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Tuesday, December 5th

Will Whitey stump Kreidler?


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Rob Gronkowski is one game suspension for that late in Sunday's game against the bills has been the upheld after appeal NFL made the announcement today. So broadcast he will miss but the next game against the Miami. Dolphins he was penalized on the play but not a. Jack to from the game first NFL suspension for gronkowski since he entered the league game. As a second round draft choice with the patriots in 2010 but a lot of people are going wait a minute what he did is only one game. When you got Smith Schuster one game four and legal hit the standing over perfect last night yeah and he had George. I'll woke up one game for earning Antonio Brown in the end zone Louis Riddick especially upset. What rob did is yes there is no defending it there's no and his coach didn't defend it there's none he could have hurt him. Like irreparable robs a big guy today is why this big six foot a 191 pounds and what he did was basically. A street fight move a move where you're saying look I have no care for you whatsoever I'm basically just trying to Maine. OK I am not down with that in any way shape or form not brings us to see. Set into the limitless expertise of author and columnist mark rather these are questions for our crowd Larry's an amateur ornithologist specializing and they haven't stopped Eric Hayes. Talk author yeah wasn't my choice these things is happened. No I'm serious you gotta if you don't brush up a little lead beer in danger that's weight like this sometimes right you think you're going over reunion up over there and go you know. All of a sudden I'm an amateur or not now yeah. You know. Exactly mean the turkeys had his red while the other way they what's going on here with the with the NFL in the wake of last night's brutal game between the Steelers and angles. Do we have now prove positive that the NFL's system for suspending guys is woefully in adequate. Yeah and it would yes of course it is. It's inadequate because no one knows what it means. I'm. No one understands exactly what the suspensions mean or. What day what message they can they finally an and the question on gronkowski he's actions vs the the actions they built the place from last night. Is a great place to start date they they can't all equal one game because they're not all the same thing. And I saw if you leave it if you follow football. You know Mike Mitchell is play the Steelers for a long time to hard hitter to fierce player is on the wrong side of the league's. I discipline more than once but he tweet out today a blame the players for this because we agreed to a SE BA. That doesn't make it clear what the penalties even on her like me to used by for the raiders to yes he did. And an I I'm I'm not vouching for the guy just thought that's an inching way of looking at what he is saying is. We agreed to this cockamamie thing where. There's no clear in what he was saying was. In particular hit one week is a fine the next weeks it's a suspension. There's no there's no rhyme or reason to it so yeah of course their discipline system fails as as hard to understand and figure out as the college football playoff committees. Decisions and criteria are. I mean they're crystal clear compared to. The NFL's. Standards for suspending guys write and disciplining players right the one thing that the NFL has. Is it has some fines that are pretty clearly. If you do it very specific thing that finds actually autumn and even that they just they rely too much and I'd like well there's that for as bad as the makes sense now but that's how we do know I agree that at least it's spelled out to him to blow when you get to step like last night. That's that's far more at the league just simply acts the next day or sometimes three days later when every case may be and it just simply announces something. And then the player appeals. Nationally because the appeals actually built into the process it's it's it's an N understood next step in the process. I don't blame anybody who sees what happened last night Cindy you know that's that's terrible memos it seems that's completely out of control. But still not understand why it's one game there and one game for gronkowski. Who gets up. And violently goes after a guy who has faced down at her out of bounds I think come on. And and that's. Clearly the NFL doesn't. It has no standard. If you happen no standard and you just keep moving the line. To see who ever sit in the chair that day right. And that's. Football's never going to be an easy sport to police if you wanna put it that way you know it's a violent sport it's never gonna be easy to police. The league didn't used to suspend a lot now it suspends a lot because is trying to make it different point and it's nothing easy about speak in that rejections and suspensions and the like. Kevin Durant of the warriors and I know used to be when your favorite players I don't think he is so much anymore now deadlines missed. No ladies and it had ever. Is it really counted but at least at last he fell off I Kevin Durant has been rejected. From two of the last three warrior games including. Last night he got rejected forward get into a scuffle with DeMarcus Cousins and. That type stuff on discrepancy life. I can stay focused. Or in this game so. But ya. Reducing them. I'm not trying to get suspended I'm. Tyson nobody. My NBA's. So anticipated matchup the sincere conversation. And soon we had a saying it's escalated from god teammates and so me. Cameras been thrown out of three games already this year yeah writes what is going on with your boy Kevin Durant run out of every other game. It's been NN it's Winamp. In a gradual process. From the time they left Oklahoma City to where he is now. And what happened was in part on Mina oversimplified. But in Oklahoma City he did a lot more. Of playing the role of the underdog on the underdog team. They were they were. Emotional and Shelly in some ways but very rarely Wear today. They know where the blackout too often. And since he signed you know as an MVP with a team that was already a consensus favorite. He's worn the villains have a lot more often and I think that don't last two seasons he decided to try and embrace. That role. I really do you think he. As obviously. He always trash talk. He's always been a trash talk him as very quiet. And I think that he's playing on a team that is. First law has. The dream on has its emotional core. And that guy's fiery player a controversial player or an in your face player and nonstop trash talker and I think to rent. Has sort of been emboldened to just go in that direction. And that's mice incredibly oversimplified answers because I don't know the rest of it other than. The east woody them. Or maybe he was always this way just in showing right I would suggest that yes no blood just like he and Westbrook there's no question that there egos were huge. I beat you know they were in check mostly in Oklahoma City. I have before it gets my final question today I have a procedural question. Because I happen to ask my next question on Twitter yeah few moments ago. How many