot. At staying in the summer that wasn't a bad team last year just have enough pitching them but taking canal out forget. It's too bad yeah they're looking up but just throws in the halos as it is this year yeah they're they're wild card Jonathan mentioned in athletics. Well beat the Red Sox last night went down the athletics are playing with a chance to get to 500 if they play another whether it was batter earlier today in Boston its mountain. Spigot it seems flirt with 500 run around fly 500 there is mad bombs pending return given the giants a psychological. Boost. Got a couple wins here all of a sudden to go zero and I glanced faster work in his career. Fifteen minutes of the last two pretty well. No if you don't battle last couple games no. But but will he give them a cycle which logical loosed huge. Can't overstate that it's absolutely huge when he comes back not now. Right now they just you know they finished up in Pittsburgh and salvage one game and then. In another resident won a bunch and wrote the reds aren't very good Tony 121 now. For the giants Obama backed a 500. Mile and leave the Dodgers in the dust. But they needed to right the ship a little bit and since they played bad baseball. The pitching wasn't very good and also their defense was terrible. I'm and so they they they handed the giants some opportunities in the in the giants' bats gotta go on. And they are they they they flashed potential at times you can see how the giants might. Somehow get through it until it got a guy like bomb cars back in his throwing yet today look at last night. I mean what they showed of him throw on flat ground and everything's fine meaning he's doing what they expect. It's that again it's hard to overstate what a big deal it will be when he gets back. It's just huge it it changes everything about the way they order their entire rotation. And even have their bullpen functions because it's. It's one less day most likely that you need very many relievers and I got to tell you any of us who were. At the earthquake game and candlestick. In 89. We were not impressed semi right I mean if you were there you know and I'm dog run we were not impressed by the video the camera shaking last night. In the first inning because of a 3.2 magnitude quake in Oakland yes I really thought that that was like. Bit so that the crowd right around the camera position sharing for some reason cas panel it look like yeah sometimes the crowd is going pretty good or chanting or some middle Uga. Little wobble. Battle ones yeah I was like a windy day wobble out. Actually I know it's finest I would assume that I can't think too that the problem is MLB trot that out today like law music in the earthquake video. He's unaware quit I've seen lots earthquake video I don't know Dallas that was more like. By the way such I know you're big on social media in the images in gifts. And if you take some from MLB highlight put on their they don't like it though they don't NBA says by all means there. You're helping us promote our game and yep. We don't have a problem about MLB is like not their Bolton yes how foolish is that it's incredibly foolish but the MLB's position I think. Has been. The date they devoted the Mets in a manner resources into their digital contents. There that you know buying out stats saint for example like their whole thing is this is you need to come MLB if you want to stuff that's their whole brand. And the problem is social media is. Is like a public square. And even though you're trying to reroute people to your product. Ports they're actually trying to make money off the arm off their online presence. And they've made it time and it's worth along. But I agree see the bigger picture is every time somebody shares and MLB video yeah it's free advertising for you. And you know Adams Summers like high let's go baby yeah earth can we send another one we actually clip of that by the way. Mean the NBA could let their lowest in the yeah we've we got to reverse angle on that would you like. So that's that's another way that the NBA is light years ahead of baseball in terms of the way it thinks about reaching people. And look you if you want any better explanation. Then that for why one league skews older and when the excuse way younger I don't know I mean that's as good an example like give us questions for cry there forward to today.