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Monday, November 13th

Which 4 teams belong in college football's top 4 slots?


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Yeah I don't know they might be playing highlights from years past like that time on Freeney says I like my sausage in my meets. Maria Elena. I assume that'll be a final show. I mean it's hard to believe there really is kind of the giving yeah actually they've come up on twenty years being climbing twenty you know think or really. But slackers here. But that's where you got a Disco for the wanna and then do it. Just grind yeah is trying to finish them but a remarkable run yeah. And Saddam and angered their baby in my morning listening for a long long time so like everybody else that takes me in the east. You know like it'll just it'll be different Phillips gonna stay in you know we'll talk about stuff and actually trailing does get he's really good he's really Smart they should be fun. They will be different without being reported thirteen twenty RJ joins us questions for Chrysler coming right up first we find out ARJ what's up. Every I his crying monkey. Which Gary knuckles. They're not that hairy but I guess not everyone has here there in the mid digit. I'd write in here and that feeling burned. I mean it's possible right it's a dominant trait you'd probably have a yourself. Audits I got error. Error in my senior and they also got. So what Annika wonderful if Maria. Dominant genes. Our. On. When compared mark. Dominate. Or. Aqua. It's pretty good I like I like their chances to keep rolling at least one more week. You can go there for a couple weeks. What might put the put anything it'll be very important for oh and if you're at 800 ethnic. Is an amateur and that's how it should be don't write it got to get grapple out there right. You don't. Which I know a soul. He. Oh that they're pretty early aired. Yeah well I mean he didn't get it ranks or they're breaking apostle bit. I'm sure that the the way this is played out if it's drop below is here they. Puffy as they might kind of be setting quarterback for awhile is that there's a very clearly a very capable backup. And all you need your practice squad guy concept. Would that be a different situation for them to name. I'm sure receded Beth third. Would love to play and wants to play on the other hand it's almost as if you've earned a little break especially the last game yeah against Arizona one and also likely he just had a really nice game. Let's savor that for a minute yeah we're not a tree out against yeah I know they have the vibe and I thought he was coming out yesterday when he hurt his hand again when he scored the touchdown and on his hand he looked like he was done. Big problem warmed up. And he certainly look like something was wrong. But he played through it and there's no apparent to date there's no report of you know of a day after problem with it. And I only mentioned that because they had us a guy go play safety issue they who turned out. Brooke as some apparently in the first minute of the game and play the entire game. And they acknowledged today he has got a broken fathers really shown a lot this year in office. He can you wrote here you go you know something is on a player rookies they wanna play him it's just the way it works down yeah that wasn't their plan at all they thought Hoyer can hold it down for at least a year. And maybe two if need seems like so long ago that for a lawyer speak worker that we're talking about guys on different teams at this point right. I mean at this point Hoyer somewhere else by the way. Homers out right Carson Palmer's used to and I think Curtis mean they're not sure about his status going forward so it's not going salt. Well not so fast guess they signed today is that Matt Barkley. The CD's fastest and it Blake's been there the whole time he's got to start over Barkley. I really couldn't say lightly. I used you've seen him play I'm not sure that is being doesn't necessarily follow. They right at the cardinals added Barkley today Jose joins us on ESPN thirteenth when he they Jose what do you say. I download you know the old Mike might make me. Wondered common view around below year ago I got what year. Meats do I think you're not going to be around that Jose we all under that thank you. Don't I think argued at the right direction but the the goal animal I think YE hold. That we could see you are a couple of clean and I'll what did bog. Jeanne wolf yeah luck. But while I'm there tried you'd he was going. I don't see why not yeah it seems like he can work thank you Jose banks yep I'm that everyone so amused by this it just all they're saying is that you drew me right right as I'm having is not grooming. It's about having a dominant team new. You declare victory c'mon now. This is does a win for you. Is awesome thing you should even think twice about I mean like your responsibility to your daughter your response should be damn straight. Seen of course I do BG even doubt. That would cause extra pizza box and columnist mark right there I mean cloning does allow us to death but in this case you just plain. These are questions for cried