Questions for Kreidler 3/7/18

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Wednesday, March 7th

Did you catch NBA's Player's Only segment last night?


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Almost undetected in the limitless expertise. Offering columnist Mark Bradley we found out yesterday that mark travelers book. That's grassland and actually been. Options so that means ESPN have rights to make. Movie a veteran TV show or yet they have the right it's funny sitcom or that all of that they had the rights to develop bit. As they saw fit on the TV or movie side. But they were actually on be announcing any of us they were actually get ready to scrap that whole division and start what became the thirty for thirty. Project. So instead it languished in development for two years I would have been a great thirty for thirty wouldn't it yeah it it's still would be. And maybe someday it will be but it's really yeah very cool project its prime receded to something sure. But yeah that happened that's about all the the New Jersey Little League kids wrestling on surf boards right is that what the books about it very close very insects yeah I mean by the time he'd do with data whole thing into one big thirty for thirty that's a cheetah all right here we go. Arrives. That is a possibility down. Your next book about this first question for Friday Saturday. I don't know. Lineup and I hope coming out and what is. I don't know I have a job you get a job when you did the last one I know because my barely had a job and I. Yeah I started that vote before it got art I got nothing I was read my book last night I wrote very understandable. The first book I wrote I was still working at the Sacramento beat but I took. Two months leave. To go when I'm actually moved to Iowa. To immerse. In that of the research in that book and then came back to California and wrote but I was a columnist I was writing three or four days a week which left a lot of time you know at night and and nobody knows grin which is broad anyway got nailed it. And then. The second book I wrote I'd left the paper in it was before I started in radio in the third book that book that surfing book I had started. Parity didn't. Put on the contract and it started in reported Muslim book before I started radio. So but Dow's a grinder. That was as finishing the morning show when we're across street route. Joann you know 5 AM or earlier now but going into start the show at five. And then. You know and what do you figure you've done nine. And you know hang around a while to make why you feel as though I was trying to contribute to the next day show. And they leave I was that was ruled. It's tough to focus after that tough to focus has since then I've focused on radio are they gonna have mavericks Fisher knows it would into the window came and went well. They missed their chance they could called it a couple of times but. It's such a crapshoot Nate. They hesitated a couple of times China they missed perfect date certain and then the rest of the schedule passed without them having a day that was even close while long yeah. It doesn't happen every year all right hey what do you think is C Webb's quipped that crooked officials costly kings the other two Western Conference finals last. It was a really kind of a lighthearted moment on the set my players only guy in the video cell last night. C Webb was there Jack was there Jack was talking about a believe. Working hard and that's why and any kind of put his hand on C web shoulder in OC what kind of anchors this on players only night. And he said that's why we've each got seven games you know building. And Chris Webber turned to the other guys are modernizing and seriously I was you know and a crooked officials it's altered to be yes it. Well when you think. I have it's a great storyline it's not actually what exactly what happened but it's ignites I would expect him to think anything different. Because if you think about losing in seven games. You know did they did the kings just forever as a as players I would expect him to necessarily that they won't probably focus on game seven which was the game that they had at home. To advance the NBA finals. I'm in which they were wiped out the 76ers. And they played. A so so game seven at home got pushed overtime and then lost in overtime part of because they can make free throws. Yes a lot to do it in and that's really you know the the in the end they had a game seven at home which state earned. On to win it move on to the NBA finals this year player like wherever you're not gonna think about it that way you're gonna think about should never come to game seven because of game six and game six if it had gone differently. I'm you win it. And then that's that oh I said it's an etc. that they would have trucked to the finals but the sixers but it's. To me it's as someone who covered that series. There's no question I remember. Vividly being talking Alleman after game six. Underneath the stadium that are underneath the Arenas staples. And he really was he was he was. A little baffled. It'll little beside himself. But he also felt like. We could've won the game. No matter what the officials did we could've won that game we had we had moments where we were one run would've salted the game away and we couldn't do it. We couldn't get a make in the fourth quarter we had to have it so he knew that that that they that the officiating in the fourth quarter was ludicrous. But he wouldn't and it partly because as a coach he's wouldn't give into that they thought we had so many other opportunities we could've won that thing. And so I think he would probably agree to game seven. You know isn't a low moment. Because you do after all that yeah I get the win knocked out of your sails long but after that you come back and play game seven in your place buildings on fire. Everybody's ready Iraq. And down the stretch you know you missed. Fourteen out thirty free throws. And you know you mean if it's I won't think of this series a lot of things that thick. Lakers have been saying about the king's. Work through that day right that. In any case it'd be within his right to station team played against him and I'm sure that's whoever believes. But the reality is. The kings it had a pretty significant call go their way in game four or five when the ball actually went off whimper. And official missed it and awarded the kings the ball this is late very late game that they want. That's not the same as the fourth quarter of game six but I that win game for game four without a way to India as game time. And so. I'm I'm less. A beverage even into that. But subject I think you have to tough it out I just think he did have game seven and army should have won had it. It was there to be one the lakers played gay game the kings played an OK game. And they allowed the lakers to force OT and then lost all right fairness question. Carlos I've been pretty good for the 49ers can they afford to let him go and wire running backs so undervalued in the NF. Well anyway Peter plays they're running about out. And on Ballard no words were fourteen million the expert. It's are too many guys like him. I actually think he is worth fourteen million to the Steelers. I don't know if he'd be with fourteen million fewer out on the