Questions for Kreidler 2/9/18

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Friday, February 9th

How excited should we be for Shumpert's reality show?


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Thanks Jason Jones from BP for joining us speaking to speak right. I don't know how much have to worry about as far as he invasive giant swamp road and just read reading the stories of beef today. It's nutri or quake who is there critter we're talking about. South American aquatic rodent. Let's see here nick Bailey found nearly two dozen of these nutria. Since March in the secular San Joaquin in the delta infestation so far in the wetlands and are said Stanislaw Fresno Cantonese and yeah. CA they ought to be this size of us who. All what do you make small. A small squirrel small be a small Beagle. A small beat phony Tony. Are you sure I shouldn't worry about with a I mean not unless you're gonna get a governor said Stanislaw. Can catch us tomorrow. Exactly what agreement today missed him after mr. Keyes because there's on way to solve it lots of ways to solve the Turkey a bigger than a must grant smaller than a beaver you know that'll saying it apply. It applies to the nutria deaths and treaty bigs broad and Whitey. One female can produce as many as three litters in just over a year that's like 200 offspring. Then I'm feel free and wearing the. All right maybe should work on this afternoon they its expertise and I'd feel any better driver I don't feel anything. Sorry I think he residency tried I tried I did tried didn't work and trying. Know that they're bad at picking up really bad at the Friday feel good coming up here you know him a couple of hours ago. I'm knead it first question from Scott hay cock I think I mentioned this already here on Twitter but he want on make sure I ask you this on a quest super crowd there. Is Paul Pierce to blame for the IAT trade because of did Jersey retirement video tribute controversy. The answer of course yes my two best. Yeah oh yeah. I'm a junior I'm in favor of blame Paul Pierce for staff anyway but this is particularly perfect because. He turned it into just a major issues there's no there's no doubt that it factored in somewhere C now. That the countess cleverly took care of this whole problem the problem was he couldn't get along for whatever reason he couldn't get along with those teammates. He didn't hear much about that in Boston. You know. And hurt some of that you heard here. But the but there are so in love with him here and and rightfully so and they still are you have a lot of stuff was muted in Phoenix she heard about it a lot. Boston not so much Cleveland a lot. And the whipping his Cleveland. In must that time he spent off the court. He played fifteen games and yet to hear the story of Cleveland's season. You think it Isaiah cause the wreckage of their season means you only played fifteen games right I mean I'm pretty sure he didn't sink the franchise. It's how it's perceived how in the world they thought will bring in Isaiah Chris I was part of a big trade. I don't know I I. A big part of me thinks that. Apart from Isiah beyond the kind of rethink. I'm apart from that I think the rest of it was deals around what they thought LeBron might like. Or would appreciate or I don't know what remember. They blew out the GM that he liked and wanted to continue working with and they did it the week of a draft often so I think everything after that was. Trying to. Build a roster that LeBron was happy about. But as LeBron said today he said that he was happy as hell and that's his words not mine. That Dwyane Wade was able to be traded back to Miami and finished there. So even you know LeBron had long since concluded were messed up and there's no reason to keep this together. Mean. Here's a question Korea sometimes I get confused last night I was watching in the Celtics in the wizards who have and you get divorced twins. And I am our time keep in tracker which is Markey from which is Marcus can. Help me out of that who don't wish he would have liked all the hard course he plays for the Celtics and I think that's wrong guys marquee place for the wizards that's anything. Any anointing. Here's a now or I until Lopez Brothers apart does that help marquee within half. For like federal Washington Wizards Marcus at south beat Boston. There you go that's the system devised last night when Apple's when they get trade. When you got to read redo it and want to redo it ask yourself these guys ask yourself the effort fed forget it calling you know one. As for southeast that's markets. Yes that's it I'm get via bus that's Boston ninety. Yeah well you just seem to Joan questioned it yet one I'm tried to dunk over the other one last night at a or Chris Webber was beside himself. Agassi yeah it. Next question here came can help me out this question actually is gonna I volumes report on thirteen twenty. We have someone claiming to be gone from Boston hello Don from Boston now aria. Got it right eight RR and summit bicycle or a break and implement selector from Brooklyn that's curious. But here's the statement any gains Barack oh yeah he's going to be the future according to our quarterback. Okay he's right you as the current quarterback not. I read a lot of money. Yeah and I think married Gail brewer and it will go out tomorrow I'd bring its. John from Boston by only deals over bulldogs can aid to states tennis conflict car accident guys that we we have can't we we all act as a way better than our accident got his. But he lost his accident halfway through that car he did decent spots forests of message saying he did it proud of the way yeah yeah. He barely made it through the first quarter net a a a they had cried some do you feel any better about the kings' moves after yesterday's. After that today's media conference. Well you where we're down on the booze more than I was yesterday and no I don't know anybody like children think I was prepared. To feel some betters just. By listening to a more thorough explanation or or hearing and thinking mountain it's it's a news conference ever lasted twelve minutes and really get much of a chance to get that. You know endorsement high from listening to the answers not feel the same way I did yesterday. But it's not because I think. Removing George Hill I would move into it it doesn't change the fact that that was you know a big misfire. And it's always tough when you acknowledge even a bad draft that to you for sharing guys a year and a half later you're suggesting that the can't play. But Malick guys probably tougher for me to understand. I understand a log jam but I would have liked to seen him get beyond herded isn't entirely. Fair to say that they just ruled amount but. I'd like to seen him gotten