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Thursday, April 12th

Should Mark Jackson be the next coach for the Knicks?


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Yeah people get to that report at thirteen point can join this. They can't thank you for hanging out what we do Korea. It was the jackets in. You know I was called into the had a different subject familiar and gets that simply protesting about. Capra nick getting it and feel ansari. But it just saint Mena right yeah I agree with you it seems to me that the interim bail until his case. By their side basically. If they turned him down because YouTube deal and the big thing with Eric Green. That's open to do you doubt that a sign me because very few begin you would guarantee that I won't be able. If we meet at all the dark side note where. They don't have to say it but it seemed like get some collusion going on just seem to me that you just aren't RG three. You look at bring it back young men they. You have all these guys put all these different all you issue but what ever and you choose to bring them back and not let a guy who the last year he played. OK get the ticket with the 49ers. The very quote he mirrored does that hit you with Jimmy eagle rock below yummy different were the 49ers won a couple of games Graf who played the captain nick statistics. Over the last eight games will be very similar drop out so I decided seriously how did and it's been that. It is god being denied because he can't play home. Very promising they're handling this very clumsy fashion. Yeah got to read while Carl he would do you think that the Golden State Warriors got very lucky I think we warn you get incredibly lucky. This time last week gold as they were looking out its first round matchup with Oklahoma City. With possibly not stepping carry the second round they were looking at. Heated Denver I mean not not not been reporting live or do you pat JS. We're three and four and again habitat that tiebreaker they're one game behind. Court in that department they have the tiebreaker. The jackass keel Golden State two out of three that part of the plate don't look at out of the gold they never learn about all of Oklahoma City. Yes possibly. You pat yeah yeah and being in the Houston Rockets. I don't know if they'll buy that because Goldstein for whatever reason that you're really whale in seem to have given the war used it. But when you look at the matchups now they have a first round we're. San Antonio they could be San Antonio without early. Okay the matchup favored him in that regard it that go round matchup to look at the winner. The pelicans and the real laid rank. They can beat dutrow waived them without curry go would itself Parker but when you look at that that's a big with a poll or possibly could have hey. And compared them with them what though with the lineup that they get now they ever tell you what we've got you've been big government he developed between me and you've got that incredibly. Thank you can't stand that the first question for pride here. Let's just get out there so that was Luxembourg by design itself that way to play against you tell us again our loss mixer. That they have allowed them to ensure. Avoiding Utah and showcasing version without the one thing that they couldn't control where I think if there's an element of luck was sort of how that from 678 scrambled played out. And they got the right opponent in the end I think that if they caught a break or got lucky it would be. Not that they can't beat Oklahoma City in the first round but that that's a series that would take a lot out of them. Yeah and so I think I think they can win it I think they can beat Oakland city without curry but I think it would be hard and I think it would be extended. And I think Oklahoma City for obvious reasons would come out the warriors would everything. And totally be willing to empty. You know the chamber. In one round Justin Tryon. Doubts the warriors CI think they got lucky in that re Gordon. But every year teams such subtly or not so subtly jockey for the position they want idea and I I agree as. As far as a first round match up what very favorable I don't think Portland is going to be a walk in the park for them if they end up playing Portland the next round. Especially if Curry's and anyway she performed compromised. Nine you'd rather rapport elements say Utah right now both Portland snow that's they're not the walk over that they were in the playoffs last year for the warriors. And they're defensive problem in a Terry Stotts came up with a different way for them to defend this year it's actually based on the way at least changed and they. They deny it the perimeter. And they try and push teams out of the paint and make him settle for sort of that midrange to make entry effective doing. And so we don't the worst have multiple ways to attack. But it's it's really about how much these rounds take out of view. There let's about curry you how close is he going to be when you go and play and when he plays how close is he going to be right to full strength that's what it's all about for the words right now that and then. This dream on OK and can they cut down on the turnovers. I would be surprised if curry comes