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Wednesday, January 10th

Gruden's return to the Raiders is like what movie?


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John Bruton and reached in and they're gonna do a great job with Derek Carr I news. Not so fast which game it was on our. Sister station today we'll work station. It whatever. Portrait you notified that we played by the bay Rich Gannon said that the. Jon Gruden today and said I thanks but I I just don't I just don't wanna do it quote I really came to my senses. Probably on the flight up there yesterday. They go to the press conference in just realize that to work alongside Jon Gruden takes a special person takes a person with great energy passion and commitment. More importantly time I didn't think it would be fair to myself my family or even to John not to be all in with him. So rich candidates not going to be. Part of junger and staff although he says he wool being involved with the raiders quote in some smaller capacity and quote. Tells me back up quarterback a I don't know did they they can appoint a cornerbacks coach that they don't really necessarily need one because gruden as head coach in Gregg Olson is the former quarterbacks coach who's now the offensive coordinator so part of it prod be repetition. Are redundancy in the other party is I Ginn in you know as as much as he talked about what their car was gonna have to do in terms of his work habits. To really get on you know gruden swayed links. I think he took some of his own advice and really thought about it and I agree with. It was one of the raiders writers today. I think it was stick to a fur who said I'm surprised when anybody. Indian in this position in life goes back to coaching rights brutal men in the hours are ridiculous you know there are no days off and you're allowed to work with actually work with players less now than you ever were seized in motion time doing on player work you just it's hard to know how much some of these. Former players really and former coaches that matter really enjoy broadcasting but he's very good at broadcasting yeah. I'm sure part of the attraction is there's buzz around gruden go back. And you know players missed the energy that they feel being around a team that's getting radio play game it's really no way to replicate them. At least most most guys would tell you that no matter what else you do in your life that part you just can't. Can't fake it makes it a little bit harder to convince ticket buyers that look forget the old gang back together right but ultimately it's probably not that. Significant. Not as significant as this it's the opportunity here. Champion to be limitless expertise to author and columnist mark rather you can see the way kind of straighten themselves when we say that kind of. Puffs out his chest luckily I shook my head no but that's okay. These are questions for Chrysler author columnist. Amateur ornithologist. You know we're learn as we go yet he used to actually treat their cattle for ping guy but he doesn't know much about catalyst that turns out we found out. Generally. Not really I mean I know how to spray you know upon aside in their face bot aside that's what I mean that's what you do it's that scene the antiseptic he sprain. Yes OK Aaron pump that's still a skillet comes in handy much these days I'm you know more often than you think but I'd only wanna get in there. So what do you do when they put their support thing murderer put their heads down there wanna gets brainy guy it's not easy for them because they have to you metal pipes clamped behind them. More on either side of their neck ties so you know the first thing you do use is successfully turning get a account to run down she didn't. So it's actually a multi pronged process yeah yeah and I realize this is fastening everybody. But yeah once they're in the she got because they can't back out kept a close our eyes. I cal. Heidi daily you know what's going on their their Betty and all they can close tie you spray seven's that's gonna close its eyes. Yeah I'm I'm yelled are you tell me I've never done it. OK so the idea is it necessarily to get the eyeball. With the with the the box aside the idea is to spread all around me IE winner pop guy you know Wear pink guy can take them. Now polls taken stuff. Now you're just trying to separate the hole I area close enough is all we're trying to do OK all right just a question like eight and try our mighty which I've also done yeah every corner isn't going to be a perfect straight line all right and we we can move on intimidate on the less than sensitive areas first morning there ranching life is fascinating but let's move on Jon Gruden says his return to the raiders is kind of like back to the future kind of weird what movie would you compare his return to the raiders to two. Movies we don't wanna literature no I don't feel limited and all I ocean's twelve movie class yeah. Really yeah so. Ocean's eleven is really good movie that people liked watching and especially like re watching. Right yes you know we tell about the original or the remake of the remake their vision of George Clooney Brad Pitt. And friends Rios original of the rat pack wrecked in a different and yes I'm sure you know right but the did the the ocean's eleven debt came out whenever fifteen years ago. Was people loved it but they also they like even more the more I thought about it they do they liked it more in the retailing. And so win the sequel came out ocean's swell people were ready for its gonna be great remember how funny those guys were together and every line was just seemed perfect in everything worked out and they were so cool and oceans twelve was way too cute. And you know way too contrived and it didn't work. Yes well the have a question in the S again well it's questions for Chrysler sought to raise my hand when I have a question. Although I don't ask you questions are not gonna get anywhere. Was ocean's twelve lower Julia Roberts admitted to a pace she looks like Julia Robert correct a tea yet so as you know it failed for a number of reasons now. Oh wow so you're not very optimistic here about little a little I don't know what I don't know what movie they're gonna wind up making here but I'm just saying. It is sure feels like death like people are really connected into the cool factor of having gruden back. And it's not it's been awhile and it's not going to be the same end. As you found out and ocean's twelve in the cast didn't quite work the second time through because the script wasn't quite as good things change them. That's okay all right fair enough. As far as gringos here price if top quarterbacks are earning 25 million a year. How much is a top NFL head coach. Word I mean is. Ted Lilly here for a coach. Assuming he's gonna come in and have an impact is that we're really out of whack your top quarterbacks an hour ago 25 million. No not really I mean I don't think so yeah I don't know that we've established group was worth it. But if you're asking what Belichick is worth to the patriots for example. Com I'm not sure that there's a number. That you can really set that would be that unreasonable. Great questions it's almost. We'll be conscious on the banners going to parking Gupta concessions strikeouts