Question for Kreidler 5/9/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, May 9th

Was Shaq guilty of a flagrant 2 last night on Charles Barkley?


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As someone who has followed the case since they first got here when things are going sushi went. Mother's Day is down. Perfect game not always but since he threw down what we tend. Another thing happened last night that it knows someone who's always followed the a's I will. Associate going forward with Mother's Day and that was Stephen Scotty whom the the a's acquired from the cardinals in the offseason they got him because he wanted to be closer to his mother was suffering from LS and she died just a couple days ago. And Stephen to Scotty actually played last night for the first time since she passed. And so he got a very warm ovation from the coliseum crowd first time he stepped it wells first at bat and even some of the Houston Astro players were applauding. And Lance my colors the Houston pitcher. Walked behind the mound to let the Scotty soak in the emotion and that's you know emotional enough as it is but one of the things the Scotty did was. He placed his hand on his heart. Any says that's something that his mother would do. Laid her life when she was enabled to speak. And so he did the gesture. Gesture of appreciation. For the reception in memory of his of his mother who was so moving to end any rifled a base hit to. Right feeling yeah and and he clearly was trying to compose himself. As he stepped into the box. I'm eat even after. My colors did I truly professional thing which is trying. Not just let him soak it up but also give them amend it like it was gonna take a second for him to even be able to play baseball. And many he lined a ball right sinner and rounded first and I think he'd you know he he lost it. A little bit. And it was just it was such a sweet but heart breaking moment. And yet he did he chose to come back just a fact that he was playing so this in an incredible cost and ends amusing he knew that. That that's what she won it and he was honoring. Her by playing. And he'll step away just for anybody's when and he'll be stepping away from the team again here just in a couple of days. And you'll miss I believe one of the one of the roads here's our look at the Yankee series or Red Sox spent. I'm for obvious reasons and it was. I don't know I don't not trying to bring a showdown it would just it it really got me mom. Clearly. Absolutely yeah right now us. Captain video but. Less expertise about the red columnist Mark Bryant Larry but these these are questions. Pride there. Mark Chrysler's an amateur ornithologist and he is a pain at Barnes and is also treated cattle for pink usher have you done that up people last all the time. To the extent that it's annoying problems prices for Chrysler. 'cause he treated cattle for pink guided you yeah like I won over which people here aren't you coming in your hands up stand down America yes you're right. I didn't know that okay and answer questions. I got a question for your current OK that's question. You know I love. Inside the NBA I think we all did it rob watches. Because it's a funny show and it's it's not always that funny you get great information. It's a very on his show and you never know what's gonna happen to him so last night yet a situation where Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal were disagreeing. It started with a discussion about the raptors and whether they disrespect did tomorrows and by benching him and anyway things got a little heated. Honest to goodness Lee heated if that's a term between the two of them. He got to repair did other grandmother desktop video that lets you got very little plug UN when he got to do I didn't have the way I could have been playing great global market driven down the court who argue all you knew we talk a quarterfinal members of the joke but you can home. A little joke every every homered for millions it'll lose your great player your total order don't know that there's not. You don't just above import all of you have all the players and welcome out of court you can yellow bugs in every 12100 I'm no great player let you would've got a twelve hour walk away all of. Say yeah that was kitty trying to break in there shack basically said Charles Barkley doesn't know anything about Jamie took basketball so not first time he says that question for Chrysler. And I got a flagrant foul on Shaq president as a flagrant two and I will what do we got anywhere through it as a man. Tell me again the rules for a flagrant two. Flagrant one is. Unnecessary right contact flagrant two is excessive contact. Yeah it's like to. It's flagrant you mean Shaq indulges his ego enough and it's usually really entertaining and so does Charles I don't mean you know usually a standoff. Check I think had a poor anyone and to make. But he wound that sort of plane. Scoreboard card money just came up it was one of those moments which allows watch and worried I truly just thought that the year off the rails in in in an Ernie would have done something about it now in Ernie wasn't there. And I don't know who hosted instead of Ernie Casey stern he was in he was out of his depth and not his fault it's not he show her her bright nice. What I see him all the times