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Wednesday, May 23rd
Some say there's nothing like a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

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My feeling premature yeah let's all back up through the finals bumped those banks did what sixteenth last night again. How about losing game five tomorrow and then we'll see. My wife the warrior fan was not at all happy at the conclusion of that game I'm sure she was not yeah. She says now is a bad game as the rams the good games so it wasn't no denying and I'm so close game. But it's my birthday and I declare that it was a good game. That usually works in baseball today in weird things going on for example Brian Dozier the twins with a line drive bottom of the first at target field. And it hits the wall and it's stuck to the Walt let. Hook line drive triple landed between it in in one of the creases between the padding and on the wall there. Target field ground rule double rob rob and I agree it's Buchanan Italy's triple for that Nike tunnels level she hears I don't because if he if he if you play alive which you know. That's it you solidly in the world beat play alive to double. And not a guy can't get it out and not a he has to bring on his teammates overseeing climb on his back nine boost me up there it's I think she just went and got his return on the video took like 12 it's really no big deal. And in anyway hit under the rules of the game it's a double and so it's a double. You just said it's a double because under the rules of the game it's a double there are no I'm saying it's kind of it was ground rule. Is that it's a double in the real if you played a live he gets double and an honest Russell instance but it could happen theoretically the ballpark where the false fire up that's a the only weird thing that happened the brewers won again today. They beat the for the four Diamondbacks distinct fall apart. Arizona losing Milwaukee winning some a walking up 31 in nineteen. And they're off to their best start after fifty games in franchise history that brings. To this. Opportunity in this happens in the it was the most popular columnist mark rather the one and only mr. baseball so these are questions. For Chrysler slash mr. baseball say mr. baseball are the Milwaukee Brewers a legitimate National League it and it threat right now. Leon. But I'm not sure why you could make the attic limited and a talent. And they they were there's no question that they set out to improve that club but the thing that's. I don't know if they killed it on him to win the Marlins started sell off to everybody. Vick tell late in the game they kind of fell in sideways to Christian yell it's and he spent a big difference on that team. I think. To answer your question when he in terms of pitching I think so. It's you know that they're there are so far there Balkans good but their bullpen was good last year or not they were a bad team last year they were Connor. I'm on their way they have one of the great names in baseball the brewers do. He's actually their backup catcher. Jet GE TT jet ban the missing greens and used to be with the angels come up staking. Not letting jets bandy has great that's great. I eat there every day lineup doesn't. Overwhelm you. And yet they both among those things if they want to thirteen inch really well as the Diamondbacks sent out another Diamondbacks. Maybe not the fairest test right now the Diamondbacks had ten hits in three game news. While it's Carl I mean that is a team going really that. So I'm Betty I I think Milwaukee has RD established again were were well past you know my. My favorite. Benchmark which a quarter turn we'll mostly seems now about a third of the way through ranking pretty clothes come above fifty plus games mean they played fifteen they're really good. In part with their hot right this minute but before that they were already up plus 500 team together a contender my dad used to say gutsy got. You take stock of things at memorial today. Fourth of July Labor Day and then the embassies and yeah that's a great way to think about it because Memorial Day kitchen there. I've always thought. You needed forty games to figure out. What you hat. And for some teams forty isn't enough as it turns out because injuries cloud everything. I don't know if the giants know what they have that I keep I'm guessing that probably the giants' loss to Houston today afford to one this question. Is it accurate or is it disrespectful to Houston to say the warriors blew that. Game last night. It accurate to say that course of disrespect in the Houston Rockets to save it clad warriors blew that game last year I just don't think that's accurate. With all football you know everything noted in Houston played gay game and played intensely and all that. And that was in Tony's big message but it's it's it's accurate. For everything just ended right Dick Dick Dick that team still shot below 40% for the night didn't shoot well from three. Pardon was something like three of twelve from three it's not like they live it up. So the opportunity to win at home was well there in the worries led by Tim going into the fourth absolutely fits the definition of blowing it. Get a ten point lead at home starts fourth quarter. In a game in which your opponent winds and shoot below 40% for the day. Issue when it. This question is Steve Kerr won't let me ask you this way should Steve Kerr called the timeout on the warriors. Next to last possession last night question what I I think so I I know you can you can argue it anyway you want to and I understand. I'm bitter. They have a big picture thought about that which is now we were great transition now transition before their defense gets set absolutely lot of teams say at the with the warriors are 100% believe that you know it just it works. They're good added. The reason I would have called tournament last night. Is there weren't cast I mean they they needed time. And they had they