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Thursday, January 11th

Which NFL team has the least amount of fan support in Sacramento?


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Oh well well actually had something happen in the baseball offseason. Try not really having. Nothing significant but something actually happened a free agent signing what in the world is going on let's find out your time this. Tap into the limitless expertise of author and columnist mark cried and these are. Questions tour Chrysler's you know mark Bradley's mean warrants. PLC's treat cattle for pink island gold asking about a good solid I don't know. He can it's really worked up rob you're absolutely right Chinese you're dumb questions. And it can help yeah they were educational doing domestic. Yeah I'd I'd never done and I didn't know I had some simple questions that are nevermind that how about it why why has the baseball offseason been so. Men mean it than mess it's been. Or Hillary well it's been terrible and I. Glad there are a couple of reasons that are more obvious than others one is it's not a great. Free agent class so you don't in others outside of Stanton getting moved which was a big deal and Tony. Sort of a lot about what he might become you don't really know too much about what he actually he is yet by the way that to Jay Bruce signed with the men. He did yeah for three years now and he's one of those players actually do. About him the Mets feel great because he knows how to play new York and he likes it he's good at it so he's worth the money. But even Jay Bruce is a thirty plus home run guy. Who got you know thirteen million dollars here which is an awful lot of money but by baseball standards right now. Doesn't actually qualify as a major signing. So part of what's going on is it's not an overwhelming class a free agents. And teams are terrified. For. I surprise rephrase that team don't wanna go over day at the salary. Threshold. It's not a salary cap but it's functioning like a salary cap because the punishment for going over. The plane ride his salary is Shiites in its terrible. They built in every pre a repeater rule so if you go over the salary cap eaten that. And you pay a premium like 20%. By the time you've done it three years in a row if you over the salary cap three years are all even if you're barely over. You pay a 50%. Tax on any dollar you spend. So you're not gonna go out and sign somebody for thirty million because it's gonna cost you. 45 million or here or sign some or or take on some. Stanton contract it's impossible to do so with huge crop of guys coming up next year. You know led by Bryce Harper there are a bunch of star and superstar level players coming out next year. They're hold onto teens of money like the Yankees and Dodgers don't wanna spin this winner. As they wanna get back under the threshold on his legal under at one time you reset your penalty. You're no longer a three time thinner and you start over. A part of the reason is teams and money don't wanna spend. The one of the things Humber did you mention this and SI he says to do with all the home runs. Well he you know. He said that big. Because home runs have risen so dramatically over the last three or four years that the value of guy and it's homers actually decreased. Now but if you bit but basically they're thinking is. Jay Bruce in his Thirtysomething home runs can be duplicated by an awful lot of people who title cost that much because. If you've got the right swing coach and launching William Pryor hit 25 and because baseball re. Retooled its game. Reconstituted the actual baseball what appeared just the ball in such a way that I'm home runs a lot easier to come mice so Venice slugger doesn't get paid quite as much then. This is a little sounds like an Al. May be kind of inside way of thinking about it but the other part of this is. An awful lot of guys who are currently free agents or our top trade prospects why you are controlled by Scott Boras. And Scott is a very good agent who's well known for wait until the last minute like he's made a lot of his best deals. By stringing it out in slow playing negotiations and a lot of guys that he represents have a sign partly because Scott would be the one telling them you don't woody you know we don't care until spring training where you far. This question. Thank you can't. This is one that's always fascinated me we were just talking about grant Yamasaki. Who I was via fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the Jacksonville Jaguars. Okay. It's it's it's really seem to me how people end up rooting for the steamer that team on its has a very obvious other times there. More texting reasons. What is your best guess here which NFL team in your opinion I really have no way of knowing this but which NFL team. Based on your best guess your experience has the least amount of fan support. In Sacramento. No obviously 49ers and raiders have a tremendous amount of support and you've got a lot of fans of teams that. You know traditionally win that on TV a lot. Steelers cowboy eighties you guys asked me whose jerseys do I never see basic I guess I don't mean in well in right the dangles. The bill that's I mean you know of angles fans I don't know won the bills Palestinian bills Jersey here ever. I IAE. There