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Monday, March 12th

Which team left out of the Tournament has the most legit gripe?


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A lot of people around here upset the Saint Mary's is not going to the end. Desolate tournament. No wealth is upset. They're not going to the NCAA tournament guy by the name of Ted Valentine. NCAA periphery he officiated the final four last season. He's not going to be working tournament games because. He says. Of fallout from an incident in January. When he turned his back on told very the second during a game I remember that happening yet yeah well as nickname is TV Teddy. He and he's. No stranger to antics that. That people accuse him of doing. For attention yeah. But he says this is not right it's just not fair it hit me like a ton of bricks I'm being punished unjustly. He told ESP NE was informed by other Cornet of officials of the decision prior to working Wichita State Houston came. On Saturday I asked him why we talked about Joseph Barry situation now and discussed with the Big Ten but I told them I fix the situation I do not disclose selections assignments are advancements. The official of officials said Monday afternoon okay. So the guy likes to be on TV. At least by the legend of the nickname. Is upset because he isn't gonna be on TV he says of the incident in January I screwed up. But I went back a week later and apologized and yes I did joking and kidding it was no big deal Ivan pulled them out of a situation where he could've gotten a technical foul then. Yeah I give him credit I know he did and because we follow that story at that time including the follow up which was it. You know it back and made good on it session down I'm the adult you know I'm supposed to be the adult in the room and with that said I don't care I mean. You know I'm quite sure that officials get rotated in and out every year end. Maybe this is year the NCAA says give me your off just Jameer off right let's just. Let's all take a break here maybe there are other factors as well maybe yeah maybe I'm sure there are plenty of course car they're almost always other factors. You know I mean if that. One thing that I know for sure is sometimes you'll see a coach or a player and an NBA game for example get thrown out or teed up really quickly right you know there's history there's just part of the story that we haven't seen maybe TV Teddy has legit gripe maybe he does them. On the other hand we really don't know because JD Collins again he's the coordinator of officials vsan on what I can tell you why we select people that's not fair to anybody right. Right if I certain to yes if I start pretending that we're gonna build a public criteria. We're gonna have an issue is gonna be answering to the criteria every year no it's we don't wanna sell yet. Just do enjoy the games widget so maybe this is another opportunity for Ted Valentine to prove that he's. Going to be an adult about it exactly it can also will be dead what he's doing us. Is. Trying to save some other embarrassed like Ottawa writes the site and all the off point wow going conspiracy theory load just you know look if let's not make a big deal out of this assist all agree that will take it down year and you know. Next surely better. Our questions for cry there writer on the quarter don't worry first report I thirteenth when he hears Vega our money has been a thirteenth when he LO de gal. Oh it's RJ. Sorry. Yeah over there are pretty early and often is at the end show that you were looking Schwarzenegger argent quote your. Turning blue. At an important word here are some issues confirm. Controversy or I'm not talking of only talking to big now. Nonstarter I'm sorry got an up note the same person. OK and I didn't do it I'm sorry about your Saint Mary's deals but. Yeah and global iron pot. Only I'd immigrants or mode. Yeah. You know no I am sure you knew that they were up against him right out walk. White oak although in our they're that are like. Sixteen. Don't you think that you should be a little bit frustrated with your head coach. But he (%expletive) up pretty you know I was going to be an eight million try to do it went up to Agilent. I'm glad you're there how many top teams in the tournament. Taylor Elaine US known UCLA. Board worker yes it's true that when their turn their. In California. You don't but they're certainly thought I'm a lot spoke fire. We'll tell you right out. Epic it's possible that that the pac twelve stinks this year and you're right Randy Bennett didn't know that cal would be terrible but he could have debt that they'd be terrible and and the other thing is. And you know this RJ teams don't wanna come in and play at Saint Mary's teams like to come in place you have to go on the road and he won't go on the road I just I gotta say. You make some good points Chrysler but being from Oklahoma I just you got nothing here. They got from Oklahoma can't tell the guy Ares I YST out of the tournament my my my school. Did what the NCAA committee says you have to write out. A date date they created a national superstar of the committee said Lewis entry and returned it. So. Narrow they scheduled. Mean Larry at the super start pseudo. Jock yes. People want to see him do what I'm telling war itself oriented more to it then. Meet yeah well. I never liked to have seen Saint Mary's in the tournament because I too think that if you win toward either 29 games. That's hard do you not care who your claim I at a very impressive and. Number one patient do. Every democratic court what attitude and record I know my lesser opponents he's here with. That the who's there will coach Steve and yet adequately. Look Rubin puck go in the in ninety. There and say. Richter earlier broke away yeah you Judy I didn't. And it Will Johnson. What brought over there or other controversy created EP Aqua. All I don't know what ago. I mean I know one thing we want to play. Earlier about bush. It would like. What you are old Richard. In the. Just just you know I watch him when your arms folded Susie makes an interception then OK you've you've proven yourself and then. You know what a way to behind and wait for me it's Syria. About it they're you know side almond butter then. React. RJ just real quick what do you think about Richard chairman's explanation which is. I think that the worst of the rivalry Khan Ari died when Harbaugh left you know all the big salt when now that rivalry. Yet one other rival well that was but that he. You're through water. If alcohol. All right art today they are charged so art or my mistaken identity years' time this happened to the list expertise. Author and columnist. For crowd that these are questions for president you know you see it. Streets data for these guys though that just don't screw around on them. He's a pain Barnes yes you know wanna get sprayed it on