One way to beat the Cowboys: Go after their defensive line! 8/9

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Wednesday, August 9th

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So he's Carolina plane then. Since that pre season games won. Today today's Wednesday. Tomorrow's Thursday. Because it comes after Wednesday a whole bunch of teams playing tomorrow. That's an awful lot of mid week game now we're not normal game schedule yet. But it didn't it you know that the the larger point about Thursday night football. At least a large conversation has been look how safe is it really how can you be a lead dedicated to you on some levels make any game safer and and have. Players play on. On a short week on short rest on short recovery time here's the response from John Merritt the owner of the New York football giants. We've spent so much time discussing that and looking at statistics and talking her arm because health and safety community and if you look at the injuries on Thursday night. And compare them to Sunday's games there's no difference. No difference at all so while some players have forestry. There displeasure with playing on Thursday night I think that's an distinct minority. I think most of the players are fine with it because they recognize the economic benefits that come along with a quick. But who actually actually the rated Rangers on Thursday night is slightly lower than it has done on Sunday. Incredibly shortsighted because you don't know whether subsequent injuries are tied in to having played on a short week if you're just saying what was the injury report after the Thursday night game. Maybe senator John Mara asked if he would let his grandchildren play football. I absolutely know would in fact I have grandsons and I you can that are very young but I am hoping that they play football Michael week we teach the game a lot differently now than we used to I think it it's coached a lot more intelligently we know a lot more about how to deal with that injury and concussion we're not even close to knowing everything we should know and that's why the NFL's porn. Hundreds of millions of dollars into research on head injuries cannot Suu Kyi and and improving helmets and whatnot but I just think the benefits that you get from playing football outweigh the risks of five mile. Libyan interest human approved by the 49ers last couple of practice days. I'm Donovan Newsom is the rookie who got leveled yesterday backs about his teammates he defenders don't for a pastor and break up the pass ran into each other Newsom. Dropped to the ground. Was out actually. He suffered what was described as a frightening concussion has actually Matt barrows words in the B. He's doing fine if you consider having a severe concussion to be fine. He is expected to be released from the hospital sometime this afternoon may have been released by now. But Donovan Newsom was actually one of two concussions. That occurred during an Irish practiced just yesterday Donte' Johnson. Suffered a concussion during a practice he was held out today. Newsom. Of course went to the hospital went to Stanford meant in an ambulance because he was unresponsive at first. And also they what they were concerned about AXA was cervical injury now or spinal injury of some kind. In if you put like dad I guess you'd say the good news is it was just a concussion. Decent contention Donte' Johnson concussion Eli Harold suffered a concussion earlier in camp. So. Thursday night conversation temporarily set aside there's 49ers have already dealt with three concussions. In the first ten days of practice. I don't think that's true and that's an end anytime soon cowboys to deal with their own problems. And our problems are NASA not necessarily legion if you heard KC Joyner talk. With us from ESPN he made that very practical point that that offensive line which has been so who concluded. Rob cowboys fan so good over the last number of years. Is probably due for a little bit of a market correction Bee Gees you had one guy leave in free agency and another I believe it. So you are in a situation where you've got 40% of that vaunted offensive line now not just missing gone they're not coming back. So the O line is in some transition. Still on balance very good no question and an upper level offensive line. But maybe not that dumb and I just think last year and the year before people is not. What's that softens a line of football probably wants. Ezekiel Elliott could probably tell you a little bit about it and I would argue deck press got to. Anybody who got the great kind of protection that he received as a rookie quarterback was really given a blessing. This year may be a little bit tougher cowboys. Really though are are more vulnerable and always have been and were last year on different. Defense has been an ongoing question mark for them. I just got to be a little bit bigger question. They're a defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford was carted off the field last night. He it was a right ankle injury but it is bad when he was chased Nancy Kelly on a run their legs became tangled. And easy kilo it inadvertently stepped on Tyrone Crawford ankle his right ankle he grabbed for his lower leg and was tended to immediately. The hope was that the ankle is not broken. After practice teammates at a quick prayer for Crawford and don't say that'll been in the alarmist went missing that's what happened. But defensive line has been a big question among the cowboys' biggest questions in earnings season. They've been pretty thin. They'll already be without David Irving into much more to start the season because of suspensions. Which is sort of a different thing they drafted talking Charlton your member. In the first round. He's been working above left and right defensive end throughout camp so if Tyrone Crawford can't go type of Charlton would probably step in. And although. I mean that's not bad but it's not ideal they would like to be a little bit more veterans so here's my round Campbell. The cowboys may just get a little bit worse offensively just a little because the align may be isn't a plus anymore maybe it's beep us or be. Not not in a not shallow but just not as deep as they once were the defense of lines sip. In this editors love a questionable. So that's where I think the challenge comes it induct Prescott's. I'm run that off it's such a high level that they're just too good did that that bit that they can live with their defense works. That's really what it comes down to. Is busy killing gonna be on the field we really don't at this point no one knows account was certainly don't know and Ann and Jerry Jones owner does not now. Whether or for how long C Kelly it's going to be stand. The thinking the Smart money has been even easy killer's own. People as agents entourage had been preparing for a suspension they just that it would be. A one game. Vehicles that invest innings he Kelly for alone time. And lone time. End. It seems to me that the longer it goes on that that the less optimistic he should be. Because it's clear that league has been hold off on this for some reason I would imagine part of it is. If their hold off on bad news or that they want to be sure they aren't got everything buttoned down before they announce anything they don't wanna be. I'm no income and vulnerable to challenge something like. There was a case resolved today or what actually late yes it was announced today. That and it's remained drop Brock case amidst the best in any case the 49ers a sinister remain Brock was accused of domestic violence content John Lynch basically. Kind of his first test as GM and he just said we're not going that way. 2 main Brock was released immediately by the 49ers that was in April. The Santa Clara county district attorney's office in June formally accused him of punching a woman in the face in attempting to strangle her. On different occasions. Jermaine brought pre pleaded not guilty. The entire case was dismissed. During a preliminary examination yesterday afternoon DA's office said brock's former girlfriend declined. To cooperate Brock was a two year starter at cornerback. Although is cut immediately after the arrest he has had notre out so that the teams but it is agent said. Four teams have called to inquire about remain Brock since yesterday afternoon and one of those teams the San Francisco 49ers. Now. This is not a case and the bears mention. This is another case that the NFL can actually step in on. The NFL has long since. Established that it doesn't need a formal legal finding it could make it move on the two main rock case and suspend him. I think it's inching the 49ers economy would be one of the team this is from his agent not from the 49ers they haven't confirmed. But from his agent the foreigners one of the four teams that reached out to talk to two main Barack. I know they have needs man that's huge Tuesday. That's a king sized mistake. Exactly we don't wanna go as a franchise. Is to go right back across your own general managers' feet. The CI know we count them because we said this kind of behavior is unacceptable and by the way the case was just proven. The case was thrown out because the victim refused to cooperate. It's not the same. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you I know what happened I'm just saying foreigners well in the rice's move. It's just such a weird look to have a team like that come back around and say. Yeah hey listen about cornerback. I hope to hear and I mean this sincerely. In the next 24 hours that foreigners are not looking at terming for a I hope to see a public friction I'm not sure I would. It up couple minutes would you do this to a player you actually wanted a litmus test from the right guys onions in thirteen Torre.