are plenty of people here from lots of places but I don't know that I've ever met a Houston Texans fan. That's almost unfair. A let's talk let's not fair the ravens don't have a lot of fans in Sacramento do then I don't know but I've seen I know couple arrangements fans here DO OK irony you know. It's a Baltimore thing it's not a it's it's more about they were once colts fans you know there ravens fans are OK well that's interest in those are Baltimore people. And another the colts display somewhere else they'll actually are still around them I guess in the awareness and do I Jerry Reynolds is a colts fan or new ego yeah. But I haven't seen. In my pick on the singles I just I can't name of the angles stand besides fighting Gleason. Think we I hear from them all the time you do yes women on Twitter really yeah. At least one or two that I can recall. I'm I'm. Short listing in other arts community jags I'm sure don't have very many we know Yamasaki. I'm sure the jags don't have a huge following here lets it be like saying. They think the Marlins have a lot of fans out here I know no I don't I know Carolina as they've been a really good team but I don't know of a lot of panther fans and if you're pippin I apologize I'm sure they have more fans and I'm aware. I don't mean to suggest in any way you shouldn't be a fan. I'm just. Trying to think which teams. Seemed to have the US fans around there and there's had a 49ers connection known for awhile there yeah you know so they they probably actually attracted a few people just because. Eric Davis played Aron Seifert coach there in them in there was a little bit of a passer do you actually know multiple ravens fans. I'm one I'd recanted yet at surprised I'm not say what's wrong with I get its aside I I haven't encountered many. One of them worked it to be mean these are you know. Sports fans the Sacramento beat him or the Fresno maybe the Fresno bee. Texans and sacrament okay all right. But I would agree with you and in general. It did mistake people make is thinking that this is only niners raiders country because there certainly are lots and lots and lots of and no joke there rams fans charge carrying yeah. Pick your West Coast team and they're playing people in this area who were polled for that team but when you get farther out. Backe is it drops off pretty quick. The major markets always be wrapped there'll always be Eagles fans are always be giants fans are always even beach that's. Maybe the pills not so much if you have a market that's maybe smaller that's further away that is not on TV as much. And that isn't very good. I think. That's where you need to look the tougher draw yeah yeah tougher dry out here. Yeah are right next next question cam can that's classic in I didn't hit it meant disrespect they're talking about the Panthers. Given the eight teams remaining what would be your dream Super Bowl match up what would be your nightmare scenario. Questions cry. I quest. To need to charge today and join the workflow started dreaming. Because they got teams in the NFC and AFC and then actually voted him OK with parent. I had jotted this down earlier today does that seem to flummoxed yeah no it's not it was I just one admission that I have mind. My thoughts right for lots of different reasons for me. Did that matchup that I would most like to see in the Super Bowls of pages in the saints. The patriots because I would root against him I like Kevin and 200 against I've always. Always like that. You know that the networks whoever has swallowed these CBS right you know that they desperately want. The Steelers to play the patriots because I believe that was the highest rated. Sunday game all year long right yeah it would be off the chart yeah yeah I'm an honest and actually because it's such a good game. Anyway you'd also get. You get a national level of interest that just incredibly high briefed on a suitable I would like I I think. Seeing Drew Brees go back to a Super Bowl with a chance to win it at this point his career unless interest in what Brady does because he's done so many times. I'm but but woods Drew Brees with a chance. To do something really special I would love to see that I'm so that would be out of all the possible combinations. That's when that I would the most valid must enjoy seeing if he's talked him out. MB maybe nightmare scenario I don't know what the league would think. I don't think the league wouldn't mind having Philadelphia in the Super Bowl just because filled out is a great market. Then but for me to Eagles in the Super Bowl with nick pulls quarterback is is not interesting I don't care how good their defenses. It's not interest. So it's you know if it if it's Eagles. You know titans. That's just not to me. It's screens forget oval super bull by the way Chad Vander green says I'm a bills band live and false not seen a few others around town. So he did she thought you'd. Mean if there's eight mile fan then and then their questions and balancing the quantity around town if there's quite a few around ten and that's that's not yet to thank you Ted thank you Chad tells re gather will be shared sup by. I don't know where they GAAP and non serious from I mean most most teams is getting mean owner until you must teams with if they have a local fan base they also a lot of teams have a