had just played a series of terrible possessions. I would have taken the time out absolutely yeah team to gather my players. To get him up a blow. And to try and set up for actually one decent possessions yeah I think I agree. And I typically side with like get up and get on the floor before the defense is set. But the problem was yeah you're right the warriors were fatigued and weather is because of the fatigue or something else. They were making terrible decisions between you and obviously I think we even saw on that possession we saw a couple really bad possessed decisions. To rant didn't do much with the ball he gave the ball so clay in a situation where Klay couldn't do much in the clay. He made a bad decision with what he ended up trying to do. So yeah I'm out it's like you guys are not to make decisions as much as here's our plan. That and others he trusted his semen has seemed to just let him down. Yet when that but that's another key point that you could have called timeout in one of a couple of places it is in a question of do you call timeout. And then run the play it could've been as simple as getting up the floor realizing we're in trouble tight out yeah and they didn't do that either said there was that. Before I forget we talked yesterday. In more than once about dream on and boxing out and how good he's been added and in fact for those of us like me who do you really know it was a thing. That people pay attention to what he pointed out that it's running count of drama as box outs. Had been kept. Last night. Late in the game. A perfect example of him having no legs left was that he completely blue knights mention this because I got from the athletic should the video he said this is rare. I wanna show you how tired dream on was he completely missed a box out. On a guy he was kind of loitering down in the five hole and I'm not I don't know if this capella or somebody else come out off the play. Tehran had his back turned to him on a warriors missed. And came down to trying get it in just got absolutely. Right over the back rebounded moon in situations. All during these playoffs and especially in this series he is successfully fended off that guy. Because he was attentive he just sent any legs. And that's to me and bigger concern for the warriors going forward dizzy dollar make that much different three point 913 to wanting. Go to the phones here I think RJ has a question for cried Blair a large act. Delicious thank you for asking earlier it would be hard yeah yeah he was pretty good he was in the room by himself. That's our X. That help or hurt you without water so it was elderly people over here. Hey cute things broke Greg Parker caught soldiers. All these games ago on seven because both teams are on the day. Lawyers senators and carpet and what we're effort to win that one yeah bowed out of the caretaker and then. That's super driver who won the MVP of actually perhaps. The MVP of that of the at a later in the week yeah they don't do any thinking we understand EPO. I I couldn't telling him I'm hoping that it someone. From some team that had a good week I assume it was a pitcher's eyes it's. A am I right handed pitcher right in the park article strikes on the garden you recover quicker eerie. Hey can I tell you. Just just I'm glad you brought that have us think about this today I think Brandon belt should have been named player of the week because he didn't get find. Free essentially saying that an umpire was calling pitches to try to in the gamer. Not get fine for that. Well and into LeBron to complain you know according to the refs now you don't. Take a great player in the league in the game and fight them. I think it says that in a great unemployment thank you RG I think I I don't think there's any disputing it Brandon bell is the LeBron of Major League Baseball team. Thank you are today I was so obvious it is that never occurred to me thank goodness we get that settled I just was thinking about that this morning because. I'm there was a conversation on MLB network about what Brandon Crawford it said about the button getting thrown out for not he kept his bat. In it reminded me hey bill didn't get Indian mountain. What he said was this point it is you can get it at an umpire. For the fourth straight year the Eastern Conference finals of the National Hockey League we'll have a seventh game. This time between the capitals. And the lightning it's been said there's nothing like a game seven in the Stanley Cup Playoffs does mr. baseball agreed. Question I do not agree he does not. Now I do not agree I think that's them. That's. That's a great saying that's been sort of hockey's way of trying to call attention back to itself but look how hard. Teams compete in the game seven in the NHL which I wouldn't deny if you watch game sevens and hockey their grade they are great. And you know there's great tradition surrounding it and you know the post series handshake would occur after that game so there's a whole lot about that game that'll be memorable. But to say there's nothing like it beaming in game seven in the NBA during game seven in the World Series is not like game seven in hockey to me is crazy. You you're talking about. The best she can do as a fan in all of those sports. So I'd give it all due respect. Game seven hockey's great big game seven in India is great. Game seven World Series trip the 171. All time game sevens in the Stanley Cup Playoffs nearly a quarter. 41 of them have required overtime. Mr. baseball. But again and a pretty good games in a bunch there's I'm not denying and it. I just think that's a weird concede there are you know understand it's hockey well wait a minute. They same guys are absolutely laying out game seven and NBA series casino there you wouldn't say that if we were in. Quebecers somewhere Hampshire he could be right. You could be. You'd be mr. I wouldn't be talking about Brandon belt for her compact would everyone's talking about Brandon belt he's a global brand which.