fault not his environment through somebody's called dollars and bomb in small hole. But he was overwhelmed by what was happening and even and Kinney tried McKinney just tried to like I hope the brakes. When she came off looking like in past. And it looks at Charles usually you can usually let Charles talk himself. Into his up and pop rocks you don't have to go there check came off looking like a really small minded dude. Honestly for guys want as much as yet. I think he overreacted because Charles start outing is make an appointment Shaq disagreed with a which is that happens all time but I thought he really. Overreacted in this disagreement because my point being. Charles gonna have the floor there yeah and disagrees wanting with a when you take over and basically starts and got to know what he's talking about excessively that I why can't hear what you're saying yeah. And Charles was making I think a little different point even in checkered. Trials making a point about. You know. Do you on your best player or not in other words. Do you give DeRozan it's been a long season and he's battled for you pretty well through it it's a fair argument to say I would've given him some minutes in the fourth quarter that's out start. And just went completely off the rail my Google meet shock. Is a great one liner. Except it makes you look really small. Yeah bad as you said earlier as you pointed out stuff first and it's good that literally. Waving your ring and guys base via. I think is massive violent death even watch axiom it's massive so. Imagine how huge it was a common normally do another part of it there on all the time now because you know typically during the season it's once a week. And now they guy games. Almost every night and they come on every now I think for getting cranky and tired of being there I'm sure they are appropriate they did the NCAAs to. So that day in May still have a lot of policies laughed. So big date they probably welcomed. They'd they'd be okay with this tonight's series ending. I'm and having a couple of days of the no games is that's what they need them I don't have four day week well there almost son 'cause they have. The Western Conference finals on TNT. They don't have the NBA finals but I think they still have I think they still may do some. Some things on the NB ATV or something okay but they're almost there. All right camp when he got this question pages a king's new assistant GM. Is that is that it is for king's things. The kings things even parenting question what is paying them to monetary Jerry Reynolds one time when asked a different question well it's not. I asked something about did the kings you know get closer letter to unit was something about a kings lakers series and you know since soon you know. Something about does that put them closer personally as well now well doesn't mean there's like let's state the fact. For kings fans I don't actually know if this means anything to be honest. A little worried myself. Just because the idea of Peja. A sending. To me seems a little out of place. But I don't know their front office structure is unusual. End it it struck so bloody being the GM so everything after that to me a little bit unusual anyway. It looks doesn't add a little bit and we don't know what's going on but we haven't heard anything about what Paes has contributed. So maybe it's not fair to say but to me it almost looks a little bit like he's being promoted because. He's he's a really good bye bodies with you'd put SpinRite. And that it either that or. Tonight and it is always possible. Suddenly do with a wave of Jack. Pictures the front office the front offices plot a with the triumvirate of assistants. And they each have a specific thing and James Kim did a great job for us. Of laying out what they do he's got he's got Brian Williams doing basically admit he's the administrative guy. Cat Miller handles contract negotiations in passing the technologist. Peja does player development in the Jean Lee that leaves no one actually evaluating talent to Jayne said well everybody does that. End and and I think I understand that although if the I mean I wanted to Williams did more that I would hope so. The I just think that their setup wrong Ritalin should probably be the GM or someone like him if he's not ready for it. Someone else should be the GM and applauding should be some other title. So I think this is weird becoming what they're doing is I don't think it affects seeking stance Machida way but I think that there. Mike Lahti wants patient to be an assistant GM. So he's becoming one mean. They're giving figures job as the only change. I think the whole front office structure is potentially on thin ice here because. And they've got some time here. But if things don't work out well this offseason and next season is similar to this season if there's not noticeable measurable growth and improvement. Then you go into the next offseason without a first round without a number one pick. You know kings fans are going to be a lot of king stands a kind of forgotten that or is not top of mind are we out there and how to pick wait how can have a pick again wait. They're terrible on that on how to pick what happened and I think that could be. That could be when the rubber hits the road for this current front office but they've