another another left. And clearly we now understand that the kings made a huge mistake at Papa John's causes agents and so right. So now we know the kings a huge mistake in cutting MI don't know what to because he had to go to two and a half hours every time they sent him to rhino yes RH you know it's where he had was playing in the geely. This could in other problems that I'm not a hundred per censure. But if he's been playing for rhino all this time that explains a lot how excited are you about him on Shumpert new reality show. Question. Good. You know tonight so he's saying he's actually going to be here soon. Tempered man take his physical moment this weekend's on. Killed in May David Yeager made it sound like maybe. Are actually may be as Brian Williams today saying you know. It probably more. After the all star break to pry him. Spend more time with these guys trying to figure out Taylor Taylor in on Shumpert announced premiere date for their sexy new reality show known. Yes march 26 VH one. It was last week they were nineteenth when I was a push back. Probably because of the trade I don't know 830 minute episodes will offer an intimate look inside the kings star and singer dancer and actress his goal worthy relationship the and their life as parents to two year old daughter. Unique. Okay ailment all watch it if I mean I'll watch it but I don't I don't I would guess I would say am excited about but I'll watch it. He just probably still be on the kings at that time so I'll watch them so he's price gonna opt out. And I HA to say Jason feels share that eloped in Newton. Because it's a lot of money in a market as you've pointed out that isn't necessarily trade him next year yeah. Isn't necessarily a good market to rise eleven mil for him yeah right he's hurt. Yeah that's respect he's been hurt exactly speaking of reality series. Did you know that its debt Tom verses time. Episode six. Which is the one the supposed to be upcoming has been pushed back while it apparently because the people involved thought the patriots would be winning the Super Bowl. And so. There are urged the you have to be sent re shooting and things like really sounds like it. You know among some of all these reality series that. That's FaceBook so there was something Super Bowl victory specific about this particular Reppas I don't know if it would debut as heavily weighted toward Tom talking about what it's like two wins in yeah six I'm not exactly sure. On mine the idea so. Tommy Bush's time. Probably gonna have to be. You know just pushed back a little bit but we know. Still production of get me wrong but just push back this week's episode preempted so that we can bring you foale's follies would have liked and yet. Felt like that that's where they are. I don't know let me ask you this but it's going to get more. Note and it's just it's just. I'm fascinated by. Brady in ways that probably. Aren't merited but I'm up. Like I would I I think I'm actually go back and watched cumbersome time did you hear what he had to say is the statement read it I guess in a statement for everyone. Today yeah I do know that there's a science beat a guarantee you there's actually a science behind that in in the science of gratitude yes yes yes. It's good for your brain and things like that yes yes we'll look at that I think. Now for thirty get a kick out of that game in a nutshell he was he spent today you guys talked and we essentially remind people are gratefully feels means widest point. That's straight out of some pages some book that will someday be sold in Tom Brady's TB twelve stores India Australia there's been a lot of studies that show that they gratitude is really good for your bleary mentally -- PS let's see Timmy. And other showcase next week rumor has it he's throwing. 95 or maybe I imagine that I read that some are there any chance Timmy Lincecum can still pitch right. Okay now if you answer yes yeah. Because he's not forty three's 33 and yeah of course there's so he is we. Worked his motion cassettes that that motion was so that's how we broke down in the first place you know that delivery was a little out there it's actually great question that's been. The suggestion. But we have no one has seen Lincecum throw and by the way that work out for teens. I'm is a media free event there's no credentials being issued media not. This is a team only thing then so it's not like when he throws next week. It's not IT when he throws will all get to see. But yet that's the suggestion has been that they. They had to figure out. With his hip issues they had to figure out how to. Constructed delivery in which he doesn't land as he always used to. You know huge stride at the end there we go out with the course and the tort criticism hips gave out on them right. Really the the amazing things that didn't happen sooner because that was as predicted. When he was coming in the draft out of college Hewitt of Peters of Washington. That that ever a lot of pro scouts said not with that only he was unhittable up with a just government in tenth no one else want and he had a small frame and other teams in the eyes and a breakdown. They were right but they were right as soon as they thought they were going to be. That's all true in the end they got more than their money's worth out of that pick. But. It's why a lot of teams were hesitant. So now as a man not a not a you know I'm a kid coming out of college. That the question this opposition in this the suggestions have been that these guys that drive allies namely about the work place. That they have essentially. Been able to modify his approach in such a way that it saves on weren't here. If if they also gained velocity and they're by no means what I I think a lot of people have a lot of methods for trying to give you a few more miles an hour and a fastball. If he got some velocity back that would be. Did the I think it would actually get him invited to McCain's momentum to a Major League camper Miami campus Major League and by one more question Korea. Did you know that the mammary glands of female nutria are usually located on the higher part of their flanks. Question I don't and that just we're we're glad that I had glad to do what you heard him. It was a lot of talk of. Hustle swamp road thing ever since just in the last ten minutes. So no I didn't know that no matter neither of line about this is unsettling to say that. So from the glands to. Just the idea that day. And produce three leaders of 200 traders in one year Mario Calero trouble here you might wanna make friends and after they're taken over its in the Sacramento bee sewing no it's teachers also in the right note is that journal is at the gas. And have a great team up there. In that rhino land thank you mark right.