Questions for Kreidler 1/18/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, January 18th

What's the Top 3 things on the NFL's to-do list this off season?


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LeBron James then stepped Kerry let all star voting in their respective conferences are going to be captains for the all star game and what that means this year's that they will be. Drafting. The all star teams. Young as a typical ball and two well impede and carrier Irving and DeMar DeRozan joining LeBron as starters. From the east but again as you'd probably in no if you care about this that that is a mean that's the east's line up there is no east line rated LeBron. His team against. That's team he's got to draft the starters first. James Harden Kevin Durant entity Davis and DeMarcus Cousins. Tony stepped curry as starters and you were wondering. Prides and it's a great question. When LeBron and staff draft do they have to draft starters first and yes. Ers force elections from LeBron and staff must come from the pool of the remaining starters. James will select ahead of the staff because he finished. With the highest overall voting total I might Mars fit all star draft has LeBron going into the Davis and then stuffed gone during it and then after that it just goes to hell hole draft. Mum. My early mocking Nextel may revisited. Has him going with the hard next content and then by pre draft agreement curry must take. I carrier thinks of it LeBron is an after draft right. Well if found step by donuts take carry that early no I agree eulogies that's because I know LeBron is a taken of some like a waste the pick. Part of the Barney got Tyree that's right. Part of the bargaining process is. English you know. I guess I ruling -- taken 2 July a couple cents since LeBron goes first then step we'll have a last pick of those starters and he knows carries MB last month so why waste that picker Blackberry correct. So you know them much and we can all look forward to. To seeing that never because the NBA decided that the draft not televised. Oh what document my mock all star draft owner how we planned and that'll that'll happen. In in the absence of the real thing. There's every reason why we should. Sipping the breach in what he if you got what you get your beer mock. Yeah I still wanna I wanna firming up a little bit. Well let's golf mock one aka it'll this'll be one point oh all right prime become more tries before he gets here actual final mock I appreciate that. Justice appreciate the opportunity. Every day is done to tap into the limitless expertise to author and columnist. Trying to think of somebody other qualifications and that's in their lives could be correct if that's it. Yeah today he still might be better if he's done a lot of interesting things that he is mark rather these are questions for. Cried and personnel all those stuff I did before he took called Medicare I know it but it's it's just like I feel like we'll let the the thing with the pink guys that really that interest thing. The turkeys well whatever been there done that. He has voted on Baseball Hall of Fame that's somewhat history is as a bar entertainer and Jenna tennis racquets here is like I mean I didn't feel the stuff that I forgot about this didn't feel compelled really mention recruit papers as a kid die you know work it ended through papers are delivered newspapers are thrilled OK I mean yeah I delivered them but I and I throw. That was when he threw a man. Yes because you got tipped if that debt well well iPod or my dad I certainly should have mentioned that we should have what are the top three things on the NFL's to do list this offseason and now in the world that they go about accomplish. In any of that question them talk about believe he does not individual teams. Yeah I mean. I probably. I have no idea what their list actually. Consists of an idea that if it doesn't have at least some. Read visitation of replay and what how what day of the useful ends of replay are it and they're wasting their time. I would imagine that the league is probably gonna spend some time on the language of the catch. I'm simply. If for no other reason and no we we got on this definition seeing as this is just the one we're gonna work with from here on mountain. The the eight a very quick quarter business for the league. I'm has to be. To try to figure out if there was any pattern to the injuries and the losses of superstars the league this year and if there's anything that we can do and don't put it beyond will be NFL. To start immediately bargaining for a change in rules if they think there's anything that'll keep the superstar on the field. In greater numbers they had too many famous players and and elite players hurt Fischer's so. Probably got to be a second place they've gotten and then the third thing after you is. And this is where we're really are talking business that's what the league does the league conducts business belly cast too I'm. Get further down the road. In its presentation of its own data to its own clients. Because what the league's it in law. Well that the leagues in the middle of figured out that ratings are gonna continue to decline right so you have to figure out a new way to tallied the numbers I see. Rather than try to actually fix the rating you can't fix a ratings at their you're not gonna fix the ratings. Everybody's ratings are gonna continue to fall. So you're you're still the leader of the pack the question is what's that worth and the only way to combat that and to continue to saying and it's worth what we say it is. Is to then add in all of the other media. That you currently are having trouble figure out how to count quantify but if you streamline. Replay somehow and if you are able to figure out. How to curb injuries good look where that but then aren't you addressing the things that are leading to. The collapse of the ratings and maybe not gonna ever create another increase but you gotta slips stem the tide a little bit on this don't just. If you had. You're super not everybody's always healthy but if you had. The vast majority of your superstars. In the game this is why the rules have been rewritten repeatedly trying to protect quarterback yeah I don't know what more they can do I don't either but I think they'll take a good look at it Whitey and assert bubble wrap reference here when you go into the league offices I'm quite sure that sums gonna stand up it's a week how we fix this. I can't have Aaron Rodgers brick column again guys heavily fix. So I'm even if they want it was nothing I'm quite sure that this is what they're gonna walking in and trying to figure out how to do. The point on ratings than I'm making is just that ratings will continue to fall yeah you can. I'm. You can cushion against him being more more dramatic. But you're gonna. You're losing viewers. Two different ways of using your product. You're not necessarily. Losing users. You're you're losing traditional TV viewers. By the way that's one reason why. The NFL I know fox bid for the Thursday night in the NFL's gonna keep the Thursday night game on. Network television and ABC could be the home for a Thursday night football. Because that's immeasurable. In the when you already own. The NFL network there's