back and even if he's healthy. They're gonna have a couple of games where they're throwing the ball all over the place right as they get acclimated to having him back out there again ranked I mean they should. They're they're. The seven game series is actually their ally in some regard because they might need a game or a couple of games. T get it all back on the same page or even more I mean it may take most of around a room. I'm but yeah to Ken's point playing San Antonio first round pool. Huge relief vs on what are options no question yeah no question end. In in less Popovich is about to have truly one of his finest moments. That one should be over reasonably your. You know the spurs are crafty but not good enough just. How how they're built M can be strange scene the spurs. Playing as a team that is this playing with house money. Yup but the kind of car and I think I think sell to even underdog spurs right if they extend this series. They've it's already sort of a small achievement. And nobody's gonna ever blame them for having look if they lose without coli. It's just there wasn't a blatant. Next question for Chrysler this question kitchen should Mark Jackson be the next coach of the New York Knicks. Well I got a name I got a guy like the. I understand that drawl and Mark Jackson and particularly because of his background and you know. In his issue the next. But if if I thought I had a chance. Two you hire a young. Bright. Looking for a second chant code set chip second chance coach instead of Jackson I would reach for David Tuesday. Who's available. And I don't know if they make that at bat and get them or not but. I would be looking very closely at him I've seen being again these things turn around and pin actually TVs come out the next can you get a weigh in New York with hiring David Tisdale probably. Probably you can make a bigger splash apart Jackson. And that may be what they're consumed with but they've just made so many bad news. As an ownership group over the last several years I don't know how much room for error they've really got one in the weird thing is that Mark Jackson. Who I think represents you know a fair amount of risk. He may seem like the safe alternative to them yeah I would reach for fist and I would much earth and not worried about that. Distilled. Got a fine reputation and I'm. I and and for the knicks. Nothing's gonna matter if there was in fifty games it doesn't they did they looked terrible boom they looked terrible life lists. The lifeless franchise. From the knicks I'm not hiring coach until I can offer the player coach position to LeBron James. Then let's not turn it down and then on Erica okay in my at all I got a site K LeBron where the next and a hey he bikini arguably the player coach I'd just for the record I've. EST and fruit big guy covers and Trieste and put together a list of apostles and of course Mark Martin says who are we talking about Ian Begley. OK that's terrific never heard him. First analysts at Mark Jackson. Second name analysts is being gun although he writes the bank and which one job Jeff okay thank you for rescue no. Kiss their name is actually instills a fourth name on his list I don't know if he hasn't ordered but that her name on his list is Jerry Stackhouse. And tested he says they've he's really close to Scott Perry which matters obviously Scott period sort of driving this. The knicks plan to contact stack counts. He's coached the raptors G league team. End. Is probably ready to be considered for something I don't know about head coach in the next but to be considered for a move. Here's the thing about Mark Jackson you can look at his time in Golden State to win a super. Can they really became a playoff winning team under him but then they actually did better when he left so. Did he help them become a playoff team that they became a was actually holding them back. Allow me to. Revived this quote from team owner Jolie confronts warning fourteen a few months after Mark Jackson was Lego quote. Part of it was he couldn't get along with anybody else in the organization and look he did a great job and all always compliment him in many respects but you can't have. 200 other people in the organization not like cue from. The knicks are dis functional. So you'd have to know a lot about Mark Jackson. And how he's changed. Since then why not given the benefit down and assume that he's learned. From whatever happen. You know it at Golden State you'd have to know about how he changed more you wanna go into a situation where an owner actually went on the record with that. He didn't say that to somebody and aside meaning and leak doubt he'd he told to a reporter asked the question. So that's might that be my big concern with Mark Jackson is that his people skills are not. Not too finely honed my concern with. Mark Jackson is that his a basketball sensibility still may not be. Where would want them to be our checks and still may be too. Too much in love with the iso styles of when he played. Even though this is ago coach stepping claimed some what they could do that would be my main concern based on. The warrior half court offense that they ran under him and then seeing what it became under Steve Kerr. Here's what Dwyane Wade