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Friday, November 10th

What are 5 things the NFL can do to address the problem with ratings?


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Questions were bright alert Kevin trying to tap into the limited expertise of our Brothers make it got to go to a movie in the maybe movie theaters here. I'm gonna say at all but you ask me about murder on the orient orient express a map of the long time ago. It's at it's up potboiler mystery but they're fun it's definitely a whodunit. And the movie version of it looked harmless enough to make it look like I'm probably enjoy it and that's cool. I I'm not that critical. I mean I don't go to movies all the time. But I'm just not you know it doesn't have to eight plus me for me feel like plug. You know they rent C eleven bucks out of my hands at least I got an a plus movie yet I don't need that. I'm OK with is saying no it was pretty entertaining. I'm I'm I'm so you make the best of a bad movie. If I have to I don't it's not my choice I'm looking for the best movie all the time and Amal sale not going to let rotten tomatoes tell me where ago. For every movie now any more than I would let run to Entertainment Weekly or the New York Times prevails Tommy what movie did you read a mall and you you figure out where it is based on if that is on his way here is a slide. Let's just lower your interest slide because I'm not sure what the movie is they try to tricky with the trailers that they'd true it's not okay but it's not like battery has released the ball. If by if I were more into. Stuff like marvel and DC that I'd be wary there because you know that the quality of the movies is up and down on I beef really wary there like I don't know where he mean. What's nearly word. You know are the special effects good you know and the kinds of things like the criteria for those kinds of movies are really different and you can easily lock in to a really bad. Basically comic book movie robs them where he just get trip. We don't want them over the franchise is really good outcomes movie was so terrible that applies to any other movie as well anyway. I'd rather is an author and columnist he's a baseball fan voter he's from Tulsa Oklahoma. Where do you think she's a big guy he's pretty hard thin red they were cattle. We actually need that in town so that means they were steers and not Cal's. Com. You said I said the treaty since she oh did I am yard the end. We can have sheep on the field cannot ranch my bad. That they are tails Inca all right cried. Yesterday we looked at reasons why NF LTV ratings are down. What are five things that league could do to maybe address. That problem question cry. I gotta tell you this is a lot harder list about a guy. Not not that you know. Nothing it's easy to be negative it's just that a lot of the stuff. This contributed to their ratings sort of it to being in slow but certain decline. That's Cecil B now wait in front of us we've seen it we've seen people talk about it the least talked about players talked about it he has talked about it. Trying to patch it up is a real challenge. Get to start adapted and preface what I'm about to say by saying. Ike ratings will probably continue to decline. For lots of reasons I understand I'm just hundred refresh myself the five reasons you gave you said league as an image problem is that there's too many games. TV ratings are down period this in many star players out. And came in with a fifth was. Meet mediocre product Clinton as we talked about the number of teams are basically 500. Who just don't have anything particular offer. And it's. It's possible. That the NFL if it wanted to could rectified now one thing. It could allow for. The building of superpowers more than it does now. I'm not sure how that would wind up linking up to. Two ratings but I'd be willing to give that a try to ease off when things I would suggest is ease off a little on the hard cap. On the hard salary cap with no relief. The the sort of you've made a concerted effort to pound everybody toward the middle. But football like all sports is interesting width. Top rung teams. Better either lovable or distorted or detestable. That stands rally around one way or the other but don't to think the league loves the notion that any given Sunday. And you have you can have you know new England's kind of thrown a wrench in this before while seem like there's a different team one of those who rule every year and even yeah. I'm that I don't need fans Elizabeth but at some point you take it I'm out. See extreme which would we're seeing this year in May be this is an out liar but. I'm the patriots are gonna be and in most years after that you have and a hard time finding a team a couple of years in a row that's even really particularly any good. And it could be because you've limited rosters to such an extent that a team came in build a decent backup. Set of players it could be because you've limited practice and contact in practice is such an extent that teams to start very good together. Signed the league would have to take a look. First and foremost to see if there's a way to. Allow superpowers now if you can't I'm not against it. Not leapfrogged. That you're here but if you got rid of Thursday night football you would take care of a couple problems that once on the list. Scratch there's football's first thing I wrote down them unlike yesterday's list I'm not sure I have these in the right orders so bear with me but that was my first thought was. If I was really trying to get sort of back to the and the use some of that part of the problem will put thing is you know oversupply. And there's football is doesn't feel specially marked as you see it all the time and the players complain about playing which is not help your product every Friday there's somebody sent there's that football's awful right it's usually a player that all learned today laughed yeah last week it was Richie in cog need to write. And it enabled via coach although coaches try to be more circumspect. Pete Carroll you know last sights set on only find. So I'll just say I hope you guys can understand and appreciate what they're going through. It's a real challenge it's a real challenge in place and are listed there is did you know and and it's a great event no two great event for everybody and all that but it's very difficult very child. It's big reputed then for everybody and all that and all that yeah I'm in other words