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Friday, February 23rd

How large and dark is the cloud now hanging over the NCAA tournament


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We know the March Madness. It is so absurd was going on. College basketball right now I'm trying to think connect catchy March Madness type name for what we're dealing with the February fraud Vernal equinox violations I date it doesn't really lend itself but it's just. You know it's it's just. I have a feeling it's gonna get worse before it gets some that are a lot worse than. I just wonder how long it's gonna take college basketball to get out from under this dark cloud. This looks like I'm something that's gonna go on for a long time and really. The NCAA probably. Finds itself in the position of wanting this story to. To move slowly. And what the NCA normally does is as people known garlic I'm talking now schooler is cover up. Or minimize. I'm an only in the most egregious examples does the NCAA move. But this one's tough because this is not the NCAA is the FBI and they're not. Kidding around. They're going after people now as you probably know players are more than twenty division one programs identified as possibly breaking NCAA rules through violations that were uncovered by the FBI's investigation. And a corruption in. This sport at least 25 players linked to impermissible benefits. Including Dennis Smith junior now with the Dallas Mavericks and he was asked about that. You know about this in the news there was it's here report. Could this have any effect on your game tonight has been on your mind. At home. Why are my my thing is a monthly best of all you know doesn't come here for us and doesn't look for the northern. Your response to the these 73000 dollars a legend in the Yahoo! Sports on Edwards. I don't have any comment on that. And I don't know what he is supposed to say but a he is according to. He's identified as a six players in documents as a receiving. Payment of well Etsy has payments Sony 3500 dollars in loans right. Before he played for NC state ranked. The did there's a little bit live. Confusion trying to be the right word but it's not entirely clear. If an athlete takes a loan from an agent. It's not entirely clear they've broken the law. This you know this has to do the FBI's not exactly investigating the athletes if you get my drift there. They're they're moving on the agencies in that and the the the actors. Not necessarily that beneficiaries. Loses they're going after that whale well he's in the NBA now obviously but school's name with active players implicated. You got a call on sexson of Alabama. When Bill Carter it to Kevin Knox Kentucky miles bridges Michigan State Brian bell on South Carolina. Eric Davis junior Texas Vinny vote right at USC here's Dan dockets ESPN college basketball analyst on what you deal with current players named in this investigation. Go figure out where Americans come as quickly it today tomorrow and then what you do at the NCAA. And has the option to reinstate them what they. Mild criticism report hundreds of doubt that he right there are about the fact you can regain their belt Billick that's the first part second part is long term. Let's say you don't do that lets you decide that you're gonna play god did it determine later on that there were no people and you Horford went what are you gonna do with the player's name. The long term is what you do if you play those players and what are the committee that emirates and others. Put together to clean up card battle with a don't do it not a cure to. So it looks like right now teams are just going and planning guys write because they haven't actually they've been named in a report but they haven't actually been. Even charged with anything by the FBI or the NCAA yet you talked about the cloud. And I think from the NCAA's perspective we're talking about basketball right now that cloud. That they see is on the horizon. And they can see how big it is because they have because it's far away they conceive how huge that cloud is because they have full view the sun overhead. They'll play determined because the FBI hasn't moving that quickly and and by the way. What the FBI was initially investigating. Was cash payments being made by agents not to players but two coaches. Because part of the whole system was. And let's say in this case and ideas rap is paying an assistant on a college team. To steer a players the agents away. In exchange you know for the cash so it's just it's a cash payoff. To an assistant coach in most cases. I'm not to get the player to the school but to get the players already at the university. To sign with the specific agency. And the storyline there's pretty. Clear and that is that. Guys college trustee usually one of their assisting coaches more than they trust anybody else in assisting coaches often good cop. And therefore. You know when he young player starts again you know I may be going pro distances well I know a guy a mile an assailant got a guy four is a great guy. And then in there were other cases in which you know payments from being made directly to families that's where the NCAAs can completely lose control of this story right now. Stepped into the Olympics as expertise about every columnist my brother these are questions or just cried Larry. Play these Swiss German turns out that's not actually saying anything was wrong even his own mom says what what is wrong with you when he's not even true ourselves of that offense yet so a purse question many were not from Switzerland. Here's gets so mad at me when I ask you about that. Anyway YouTube pretty much to address this. But that the cloud hanging over the NCAA how to what