Odell Beckham Jr. can Kreids me a river. 12/6/17

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Wednesday, December 6th

Is there a double standard?


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But they'll that's good junior big strides here river. At Twitter rant last night and Baghdad hit today before we get to that have you taken on what holiday movie are you pleased yet knows if you do when he got that would be a Robbie. Christmas vacation. Christmas vacation I was alone. Yes totally acceptable you gotta take it a reason I bring it up well there's two reasons one you go there ESPN thirteenth when he dot net you take the quiz you automatically have a shot. At a 500 dollar visa gift card and secondly questions for Chrysler today. 345 if we remember to do it. One of the questions will be what is the one holiday movie that all family should make time for this time a year ago. Just give you a heads up on that but you gotta take this quiz. Our naked women going players up. There agent. Yes insurgent Tony on net into the players' club you're gonna be a Christmas story. The great Daryn again from I think he's from the I'd be honored to be Christmas story which it worked out that share. Yeah that's a that's become a holiday staple meant a lot of homes. It really does stay on the TV for hours at a time are there any Christmas movies that you would not want. Time I'm sure I can think of the attacks with Kia are too. Yet with someone about the guys who keep trying to reassembling the one up each other on their lighting of the house annoying you know and in the movie. It's not Christmas there Kurt angle or whatever as prisoners of the cranks I don't think so apparently yeah insurer. I'm quite sure kids can what was some Christmas movies that nobody wants it was it was a Sinbad and Arnold were in. Jingle all along the way again again that's another miss. And if it's on the list of builds. And I'm guessing. That when you fill out the quiz are trying to make you feel good about yourself. What you got home alone right. I did. Okay he's too good about that that's great I felt OK so mainstream that OK okay willing to stuff look you are in no position to you cast dispersion Jimmie and taken a quiz yet. I I zippy you and your lot frankly soured on this whole process during the when Holliday went Halloween. Who are you or whatever one's calling him the mean yeah I would you get I can't remember. I I really can't remember but it was something gas unit is like and it was it was here he corn. And like rob got how we got marshmallow peeps. I thought all right. Something about this is working. However being in the drawing is a very good that yes it is so. You know why it looks like Eli Manning is starting at quarterback it's official earlier Steve Spagnuolo giants interim head coach. Eli Manning will be the quarterback. This football team this game. Okay the Y. Eli. All I can tell is this when John maronite talked. When the first thing he asked it was about the quarterback situation I said John my gut. Right now is that Eli should be the starter which have to understand is. When I was coaching just the defense. I have blinders on a roll lawyer about his defense I stay in my lane so I have my eyes around. What was going on offense who was playing like that none of that so I well I I took my god. And visited with the offensive coaches in together with that in my gut Eli Manning is going to be quarterback. Apparently over the loudspeakers suggest begin practice today Spagnuolo of them playing Frank Sinatra's classic that's life which is. Kind of appropriate ya that's it really fire the troops are now asking good stuff right there yeah or events things happen can I see seven strikes after yeah. Yeah I buy it and do nothing about the situation and makes tennis since me. If you're going to bid the streak is over you can't it it's like they're gonna. The league is gonna review it and say well they think Damien mistakes of the street still on so if the streak is over. Aside from maybe just not wanting a revolt at your home game. I don't see why you don't at this point turn it over to Davis went a bit in fact he won't even be the back. Gina Smith is returning to his backup role and you know Davis lives of their quarterback which I assume means he wanted to be active coach Spagnuolo on a Davis web. It has been encrypted there has been an ongoing plan you don't see it. You know behind the works but did there's been efforts there are I'll call it drills you know. Where Davis has done things what you would do as he prepared to deal warm too so that's ongoing. That's ongoing that's why not activating him yet crisis everybody. They're. Building up to this point gearing up to the point where he comply OK don't tell Beckham junior is mad because you know Tom Brady. Went off on his offensive coordinator on the sideline we talked about that he did dot McGinest went out that was wide open in pre NAFTA attitude but a Beckham juniors is what. All I do that it's a big deal. Yeah when Tom Brady does it a double standard. That's argument that he made and an overnight Twitter rant. Listen this is Odom back in junior on Twitter listen