there he's a baseball hall fame voters. He's an amateur ornithologist. He's also. He's our station legal observer. Everybody's got one yes he is treated cattle. Or pink guy in Tulsa I apologize last week I mistakenly said it was sheep I guess when price should have critical distinction where I come from. And it and it did happen that's actually closer that you actually happened is those immediately observer. I know you are your legal observer that's just that's a meaningless title but it's actually mean you bar that is what I get right now see why not I'm with you and Nancy Weiner I guess I am them. Of these secrets which four teams I think we touched on this earlier but what that which four teams belong in college football's top four slots. Tomorrow. Oh we get the news well Islam playoffs frankly we'll kind of the seeming. And nothing let us do it happens Miami colts play how far behind two history. So you've got Alabama Miami. Oh UN Clemson I would assume. And then based on the fact that they be with the Notre Dame was the reader right yeah that was it in the in the playoff format. That was a seven beating a three by this is where united thousand point you start to issue tail because Miami was behind your team in your team won. But the win over Notre Dame perhaps impressive enough for Miami to leapfrogged. Looking back on scenic yeah it could be. And so. And then did the question is sort of OK Georgia got obsolete thumped what does that do to Georgia. With their out top four but what does that do it. You know do they get a six or do they got it ten I mean do you you know the fact that they absolutely got in a blown out by a quality team but it team that's our loss toys Auburn. What does that do to Georgia it probably cultures them. But if you just look at bill the possible you know whenever permutations they're not done yet. I'm in Ohio State soaked onion rationalize I now remarkable yet but I think that LB Alabama Miami oh you and Clemson and some out there will be one. And and Clinton stays in there and that's texting because Clemson and Miami both play in the ACC Eden enable eventually see each other and although Oklahoma beat TCU. This weekend in Norman. They would track those two teams to play again in the big twelve title she's not still in it too right. Not via I mean there are great shot but that was shot the they have a shot I'm a good bit again. Because this is a year in which it's it's possible to have a team with two losses that still good enough to be ranked. In the top four into the playoff. It's completely separate from the top 25 rankings and you'll see at all week. The plan immediately as a client number two in that right right and that's just the respect that you get for. You know absolutely handling a team that everybody thought it was a power about Joseph on ESPN thirteenth when he Pepperdine thirteen Tony hello Joseph what do you know. I totally agree to mark you know. I think these guys gonna find anywhere they can be put Ohio stadium there see if they can get that championship game and win it he wouldn't do losses. You know and there are that you don't quite on the quandary as what do you do with Clemson and Miami is yell. When those results with two losses but they'd be other team championship game at the same thing with Auburn and Alabama I mean Alabama and Georgia. Right needs to let you know in Wadi I want worry about that did not quarter losses on the inside of the hand. Thank you Jones Joseph everybody L word from the you should feel better about this whole thing this is changing in your direction. It really is yeah it's unsolicited I just kind of caught me and wears like I went. Does and not everyone has that. OK while. Only answer some I should have been doing something about this all the sun unknowable I mean you don't need my by the way Mya. My mid did you layer I think is. I'm a lot more of it than you oh mine is mine and I seriously mine is a once in awhile might not like. This week yeah it's it's it's a different we're on different tracks and yes they got only a more than you would you agree. Yeah William frankly hit me in the face just holding hands that. And it's kind of weird no mention it wax for some unknown and stuff with. Yeah. Normally is Kendall Grove back thicker than you think you wanna go there necks and that's our stride router I think I'm right on that yet. But why the saints so good this year Elvis they question. There you know only seven and nineteen I didn't play in recent years a lot of clients your reasoning here. Hamas sure bomb they lost the first two this year they've won seven straight. And their killer of people they want in buffalo yesterday what was it forty wonder what news 47 to 1047. That scares you know. We. Our old buddy mile buddy Mike Triplett he actually used to work with us at that at the Sacramento -- cover their owners and become an essential on ninety's and were serious Sheehan. What he wrote from Orchard Park yesterday I think is probably about right in and basically what he said was. I'm he was making the point that they're gonna win on the road a lot Barry have one on the road a lot they'll continue to. But it's because of this into an