who does it was an assistant with the heat before the grisly job his or Dwyane Wade said. Nom recently about David Tuesday no one thing he's gonna bring in to a team is his work ethic. Yes a great offensive mind but he has defensive principles with the heat that Pat Riley has instilled in every cuts it's come here. He's a good manager personalities the sky's the limit. For whatever organization is going to get him now I'm not sure if our fizz dale. If that be the job that one button but I think they'd be crazy not to say yeah Mark Jackson would be the type higher that would create some short term buzzing get a body excited short term right but long term. Is he the best fit for them I don't know I wouldn't be stressed that do hire him but I wouldn't. The biggest buzz that they've generated in recent years was hiring Phil Jackson it was just to disaster they did but they did. They won the tabloids. Yeah for a couple weeks. And after that you know they've still pay import. So I don't like my used gloss right over my LeBron Claire coach idea. No I like it could hurt hard and really do. I really doing and you're in. Aurora give you credit you've been pretty consistent on that one bar LeBron you come here you tell us who you want the coach to be you don't wanna coach find who do you want to be your coach. He's why not a knicks hey why I don't go to the next is because I think it be cool. For the league I don't see why he would do it I would like to see as a fan I know second half. I'd beat the B first caller make. Would be to the bronze people to say look before we get started his coaching process and no we can't talk about LeBron the player is not a free agent. But but. Cushy like Crowley can anybody likes anybody we get taught about because all I wanna do is have a conversation on LeBron. If I can get a New York I think there's a chance the problem for them is their owners just. A buffoon and James only screwed up this tranche has like five ways to Sunday and he steps and it almost everywhere else and I don't know if they'll probably wind up doing so tonight Mark Jackson because that'll be splashy. Last question for Chrysler this question what are we to make a Russell west. It's twenty rebounds last night gave us the greatest rebounder of all time. Lester while he needed sixteen in new willed his way to explore any rebounds and insuring another season ever averaging a triple double wow that's great for us. Don't like he needed sixteen and he got sixteen midway through the third quarter leading re better in that game and that's just clutching up and that was the end of the rebuilding we did finish with Tony. As he he got he kept score in chilling new when he had a mini stopped rebounding. It was weird. I said yesterday I wasn't I'd I had a bet on about ocean where officials all headed. So to watch his teammates bail out on rebounds so that he can get them was embarrassing. And he's not the first got to chase a number but. And it's not like but. He played the entire season. And he has great numbers. And he came really close averaging a triple double without being artificial about it. It was just it's so artifice it so incredibly artificially to qualify and it's disrespectful to the game it's. It's not really planning game it's just it's gaming they gain and and having your own teammates moved out of the way. Other rebound that is theirs but again if it's okay with him and his teammates and his coaches then I'm sure for thunder fans we got to witness history line I don't know what dating about his treatment but for sheer. I'm they've they've probably had a fun moments and noted I'm not arguing that hurt the team didn't hurt the team. It didn't I saw it was dumb luck I watch the video I mean I watched the game and I'll watch highlights. And how much are really embarrassing case you can see Westbrook go from. Way across the floor writing in to the same tiny spaces one of his teammates who then backs away so that. While Ressa Cyril get let him at the Reid yeah he's hunting rebounds realized it's pointless it he had a really good season. He had a really really good season all things considered. And there's nothing about it down it didn't change their playoff standing. It into that none of it matters. So if none of it matters why you'd chase. You know it's. He already did it warrants them he did it once anyone the MVP in lash out feel like it was widget to your team has home court in the first round. Yeah against the pelicans. And that was where the way it that it felt no gets the edge out to him the jets on so yeah because jars and scary little series. I don't pens at the travelers yeah yeah now that that's a scary little series that that nine Utah's gonna come loaded you toxic. It is is good as anybody in the NBA right now I know what the seating says but Utah's so good so good especially with the bear full strength. They're gonna be from them. That's a good series. All right those are questions for cry there for now thank you Mark Pryor there are Robby what grade do you give mark rather for his their responses today considering all the time detective. Come up of these answers and it's us the. Plus. Really behind you around. That's better than average achievement. Better than average.