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Tuesday, October 3rd

Can the Raiders reach .500 without Carr?


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We have questions for Chrysler coming up before that because I know you work really hard on this so this is like a little treat for you you work so hard questions for Chrysler I'll 120 year I think it's probably your favorite feature and we haven't done it in a while. Seeing that leads. It's time for him the playoffs started today I was iced tea thank you can't figure out how hard on our walk around January 6 and seventh graders taking on the Steelers Broncos taken on the jaguars two bad games right there but David's. Dad stuff right wildcard round NFC January 6 and seventh Packers against the rams falcons against the Panthers. Wow really the highest winning seat from the NFC wild card round would play the lions. Lowest winning seat from the NFC wild card would play the Eagles. In the AFC diets winning seat from the AFC wild card would take on the bills. And the lowest winning seat from the AFC wildcard would take on that she. And that's good stuff playoff start. Thank you that's good stuff like an aerial love ever tell you what analogue tied nobody wants to play the bills in the playoffs I can tell you that right now. In January. Yeah they got that C chiefs of of the one seed bills that skews the dance Steelers three jags for Broncos vibrator six unit back we implement jags are the four seat currently organized and in the NFC you're one seed of course the Eagles now share lions to. Rams three on campus or rams are the strongest three we've seen in some time lady Packers just a sixth seeded Nebraska action. So wrong but yeah you got your way in Iraq sorry. Now we head into the limitless expertise about it. Mark Ramos said now lines are any questions for credit because the playoffs do you start today or at least the post season does me in the baseball. Yes yes so mr. baseball what are the three most important things for a World Series team to possess. And which post season team has them. Now only. And I hence. We're really seeing season. Rooted in ancient history. One rooted in more modern history and once spit this visit to this year so. Anywhere in any any any World Series team any World Series winner. With very few exceptions in the history of the game had solid to great starting pitching. Gotta have it gotta have it right. And two today and over the last couple years. It's hard to conceive of the team being truly great. In the post season if it doesn't have an excellent and versatile bullpen. So it's not just boy got a pitching note you have to have great starting pitching that you also have to have. You know kind of a multi use. Bullpen. Which means in most cases it means you have to have guys who've been starters. Who you party retrained. For than you know it'll actually for the idea they're gonna become available through that one thing or two no that's too. Because starting starters a great thing then yeah great starters grateful bullpen in the this year specifically. It helps an awful lot if you have some pop. And we earlier. You were saying don't tell them to Winston you know. Trying to gap power there's logic there except for them swing for the fences may not be their best play but for most of the teams in the playoffs. If you're not. Attempted launch went out your beer B train them the the way you got there are elements of dozer hit for the twins this year a lot 34 and as a team they were a mid pack team they've they were sixteenth in the in the majors in home runs so. You're looking for you know the teams at the top and seriously it seems the top in home runs it does surprise the best teams were good in most of these things one team has all of these things. With absolutely no question that's Cleveland. Cleveland has. All the starting pitching you want because they've they've they've got Cooper obviously to have Brasco. I'm they have Trevor Bauer it sounds like they're gonna use Josh Tomlin. In the in the rotation beat and he's a ground ball guy must they're the guys are our strikeout guys they're gonna move a great and we saw him at the end of the regular season when he great. Starter anomaly like Salazar in cells are into their pin. And their bullpen stack strike because they already have shocked and they have. Tony Allen and they have. Andrew Miller so. They're in addition they're gonna take a starting pitcher like Salazar is a strikeout guy and it's from independent Francona you know will use them. To their Macs more versatility. In an app Linear power. Premieres it's an out Encarnacion hits it out. I'm adorn its big they have plenty of pop I think Cleveland's most well rounded team. I'm in us in a field a pretty good teams units couple of look there's 300 game Wayne Newton so it's a good feel that team as I think Cleveland really stands out. I took that would really have to go haywire for for the unions not to be in the ALCS. And favored. Something really weird would have to happen. Announces Mino the Yankees played a good series I mean Cleveland would have to have some I'm really unexpected development. Let somebody get hurt her or something like that they're just. They're investing in baseball. So I'm expecting the New Year's ago the World Series win. Our next question how are the raiders can affair while Derek Karr is out with a fracture in his back. I'm glad you're okay and yeah yeah yeah yeah. I had class and I'm like it's so I have inside here Ron Lewis predicted ESPN on what to expect from the raiders after the car injury. When you're hoping they can at least go 500 that's what tomb when you put the backup quarterback in like that really when you're standing back up quarterbacks and your put your roster together fiesta place somewhere from three to six you know forty gained something like that you're open he just hold down the fort you can go 500 and you got to lean on the strength -- your football team which means all that's a lot of the raiders they have to step up now their identity has to come through now because if you put it on Wednesday night you can't expect him to be the guy who Derek Karl already hits when he's at his best so really now what that offensive line for right now they have the most in my cap dollars allocated to a annual let's won the national formally -- your job you can have what you had the past two weeks in terms of reform. How negative. Well like I think it 500 is reasonable but not for the same not on the same scale I think there's a a fair chance without knowing none of us knows. They dare car misses a couple of games. 500 in this case would mean beating the ravens losing to the chargers or vice Versa and half three home games ravens chargers chiefs chiefs is a huge contest. It's possible their cars on the field by them. So to meet the challenges beat the ravens. This weekend get the one wooden balls were really struggling especially offensively. Get this game and putting your pocket. Com hope to beat the chargers if there is script gets flipped on you you may celeb deer car back before anything else happens. I don't think. Not that it's not fair but. Each gaming on his best days in B Derek Karr even really close your religious SE and David Carr is EJ Manuel on his best day David Carr. He's. He eat he he can you deliver a past that look. If the line. Struggles at all eating Daniels and have a terrible two weeks and I'm seriously just guessing and it's only two weeks. I'm I think that they I agree the onus is on the line but not just for pass protection the other thing is it they really haven't run the ball well at all that's going to be more critical now. Because what they wanna do is limit. Manuals. Risk. He hasn't played really when's the last time we started the game it's been a long time business started when he sixteen started one game yes so. You know he's he's gone a long time without being the guy so the I think job one is not is is trying to do not ask him to do too much. And you can only do that if you run games brings life little bit. I think they can beat the ravens. At home. Even if it's a struggle I think they can beat the ravens seriously thirteen to ten so I think they can get one. And then the chargers game will be. Wild card you know I don't know what happened there. Troubling thing for the raiders right now as it's hard to find things are doing well and you can see the defense has been playing. Better than expected but the offensive line underperforming. Cars are playing well but he's not there at least he did last game he had a good gaming December he's not there. Lynch hasn't been doing anything maybe that's because of the offensive line. A Mark Cooper keeps dropping passes Crabtree didn't play well against Redskins plus he's hurt so what are you got it right well I think. In this is not what people thought coming into the season but I think if we're thinking really short term which is that he beat Baltimore. I think it's that the most encouraging thing came out of the game in Denver was the way did defensive front was able to get through. An impression quarterback. And you know get touches and hits on the quarterback. And I think that with their defense stepped in a little bit they can win an ugly game nights that's on taken all happened they get really ugly game yeah I think the ravens and they've before the season started said they really wanted to focus on the run this year and a lot you know the the Broncos did they ran the ball down the raiders' throats yet. That's that's what the the ravens would have to deal because Flacco doesn't move for them well. I he's clearly I'm not following back from his own injury. And they're not they're just not. Great they're not skilled position great since the raiders will be it'll be a game in the trenches.