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The Rise Guys
Friday, August 17th
Not if they don't show it...

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On Twitter that today that movie output coming out mark Riley insisted on sharing where this is top three dog movies did not exist and you had to go again turner and hooch. And you had what I want dominant ones nominations. And you notice that when from the fifties we actually had. We'll deal full yell her at here yell her come back killer. Who is this how don't go to Aaron though when as they keep churning so yeah who is who is the cowboy the road through there. And just kind of came through and have the feel and wrote on Basel shotgun shorty was shot Connors the iconic Chuck Connors a rifleman and he stopped her from his other series that's fabulous yes. Anyway great Mirant Twitter says what about the homeward bound movies and Marley and me the super questions. How. There is it had happened minutes dominated by Don Wright and honestly the way era rob Marley and me when I think we said what I committed to honor. Marley and me yeah. Will you I mean I'm sure like some of the other dog movies we can mention. It doesn't you know it it in me it might break your heart a little but it's very. It's at times really funny. It's charming and all that's about it. It's about a guy in his dog mean. You know it's diary I saw that it is they don't well there are all in to have our members it is that's our Merriman does that's kind of a downer web. Is it just gets weepy. It's not for everybody right on a mountain. The ski season is Rachel from friends in that movie yes yeah I can't remember that you know and isn't theirs. That's unpleasant there's a similar story is that they want to pinch and joins us now every dog movies wanted to dentists. My dog skip. So another sad when rob. Me out kept seeing this now like being on this was not meant to be a downer by the way as answer why he's such an ass dog movies have song yeah sure. With all the yellow was accused of doing music adopt a sure let's get old dog what is ESPN gonna do about the National Anthem which is why for once. Iranians been as happy about the TV ratings. One game in TV ratings last night for the pre season game their first Monday night crew pre season game were up. How hi word say well I mean do two point one overnight rating 11% increase over last year's pre season opener pal last year is the box and the jags. This year was a Redskins and the jets so yeah you figure the ratings are up but you know. The networks have been. Getting pretty antsy about NF LTV ratings so this is this is a small victory in their celebrating it sure. And you don't even. If even if every kind of TV rating metric is going down. Football is a counting sport for the advertisers to big big deal in a big kid in ratings won't be tolerated for long. Yes can also announcing today that they are planning to not show the National Anthem. During their Monday Night Football games in its today announcement is is interesting for a number reasons for one thing. Jamie Qatar the ESPN president says we generally have not broadcasted the anthem. And I don't think that will change this year our plan going into this year is to not broadcast the anthem again. That could change but it was it broadcasted or we broadcast. I bet. I I've seen broadcasted. That that's wrong yeah I got access to cents India. Yes anyway back to change its unpredictable what can happen in the world but as of now we're not we have communicated that back to the NFL. They have not asked but as courtesy and good partners. We have let them know what our plans are so apparently. Down from what this gentleman says Jimmie guitar. ESPN decided this on the ground but it looks like perhaps this is part of a plan maybe the NFL's involved maybe not. We have a feeling they are will we'll see maybe were wrong. It looks like this is the next phase for the NFL how do we stop. The National Anthem protest from her. Our TV ratings we just won't show it. Means. That I think that. It is. Entirely. Within reason. Creative think the NFL wants this to happen I don't think he has paean to be out there freelancing its version of what it thinks it should do on the income. Europe you know this isn't about. I'm. You know. And networks right to decide this is just about a business partnerships. You know he he said he got asked that he asked him president. During this whole long conversation. He was asked what he thinks the most inaccurate perception is. About ESPN. In his answer was that it's a political organization. So he's trying to back out what they're doing by saying you know we reject the idea that we're political like. We're not even gonna go there that's how not political we are other than that we cover the intersection of sports and politics. Dad intersection and though happens to be in the NFL right now. So if they're choosing not to broadcast the anthem it's clearly because the league doesn't want ESPN to broadcast. And especially if your policy was death sometimes it is sometimes you know it's really easy to then say well then we will we've never make it is like god it's not been their standing issue. It's