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Thursday, February 8th

What happened during the NBA trade deadline?


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Whether this season tickets being with the trade deadline the collective good deadline in the yeah it's via Wi you know it was he was a lot yeah I heard about slowness. The the way last year went was. You know nothing until about a week before and then pretty steady you know there were deals almost every day and to end deadline day was also big. The issue is really very quiet until this morning yeah then we also of the Jimmy drop load deal Boston wide open. Yet Carell yup that was a parade today to note that news on Crocs potential movie career which is. Right it did head of the class you not care about Eagles at all. Tips to but but do yourself a favor and just look at a few of the pictures of the parade route it's insane. In Philadelphia. Reestablished itself as a football town. Nate and I saw before the parade began. Chief of police in Philly was saying no we had about a million people come out for the Phillies. When they last won the World Series he said we think conservatively that we would start at two million. For this training go up and I think it was much Freeman now how does mark rather know that he does pretty much everything. Well we take advantage of the opportunity. I bask in his infinite wisdom and knowledge every day about this time these are questioning her brother first question what is the all time worst. NFL's Super Bowl victory parade speech you were rallying cry. That was given by a coach or player. Question. But you know I could tell you definitively that there were so that I ever heard actually. Leavitt tardy had replay don't he showed this Madden and that was the awful bill bill it's act. Holding the trophy. And instead of giving a speech he's chanting to the crowd. Gillard job was and it node only nowadays offs are no days off any just kept going. He just it was like. All right it's died out Ari ways to chanting what a depressing scene and no days on. Count I sort of think you're reaching the deer Joba that's right. Client installations. At least give me one day off I need a day off yeah. Anyway it was they doubled down on it like that awkward moment I don't think this again over bill doesn't matter he stepped down more than yet. I'll just keep Cheney and they love me I'm Belichick it was terrible. So. I'm looking forward to hearing I've not hopefuls would have gotten here trying to scale sees speech today I'm not sure how much to be usefully aired because the beliefs. But I heard it's great when I mean truly you know a great great. Captures the moment time amnesty Newton. Okay how about this this NBA trade deadline pay why happened Davis three the most significant things that wind. Am today. Question in terms of what happened what it means for India going forward I look will look more closely at its. Topping our obviously we don't want to shy away from going there if you weren't well. I mean I actually I think the biggest dig the one answer that that change. I said everything in motion. The one what happened. Was that Cleveland decided. This doesn't work period. How much of it well actually almost none of it does work there's almost nothing here to keep so what happened was Cleveland being an actor. In and and we we talked yesterday about it we've talked about a lot leaving the army yesterday in fact a fancy they need to make some moves they can't if they're. They don't know what the future holds with LeBron you know it is this is their chance. And that's exactly how they saw it and it's interesting to be from where we're we're just a few days ago. With reports out of Cleveland suggesting LeBron celestial for the front offices. Basically zero at this point and he's not seen eye to eye with the owner. To get to this point where clearly these trades were made these moves were made with the idea of giving LeBron a much better team. And a much more flexible roster. With which to play and try to contend. That's the answer because everything else flowed from Cleveland lakers may have wanted to make a move. Are clear cap space the kings yeah they clearly they were open to the idea of moving George Hill. But no that was gonna happen unless Cleveland decided we have to do something dramatic. Isiah Thomas is such a fascinating player because seat in the last player drafted when he comes here and ends up being in those you know. Now sensational numbers in two when he and six I think you put up when he was here. Then he goes to Phoenix and a lot of kings fans are still upset that the kings let him go and in Phoenix let some go open. And he goes to Boston and his career takes off. And then he gets hurt of course and then he's traded to Cleveland and just. Just didn't fit in at all was and get on with his teammates Tracy McGrady thinks that Isiah thomas'. Hurt right now I hate the sailor mean right now it's been a month since he's been back Massa I thought that was cool well enough time for him to get his rhythm and then look like the clear that we see them Boston hit piece of me and I hope this is not true look like. Looks like damaged goods right now. Magic