open market but he might be. I think the problem for the 49ers at that is that they think they've seen the best of Carlos Hyde and also he predates their program. Right into it he isn't exactly what I have to have an. With that said chaining and worked a lot of different types of running backs. I think edits it may come down more to this idea. That Shanahan wants to hand pick somebody. Or maybe he already has maybe today. Running back from Utah that they drafted him to play much last year's closer to winning is they actually want. In a running back. The other reality is although they have money to spend they probably don't wanna give Karl aside the kind of guarantee or years that he's going to be looking for. As a guy who's out you know looking for his first real contract. So I think put those two things together probably their moving on equip the patriots have done with a revolving door to running back position. Yeah I think she enhanced experience in Atlanta would be would tell you the same. Which is they had some good backs and you know it's gonna say Freeman was like really good running back keep of course it is but they used other guys too and sometimes heavily in that rotation. And I think he values you know. The running back is a great pass catchers much as he does a running back is great running back. I think there are a lot of running backs who are pretty good to good but I think there are few that stand out the reason they're not. The reason there are undervalued is because there are so many guys that you can stop our defining as pretty good to good but I got a Levy on bell is the next level right. And meany mean so much the steelers' offense and I know they've got problems contractual problems but when he is on the feeling pretty good right. Well they franchise did so. Clearly. They're not willing his long time ago. Do I don't care what their contract. Issues aren't they already made the smartest decision which is well franchise and forgot Satan and then if we were except in outrage that the worst that can happen is we'll pay him fourteen that's why I wonder sometimes whether frankly whether Marshawn Lynch right now where his game is now has is he's if he's more troubling is worth for the raiders. When you know he's not worth a lie and I should say he doesn't cost a lot so. I think I'd be surprised if they actually concluded that he's more trouble than he's worth I think it is a far more reasonable gruden would say get him in camp. I sort of seeming camp I don't want to talk and you know gruden. Right now he can't even really interact. With players hardly in what he really wants to do is give him on the field and then if he's got nothing left find that he's on a pretty small contract it's a pretty small number. I'm gruden would be very inclined to say. Will. Well I look around at the rest are running backs which isn't much. Can we at least look at Marshawn Lynch and then let's all decide together he's done if he's done fine but if he's got a little in the tank unit cost too much who is your all time fair. Are running back west in NFL history that is the guy who used to enjoy the most watched yeah. I place the long run. There's San. There's synergies never heard of and he was it was it was because of the way. He. It was because the way he made people miss. It does he wasn't that explosive guy like he wasn't. For some Bo Jackson. It wasn't like that it was more that Barry Sanders. Kind of knew before you did which wavered leaning on the tackle. And he consistently avoided the worst hits because you never got that solid lick on him and that's how. T yards became five and it's tough for yards became a and he did that all the time. All the time for bad teams often behind terrible offensive lines he was such a good running back. And he did that weird thing he did that mega Tron thing we're into its with its it is and that's got a goal Jim rounded that's yeah. This after I'm done here yeah a lot of years of playing in Detroit let's face Hermes probably Charlie garner I'm. Is that right out of Washington. Seamer good guy to. All right here Aron judge could be leading off for the Yankees mr. baseball that's right. The new manager there evidences yeah iron judge could be leading off for the Yankees what that mr. baseball. Here just in the leading off. I personally always plans and let air in there instead was. Basically what he said was. I'm really thought about this very much but I would consider it sometimes. Sheer. And an NS as for why the answer is obvious. Air judge strikes out a lot but he gets on base a time. He's you know between between his solid contact and in the number of oxygen last year he left how many times do with. He wished 208 times last C. Any still had a 422 on base percentage. It's hurt he should consult. But but he was on base all the time. So anybody who hasn't OO BP and 42 when he or higher you'd be you'd what does OPS plus mr. baseball aren't really down. I I don't know doctor how I assume you have it aerial I don't have a I have an article. That's really more about. What Aaron Boone was saying which was I wouldn't necessarily say it's likely. A bit it's like plus 110 or somewhat but some but he says something like that I would consider. I thought about it justice said now that they're brought it up but I. But but if you walk as much as he does. Your. You know he's no speed merchant but he's a legit candidate seems a steal bases much anymore anyway. If you title again from first to third on single he can do that copious plus a 171. Wow so I'm pretty good yeah. So that's pretty good it's it's probably far more tempting. For Aaron Boone to find somebody to lead off and then back you know. Judge Stanton. Bird. In him all of your masters in a row and see what happens when the price you were attempting. But first have to decide if you have a leadoff hitter that you like. Well that's why I think Brandon belt may oh actually be the giants' best leadoff hitter but I don't think they ever got a lead off because he gets on base. Yeah he does. It does pay and racial and I find this article few lady Diana chronicle today wrote a long piece about how Brendan belts most polarizing. Player in baseball. And he points out when he said I'm just tell you numbers guys to 68 career hitter. And he's never exceeded eighteen home runs or 82 RBIs in his career. And yet the giants really really value them and say do a lot of people who actually watch him play any stretch settle. And then their whole and other group of people just don't get. Like I don't know what was just named all the old stats that we've learned don't matter as much as we thought they did what the article is about how those old stance. Have given way to just a different way of seen a guy like built in and that overall value it actually brings in one of his. Absolute values as he gets on base mom you we think of first baseman differently than that. Which is why he's always fought an uphill battle with his perception. Because even if you agree to advanced analytic she still expect a first baseman B you know Goldschmidt. And that's not Brandon belt. But he's on base a lot knees play for a guy his biggest he is 65. He actually runs decently death he stayed healthy I'd consider him atop the order to all right those are questions for credit for now.