just sometimes depending on game clock and add clock. They had room to to broadcast to implement sometimes they didn't. I know that you made this point earlier the players have not control the narrative the narrative has been. How do you see what players are doing. Some fillets they're just they're disgracing the flag got in the narrative. And now let's psyche ESPN is hoping and maybe the networks do in the NFL in fact. Perhaps there are hoping well if we just don't showed it'll go away but the narrative has never been about as a Malcolm Jenkins says he hopes will be. It's never been about what are they protesting what can be done about that yet. I would like to think that maybe somebody that can become at least part of the narrative and we just seems so far from that and I'm not sure. I think I still think that that's the NFL's best bet. Is to find a way that. That that the players are comfortable with where OK let's deal with these issues but instead. Well you don't have to come out. So are gonna work we're not gonna show it right that's not gonna work either. Well and maybe something positive comes out of it. Now. From the league's perspective. Not showing it might work. Predicted that the most mature thing that the league can do is understand that it will be criticized no matter what. But. I would imagine that from the owner's perspective. If we can't solve it lest it let's at least not make it. A central focus of broadcasts. Subtly criticized. In your right of course. If such a bigger conversation began. When the players lost control event aired in along time ago because they're not allows voice in the room that's really it's it's. It's that simple I also think there's this. Element to it. In you know I support the players and I hope that what they've done. Can his skin spur some dialogue. But you know wind you do something anything and offends someone else whatever it is looking up and get a radio you can't really say well I didn't mean to. So I mean that works both ways for players who have protested and many of them that's the idea's like if we know we're gonna offend you or trying to get. We're trying to get attention here right but for people who were really offended by that. In my street you can't really say we shouldn't be offend because that's not the point. New you have to acknowledge IA I understand why you're offended and you know obviously a lot of people really really offended by players not standing for the National Anthem. I was on offended by it but I understand why some people work and that's a solid. To feel like hey what what you can't do that you're disrespecting me my flag. I was in the service I mean some people when they feel that. Offended by that did those are valid feelings. So and they. Obliterate every other field although of course yeah that's what I think players have had to. In that kind of frustrating reality is. That. The reaction is not something you control people react viscerally moon one way or the other. But if stay kind of checked out on you because they're so offended by what you did. UT out your chance of bringing them back into the conversation is probably not that time I understand though how. Any number of the players can be genuinely frustrated. Debt. That their. Message was gone so fast to be one thing to say yep all right we don't patrolman or a Manning got yanked away from and about five seconds because as soon as that thing became a conflagration. There was no discussion of the issues anymore rough is completely about. The anthem I mean even even the fact that we talk about it as an anthem controversy. Just seals your face like oh so we're not talking about. Racial injustice or police brutality toward minorities. In America. We don't even call it that we call it the anthem issue and it's like why you loss on every level. And I can imagine that for Malcolm Jenkins. Or Richard Sherman or anyone else who's spoken about this. That part of the frustration is witty need to get to have any conversation. Never mind if we didn't win the conversation you get to have more. And part of it is that owners don't want it. Habit yeah I don't see. There haven't been a lot of winners here the players by and large. And sure they were they raise some awareness but for the most part I think the players have been ultimately losers to this point owners have been ultimately losers. And the president who has seen this as an opportunity and he's admitted that means that this is really working for me it's truly gaining traction he's been the winner in this yes. So as for the two sides need to. Now we got some over and over bush or mean to be redundant now that of their best thing that leak it if the league really one of the problem to go away. Rather than com. Sit back and they'll certainly haven't been winners out of all this. Yeah I doubt any of them feel that way. Mr. if the league owners really one of the problem. Two to be addressed. Then what they'd be doing is talking to the players actively about their concerns about how to suck find a way to honor their concerns. I'm an even maybe be part of the conversation about their concerns but right now what their owners want is this to not be. A public issue.