to. They could be worth that he did yes if you get all that stuff heat am you know she's part of an organization does and after release its figures you know and drew and stuff was reported out Belichick's staff has more hinted that the known them on the football coach. Is it true the doctors don't make as much and you talk to doctors that to you know we don't make as much as you think now of course it depends. I like specialists make it absolutely positively depends but it is shoe event. You know once a doctor should tracks out when he carries enough track capture its time I don't think it's quite what what what once was them. I'm but like Belichick it's rumored that Belichick makes in the eleven to twelve million dollar range is not really known. And if he did he'd be absolutely worth. So it's at the top quarterback is worth 25 million dollars. And some are worth more than that probably as the next twelve months may prove that a top quarterback's worth even more than that. Many coaches there every single year who makes a program go in Raleigh talk about a few right time but the best. Would be worth. A big chunk of that so fifteen million dollars would mean outrageous to me for. A coach in an industry that is you know cresting upwards of fourteen billion dollars a year it's it's not it's just not that outrages them. I don't in other glisan. Nick Saban makes them this year made eleven upwards of twelve million dollars. Touching Allen is he worth it yeah I used Alabama there's no question about it. So I can make the same morning all right next question I know you're not a big fan of coaches and a brow beating reporters. John Calipari Kentucky head coach here. Thank god he missed catching the ball where you need to catch it who does that for us if you're watching the game most you don't watch it but. Who is able to catch the ball where they need to catch it almost every time it varies been around this a hundred years or rescue were so quiet because you don't know. Excuse me. And and instead of saying the wrong name. You stay silent Larry we had the courage to step up and say TJ he is tall off. I just asked him. He has to take the leadership of this team. What do you think they're ugly that was after they beat Texas and in a couple of exclusively for 73 you know January lectured reporters like that's a stupid being down Calipari there knots. They're better off teasing reporters aren't you nice element there is actually propping up one of them. I guess in a round about way I'm. You know to get you know to follow that and in. I think they've you know try to broader point I don't know dressed coaches crazy that this is really part of a boring and it's not like Kalahari doesn't know exactly what the deal is. Is a lot of people have heavier game's cover lots and lots of things and don't get to cover basketball every single day or live every single day practicing yachts possible. That the Alaska question out of genuine ignorance what was that play. It doesn't mean I don't know basketball and means I don't know what you run can you explain that 'cause I would really love to explain. To the people on about talk to when I'm writing or talking. Can you explain it and I think he he set that you know he's kind of at that on pitino Ole. Roy Williams. She ship's keel of Hillary does owning answer the question anymore I find it take us step all the time the other side of it I talk to a coach or two about this the other side of it is. Sometimes you have people in the media asking questions and you know they don't really understand the game but they're the same people that. Have no qualms about criticizing you publicly right in their writing when they don't even understand what it is you're trying to do sometimes yeah and that's fair I can and I think a lot of coaches get frustrated. By people that they don't see very often too thin. Unload on them or ask an occasional. You know ill informed question one the Timmy but it's never it's. It's just not a perfect situation in that thing that's that deck coaches I think when they reach a certain financial level Calipari just think she's bulletproof. Hey they already made a thirty for thirty about me. So why am I bothering with a few good ones so is you know that Timmy is sort of where he gets in the danger zone where he just feels like. He sees thinking that he's talking to a reporter. Which are really talking to the people the reporter wants to talk to. So what's on you're better off to actually answer even a dumb question because you might be telling some people something that would help them understand why he did. The things you do I think a number of coaches get to a point Saban does sometimes tumors like explaining that team. It does it's like he's just like down by an hour. It's by outlets like predators to be a big fan typically of players. Releasing songs especially rap singles. I generally know generally not yet channeling a reach tacky yes but everybody else know. Oh what is it. I sought advertise on CBS I think most Bible performer. They're gonna have and I forget when his I apologize or gonna show NFL players like at talent show for. Talent showcase for NFL players I heard this described yeah. Yeah MVP most valuable performers. The other things that they do really well yeah I don't care what you like to hear cold Beasley the cowboys would like to hear his new wraps single you debt. Yeah and I think it's us this Diener. Stings it anyway here's CoBiz least he wraps single. I'm plus outlets that engage every loss now when I pulled out of my dog. We decades applause now. I'd like to ask you. That's. Pretty good. That's cool Beasley everybody let's say a lot good stuff yeah. Songs about sports. The songs about game day or massage and. Established engage every fuss now when I pulled out a Madonna. Index hit the ball now. That's too much things like this you clients out of. Two I'm a dog would Jack get the ball out I feel very good. Disqualified for your name checking Jerry Jones ran scam. So that's always know that's what people know what satellite receivers as a rapid about it now you name sector Asia bureau. All I thought that was pretty good cries and marquis sites she did. You or I I I don't listened to a lot are out but that was well done. Okay. All right. How did you feel about meta world's. I don't remember off and honestly I don't I don't remember remember making fun of it at that all pull Beasley. There's no way -- shirt well I'd. What was wrong with Kobe is les. But he named chick Jerry Jones in his first answer over skillfully. And I that's not -- that was song starts we just played for a snippet. Yeah oh sorry yeah the like those are building up to the point where name checks the owner of his team yet know banks like Leo wow that's gonna sell more copies than meta sold I think there's a chance of that. There's a chance of that now was this part of the CD release. I think he really saw a number of tracks or know I think it was just the single of the releases is on the yeah one wish in the vessel that's great I yeah I honestly I was pretty well done alerts of the new every day. Now that's not at all what I expected to sound like but I doubt cowboy wide receiver no I didn't need it denied that I. You lost me Jerry. All right those are questions for Chrysler for now.