The number one reason fans watched less NFL football last year? 7/27/17

The Rise Guys
Thursday, July 27th
The National Anthem controversy turned off 26% of viewers last season. 

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How come TV ratings were down for the NFL last year we've heard a lot of theories now we have. Evidence we have a survey that purports to tell us why. People watch less NFL football last year and the top reason was one that a lot of people a front row last fall when the NFL it's that the app and it's our evidence shows that. People are really I don't they don't like this say at the protest saying but that's not why they're there now watching. But apparently. 26%. Of those who watched fewer games last season said the National Anthem protests. Were the reason. Newton. They did. There are a lot of inching answers this and not. Small sample size either as a JD power survey. Of 19100 folks. Now these are people identified themselves either football basketball or hockey game watchers. So I don't know if they answers are exclusive to the NFL yeah we have if we really wanted to have. Get under the rader would have to crunch the methodology of little bit but they asked more than 9200 people who attended either one football basketball or hockey game. Whether they tune in to fewer games and why. Right 26%. Of those who watched fewer games. Said the National Anthem protests were the reason. That's of veering very very significant. Considering the NFL essentially dismissing it. As you mentioned you know but some months ago dismissing it as a factor. Now it's and I know a lot of people user but a lot of people are saying of course there and I told and saying launcher. And and remember these are the answer from people who have already said yes I watched fewer games okay wide DD. Tony 6% referenced. Idea the president as the 2.4 percent so about the same number of people. Said they watch your gains because either of the league's off the field images with domestic violence. Or am not comparing these two is Israeli answers came up game delays yet in other words 24% limit said domestic violence. Another 24% said game delight right ending penalty and again not trying to equate those as. As issues just saying you're talking about asking. Someone who's clearly ensure enough to party watch NFL games. If you didn't watch as much last year why. And there are a lot of their other factors. With really significant percentage is the election was one of politics in general was one problem statement it being election year 60% yeah not insignificant. I'm but I think that this number up at the top. That references the anthem protest specifically. Is something that league that step back and look at and at least acknowledge. You're insulting their own fans when you pretend it was not a not a thing them it was a thing. Everybody knows it was a thing one in five listed excessive commercials and advertising as a reason something in a fellas. Trying to address by moving around. Traditional ad blocks. And we talked last week about how during the British Open they had the play through deal during commercials where split screen essentially commercials and action golf action I'd love that there's no such thing but what's going on the golf course and their courses at same time right. Right and and I don't know you know going mini screen essentially screen and screen. Or or split screen is really tell it depends on the type as word that you're talking about them but remember these are answering the people who said yes I did watch. Fewer games I did last year. Based on the survey. That's only 12% of the people who responded by percent of they watched fewer gains because they got rid of able right. CME there's that'll cut McCourt things a little bit of a lot of things to remember out of the 19100 people only 12% of the people they survey say yeah I'd actually did watch fewer NFL games. 47% of the people they survey said I watched more NFL games and I used to yeah. So. Were focused on. We're focused on cavern it. In the anthem controversy and I say some and I know a lot of people of their they cut the cable they almost have to cut the cord. A lot of we've stated view that they're saving money to me that is more on American and any of these protests. The Euro American you gotta be watching TV and Robert you if I mean I guess you it's really are watching TV there's watch it differently. Right now old yes if they it got exactly do you mean you're not watching TV you're watching a television in the United States of America watch television my. Really what they're all they're saying is I'm I'm dismissing that traditionally watching TV and and watch TV my way. In my way as one of seriously probably one of 35 or forty choices it isn't cable or dish or ditch. Right now like I got a few really traditional routes to TV or I've got. 3000. Nontraditional routes. As long as you watch it on a TV but if you're watching a laptop here and so I don't I'm not sure that good for the country a laptop is screen. The screen laptop yes I didn't say watch a screen exit watched TV the product still do some research on this I'm not sure it's good for the country and our on thing affect. It was certainly bears close says scrutiny. I mean. We have a close suited you up to me yeah I accept my peace and we move on it does it's the look and it's not a decision you wanna make rafts it's important to be vigilant yes. Good to know. My daughter to a few of Ph.D. and stuff you know we're we're back we're allies agree that the court. I've never appearance at the support inner you know what I'm sewing amateur calling on their home phone to tell anyway I think about it quite well. Those things are good to have honestly because in case of an emergency the cells that does not work. Ought to we have a home phone yeah I'm not okay I'm with our saint. Yes your your bound to have some disappointing conversations as we go forward my