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Wednesday, December 6th

What will a MLS team do for Sacramaento?


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Big big news for sakic public today with the announcement that Meg Whitman and her husband never officially joined the investor group. Scores Sacramento Republican FC. It's seen according to ESP NSA significant boost to the organization's bid to obtain an. MLS expansion franchise. And they had a great shot even without meg Whitman's involvement yeah a lot of people looked at the fact that Meg Whitman was going to be an investor. And then had decided not to as a potential stumbling block. Law how solid is the financial group but today with the news that she's in for whatever reason. Boys to be really hard. Or the MLS other owners expansion committee the other owners. To give. Spots to Cincinnati or Nashville or Detroit ahead of Sacramento the. Every proposals and Assam. Questions about it in every proposal's gonna be imperfect somehow. And I think if there was a place for second Hannity question it was financing. The only thing that we don't know. About. Meg Whitman and her cousin being involved again is really don't know to what extent there in law. They're name was put back in the presentation today. In fact it was announced as news you know essentially that they were coming back in but I don't know what level. And I'm sure that that's something that behind closed doors the analysts committee would insist on knowing are now much. After careful consideration we are delighted to join in Sacramento's bid for Major League soccer. Said Whitman and harsh and a joint statement we wish Kevin Nagle on the team great success today in their presentation. Two commissioner Garber an expansion committee Sacramento has proven itself a great soccer destination worthy of entry into MLS buzz off. Right now it's time to test them. These software columns work for a layers. Amateur ornithologist. Considers. Really go to guy when it comes to questions about Christmas decorations Christmas to Corning Sergio to reach out him on Twitter. Or just call here it's reported a thirteen twenty you have any Christmas decoration questions sheer. Yeah my trees ready and it's up its ticket to go hmm so my lights on the house I consider myself a complete success at this point absolutely we don't do yeah I have very little left to. Is it true that he's a phenom promised far away. Is on the law and all to come see your display is to my knowledge. But we're well you would and listened we I I feel lucky. Because we're not the neighborhood arms race not all of our neighbors are we know must our neighbors for quite awhile now and their whole. There in it but they're not over the top in Mike we don't have anybody embarrassing everybody just the neighborhood if you know what I mean. So we don't have anybody who cause you think. We did pretty well but. Now we look small mountain and so we're good with that. We're very good at that when I was leaving for work this morning my neighbors yet today in his arms what pieces. And he points the house across from his our neighbors across pieces we both lost we. He's not even any got a flights have before us and I said I don't. It's like the greatest three new and meet mr. right. Right right is between you skip in me that's right you know and you still not some work today right yeah I think he hit his nephew or Sony put his lights up today in an unfair. Exactly not fair. Not fair. Why he no risk it no biscuit if you wobble on the latter it doesn't count thank you in my opinion thank you. OK and I did I had at least 22 moments for a dot Jackie got a bad here. I don't I don't eat a couple of notes we were talking about the gays and a plan B when I'm on the latter come on the roof by do you always try to have a plan B what if some goes terribly wrong and I go over what am I grabbing yet at least liked to have some idea yet. Yeah I don't know if go to work but it comforts me to think I here's what I would do you cheer not I'm with you I'm with you always thinking. I could I could theoretically. Gang on that thing over there. Anyway mark cried there what would an MLS team did a sacrament as national sports profile. Question. Well. And I that they would raise Sacramento's profile of the race and it's I actually think. That and MLS play even though he's been around for quite awhile now is actually a feature play because I think MLS is profile is. On the verge of being raised what other cities have an NBA team and an MLS team. And no Major League Baseball or NFL team I don't know Portland comes to mind yeah. I you know it's I just don't think. It's just not the same thing I got a 1 of I am it's. I think sometimes in our town. There's such a rush to want you know if you're not on board of 100% was something years. So now betraying the city. And stuff like that but I it's gonna say guilty or something about I think there's lavish shaming sometimes it goes on to Michael what do you mean it's you know it's going to be great. What do you mean it's not going to be great we'll just hang on a sack him it's a really good thing and Sacramento deserves it. Period when that said. To shall collect this is from the most recent year that I can dry tell you revenue totals are 2016 last year clash of the NFL's a thirteen billion dollar industry. Major League Baseball is nearly ten billion dollars. The NBA was five point eight billion minutes it was three point seven billion dollars. MLS is 700 million dollar industry so we're talking about a much much much much much smaller. Profile. So all you're doing is. It to me if you're Sacramento is your dad this isn't the ground floor but you're still in. I had a feature expansion in MLS. Analysts is ratings are probably going to do nothing but rise at least that's the Smart play right. Cities are continuing to be had for these franchises the franchise fee all the democratic Sig Rochester growth exactly. So it's a mean I don't know how much it raises your profile immediately. But I think it raises your profile a lot over the next fifteen years and that's why it's such a Smart play. Because as the league grows you're gonna grow with it and at some point. Tony Stewart when he for our I don't know why it. But at some point there won't be any more expansion. And and at that point you your property really does value I think it it would be. Very important in addressing. What's Sacramento has an in the eyes of many always had in terms of a kind of an inferiority complex remember when I east works San Cisco. And when I first was leaving sever Cisco coming here there was a guy. That states where was and he had done the opposite he said. You know that's it it's a great city of its Akron others are really an inferiority complex or don't let that get you don't let that bring you down. And I never forgot that I came up here and I some people still feel that. Here's a think the kings he had great Luken bill. By Kansas City and then move them here and he was a Sacramento and in this case he would have a lead MLS. That gave no indication that really wanted to come here right. And you'd have sacked republic. And wars starting