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Thursday, May 24th
Is Dave Joeger's offense out of date? 

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It be fun. It's a left in the yeah feisty fearless tolerance and the warriors. As they run to the NBA finals and I'm thinking well. Yeah I do you view Rosie might have a runner's stride on their handiwork then aiming. How do you think of what to censor the fan base I apologize. For not having a clear sense of this. Because the warriors long time ago they were the local team so for many older fans probably. I guess nephew pretty old though. As the kings came here in 85 you got you pretty old but maybe for some fans like Galley they used to be my team so yea but for kings fans it's more like. Like the warriors. There are nor cal rivals yeah although I think this warriors team of the last couple years ten transcends a lot of I think people are arranged in them just because they're I think not not because they're moon and usually great and not test. All the warriors made the playoffs what do I care well it's not like path that it probably I think they're more people inches around here than would be otherwise if just. Some warriors team with say. I don't know Portland's lineup. It was in the playoffs I think people around here would largely not care except for those who grew up root for the warriors bankers' lot of interest. Because of what they're trying to do in. The implications of being this good this many years in a row in the way they went about it it's just unusual. That's they want kings fans of course still consider the lakers arch rivals right specially those who remember it via the glory days. That rivalry is nowhere near what it once was but the warriors kings and know we've talked about this with the likes of Tim Roy and many others. That the two teams have never been good at same time. But warriors kings I still think the bones are there for a great rivalry someday someday yeah I don't know when the time will come. When they match up. Where they're both in a period of may be what would you need. Three years of being good at same time that's about all it would take to really kick and a mountain. It's amazing Sammy really had that in all these years I remember last year's think in note two years ago last year of time. Flies. As I remember taken way out the king somehow got into the playoffs as an eight seed. And then had to play in the warriors would be tremendous series kings would again probably got the doors blown off maybe they would wanna game here. What wow would have been a great series right I mean a great rivalry yes. For Sacramento probably you know just owing to that it probably would have gotten chip. Mean don't you probably had some good stuff down to kind of carry forward maybe give you a little spark to carry forward. So now I have to hope so little spark I just on the DA and came this morning just a little graphic just a little that's terrific right now assigned to tap into the limit. Pardon me its OK let's go. Limitless expertise and author and columnist mark private. These are questions for her Seidler. Let's start here LeBron is finding comfort and inspiration this post season in the book the alchemist to be read about this. Extorted mayor Daley was reading it yet dot com the alchemist. In what ways could NBA team's indoor players find comfort in inspiration. From any of your books. Larry well for us pretty good question again I mean classically answers seriously I mean it's. Gone well looking into the but these. So mostly written about young people who are trying to do great things that are really early age cannot end date they are not here yeah but be. The upshot of the the first book in that thing that stuck with most people the longest was actually an image. I'm in this is a book about wrestling the one of the wrestling coaches that they that the guys at one of following college haystack Calhoun knows they have some brands. He he. All of his wrestlers were T shirts that said. Hard work solves everything. And it was nowhere near as simple as that phrase meant it to sound. But that was their operational theory is I can now work this might not work that I can out work this. And I think for a lot of NBA teams I'm sure there's a lot of coaches who would say please accept this message. That year he you get to the NBA and everyone's incredibly talented. By definition. And hard work can actually make up for. A certain amount not a great amount cannot tell it doesn't matter but if you're close on talent and out work. I mean I don't wanna oversimplified in Houston. Played hardly they weren't really that good the other night they played hard man. Is there a chapter in your wrestling book about the great manifesto because he used to have he would kick his boot on the campus. And then it looked like there was it would put into place like steel in this Cooney who kick people special and then afterwards they say what's gone their boot needs say. I was Boone with an affliction. In my league issue that you would make children and I I I always thought he had something entirely answer the question is it kind of dodged a question I wasn't buying that Borland affliction nonsense is there anything about that. In your book. Listen I'm glad we're sort of back to my memory and a meter music today to but I don't think so. I don't think so but I will check. I looked was a great leftist Obama truly born with an affliction I guess we question it's maybe and that that's what an eye color me skeptical okay guesses is what I'm saying. In the last book Cairo was the the due to weigh in analysts say that that is completely a lesson in. Figuring out where you are in your element where you are near environment and you're gonna how to be a part of it instead of fighting it. That is very hard for a lot of NBA players. To be part of a team flow it's really hard when. He's been the whole rest of your time being evaluated for your numbers mean not easy. Could you come over the NBA based titles for your books like I guess the vote back wave. No I couldn't. Okay he couldn't OK am married and just trying to help yeah this time a year you know maybe sell a few more book and I appreciate that better grade. Speaking of the end email written a book called of them back way of by the way I am watcher check. I'll check them on him has he written books on I know that he's certainly capable meaning I really don't know I don't know that the feel I feel like I would no secret about but I I don't. I can easily Japan genius some kind of software Gene Jones a pretty big company interesting post at sac town royalty today speaking of a back in the king's. And the posts. Details how outdated to aviators offense appears to be is that something the kings fans should beacons. Earned two way question I'm glad. Let's welcome serves uninsured week we talked a lot this year about how they can do one of the top three point shooting team. I don't know what they were second nights quotes who put you refused to believe me guess they've finished said the league another doctor they just in issue many. When Dave Yeager was in Memphis there was talk that way it's an outdated. Scheme they run they go through the low post my understanding was that he at one point wanted to speeded up but that is players. You know looking at