bar in plainer in professional barn cleaner. Exactly Prakash and get paid for. A little you know and we got lunch usually but he still what you maintain your amateur status and they're important but yet as you can get an agent because I and file taxes I think what happens in high school kid and in some of these Dan has paint paint oil rigs are we were just talking about it which team left out of the tournament has the most legitimate gripe. Well I guess you're lucky if you can't beat western outcry got the most high class. I think it's all. First it's all relative. Error every two even Saint Mary's. Was legitimately a bubble team and everyone knew it peak in rainy day and an attitude to have coach because after they lost in the series of the tournament he started. And he's got Gillick that cuts do this all the time that he was campaigning set will be read Dick it will be ridiculous for left out. There's trying to hold the winds are so they they certainly had a case but they also knew they were rebuttals of these are all teams that. It's hard to get too worked up in my opinion of the teams who were left out of USC. USC's coach was apparently in shock I think Oklahoma State had the best. Case. It's not a great case though on I'm just being honest is not great but Oklahoma State beat. They they had eight wins against teams that are going to be in the tournament now some of those but he Kansas. Twice and they beat Oklahoma twice but eight wins at all against teams are gonna be in the tournament. And they played a pretty representative. Because they're conference was did they had a pretty good overall strength of schedule but again. Even Oklahoma State who I think as best case out of all of the schools. They played a terrible non conference schedule my loss fourteen news it's not you know they they've they were 1914. And yes occasionally under very weirdly. You know sets circumstances a team with a record like that can get the tournament. Even without winning the conference but not often wrong if you don't think anybody has a legitimate try not zero team that you think has the biggest gripe mostly Democrat is saying. You have a patient of and in what I said earlier I really meant that if it if there were Oklahoma State in an Oklahoma out for example. If UCLA had been left out the USC had been put in yet you can crumble. But you don't have a great case. You just have here assembled case you know and I mean. This is the time USC getting as a pretty good case for being in the tournament. Well. They have a pretty good case. In that they were really good in the pac twelve this year and they finished second in the regular season standings. With dame beat anybody. In the Arizona. Dating beat UCLA. They didn't beat Arizona State they just beat everybody else in the conference and they wound up second conference. They just didn't have at all put together I'll which region looks like the toughest and most competitive it. NCAA west tournaments this year which you can hear them right here on ESPN they're T one class. Well see me at the wrong about this you know. It just generally the outside looking in you never know. And so. You know individuals and projectors are wrong about this every year but south looks like a bruising. Regional so Virginia it's seed number one overall seed. But the way can play out from Virginia can easily have to play. Either Kentucky air Arizona. You know two rounds in. And after that they would get Tennessee or Cincinnati that's a mile excitement partly because of the style of play that that region by the way includes. A Nevada. It it's just a physical and Texas it's a very physical yet Nevada place Texas right yes I've. Good luck coach muscle men it's a tough match meaning of Nevada is being given Arab countries chances because they play a similar style and in all that but yeah I think to me the south looks it's pretty physical. And I guess the flip side maybe. The west looks the most wide open Xavier is a one seed in the west by the way but that's that you know of it that says a bracket in a UNC's the two seed. And UNC looks good after that you know you really you can tag is a four. On Michigan's a three it's really wide open bracket when Xavier really has a reasonable shot but Xavier can easily meet in zag a couple of rounds it. I mean would it if if the beef the wind's all hold out. Mean. How about this cried and you were talking about this last week you looking forward to the new format here what did you think of the new selection show format now as it is. In dumb question I'm glad you may god loves didn't look like this little Angel excellence yeah. Glorious yet Jim dale. The the format of the selection show. When your way to the mobile user trying to contend mayors sure you can eat even lower lawyer after almost blessed alphabetical in beginning and it's still better than waiting for sure you know per hour trying to out so I like. I I liked them. The previous for a little bit better but it's really hard to judge this one because they they had technical problems that made it way worse than probably had to be. But I'm with you on the live audiences bad idea. And had a pointless and in an anyway even if it worked the technical glitches and the sounding off. Kind of wrecked it no matter what but I just don't I'm not in favor of revealing. The teams in alphabetical order. When what you can really do is roll out a region. Like I even if it takes an hour. I'm okay with you rolling out the west like. Give me the bracket. And then to will be back after this and we'll talk about the south that's fine with me I think there's something to be said for getting the teams that are in out there as quickly as possible. The bay on point I just think he could have done a lot quicker. Oh yeah are you always almost have looked before we get to the regions or as we're doing the regions we're gonna have all the teams that are in they're going to be on the scrawl. So if you're wondering who's in just following here but we've got the brackets and does have a go on the all time. Yeah Alec people wanna know are we in what you can find out after we're gone for the bracket you can do that absolutely end. The the catches I think that anytime that a network artists did you know whether it's. CBS or whether it's TBS and TNT. If he once you've committed to a two hour show. You just you know it's kind of over. You know world view and if you get it if it'd make it into our show world didn't. So with that said I know we're only talking about the niche of people who would actually watch such a thing but the people who watch it mostly hated. And I partly just because the format was goofy. You know it's from maybe if they do it every year tenure issue now people just say oh yeah that's what they always do they ruled out enough that a quarter. But it was a rough first year and those are questions for Chrysler for now.