you don't know if Dolan believes in it really. Other than guys cash and checks it might be something to revisit nine others no way they're gonna get rid of it. That's well at least they're certain. Nobody's getting rid of it now. But at some point you have to collectively bargain again and it's possible that the players' union was saying. You know we were wrong and we don't wanna do it forget it we took the money last time and it was a mistake so I just have your money back. Will take it out the pool and that's see that's the threat that the the way it was explained. Bio when guys on ESPN is all right you wanna take there's for pollan makes here's what it's worth. About seven million dollars per game right CB taking a salary cap about seven million dollars south. And there will be some players somewhere in the meaning is this talent and run by me and so you know maybe the rubber meets or their but I would think there's football off the board for two reasons one is that it in it increases the incident of injury at least. I'm anecdotally that's what appears to view yeah it's it would surprise and I would I'm. If our league this goes to scheduling but. We've talked about this more than once this year this is a little Phoenix. Finally I would devote. All of my resources into reinvigorating the late kick off on Sunday is like come on Sunday has sucked probably half the weekends of of this season. Partly because you have the Sunday night game parties him Monday night game partly because amateurs in game but the late kicks on Sunday had been lousy in that your national window. I would reallocate my resources in the making sure that I had to absolutely great wryly yes. I like the late kick is dying. In a week there's a lot of early kicks as we saw. Sometimes scares and it's a little tilted you throw in the London game. I mean you just can't have in the late kick here's the really late kick back east. Yeah no I mean I don't mean the Sunday night game I'm talking about the the the 1 PM kick out here are the ones anymore I'm yeah four out there yeah. That is the classic NFL power window. And I feel like they've disregarded it or neglected it to the point where it's become a problem. So I would be I want my. Nance Rolla team or whatever with an absolute sure thing every week no matter what I have to do schedule. There's no such thing anymore well it's close like well I'm I'm gonna fix that prided you are not allowing superpower ass come back into the mid closet. That can't miss game when you also got to make sure that buck and Aikman get there. NFC can't miss game right you know 100% certainty mini masters right now a few of the NFL yet seemingly networks to reports here he has Sheehan wants cut. There's an actual ball on the exits. EU scheme you know we can't once CBS or NBC or the combination. I agreed to buy I season's worth of theirs and I can't be a dumping ground. It can't be it has to be a highlight. I am but there's only so many teams and they're not all that good and so it's nothing as to be a dumping ground again and again who do. We're gonna solve this when I start promoting super teams again. The easing up on the south he kept the money team start overs and so that they can reinvigorate their rosters and you wind up with. Absolutely you'll have sisters of the pork and you'll have mega teams but the mega teams play ten times the other thing I would do what he is Sam. I would fire the league I would two more overt. I would just embrace gambling. The NFL's life but right now gambling in fantasy and accounting go hand in glove. In the NFL's still really cagey about the whole gambling thing I would just go out right existing knowledge and I would be from the NFL I'm okay with a team unity gambling city MOK with a team meaning gambling state and acuity gambling occurring in other states because it is our. In the NFL's trying to have it both ways of thinking. And I would. I would continue to do everything I can TU I'm. Keep the pace of game. Where it is order or. Or better you'd you deprived. Pick that up a little bit absolutely in replay needs to be addressed to exactly yes. We're gonna play here at the NFL pregame. Ratings game are right I got three pregame shows for you. And I got a ratings and you got to maps the ratings oh really what a guy Richard die each okay to the pregame show OK okay we've got them. ESPN Sunday NFL countdown. We've got CBS NFL today. And we've got fox NFL Sunday. OK okay. In the ratings are we have up point six. Down five point seven. And down fourteen point eight. Can you match the ratings to the correct NFL pregame show again according to SI dot com's Richard Bates UK wanna guess. I think I. Spoke out against fox is up point six CBS is down five point seven and ESP hands off the charts down. That actually is exactly right. It's ESPN's. I don't know it's like Fonality conversation for some reason. You suppose Chris Berman mattered that much to you be mattered a lot. And a look on anything I knew bunch you know Sam ponder Randy Moss Charles Woodson Matt Hasselbeck Rex Ryan consuming content. You know life and I mean you know Berman and Tom Jackson those doesn't know they reveal war horses. But they had a major following that a major following they were together a long time they had actual chemistry which you can't just but so seven guys in a room. And have a mall talk at the same time until stories and if boy it'll be discreet yeah I think. I guessed fox just because I think that's kind of what they've been doing right if they have different they they've had. They have multiple guys on the set but they didn't do and it together now quite awhile and they're just that ease of conversation. It just seems to work on that show. I don't know I'm I am dead thing pregame shows are. Really less valuable well less important offense than they ever used to be right. I'm surprised anybody's up yeah and the Internet I know other stuff or if we down also I mean I think. You know that that that old that over saturation is nuts not to be taken lightly you need you see you get all week and I know we work in the business of you know of of sports but I mean. Every one of my friends Twitter feed is littered with sport sites and you know stuff because they like to follow games. Don't needed by Sunday morning they just wait for kick off when they're basically waiting for. 95950. At red zone. Where they start to count that's when he gets interest in those are questions for cried there for now.