first Elliot Zack Randolph and Gasol they said no way this is where we play right. So I'm not sure that much like the great and this still and his affliction in future where the truth flights and is often. Jason great literature. I think that. IR of RF if if concern is right where bit but aware is is definitely some tennis rankings change should be because. The roster now changing radically right it's did this is the second era of a pretty radical overhaul of the roster. I would give Yeager the break on two years ago with cousins. Com for most of the season or a good chunk of them you know to be all star break of that season. And last year last season I should say a little bit harder to explain. Because he took on Zach Randolph was just by nature mean your playing slower and that made no sense to me. And even if they had missed. Threes and a or at a greater rate than they did they made a good number Betty let's say that they shot 35% instead of 37 or I think they shot thirty cent. There's still no excuse for men not putting up more threes. And getting out and running so it it. I think it this year is really a year to be extremely aware market it now if he shows coming into this season or you know they're drafting but if if he comes in this season with a team that's clearly built. As a young. Up energy up tempo team. And still refuses to run it that I think you should say you've got a problem here and he's the wrong guy. To me the larger question is what is the organizational. Vision for this franchise and how they play. And whose vision is that. And I don't have the answers I can't sit and say there isn't one. In the one they have is bad but I haven't seen. I don't think we've seen yet. Clear indications of this is the way this team is going to play. Because last year was roster wise. As you say kind of a mishmash yeah that's what I am interested in seeing. What's the vision what kind of team are you trying to put together here right and who's who has that vision right. In NN and frankly I'm skeptical that slot a is capable of that frankly. If he. Two beasts the except that he can articulated I want an event to. And sometimes you know when you're really bad as the kings have been for a long time the first order of business is just we can't get more talent where I'd I don't. I don't know yet but just that much more talent. And that doesn't always lend itself to a clean. Vision of taking us from point a to point B or anything like that moon but now they're starting down that road. And every pick they make. And every contract they consider. Even among their own current contracts. In every trade they consider has got to be predicated on some idea of how you wanna play finding guests. I would guess it is long and quick ma am based on sort of who they've got on the roster so far. And the fact that all those guys can't possibly. Salesman so those guys are going to produce you gonna have a longer quicker. Lineup and you've got to take advantage or say this what 34 years. Ago moved back when he was talking more. Publicly about his basketball. Ideas. He talked about position let's basketball that he won the team that played that is the wars are playing and you look at three of the four teams that are still playing. Boston and Houston and Golden State to a degree they're playing position this basketball that is. There really isn't that much distinction between. While nikkei's Abbas and your one and your five and away right when Marcus march playing point guard. It's one reason why we talk about their draft let's assume that your second pick and don't do anything other and pick second. It's why. If they if dodges for example was out pitching your picking him being who they pick. As a big is critical. Because if you if you pick the most traditional big got a group you're not advancing your cause much. Mean I think they should be on the lookout for exactly that kind of position must player who you'd think Mae agrees casual nineteenth who could be I think they have brought in to order. Well it it didn't find me another name. Or Jackson yes someone who doesn't carry his risk on UN trade down icing not exactly but I need to be aware that I don't wanna take Michael Porter junior with the second pick in the draft with them. Stress fractures in his back from high school whom so is there someone else who might become a great position was players who I can hand off. Because I don't want him. I don't want his wrist I'm not the franchise they can afford it someone else may have great success with that kid. But I can't afford the risk so I need someone else who can play ultimately three spots on the floor. All right speak and the kings here what are kings fans to make the report in ESPN. Addie SPN dot com. That teams including the kings are cooling on Lou good. Don't chip. Well surely there's some misinformation about there I'm glad you don't need suggesting I know it's a conversation now with Kevin Pelton nice. And is basically that's existed for sale and talk transcription thank you. And abilities as well the kings and have anybody there. The yearly follow foreign apparently that's just not true. And I thought I saw a picture of Lockheed L one of the game and maybe I didn't buy it. Apparently that's not true if so what are we to make this but it's interesting indeed it says it's it's. It's good thinking the kinks don't have to spread in the this information right at the second pick you don't have to try to drive down someone's. Prospects so that you have a better chance of picking up their their sec it to spin yeah. I'm so I assume that is comes from them but. I I think I was just struck by remit I was struck by the notion that it was several teams not one if it was the king at the kings are waffling on dodge it's okay. We can break it down start to examine it may be to see if these guys even have any idea who runs the kings are button but when when the guy who went there. And jumping to bony I think as a guy who actually was there. When he comes back it's as well you know three or four teams were saying. And threw for seems a near the top of the draft were saying. Not Tom as we were a few months ago what that's noteworthy in May not mean anything in the big picture but clearly. This season this this year old league season hasn't been great for doctors it hasn't raised his stock at times. It's interesting that these guys discuss their entire. You know the recording of what they think about it in their own context which is they both think it would be a mistake. For teams to let dot chicks slide they both think that he should be one of the first two guys taken them. But they're just gonna guys reporting what he was hearing. And to me F as it it it. If comic kings fan my perspective is. Why let's get to the specifics what went wrong if feasts that piece sliding what went wrong with some of the specifics are kind of interesting got a little heavier didn't shoot very well that in there as well on the floor that's all critical stuff DC hard to say. It's okay. And he's played a lot. The upside is he's played an awful lot of games that college players template high competition. High pressure games and a lot of college players have played but he's played a lot of minutes last two years and that may be why he slowed down they might be. You know in need of a short break my.