with warrants Smith and of course mr. Nagle gone around saying look we're gonna convince you to put a team here. We're not gonna go by another team in you know where I carpet bag and other team and move Amir we're gonna convince you this is the right place. I think that would be really significant and we're back close to it happening. At a point that was raised by Ryan Lewis has been covered all SF for the B and he's in the meeting at the meetings in New York. But in yesterday's piece or I guess Arenas when he setting up the meaning he said you know people early laughed. Very there were awful lot of chuckling going on when worn Smith way back in 2013. Win win sac -- public hadn't even played a game yet. Then he started calling out MLS we want to become an MLS city he never ever suggested yet we wanna have this nice minor league soccer team. The vision was always for ML last. And it was. It's interesting you know to do in sort of weird to see him really on the outside of this whole process now. I'm but the reality is that what he thought is is were with what they've spent all their time do you. They succeeded in the meantime by having great fan base and you know at least right out the gate they had really good teams in and all that but the point is they never thought that that was in the end they always thought. About wearing MLS down to the point where there's league realized we have no choice you're going to. How do you say no to a market that is saying yes to you in every way mountain and that's probably a big part of their pitch now. But I still think if you just Iowa profile. It's really a future place. And it's a good time for it because the golden one sinner exists. And because this stadium as proposed would go in as sort of a part of the extended downtown area on the rail yards and and now you're talking about being part of a future and not just pay we threw a stadium up somewhere so we can have a team. All right this course all right Kim. Hang on there we we found out today you know NFL violence and a big topic this week based on that brutal plays that we saw on the Monday night game. In a felt today announcing they may look at it targeting rule for next year's similar to what we have in college. Targeting rule in the NFL's at a good ideas that don't work. Question. I don't I don't think so I. I'm classical glue guy that I'm willing to believe that the NFL is not talking about college who exactly. We don't everything that compared to so the cultural gets thrown out there immediately well you know the look like the when they haven't college no 1 am college is a mess. It's virtually unenforceable spin and forced wrong. Or incorrectly a number of times just this season I agree with you and that's why I'm so puzzled at the NFL would look at that guy or gal you know that targeting relive that some success without outs were looking at that. I think that what the NFL's. Thought process might be on that is beyond me obvious PR stuff is. Generals jacked up but it's not a bad idea. Is there a way to take that idea that didn't hasn't really worked to college and somehow. Refine it or nearly it to a specific but you can't head hunting guy would your helmet. You launch yourself fitting guy had high and take him out helmet to helmet it's an ejection. That's a really specific targeting rule college football is sort of bully like the way you hit that guy Syria the game. It is chilly MS. And they even have review built in is still a mess so I don't think the NFL I don't think the ideas Terrell. But wait it at college football should serve as a great lesson there because it is very tough to implement. Very to miss question upon question tries what's the one holiday movie every family should be gathering to watch. This time of year quest to. Very important I hope he's given it some thought perhaps it's still just blurt out whatever the most recent on the movement's followers know it if we have a. In our house we have it kind of I don't know about a regular rotation I guess you would save them if you guys are home for their week or whatever that they're both in the house the same time. We're gonna watch these Moody's cut the chase it's a wonderful life yeah that's a wonderful life but but in our rotation is really off. Turn it around Christmas elf. Home alone and a Christmas story those all be watched in the house but if we only have time for one it's it's a wonderful life but not the TV version. How long is that you know like nine hours if you watch it on how. I know if you get the dvd like any thinking person would do it's like eighty worth it it's you're fine you're in and out nobody gets hurt. It's neat you remember it's an old movie they used to be worried that people wouldn't sit through three hour movie. You know it's a million hit a 140 minutes of producers and the directors and how is it not only your litter that's five but then you say if you'll have time for one it's that but now it. It did it their all in the list OK okay. That it's a wonderful life is this the that is the one holiday movie of course yeah. For all the right reasons. And it's famous safe by the way in you know lawless and well I mean I you know I'll have all the everybody's kids are. But our kids could watch it from a very young age that it hold their interest is going answers yes and I'll tell you why because of bad guys really bad guy. And if you have a movie with a real spotter yeah mr. posit a bad deal I don't think he's that bad why I think he's misunderstood you all right. Textile salon that away but but I think. I'm Ricky did a lot for the community big guys like the guys like for two reasons one exit Jimmy Stewart's kind of funny because such a dork and the other is that. Mr. potter is legitimately a bet he's a villain. Handed villain agree to disagree you can think to if what he is not about redevelop very successful he was not trying to to redevelop the the area and I think you know that now. I mean. When I spread read value out on that's where we RD we've zealous successful we begrudge them aren't so I don't know yet but that I used to hunt rabbits right there. Now row after row the Prius allows you ever seen right that's what mr. potter just loses it realizes he can wipe out Jimmy Stewart spoiler alert. But that's the one of course. But you knew that it was the name of the copper and the and the cab driver Bert and Ernie that's exactly right you know. We've seen him in. That's really got that from on Sesame Street that I didn't know but I mean the first Imus it's a wonderful life without fail under if color eyes are now in oh you know hole. And so it's rob granite and quiet off forty per. Now does not know that's not. You can't do you intend to agree given I think you're way wrong mr. potter is peach of a fellow did out of the community I just misunderstood polarized version is awesome. And really you guys version brings new life has a whole thing is such a bad bad comprised version. Does Willis turner. Color eyes job peace knowing Ted Turner to size and if you can please tell right everything. Every load it used to be lack good idea. We slap some color on that thing those are questions for Chrysler for now.