Panda’s contract says there are three teams to which he can’t be traded to: Spoiler alert he’s playing for one of them!

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Wednesday, August 9th

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The giants and the cubs are playing day baseball at AT&T park the giants have a 32 lead with one out eight. Under Strickland is trying to preserve a win at this point from Madison bum garner. And before we get into the panda story. Can back up one step and say. Phil cubs just aren't that good I've been watch it they got they got out of the post all star break but I big burst and since then. They look like it seemed that played in the first half. Was that. Though World Series hang over did that extends far into the new season or is it just last year was kind of a barrage everything going right. Everybody having a career year. I think it could be a little bit of that I mean I don't look. Dexter Fowler isn't doing much in his new job where he was immensely important to them in his own job he's gone to Warburg. Actually they won went down until you know deep into the playoffs I don't mean to. You know put it all off on him but when he came back he's going to be left fielder and oh by the way the leadoff hitter right. Alison Russell went backwards and now is injured. So yeah there's a few things have happened the rotation still has John Lackey and it which drives me crazy about it but the sun general principle on all things don't have to extend it. But but honestly you I think. Because of the enormity of what they did like. That's team for the ages because they broke the curse against Chicago because they had won in ages literally they generic team for the ages but it's so you'd. You look at the names on the back and you figured they should be and the truth is if you watch him day in and day out. They feel OK but often not real well like last night. Days swinging a hot bed every third or fourth day. They look a lot like the good teams in baseball right up there were built as a super crew will yet because we anoint them or we anoint winners all the time. And especially once we have a young core as well the next twelve years right it's going to be caught time. And here you baseball as you know doesn't work that way sports don't work that way right injuries. People you don't like to Dexter dollar goes somewhere else that grass is greener somewhere else so every everything Jay and even small changes and in a roster make a big difference. Sure I mean area and is performing I think still for the most part are very high level. You know but Lester is not indicated. Lackey obviously in lackeys pitching really deep into his career you know in my. It's it's not I don't know alive it'd justice I just left you have no mention of you could've skipped it right there but you mentioned and get elected think the bullet yeah. You know it's like a sword and you have to right now he's got a scratch that it's. But it is it's really time. It's interesting to watch these guys and realize how mortal they look most of the time so. The giants are at this point three outs away from winning that series. And of course they took the Diamondbacks is about three over the weekend so problems of episode two straight well and about the 'cause that. Two straight possible playoff teams commit giants just dispatch them both so everything's great. No changes needed for next year we've got our team now we're going forward all solid assault coincides with European beginning although it really is here's the here's an interesting twist in the panda story. Aside it'd still the other shooters that can do a lot of good routes and what what he's doing here in the first place and I came to be and got his own 49 million dollar by somebody else. The take back cavaliers went went and believes. There are some hard feelings there are some hard tokens if I'm I'm not telling thing you don't know he says a few things that are I think would be be interpreted as either snotty or. Oh you got your battered and was and that was some hard feelings like you Cynthia okay. So it turns out that in the contract that he signed with the Red Sox. I'm he'd in addition to his 95 million dollars or was it ninety. Million dollars he also got a limited no trade provision the OK there were only three teams. On a no trade provision there were three in only three teams. To which policy and ball could not be traded when that is expressed consent. One of those teams was the Mets in shock and it was yankees so maybe he's not in New York guys yet there's a common thread that thirteen he's wearing their uniform today. Yeah actually had a no trade clause written in specifically says you cannot Cheney back to the giants less assays of. Well yeah I should set. Assam bad feelings there it it might be put in that position again. Policy and of all this from end of actually. Right from the Merck had a change of heart which is why he immediately sign in my early deal with the giants have the Red Sox released him. Number where hearing this notion that there were a bunch of other team won now a son entirely clear. That notion it was always had a what you have to give him credit for a guy who