The QB says he lost the game all by himself...9/11/17

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Monday, September 11th

But Carson Palmer wasn't event the worst QB of the day.


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Who is the voice of the 49ers has a question for Chrysler have been doing well on the courts spot I think you get this way Phillips is so I came close to crashing the running back question and then win. Ted Rollins Ed Rollins is right there you go. Back on track he joined his 430 in theory into. Speaker he lets see it's decides. I everything Italy's we're expecting to talk with Ted Robinson in letting go towards the niners before we do three point 913 twenty sucked it Joni has been thirteen twenty. They Joan. A few things they. Ohio State like dignity if for Farber fifty outlaw them oak or at about downfield for captain districts to shoot themselves. Or it can get out their own way and I agree they also Oklahoma also lost its leading receiver the tight end. In the third so could be worse. Don't hold things have or what they'd never seen a folk all war. It is a big big horrible the giants have totally whipped on all the lightning paper out there that the cowboys look like to eat fight error. Eric hey it'd Kevin White ever gonna play it up for all of you look at it like for years. He has been page though think a jovial injury bug Kevin White was a first round pick of the Beers he was supposed to change their fortunes that line out. He has seen issue quest joke he has played three games in five years that by the way you know we have the smartest listeners radio very strong call by Joseph yeah that's on a number of topics he got in he made his point he got out was excellent yes a huge ago. I'm and that's that's the kind of call we love that's our guy or other Hawkeyes are calling Georgia exceptional. But yes and I Kevin White has had what are you indicates is that it's only bad luck when he on vacation again. I just want we don't need meeting gallon already just wanna see Joe's available when your out if you know yet when your next I could use a couple days until I am certain Wear down a car. So soon. I just let me now. Keep listening to in the next week okay network. Everybody young Nam so guess what. If you check the NFC west standings. As country art you have you'll find that the rams are all alone in first place Sean McVeigh head coach of the rams getting his first victory in dominant fashion over those colts. Hard to say kind of so locked and during the game you know it's it's nice deal it's kind of enjoyed towards the end when you feel like you've got the game secured by your console locked and during the course of the game that you wanna stay focused on what's important now but I thought the players and an excellent job execute and encouraged them for coming away with a win our. We'll see if those are god can put up another 300 yard game next week his defense helped him a time although he he made some very good throws he made a few poor choices. I'm but he made some really nice throws downfield. Which is mean. And I lit look that was a creative offense team. Defense case gained sixteen points but that was a really creative off it's more creating anything Jeff Fisher did when he was there insurer more imaginative and Jeff Fisher's. Offense of vinyl limits in 1968. And generally handoff to eagerly left out. So I think you're just about to enjoy life so there rams take advantage of the colts. The Seahawks there offensive line was terrible they were victimized by a couple of requested will disable these calls they lose to a good Packers team. 49 as we know what happened of their how about the Arizona Cardinals the cardinals falling to the lines 3523. Who Syrian says. That is quarterback Carson Palmer can't throw that many interceptions. At any call that a porn that's a quote poorer. Showing by the 37 year old Carson Palmer. Palmer said I just didn't do a good enough job I put that solely on myself on disappointed myself. I just felt like I'd made a handful of throws we we would have been in a different situation. So he's putting a loss solely on himself is Carson Palmer. Yeah as an 27 a 48 to 69. A touchdown and three intercept him as the three picks. I'm one of mine who was a little flu key but the contrast to staffers pretty hard to ignore Stafford is really good. And he would is. Anthony is zip on the ball and he was able to fit in tight spaces. I'm not a comeback staff Stafford leading his team. Another comeback successful comeback you know the comebacks and we should be guys pay quarterback in the NFL I'm glad he is I think goodness yeah. Otherwise the world would that be out of order and don't take as many people would get as he note if you. If you if megaton doesn't play for you anymore there'll be a new leading receiver and it's been killed and ten to gonna continue to me yeah walk Carson Palmer had a great game yesterday compared. Two. Guests to. Course all sinks in adult yesterday to Andy Dalton had one of the worst. Gains. Quarterbacks have since they started this QBR stat yeah it was at that she BR they expected 2006. Andy Dalton let's see he's in a list that the bottom five single game total cube your performances. Ever going back to 20065. John Skelton week eleven. Verses the 49ers may remember this Arizona Cardinals quarterback is total QBR was point seven