talents and yet the key here as you point out one of the keys JD power noting in a pardon me if I'm repeating what you just said but. Only 12% of the fans surveyed said they want fewer games this season yet. Last season 27%. Watching more so I'm not sure how big the problem it is. Nobody is inching that the NFL essentially washed away that entire story by saying. We we declare that it was a non factor when everything that controversy double American flag thing. That's a non issue with our great NFL fans NFL fans who didn't watch as many games are telling you. Actually one of the reasons I didn't watch and your I was turned off by this story on this story is turnoff for me in it made me think. Differently and actually that's one Louisiana felt traditionally has dealt. With unflattering. News. And for example and perceptions the whole thing with a discussions. About concussions. Football's dangerously stood brain damage now done now it doesn't now it doesn't know it doesn't. We're doing everything we can right. So that's kind of how they deal with things I would expect him to deal with this by saying we're taking very careful look at these numbers and yeah you know believe initially there they say now there are evidence suggests that's not a factor right. So he's all about the election your evidence stinks and you need to go back into sync your methodology may be didn't ask the right questions. It sounds like JD power and ask some pretty straightforward questions. You watch less NFL. Okay. Let me give you some possible reasons tell me gave up five reasons yeah these five reasons that yeah I'll be happy tell you suggest me a mile away. I am for those. In his sort of following along with a story that doesn't even necessarily mean that the people who watch less football did so because. They disagree with Catholic stance and they're just referencing the entire story them may give the story itself was tiresome maybe they were so turned off. By NFL owners or other players' responses to captain nick. That they stopwatch or maybe they were disgusted or put off by. Politics being injected into football by the way before you accuse me again of being. A technology dinosaur I did not yeah. House what are doing. Out of your Twitter doing my it's really didn't activities they're doing uh oh I'm in new users last month net gain. And eighty billion losing. Users I highly doubt that well it's a fact our rob knows. I think it that comes from Twitter mr. and Theo doesn't they'll tactic you know now doesn't it and not. But our metrics indicate it's extremely solid Twitter performance and strong gains them I don't know what you're seeing. Or I don't know who's. Political numbers you're using NFL odds and games on Twitter last year obviously it did. Yeah voters who will scramble mode Sewell and I don't even know what I would do without Twitter now. So obviously reliant on it might use it every day all day to get ready for our show and then. You and I both use it all the way through the show to make sure we stay current it's the easiest. Thing I've ever found in my life. For staying utterly current. So I can only assume that something would pop up immediately turn places I was at the dentist today speaking to TV now the Twitter. And teeth cleaning and they asked me. Arm pageant assess. Is there some you wanna watch on Netflix today. Seriously yet maybe when I go home. Not at all I mean I appreciated but really. I feel like I need to be aware of what's going on here in a yeah I know I asked what are the what are the most commonly viewed things at the dentist's office. She said. Milan is out now people watch that OK friends and office uh oh okay boy he had me. You know I mean I'm in house cards motor something's Lincoln I'd Noll got no and I leaned back and it's like yeah I saw all the Netflix that's for all this shows that I just. I don't know I've been to the Dennis before where they have a TV you know but it just a miserable jars I know I. Why you why you wanted to watch TV what are you doing what are you gonna do you wanna watch some T. I know things are not media asking Netflix. Yeah we're just actually gonna give my buff yeah big deal. I'm very politely decline if you're not paying close at various politely declined to speak. Stay with insulin do you typically would you do. Sure yeah yes. I men beat him I don't even know my. I just name it she seems like a perfectly nice largely why I bet I'd blow through it in a heartbeat if I could what would you want to buy an office that before and what if you what do like I was. I thought maybe as much daredevil not probably shouldn't but what if I did. And it's like forty minutes and I write involved OK you're done that logic I could see the insurance that's why not doing that that's why you watch in the office. Or. Friends or cheers or something that's you know 22 minutes yeah. Because it's really no big deal for me to pop up and leave them it's it's a great idea I'm just not sure I'm ready for it that it may may be it's not for you. It could be for others. But I think for most of us even if we like aren't innocent are prejudiced. Think why you you mean this you go faster I'm in Paris say my scariest Dennis story and has to do with sports Newton when we're in the Bay Area. And this this Dennis is working nominee and he was two when he had the sharks stuff about them and he's talking to me this was of when the kings were maybe in a move. Israel what's going you used in Sacramento area what's gonna kings on the kings you know there Seattle on some. They're trying to steal the team away from us in now looks like looks like they kings and stave and such and getting us yeah I'm from Seattle. Honestly that actually happened until sharp tools and yes yes and he the way he said that he knew the effect he was having is adult worry. But it was a little scary Nokia Nokia sewage did you watch more one of them. No limit to fill once I mean you know lift spears.