extent does this cloud hanging over the tournament this year yours and not quite but it just there's Laura type. Two reasons one is it hasn't Ian did the NCAA has been forced to move on really anybody yet a couple of assisting coaches have resigned that happened some time ago. So the tournament will be played because of term it's always played and beat the other thing is that the NCAA mayor may not. There are any gauge public perception. And the public perception that that I have on this is that people generally don't care much. And that this may be a scandal it's it's certainly by the reporting it's a scandal if it's all the definitions of a scandal. They're awful lot of people who like college sports who would say we on guys pay. I mean. Arms thanks for reminding me but cannot now go back and watch the games. So I think the NCAA will wind up deciding what's gonna do based on what it thinks people how how much thinks people are gonna care but they've never done that how they. Oh I mean yeah I think by and large people would be much more forgiving man the NCAA with some of that. Sanctions can't answer a specific team mine but I mean you're I'm talking about. People who follow college ask well large for example. By how big a scandal is it the NCAA knows it had an already has amassed there's no clean way out of this. Do they move to are they shutting programs down I mean to me it's a bigger scandal. I mean guys getting paid by unscrupulous agents is a story as old as time on guys getting paid by unscrupulous this is an assistant coaches. Any head coaches. Is not a new story and it's not and it's football's all is exempt from this conversation there's no sport more crept in college football. But the big. To media CIA. Is gonna have no choice. Because of the FBI's involvement. But to deal with this. And that to me is in contrast to some other stuff that they can have moved on along time ago doesn't North Carolina being given their their grades altered by a people on the athletic. This is one of those where they're not gonna Tim issuers because names being named. So it's a problem but it's not a problem this year it's not a problem for the turn him. They'll go ahead and play. But as stand docket says you got a choice if euros of one of these schools and yet a guy that hey we can plan but then if we do anything accomplish anything. Whatever we accomplished then. Is jeopardized down the road potentially by his involvement. In this. Scandal yes it's a great point without a real clean rebuttal but I'll just say. Debt. And I'm completely on this in my spent. I think Louisville fans would say we'll take it. Did there in scandal now but did they don't want to they would wanna go back in time and not have those players on campus. They got the wins. They got to watch their team play for national championship by the a lot of programs would say. Aren't they may have this demo line but maybe they won't we don't really know the NCAA is gonna do but it did Carney made its declaration pretty clear. The is we've we have a players who. We're aware that a player was named. We haven't been informed of anything officially in other words were cleaner got we dare you to come after our program though when they'll Carter yet. In the what they name him I'm my nights I was trying to be KG day but that's the black yet but I mean in Duke's statement they said we're aware that a player was named bright. Com or that a player's name has surfaced in reports but to. Their their take. Or their angle is really. John and charge anybody with anything you know that is the mindset there as it should be really is like we got a game tonight. That's right order tomorrow right where plane to turn him in in about two weeks so. You know if you don't mind risking go ahead do that. And you know let us know what you find now. And I think the dukes of the world probably have a pretty good Sheen and they probably feel pretty good about their chances of the NCA saying. Cash you probably did know all in. Quiz that's package you have known that a guy was you know on the today Kay your program and are right next question camp when he got this question. The NBA's been kicking around waste improve the playoff format what do you think of the play in turn have an idea crash. Question a client for me I hey I was really surprised to hear regular season so in and talked to fourteen turn. Featuring the seventh eighth and ninth in ten seeds in each conference this is what they've talked about seven seed host the eight. Winner of that single game gets the seventh spot meanwhile the ninth seed would play the tenth. And the winner of that game would face the loser of the seven verses they'd match up for the final playoff spot oh baby well. I mean there's not enough air you can build into the schedules of comedy that. My my prom with it is really more. You already take eight teams from each conference so you've got sixteen now thirty teams going in the playoffs. And so in a lot of respects the regular season is if not devalued its if we already know that the regular season is less important because everyone's waiting for the playoffs. You really diluted even further by saying we're gonna do this convoluted. Big dance to get the last two teams in apparently according to Zach Lowe three years ago the league first started looking at some point this. And what was initially pitched by supporters was a single elimination four team tournament where the eight playoffs he involving the teams that finished eight. Ninth tenth and eleventh. This sounds dreadful. I just wouldn't I I don't think there's any point in further devaluing the regular season. This might. You know. I think that the NBA even though it goes eight deep. You