Johnson on how Isiah Thomas fits in with the lake show this is the style that he's comfortable with playing cup were bad we go open that he. And I think that that's where he excels when this up and down he's he create. Also to update our pick and roll play will be outstanding point especially with Brook Lopez because. He can step back and shoot it's almost like him and hope for work when they were in Boston so it's the same thing because Brooke can do the same thing. Step behind the three point line hit that the three point shot. But make no mistake ones those still their guy. There's no doubt that that's where they're headed with that said lawns of hurt and he's been you know out for some time so. I don't know about. What Isaiah eight. Can be I I really in nobody does maybe give the cavs think. Did he isn't going to be much better than what you're seeing right now. But I I took no nos read the LA times coverage of the trade Y mean LA times writer said Isiah Thomas immediately becomes the most dynamic scorer on the team. Now whether he can play or not is a different questioner or or so to what but in terms or just his dynamic effect on the game. He acts as a chance to make the lakers a better offensive team right away and he'll be playing in a style as magic said it's weighed more suited to his. I'd desire. Whether he gets a touch as he wants problem yeah yeah problem well. You know the biggest trade deadline deal if you expand your definition of deadline to include Alaska weeks it's still that pistons trade. For Blake Griffin now think they've lost the game yet. Since they got a play I think they're four and oh yeah in I didn't see that comment and I prominence playing out of his mind drama clearly loves playing alongside. Either gloves plane would Griffin or is trying to prove. You know that he actually should be and not Griffin should be the centerpiece did you see how many rebounds stroman had last night and you wanna get pregnant. Eighteen. Higher Tony to. Higher 827. Did nearly seventeen points and 27 rebound mind CNET and to assess that's a pretty nice double doubles seventeen and 47. Okay I mean that's you know that's a wheeled off night but that's still that's pretty Ali out will goes out sick or something and 727. Yeah as his leg broken in mid forties have what it toward a certain now yeah it's different now anyway that's and you're right I think that was the biggest move. But Cleveland. No team has moved more than six players the last thirty years on deadline day so Cleveland is coming by any measure this is an extreme day. So and I think for the casting knowledge this many things are right. And remember that they did all this with Kevin Lowe not even available to them somebody asked me today and he was chaired. If you ever seen anything like this before the I don't think anything like this is ever been done before and I don't think any teams ever been in the position that the cavs. Were you today ever penalty with this much on the line at Al. I'll go a looking and I think the clippers also moved six guys on trade deadline day. Oh waiter 07 or support. They didn't begin going back thirty years no team is new more players than six. So. To me a big part of it is a new GM Coby Altman. I'm really very fairly I think concluding all right this is broken. Time and virtual one inch and they get younger. They get more flexible. Certainly and you get got it there's really nothing that was done today. That changes. You know the bronze not just LeBron status but also his alpha status you know up and down the Florian slot the ball in his hands. More than anybody. On he will still actually distribute. And a guy like Clarkson. His value aside from his shooting percentage. You know his value is that he is better plane off the ball anyway. I think the same ideally George Hill much better plane off the ball in fact George till may find that with LeBron is a draw. That he might enjoy a some of the benefits that he enjoyed in Utah when he wasn't the the option and and people and say well the first thing we have to do is make sure George children get off. So it would it's on Alec question to think that Georgia has a really nice last thirty games all right let's see cam can you. Help me out here this question thank you this from Gil Brandt Okay and this is opposed today. Eagles rams among teams with biggest Super Bowl windows fair enough right. Chair whine is is that teams with the biggest Super Bowl windows one Philadelphia Eagles Q Los Angeles rams. For me to skip your New Orleans Saints five Jacksonville Jaguars six Pittsburgh Steelers seven New England Patriots. Third analysts San Francisco 49ers. That's right he's got to San. Cisco 49ers. Question applies to build brand is an. I was speaking pride in the back room or something is even the president as you know I don't know what what in the world media has been in the casino but I don't know many. Backroom stuff I mean the window is just cracking open for the niners would soon it'll swing wide and stay that way for a long time now spoke today before the the news of the extension yeah no I'm I'm I'm everybody's excited. Around the league. About grapple as promised but I think. The issue I have there isn't