easier question his point is they've just changed a way to do business Drew Brees is still dangerous of course you know he hasn't changed. But they now have a run game and there's really solid and they have a defense that's that's big time. These you know and that's the formula for winning on the road or at least being in games on the road a lot listen to this and all I don't run these guys vote. Oh. Saints yesterday fifth team in NFL history including the post season to rush for at least 295 yards and six touchdowns and a single game. Joining the 1940 Chicago Bears. The 1950 New York Giants the 1951. LA rams and the 1957. Cleveland Browns most impressive. Most impressive so Mike Triplett points out that at one point yesterday. From late third sued to mid fourth. But the saints ran the ball 24 straight time we'll. So you know and they they held buffalo Buffalo's net was under 200 yards tyra Taylor and tough to. I'm against said improved vastly improved saints' defense so that's sensed Wimbledon I'll give them enough credit note no more than improved their stout you right. They've their their better in every phase. On defense and because of that they're in every game in those early season losses. You know Minnesota on the road. Week one and then the patriots just now they just look like William rusher. So they've won seven straight over everybody not named to Minnesota or. Thank you know or New England that's just a solid team I don't like an Anthony or Sam Bradford played out of his mind. In a brilliant really game. And then they went home and lost to the patriots I think that was as she data trying to remember. In the they have played games like that since their defense has been tight. And ball hawking their turn over for me you know making defense. He's got a going on right now they speak and vikings Teddy Bridgewater story of the de esta. In the NFL players. Larry play but he was back and I plans well he certainly is looted stores and. And get Mike's immoral probably played Bridgewater because when you to the playoffs he's the guy you'll we're gonna wanna be quarterback. But it's just not that simple case kingdom. Was really really really good again yesterday. I'm rip the Redskins secondary apart and threw four touchdown passes. And Mike Zimmer doesn't have to it's. You can change quarterbacks if he wants to do but there's a weird this is an NFL thing that you know there's some motive on the side are you gotta stay with what's working and yeah. It but it's not that simple because they're at this point. They're not there yet but within a couple of weeks they'll they'll probably start to close in on the goal which is all right we're a playoff team. We're for we know we're heading for a division championship. Green Bay has opened that door you win your division. And at what point do you wanna make sure that you have the right guy getting ready for the playoffs nick and think that that's gradual and it's not like case came nemesis you know the game manager handing out second vikings quarterback. Since 2005 would at least 300 passing yards and four passing touchdowns were far was the other one. Yeah. I mean again how in the world that the rams not score. More points last year when their quarterbacks with a great case Keenan in the great care golf Jeff Fisher knows these men and he's not tell anybody has he doesn't wanna get fired again before you get tired. Jeff Fisher knows only Jeff Fisher can hold those guys down as it turns Annika had nick poll what they let him go on a case critical I don't know right case keep them look like a backup for most of his tree he's got its emergency starts. But this year he looks like starting quarterback so Mike Zimmer has I guess it's a good problem but the lasting answered your pretty quick. And my guess is Teddy Bridgewater doesn't please because he can is good asking who's been. There's a great argument to be meditated visualize going to be able to do some things and apparently he's looked amazing in practice and he's going to be able to do some things that. Average NFL quarterbacks can't do what what you have to do than write is I mean if it's work in you don't changeup but as soon as the offense it's a patch there assuming they do. Where case Keenan's he's Keenan struggling. Then you get your ace in the hole right. Rather plans sold well right now well you know I'm with Hughes I just I it's at it's it it's not easy call but I would not types of quarterbacks to. That means that during the week you have to make your call you can't you know let practice go and then decide Thursday or Friday the quarterback is because they're so different. You know your lane in your game plans in mind really Tuesday or Wednesday morning. It has to be in for the quarterback is gonna play so I'm guessing it's case Keenan for now so here's my Tim Richards said today Ali said was. I know this plane our next game. But I haven't had a chance tucked either quarterback about it so I don't discuss it publicly. And that either means I don't know what I'm doing or it means. Legitimately I need to talk to these guys and finessed this 'cause is going to be this isn't so easy. That's where I think it is right now.