still can you really have an interesting last couple of weeks. Even if part of it is well who's gonna get the eight season and get blown up by the words are ascendancy to get blown out by the rockets. Teams are there are still. Teams grinding for that spot. And so then the last couple weeks of the regular season have a legitimacy to them that's cool that's how it should be this is way down the road. If at all they've got other things they need to important things they've got to deal with first including whether or not they're gonna receive the playoffs but I could see a team finishing tenth. And then they get to play in this plane in and they lose but then they'll still find some sort of banner to hang. Play and participate right 20/20 three race. Phoenix Suns or I don't know another team might you know you petitioned the NBA to call it the playoffs. The chief playoffs and we're play out sees when he twenties when he Tony wanted to achieve playoffs just like the plane game in the NCAA does not play in game. Officially they say no it's a tournament game it's the first router. Yeah right here in the tournament. Which are not really I mean here's the bracket in here you are here. And will see tomorrow if you're in the bracket may turn it right exactly what what would you say if you were the program if you were the program that's the first thing it's as. Well I'm sure you know we may deter him an appearance last year I mean it was on TV everybody saw. Sure we received 68 but I mean you know we made our appear mean and that that's the same. You know with. Will we you and I've talked about this with the the nationally in American League in baseball. If I'm dead five playing them for. I'm in the playoffs. Or MIA playing to get in the class and baseball mr. base by as you know better than I do could your mr. baseball they don't call in the playoffs they column but the post season in a playoff and baseball still my gimme credit -- called a playoff the last two teams are tied and they're gonna play it off that's what I replied well it. It's that ship has sailed wild widely called the playoffs even if it's wrong. But no I am I Shura the NBA didn't go their because I actually think that. There there are a lot of years we need you have that cluster of teams you described it. Earlier in the show they're awful lot of teams bunched in basically five through I don't know ten. Maybe fifth through tenth or its fifth through eleventh. Oh we're talking three through. Twelve. Even better so only eight get to go and I know your yes you are drawing the right to played you know golden Stater Houston. But that's not the point the point is that some of those teams in that cluster of let's say. Six did eleven. They're trying to make the playoffs this isn't well we were gonna tank but for some reason running into the playoffs so we'll go ahead they're trying to show progress to their fan base for some reason. I'm much rather see those games last couple weeks of the season. Is that feels like a little bit of a run up to the post season you've got teams really trying to get in final question for Chrysler the kings play in the lakers tomorrow night. What is the state of the rivalry how close are they these two teams actually having a rivalry. Again questions Larry good. Well I'm glad and I had an opening there is currently doing my thinking our colleagues in just because they. They they aren't both winners right now. Does not mean that there isn't. Some decent rivalry partly just because individually some guys have spiced it up over the last couple of years. And they have the lakers have dug into the the lakers fans. Show up at ethical ones among other things. And in numbers and they always did it then you know sleep train or does that mean big Al's going to be out there at the game it's possible. And also you know they've they've had a couple of good should be exchanges over the last couple years now some of it was to Marcus and he's on. But some of this was some it was guys like Julius Randall and he's still there. So I think it's possible the you have you don't have them. The winning framework yet why he that you still have a little bit as some decent yeah assault. I think it's a ways off I think I disagree with you I hope you're right but I think we're a ways off. You know and for the kings for kings fans I think that just to the rivalry still is member what it used to be like and I understand that but. It's just right now it's not quite area. Well it's. The good that thing that could flip it. Maybe flip the switch back on is if people start anointing the lakers as the next big thing and people have been ready to for a year now. It did they are still sort of what he need to do it. But they're they're ready to get ready did sort of follow that the lakers game and when that happens kings fans have no prob made public version that's easy monetary analysis to allow huge part of the robbery was your LA oh you got championships you've got this history where little Sacramento we got. Players that are probably better in your players and so you know it. Little David and Goliath even the other at the time the kings payroll was higher than than the lakers were a long ways from that reality. Both teams are long ways from that no question and it you can't really truly be a great rivalry. I'm into you've got two teams playing pretty well the same time. And that hasn't happened with the lakers the clippers and kings in the warriors. Very often at all that's you know that's what it takes is you need to teams with summit stake they need get a decent rivalry there's. Well yes and unfortunately that's that it's all timing effort questions for credit for today understood we've run out of time.