got time between now and then. To improve things he could spark a change your diet if yeah. We don't see that improvement as her Peja I wouldn't pretend I'm not passengers on what he's done because I really don't know what he's done. I don't even know what running the G league I don't need hail that's part of me thinks if he'd done some oddest quote about right it does America I can tell you it doesn't Intel contracts payroll. So I don't know what else it entails exact all I know is that he was involved in boxing some contractual situation with the G league player where they. Couldn't bring him up when they wanted to or couldn't send them down one and one to 'cause they didn't understand the rules. So I'm not overwhelmed by the move but it sounds to me more like. One of plottage friends get a great job but but that's really to me. I'm. It's it's unfair to Peja think I don't know what he does and I'm not trying to be starchy I don't know what he does really. BS I don't ever really seen him associated with something specific to say that you don't know what he does is not to assume that he doesn't do any doubt and I don't mean a matter of factual I don't know what he does if he's a player development might I I think it's fair to ask okay what what player development will. How what do you mean. What does that mean. Does that mean you oversee aspects of the of the current rosters development. That's a useful thing and then then at least I can judge okay how's he do. But I rarely clearer what he'd stay a day of reckoning is coming. Well for this group the other thing they aways off yet but it's common but the other thing they did is they line up Panetta friendly face. Near the top of the pecking order mom and you know if you're trying to insulate yourself against public criticism. You throw of plotting out there and throw a page out there because people really love them. And want them to do well you know and that and keep I think people around you do they want them to do not just for the so the kings are better but also because flies to gay guy and you wanna see him succeed and you remember how is always been a good guy and pace is a good guy and all that. You buy yourself a lot of goodwill whereas if Brandon Williams is the GM it's little more cold eyed all right he's not from here let's see what's he about what's he done. There's we try actually have a shorter leash. So on some major buying yourself a little more rope so much of it hinges on how good Terry Giles and seriously. If he's really a player all of a sudden people are gonna feel a lot differently about this whole organization. Down and he's just a guy they're in trouble. Yeah well for lots of reasons they need him to be more than a guy. And according to James will get a glimpse. If in fact the kings. Hosting of this of this sort of mini. We turn our underwear every night or summer camp that might be your first circuit and Giles. And really firm that would be for most of us the very first look literally. Ask him really even playing basketball after college from the best yeah could be very inspirational story yet to be and they're gonna end up with Michael Porter junior right. Civilian hair they get the guys who fix Terry Giles on Michael Porter junior backhand moved bingo mom. So I'm I'm admit I'm I'm. I wasn't overwhelmed by the news today but I admit part of it is because I really interesting it was easy it is necessarily good news but it really shouldn't be necessarily like. I know what brand Williams does and I know it can't really does it's so obvious and did they get to Peja what does he do. Well it runs a geely what do you mean he runs the okay. Are you sure 'cause I think that shot my best guess I think the kings of the plotting of the Stockton kings they control everything about that franchise. Those are questions for credit for now unless it sounds like you're just getting warmed up here I don't wanna. Now not here I'm gonna study hello I'm putting it out there that I don't actually understand what he'd done news. I've been watching it's I'm not ignorant I just don't I haven't seen it yet okay player development well it's. What player development. The players they have the development that you've seen that there's there's there's been packed I don't know I've. If I was a question for radler if I gave you a promotion to executive VP of the rise judge Ito. And I issued a press release I would explain why you were being promoted him. That's all I ask him. Weis being promoted released right here why is he being promote. I'm thrilled announced visual serve his experience as a player best buy executive combined with his ability to develop players and assess talent as a valuable asset to the king and he assumes is brought to spend the previous three seasons as an executive. Most recently serving additional player development responsibilities. He assisted the front office and domestic and international scouting efforts and oversaw the team's. Okay. Then it goes on that list all the things he did as a player which is wonderful but I know that already and that's not necessarily gonna help I'm not against him in this tight I was trying to figure out why you promote. I didn't. No you specifically promoted him all right album works out another sign maybe that everything's that in the right direction up.