no point having another cable competitor. Carry the game on Thursday night. So what you want is. NBC ABC or CBS to carry to be to partner with you there. The NFL is in the midst of a really. Big tumbles. As they try to redefine what their users. Actually mean they do used to be able discount viewers it was easy what is Nielsen said. Nielsen says for Killen. Well now you know TV ratings suggesting you're losing. Interest in people and I'm not I'm I'm quite sure is that that. In in a small view that might be right big picture probably not as much but people are using different media take it to your games you gotta be able track. And as we've mentioned as you know ratings for the NFL dwindling but NFL games remain the most popular product on network TV. But Q member is kind of and frightening now for the NFL executives still Harken back to 2014 when Mark Cuban said the league was about ten years away from implosion yeah. That probably wasn't their favorite thing. I'm the the I think nearly and it's very passive and I don't think he's gonna fix anything and it sounds like you're just gonna head in the sand. Well we'll just try to. Change the way we present our terrible numbers to our clients. Luckily that. Activists saying you have no idea how many other people were reaching. This is why you need to be that you let this is why Facebook's bidding for our our games this is why. Twitter wants. Life you know live presentation of our games. That's where your user's account you gotta chase she your users. And that the first the NFL Austria where they IR. And that's what they're trying to do now forget how do you then sell it to a network or to an advertiser that used to saying but CBS told me I'd get a Tony 2.3. It's ironic is that because there's that football may be contributing to an over saturation. Which is dropping NFL ratings and the NFL is not getting get as much from the TV networks which means. They need to continue Thursday night football because they need that revenue stream to compensate. For the lack of revenue created by the creation of Thursday night football was right if someone walks in the office and says let net net we're gaining. And the marshals say well then we're good don't they I don't don't bother me with the fact that Sunday afternoon game numbers are down. There's a night continues to obliterate anything else it's program that night on whatever network has it. We went and okay that's awfully businesses but thank you out which of the remaining NFL coaches would you most into. Oil around. Golf wind up like that. You mentioned that Doug grow your undercover owner Mike Zimmer maybe you want. I mean good and a little greens. I'm executive course yeah and play with Doug Peterson or maybe you wanna. You know cracked I could see you out there on the course where this. Don't think concerts under the banners don't do parking and concessions straight trips to. See Belichick he misses a short putt and yells at himself. 100% I wanna play with Belichick didn't really yes 100% it's not even close. Coach what happened there they can have voided duck hook that went explanation for what it's all I want. Is to know that the Belichick at that other people say they no way from football. Because he speaks he's he's. You know. Ancient a lot of other stuff you never know it because he's decided this is how he presents and remote button position all sorts of other stuff he's up on current events matter was it. He ever tries to present to the football writers of America who despises coach charging a double bogey there you were on the green in regulation great question it's almost. All I wanna do is spin it around with Belichick absolutely and I wouldn't ask him about football. It would just I guarantee it would be no problem that is Tea Party rules guys who'd be I don't you know he's going to talk to other than just hi. Well the other guys slightly more OK is decliner I ask you haven't I got to do not answer belt system I don't care yeah if if if it's like hey coach you have to play golf of this guy because he got his wish yeah that be a problem. Or you know he won a contest you have to play around them the finish talking about. Knowing somebody getting to play golf of them I would it would be Belichick easy easy. To see no difference I haven't gotten it most of the coaches at least he via a glimmer Indy who they really are never probably if. He's got to be if he even plays got to be terrible right because Hillary Clinton yes actually I got a reasonable shot here Larry there's chance that you be out there and you know force in the compliment me on some minded Christ's Jason Kidd had some interesting things to say about his box. Is this is what Jason Kidd said about the Bucs I think when you you know become 25 or you know in the 28 range. You tend to think about the game were talking about kids. That a thing about trying to put the ball in the basket and they all believe they can do it and until we think about being a team of and making a play and being unselfish you know good things happen and we've seen it and there's no coaching there's nothing. That you can do but go through it and learn and we keep telling them what's coming as a coach. And we can tell them what to do but it's a finally the final it's up to them to make that decision. So are his Bucs too young to be a good team and does that apply to the kings as well as they are they just. When young right now to be a good professional basketball team hasn't insisting I. That sounds like a really broad justification. Because you know the league is very young. Jason sounds like him. He sounds like you guy he doesn't connect. With his players I I. Look there's a lot of wisdom in the basic idea that you learn by being an only. But to put it out there to 25 to 28. Is to suggest that he kid he's drafted when he's nineteen or Taiwanese. Is of no real great competitive value until he's been filthy five years. And there's no evidence and I mean done. To back that up. You might be frustrated with a couple guys specifically lighting that's what it sounds like men you know what I mean and I don't know who I'm Middleton I don't know who's talking about a 123 into when he won he was upset about a home loss to the Miami Heat and a he it could have been one of those like well they're just too. They're too immature to win mean maybe he's trying to send a message and got some good players you know like. It's. O Eric Bledsoe yeah. I mean militants and he's he's a good players are making excuses there it sounds to me like keys that's a frustrated coach in January. Who maybe thought his team to be farther along does it apply to the kings will yell more obviously. If you since you have ten guys on rookie contract acts he thought the kids are definitely too young to two. You know dream big of wining big but that's Jason Kelly got their lunch money stolen last night by the Utah Jazz because they're too nice and their two young. That's something alien to a nice forget that but just they don't they don't did date. The guys who are playing together actually right now haven't played tons of minutes together. And so in some ways here rescinding the season. And they're gonna look bad for awhile so they figured out those are questions for Chrysler for now.