episodes of a particular show you have to watch in one sitting to be binge watching 345. You know Jason Jones from the B. Responds and says. Great question. I think I'm entitled to the crown of superiority million if I ask a question on Twitter and I get a great question. In and I appreciate your desperate stab I'm but no. Because you and ask it of Jason and have a reply do you well it's great question why it's even more impressive is that not live interviews. Anyway what's the answer to how many episodes of a particular that you have to watch in one city to be and I didn't watch me. Can I say great question for so long that you. And and secondly I know this is inching because you actually had a personal EUU. This last couple episodes to episodes a stranger things. And I said I'll Wear been watching and hats on my wife pointed out I'm not sure you words like and I thought about you know you may be right so and I started wonderful at what point am I. Been watching. And and and I think four and I it's a guess it's always possible your mileage will vary but I'm still in winning entry in my answer just now CJ had a down on Twitter anyway. I'm having binge watched audio feed shows they should file which he I don't know where events are concerned you'll never find me on Twitter you know by a different thing. The the the answer is if you're serious but I have been watching and not just say that's a cool series I'd like see the next Epson. You don't sixty bomb on the first day during our audience while six yeah. If you don't go visit my rule. If you don't go six deep on the first day and three for more than next day not really into it so that's an hour show or what it's like they've thrown or somewhere with some armor along and I mean why don't you watch live album you're not been watching right. Right what are you might like it I'll I'll I'll. No this is true when when I lots of promise for the first time. I had not seen it other than the times and its own Joyce liked to known HBO on the road but but when I wanna Colleen to watch it we watch season one episode one on. And VHS. I'd love to think it was dvd of that it's possible that this. Isn't. And we watched almost all of season one in a day. And our kids are living with us of time crazy archaeologists as two to three is indulging four or more is. Been watching. We also have from Scott grosses at least five. So yeah now I don't write rides but don't Ameren. So you're gonna look says binge watching his three quarters of a season in one sitting. Minimal she knew that finishing way to think about it because a lot of the series that we're talking about our HBO yeah Netflix where you know a season might be ten episodes or even nine David Kass says half the season. Yes found those are inching ways to approach it but all the safer if I put it out there it's six. Actually I'm probably satisfy a lot of those guys requirements is you know 'cause I'm getting through half a season or more. On and yes waited has taken time to commit rewrite some of those are our hour long no I recognize that there's no question but to me if you spent five hours watching a show that's that's been watching. Yeah I mean that's true. But I'm just saying sue me if you get six episodes in the first season your bench watching as you're really solid I would put it a cap would have put it three. And then. I keep an awful war three it's okay if it is and force four to me is if you watch. Four hours of the show ya know what to do we spent four hours watching a show that's. As by definition has been to watch sing well there's no question is IC says. If you. Kids are grown upright ST only vegetables and if you get a couple episodes into a show and it doesn't hold your attention you bail out. That has nothing to do it no it does because sometimes we talk on the bench watching this watching is because you loved you can't believe how interesting this thing is now you go to Palin it's simply a matter of the map how much did you watch and for how long now has nothing to do with what you're getting out of that are not just a motivation your honor it absolutely does because of us know when mark are you talking about zinni an artist. Q thrown Allegheny what are you got to say I want to show I hate but I watched five hours of it doesn't mean I'm not been watching because I don't like it but that's idiotic right maybe so but it's still been watching the engine watch a series because you love it. Began into it or maybe because you're trying to see what she got there I don't see a motivation is not your year muddying the water not at all I'm saying that you're going for it that's why you hit six. That's that's that's how in the first day. Even though this is not how you plan to spend your day you wind up watching. Six outlets where there's just another thing has no bearing on you if you don't you don't plan on you can land on had still been watching him he's there are watching five episodes then you do it what do you intended to an honest they'll be watching yeah I you're you're getting overly technical I get any answer anyway the answer six idea some guy next day with three or four. Because you're usually you are trying to polish solidarity and so the next day has that been watching endorser for absolutely because you're out as a make any sense then. I'm I'm lost why the first day is always the biggest day you're continuing beyond horse on the journey. It's it's it's like Black Friday yeah that the the first does likewise I watched for. And then LS six the next day I'm only been watching the second day eating it makes no sense eating all this nonsense well it can't help but if you're not fully committed with the show he's talking about there's only eight episodes in season one OK so they'll realize that gap. So four episodes I'd think you'd been into like our season to well no I agree to was not I agree with that I never made that case no immediate. And I appreciate by the way he he taught me to watch this said Shelly and I binge watched it this weekend. I did and he didn't he didn't know uninteresting and a but you budgeted I am six and on your first time ha yes and then you can Indy can say it and then after that you know anything to prove to anybody would you watch six the first day. Yeah it is and they do that and approve anything like when he yes Friday trying to introducing these other elements you know clearly do your clearly trying to be admitted to some special clover you would've asked the question in San if you wanted to in the audience watching club you keep getting at that question about a race which is relevant here no motivation is everything like motivation is everything in life. Motivation is everything. Is what that that's what's gonna get you on the road to binge watching is being all the way it. I've been washed I think I don't know by your standards I think I've been washed before maybe not I don't know ever watch six episodes of any particular show. I don't know that I have and then you're gonna have to get after it. So if I didn't watch it by what six on the second Ava three on the first. I've not been watching on the first day but I like a 6 3 I am that makes no sense it and enjoy watching a six on day one.