watering hole where. I'm people agreed to gather to watch the game that you table diving Chad. I'd like see that. To me to I don't wanna see the Eagles in the times playing suitable to answer questions. But I'd be very happy to watch buffalo bookings rose has five Buffalo Wild Wings now that's a cheap shot that now it's it's GO. Bunny it's here now I isn't a difference we will we'll go over often hear that there's really cheap shot and a joke okay well I mean if you wanna talk about buffalo wings. I'm sure they're not insulted at all he wanna reduce him to chain food that's fine. OK millions minute wings no big deal OK now be on right. So you don't wanna see the titans in the Eagles now when needed does anybody else the Eagles would have been such a good story and it's so much fun to watch and again. From a CBS standpoint they wouldn't mind Phillies market being in the suitable penalty Debian choking game mean it's not to me mean I'm gonna insult a couple of well I know I've been you know. Two shark big falcons Stan grant him a sock QB jacks and I don't think falcons jags would be a huge. Super Bowl sensation. Would you watch it oh absolutely I think could be used as a don't think either team has is sort of yeah traditional Super Bowl all of Atlanta record last year no I get on to say I understand the league probably has nightmare scenarios. That I'm not thinking them but for me isn't just like I think titles out of polls do not fight might be the answer the question to. How many titans fans are there around here. And again if there are I don't blame them I just don't see a lot I don't know is it possible that would in Oregon quarterback Ambien series Marietta quarterback. Is it possible that people watching that team when they used to because they saw him play college out here it's possible to stretch but I'm just guessing. And I and Chad I know no offense. I don't know any bills danger by first. Thanks Chad appreciate that and a special lane and yeah. The surname checking other teams Sebring get offensive to you know to tweet in response all right finally cries were quickly here. Should the NFL take action Willie and they'll take action against the raiders for violating. The Rooney rule. Here's a problem for the NFL and I. You know I think yeah it's it's much of the day you probably they should because the rule was really completely trampled it was straight up. Mark Davis has hung himself with a zone statements. He's already out there publicly saying yeah we had an agreed to treat gas and a league spokesman today came out and said well we don't have any policy against. Hiring one coach before you fired when you that you currently have right which absolutely. Flies in the face of the Rooney rule right out and never really raw and say oh hell that we don't have a policy and that so should they should they Levy a punishment to the raiders will of course station. Otherwise don't have a rule will they I don't think they will. Because the league is gonna look so ridiculous it it it has applied. Discipline on the Rooney rule in so many different ways including not applying it in number of cases that the team as the raiders apparently have if they hire their coach and then say okay. Before we can announce that we after the interview and I know Reggie McKenzie. Talk about a couple of guys they interviewed and if you know guys are not serious candidates if not answers certainly clearly violating the spirit of the rule it depends on C that's a great question already because. I I've seen it explained look the point is not. You have to interview this guy before he tiresome made the point is you have to interview a person of color because of the beneficial nature. Of the and I did a fine team Marten from USC. As someone who's now being interviewed as head coaching candidate which is. One of the guys that the raiders head and it's not exactly about win. It's mostly about that you did it if you can believe that well yeah but you know why that holds no water if you party harder coach and it doesn't matter who you interview you're not really interviewing that person to be head coach it's not actual beat these it's an illusion it's a fantasy whenever your rightful when I'm saying is I understand you're not making that argument understand you're saying that's policy even some of the people who helped craft the Rooney rule. It's would suggest that the point it is to raise the profile. Of minority candidates. By having them in for an interview. Here it. Not with the intention of hiring them or not even be you know there's no requirement the seriously consider the candidate it's really hard to argue isn't it I mean we'd have to look at the rule if it's the Rooney rule than what does the rules say. Though otherwise you can try to spin it anyway you want it if it's a rule yes. Then the raiders broke it I think self it's a Rooney suggestions and I think they have you know way around those are questions for cried there for now. Coming up next and you know I wanna apologize on behalf of the entire station GAAP to all bills fans yes right status respected the mister Chrysler. In no way do the rest of the rise guys and here endorse. Yeah mr. carruthers opinions if on the other hand there are his own if it's on the other hand there's any being those fans out there I do not apologize.