that I don't think on the right track it's that I think you're way ahead of the evidence at that point. They're still trying to figure out you know they just picked up a guy. You know midst of a late season. From the paid another guy from the pages to grow up blow who. You know lines up at defensive end alive and they re signed him. Yesterday the day before. And I think that debts but to me was a great reminder that there really unsettled still on defense. It into the great thing about have a drop was signed as he can move on your other needs but with that said. I don't even think they're windows open yet so I guess I disagree with the characterization I think their future's bright and all that but. I'd be a lot more inclined to say hey Oakland's championship windows open right now you know you have. Guys see you can argue have already demonstrated that they have prime performance inside of them. With the niners I think you'd have to show me yeah I mean that's a series or even right six wins and a fabulous into the season but their Super Bowl windows open it's absolutely not open but that's not. Even in negative I mean that's just. Recent has the evidence not what the evidence says it's you know what from six. You know get from 68 this year is very doable mom and if you're 500 night shouldn't really think about what you feature could be. I don't expect and go from six wins and twelve let's all calm down may be eventually yeah eventually. I mean the so far these guys had pretty good run lynch has made some good decisions. Shanahan found his quarterback that's all good bitch you know you're still put the pieces together this course they take him. Rock thinking of becoming an actor apparently one of the best case worst case examples of football players becoming actor. Questions clearly. Best cases. Glanced there's a guy that knowing remembers you've probably seen him if you feel like James Bond movies of news. Bernie Casey knew as a receiver and over became an actor has really get is very good yeah I'm. Jim Brown was a fine actor. He was in great movies I mean Carl Weathers played football and he was good in music and asking their views on Arrested Development. As Carl Weathers is phenomenal I didn't know that I'm gonna get used to line is great. You know playing Johnson claiming NFL I'd like college football and when he played recently CN FL. But I guess as a football players who professor Akbar or where to where he worked out fine Merlin Olsen. What is funny guys who played in the enacted Merlin Olsen was. Fine I don't get I mean outside of you know would have what was his TV show the Father Murphy. I heat he was that he was in long running Jerricho. I don't really remember too much trust those FTD commercials. I'll tell you his having a great career as an actor. Although not all of it is is movies is Terry crews and he played football them. But Terry crews is very very funny and very successful worst case she could be Bosworth. You can be OJ outside of the sublime stuff separate out all this of the OJ outside of which is pretty good as a verdict in guns yeah right beat. If you ever saw anything else he was in his terrible. Terrible Acura you and a movie about the fake martian. Landing. Think Marshall and you have where was that they went to Mars but it was all faith in the TV's on now I can laugh at and I can't rename it. I don't remember and then you know but there are guys like that our name let's turn to go in the movies with two its disastrous results says he rider yet since it's so there are. There are probably more examples of guys to. David running you didn't really getting deadly mission housing you know I think how long was it a couple movies how long was in firestorm my friend. He's also been Broken Arrow. And he's awesome and some outstanding Skechers ads. He sure is and I mean when he gets moved up to first class that think you know Capra corn one you know capitalizing on Mars and scorpio projects like now that's nodded and Capra corn one team Rawlins and that's fine well all right then. And you mentioned the the movies and housing and it was in turned up on destroy it went on we got a fright night that's just phenomenal so I'm sure it was creating a Mensa sinuous. On the tees it was in some movies. You mean goodies if you were if you were in you know an LA raiders or an LA ran got a decent should it right yet a decent shot of getting cast in something. And really you know Jim Brown. Distorting in of his football treatment of Jim Brown handsome thing where. He was in trouble because they were filming the dirty dozen and and it's a bossy one and come back and play football yeah ninety's that now on a plane right yes it's like gang or. Revenue is now yeah we're filming yeah time. Is driven dirty dozen. But. I partly drunk going to be aware of who's he gonna be what's his comp going to be as movie's gonna you most like whose movies. Oh I mean if it in Charlie OJ in terms of what they'll try for us he's going to be a comedy guy it well in terms of what they'll try for all of that money that the trying to make him into doing Johnson. Really get absolutely they are goofy I don't know nowhere or maybe he's got some other side and I am no.