when I say this is the craziest thing someone Everest weed eater posted to me. Because I literally had this same conversation today about the exact. Paying you're talking about there's rules and then there's rules. You know auto Beckham junior he's. I mean since some crazy stuff like proposing to be kicking net and celebrating by. He is simulating the urination of the dog and sometimes ownership and being crazy about that he's been out since week five after breaking his ankle. Or he says immaturity or needs to grow up or selfish or bomb what else is it exactly that they say are on composed know bro. I've watched that man do that exact same thing for years beat every time I cheered for the Super Bowls Beckham wrote of his critics. Tom Brady said you know people point at a UN after Kutcher says football yeah we've been around each other a lot I love Josh. Well I think here is the being. We learned. He's done enough already Scott it rains I'm not a great fan but you just look ridiculous. Trying to make. This compares again. Are you seriously arguing that debt that what you did on the sideline is equivalent CU getting into the coach over an offensive strategy. Kennedy kidding me. But that's a Dell. I mean if you've listened that whole thing about wide receiver as Deaver. That's that you decide that's what he is he is really talented and he is really indeed. And 100% pieces I learned from him mrs. this is the way some following his lead I just may not know how to expressed at the same way. Good don't get it confused out twelve feels about the game I would have a hard time saying that's not exactly. How I feel O'Dell Beckham junior. It's we are Berber. What do you think is that the game is about you and it and and most receivers dudes and they have to do right they spend their time lobbying for the ball. He does nephew that much anymore because if he's healthy knees on the field the ball's gonna be finding him everywhere he goes right. But it's just if I'd like to see what he'd do if a coach came over to him what would be the equivalent what. We are that we had that plane you really are on round yeah out what do you do and that was quite how I do drop that area how it eat if you square off your goal and we had a touchdown there. We call a great. What woody did. Probably leave the field based on his history when I walk off Brady basically just told just speech in skewed your lane yeah and then they moved on with their busy lives to they've talked vision that way for years O'Dell Bakken junior has been taken out of games by opposing corners have gotten under his skin so there's really no comparison. I've got an episode of Beckham junior I wish your on the field like a watch you play the com off. It's hard they did giants which Datsyuk with all of his armed with with everything comes with it he's so talented. And and he changes their offense and so many ways. That I weather is you hire anybody else the giants. Season was really written when a Dell back in junior got injured and they realized it was a season. Their season was altered they were already intra written in major trouble you know forget. Anybody else not being able to go Brandon Marshall or anybody else well now I've got myself upset the only thing that's gonna make me feel better or some inspirational words from the great Eli Manning who was asked about his retirement you know he's fired up a whole lot I know he's so inspirational. Trying to mandate as soon Bono Bono knows time. Plans Sosa and I'm not a lot. That's great. I'm I don't feel as. Much bettors I thought I would listen to begin now that's that's our. That's fine wine each new teams have taken the field. Our passion by I know if that's Saturday beat the chiefs. Because he got them fired up that's royal Orleans dark Watson that I think. How ridiculous to the giants look now other bench and it's one thing to bench a guy and then oh they were part of the go to now he's starting again. The world is going on how we take anything you're doing seriously. It's one of those rare times in football. When there actually isn't news elements of the story and not just us talking sports and news element is. That they had pretty credible information to believe that a number of former giants players were gonna show on Sunday weren't Eli Manning jerseys. At the end and that and they also knew that as groups of fans had purchased how did have cooled enough money to fly banners over the stadium moon so really think that this is one of those times when there was some legitimate reason for them to think. You know. Ella two and so primary too much to quarterbacks maybe we should name this guy for the week at least and just get through this Sunday. I really think that news events over soon and wind Spagnuolo says he talked to John Mara. I believe he was told by John Merritt who the quarterback was going to be is that kind of ironic I mean the Mac could do was done for thrown guys under the Bostonians up get in just rolled right under there oh yeah. By the way today he thanked the giants. For the opportunity Alastair rocket for. Now I listened he got to get your next job tootsie try to leave this on the best terms Fossum.