exited the club house amid some bad feelings and seemingly as and a pretty good effect in the clubhouse when he re enters. The thing that's interesting to me is that technically. The giants don't have to pay their contract right the Red Sox 049 million dollars because Sammy Baugh went through waivers that they can afford. But the giants do inherit the terms of the contract. So technically though. The giants are playing a guy who according to the contract can't be traded to them what any won't be bananas I think it's safe to say that we will be. I don't know where this goes. But I just think it's diminishing turner event. I'm. Public sale of all but. I'm watching the game you watch them against their better right now with San author base wrecked. And that's ridiculous in the center. You've got a couple hits. You made a couple errors early but he's at a couple place today that you send a pretty easily right so let me meet its I guess is stabilizing force and third but I don't even know so he's likely though I like seemingly it's a club vows to lift. I don't know how that works but seemingly it is not edit basically. They're in a position where they're not allowed to play for anyway so they're the traditional Lucy Lucy out there they are so I mean they're they're kind of let everything fly and everything looks pretty good right now. Let me ask you this phantom is that a good sign for the giants if Buster Posey has as many stolen bases as Denard Span. No infected bush suppose he's unstoppable he stole I think is six last night I know but I don't of the last night it is prior stolen base. But every time he slides. I do what I just look at his ankles you're in the last night I don't have Augusta I'd and that's like. Many of them much of a judge it's been oh my gosh that guy and they party rearranged the home plate plate for him yes I think they can do something about the sliding. I think buster doesn't have to slide anymore plus he's a load I mean he would just just you know he'll finally get violent aspect is moving pretty good he was doing great yeah he has the element of surprise because you don't think he's gonna go element of surprise that he's you know he's he's he's emotionally down there is a and here comes you know a decent throw biased but he tag on him. And they show the replay a number of times I think as the cubs were debating whether there. To appeal it but all I was watching it I was just I was right with you phantom I just kept watching his foot in a go into the bag and in his knees sort of roll over enough. And he looked like he either wins store. Linkages via facial expression as you slide but in slow motion it looks like. I think he just broke and snapped something I just I just think they should put in a no fly provision for him they have no blocked the plate before. I don't want him ever go into the ground so I guess what to keep Casilla. Again these are future. And I don't want him and banged up and it's just too easy he's already obviously going through the rigors of catching which is amazing yes in fact that he's has to run the bases do I really think they should implement the softball ruled the characters you can almost run for your catcher. That it would be a great idea I think you know but I hate to add any time back in the audience I'm not gonna do is definitely I don't get it back I'll have to disallow the substitution tolerate. Until we get that pitch clock in place and wanna talk about anything else. I'm completely in favor of the pitch as a mother totally starting today and I had no idea why haven't already put instituted. I was watching a tournament on the European tour. Of course you the world says anything to do on Saturday morning at 6 o'clock here and they had that key off the clock. They had a clock it's the 22 and it was torn segues. Yeah tear up the joint second man who's the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life was fantastic that's a long loved it. Now they can't have anything on you know like he's just your right yours it's like why it takes a long that's the thing that you would try in the minor leagues and then bring it up to the major leagues. I remember a couple of years to a great idea they instituted in the minor leagues I went through river cats game may be as opening day couple years ago or maybe it was in the first week anyway. Solve o'clock o'clock in a position outs in right field to the pitcher has seen his back to a but the captaincy and seize on and not get to concede sure. And at first I thought okay that's a little weird because it makes me think of the NBA and then three innings later I had forgotten it and I forgot to for the rest my life. And the only thing that's happened in the minor leagues is guys pitched fast. Yes nothing of the clock isn't even its bare but nobody. It doesn't matter now as guys get to a it wasn't it. Mention at that time a people do you were to claw gold to remove the restriction on the clock really doesn't happen now here now ideas are not moral arms. I mean event is like 48 what you I think otherwise they guy now instead Arnett I go hey hey what's o'clock. But enough when we come back the parents Olympics are considering what might as a medal sport.