the cardinals lost 23 to 74 worst. Can endorse the of the browns' week sixteen against the Bengals is total Q bureau was point six Andy Dalton yesterday. His total QBR was point 64 interceptions. Jay Cutler's on their he's the second worst week for 2010 against the giants and gets the worst. It's supposed to the worst QBR since QBR became a being. In 2006. Rock house violent knows Peyton meaning we tend when he fifteen vs the chiefs is Tokyo bureau was point the read. Well why so adult had to minus three fantasy points which I mean he can do admit it makes sense because he fumbled. So any attorney or receptions yeah so I but I just I actually didn't know Leakey a negative you've been better off without a quarterback. Are gonna play quarterback this week fox nineteen that's a Cincinnati TV station. Has video of Indy don't leave in the field yesterday. And one fan can be heard saying screaming at him you suck and another yelling I want Carson back. So Whitey I wouldn't say it's gotten paid for a Owens is going great form right now. And he send their name taking Carson Palmer and they're trying to console to AJ McCarron time he has achieves our town has seen is to be. Reviled. In a way that's out of all proportion to what he's actually done when he's been incentive right he's actually announced yesterday by way he start to play the way people perceive him right now actually better than what futile and wrong about him for most of his career but they may be right you know coming down here is usually only as plays like that in the playoffs Heidi. Maybe got his calendar mixed up I think they were urged calling for Carson Palmer because they're confused about what time here it is an angry as you. They were thinking this is a post season I'm supposed to say this as the season's over. But actually it's game one pure gossip look at that and stuffed a sock. But three bills yesterday note. Too bad for them our report I thirteenth when he how about Greg on ESPN thirteen twenty. Hey Greg how are you. They got the dog it's a night. I want an expert in it be like yesterday on what they've been hoping that their third year and I spend a lot of or even and that was by horrible miserable. Sporting spirit ever had and I'm not talking about just how bad writers are it was sort it bella wondered when he is now on the east side of that statement that. He had been area. Yeah but never never for a game so I don't know for football games so I don't. Any there there are people needing EMTs because they eat. I mean I let I let. Early third quarter AB that I'd bat project is in trouble because of how rich you are that it usable it is and don't forget. The talent level on other issues that stadium is horrible they have what are we orbit. What are what are your options great realistically and you left and I understand that you could leave. Could it was or somewhere else she could have gone for a spell the watch the game is there's some option you have there. Ed just wanna get out of heat a little while our guests we are seats just in the heat for the whole second half. Pretty remarkable second there are people walking back you know underneath that the that you think they're that bad you know back in Bulgaria YouTube which can't be overwhelming you know we had pretty good seat and it is. I don't care if he is. You don't believe patriot a contender it miserable you cannot walk in there if you're like 22 and betrayed maybe you can handle it. Say what you are or are there no way I can handle that my wife Brittany was. It would borderline eager how hard that is that spiral it would be what 91 yet named it I wondered why anyone. So did you know that the 49ers seriously at the foreigners announced today that they are consulting with an architecture firms trying to figure out what they can do. I did not know that they've they've gotten some and I know we will go to that these are obviously but yeah they're they're going to be to rebuild that stadium where they're gonna it's gonna go down one bit worse. Stadium ever and it's not a real exciting stadium anyway even if you didn't have a key issue. Right under that kind of a I don't know bland the man and a white belts it out there and react that this year that I don't know. If they think embargo against hadn't been there yet make sure you're not only side because. A good time. They they Greg nitrate approach I'm without a doubt the stadium has been plagued by this same issue since it opened so. From the time the building open until today. Nom they're bin a couple of things have happened sort of consistently one was at least in the early going they couldn't get the field right if you remember replace the sought a number of times. The other was the parking. You know getting any getting out which remains in an as a pick almost anyone tell you far from a bar again it's better than it used to be Minnesota incredibly congested and difficult. And if you know that part of Santa Clara nice to spend. A lot of time there. It is a weird place to drop stadium down into. And it is definitely surrounded. And that thing about being close to the ocean technically just doesn't apply notion that I know of right you you must you must understand where you really are not on air moving in that area. And so when they failed to address that that they shade issue they missed a beat a big mark. And now I have unhappy people.