NFL coach admits... 9/10/18

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Monday, September 10th
Yeah, if I had to do that over

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Wanna change the name of the solid as a rock nice and are still there. That we could I mean there's a name change issue. And you gradually like that who got a wrong demographic issue. James Connor got a today yes nice to us economy it's the first and last the first the inaugural last. Radler solid as a rock or you're just a little salty reached its all the chargers San Diego again today. Charter class we got that once we put that chart up. Even Jack how many days it's been since Chrysler last all the chargers San Diego that's it he will never call them San Diego again. You made it eight days council that I and I was talking about now. Joe's call worry referred to San Diego. Why it's so difficult and sure enough. This guy right there to I was on me. You know the weird thing is that I am completely done apologized Allen I'm not sorry you guys I hate to see you disappointed when we. Don't have a work place day without incident but like. I they'll always be the senior charters to just in the wrong city because the NFL's idiotic now you're wrong they originally were the LA chargers that's that they were originally. That's the line from one year. You know I don't think anyone AFL championship I'm not mistaken for a that's too they originally worked chargers they were that late chartered wavy light up the NFL's sooners can look their employer and an alligator in Carson Michael Carson chargers. I'm a whole existence there an idea just an embarrassment meanwhile you stadiums overrun with opposing fans. Every time you play games. Some embarrassment to leak. You and the chiefs of your city chiefs fans three point I can't showed up thirteen twenty RJ on ESP at thirteen twenty OR today. That theatre LAC I'm like why ever corporate vice he used RJ that's exactly what I think. About. Well yeah it sucks it right there at the old mark. Industry. I mean some other yeah yeah yeah it except it's yeah I know it's gotten your chin. And some guy in Iraq during the car with them is on the. There's a big day cognitive dissonance thing going on there but it's not the station where everybody really wants to be our Jack yeah. I sids decision where everybody really wants. Court I mean we got the greatest golf thing about all of your phenomenal by the lack June 10 that it is for the good to talk about opponents have them over weekend. I. Don't know intent and expansion. It. Well real quick so political right now Qaeda and affiliates and by. On Saturday so Graham call came out of air Arizona State game. It basically say great comeback to win yeah I wanted to have a couple of phenomenal and the old. Harmon beta program there. In the hamper hinder it in English we make of that number that is. And it over the matter urging get all. My guys out. RJ he shot. Yeah maybe they were down. I think. Thirteen three in the fourth that airs a Singh came back so terms to announce. I'm and they play senior UST I think next week that's a called Dana. It. So there's a say he's coaching you know obviously not his he's coaching. I'm getting guys players for child's players I'm but they kind of bought into what they're doing that nick and their dinner with defense they have been due top rush defense in the country so for. For what that's. Yet in UCLA and a last week big Al call me ask me for some some picks and you ask for a college locked I didn't really have one nice of wealth had to make when I'd go. Oklahoma over UCLA but I think it would a loss that writes I don't see LA point covered the I'm lost by 29 that's when he won again last night when he it yeah thirty and half was a line. And down. You know he suffered a huge just huge loss they're they're running back who is just a star. Pre season all big twelve is lost for the season so his eyes we have here cried when I got to the quick and find out some. Who's then and now. This ground asked what. Rice well it's me who's that your medicine both Cochran or. Or Ryan brawn yesterday Brian Brian is up with two men on in the six suggests leading 21. There's a pitch it was a tower and they like eight exaggerates dive and out next pitch is high. It's nowhere near but it's high. Third and he's barking at bad bound third pitch hits them. Yeah and so and then you get a bunch of ejection ends some the brewers manager heavily Craig Counsell is ejected. And the Imad bomb kind of bark in it. At Enron whose barking at mad bomb and then scope comes up and hit two Grand Slam in the brewers' win the game who's a jerk they're mad bomb Iran Brian. Larger. And you noted it's never easy just so I'm not siding with the -- broad. I'm clearly you are when it's which guy are you siding with a more low I mean but I mean. I don't think LeBron is a major coming Diddy you know over react to an inside pitch. Well so why it. Could be doing did get his tower buzz there's no way around the bimbos and we'll minds lions tight yeah yeah I pitch. But it just shave and haircut the next pitch was actually closer to middle it was tied at Seattle's Jeff you know as you said it wasn't. But the third assist a straight hit him in the back misses straight I'm throwing it you know whose plot collisions and there was it was a second and third situation brawn had hit. Two rockets off Bom Gartner. Doubled. Off the lesser laws for timeout that missed a home run by may be a foot and a half he was I think even mad don't point out after the game he was seen in the ball while Jeff. Second time up he hit a missile. I'm to senator and as he jogged back off. Brian bronze version of what happened is as he jogged back up his yeah I had a good dad you know was good you know and and many got me. And I said something like good battle. On him but he said I think you misinterpret what I set my. Now that's bronze version. There's no ID. He's certified liar so you don't have to believe everything you said bride but that's bronze version of what he said the I mean for sure I understand bombed our wouldn't wanna get Bronson and hit. But in this case I tend to side with council like it to you know. 'cause obviously that we you know terms like just put him I'm his point the first twenty got two and I was like yeah Alka I think he just thought all of this going to hit auto since we're gonna put on anyway. And that's a jerk move. This is a jerk that's that Mamas and that the yeah that's part of the package yes. It is and I'd you know I'd like I I would want Ungaro my team but that's injured. No question is this a jerk move bill O'Brien Knick coach of the Texans they lost yesterday and Watson and play well with their last 2720. And with less than two minutes left in the first half of their loss Brady goes deep to Rob Gronkowski. To catch 28 yards downfield gronkowski caught the pass and double coverage so went the brow of the ball I I don't know if you've seen the replay I'm still not sure whether recalling right. On and looks like Tony currency the referee said the patriots got up the next play before New York could call for a review year under two minutes there. Bill O'Brien couldn't challenge if he would throw his challenge flag he would have been to analyze it. At same time New York. For some reason wasn't able to alert the officials of time that day we need to look at that. So the patriots. Pick it up and they go on and and they and they score. So bill O'Brien was asked yesterday afternoon that the game. What happened and he said why didn't you call time ice that's not up to me today he says essentially yeah I kind of it would probably should've called timeout there. Yeah that's a tough one man. I don't know what you're supposed to do. I don't know what you're supposed to do as head coach. Are you trusting that New York sees it. Because that's a whole idea the whole idea is inside two minutes. He can't throw a flag at chalice like because you don't need to. Because any review will play. 'cause in this this is a great example because in this case. New York did come back to say we will look at evidence to find a trial that happens to me you know there's a million things gone through your mind when your coach and I think it's reasonable. If you're the coach in that situation to assume I guess he caught a concern not even gonna look at it right I don't blame him at all and I don't today saying I should. Taken a timeout but. That that's an impossible situation you eat you couldn't hold. You know. Actually penalize you for thrown challenged I definitely this year yeah that we have to worry about it inside two minutes we'd take control it's like. The driver less cars like don't worry about it we got no money and out that if he calls time out. And the patriots get a little more time to figure out what they're gonna do in the scoring anyway you know I mean I had thought it was right yesterday with his answer Mike's job did. You know and I know coaches have done it. And that's why he was being passed because there have been plenty of coaches who said time out there. You know while I don't know why do you plead your case likewise New York looking at this ma'am I don't know. I just think that's a it's certainly tasked to Phoenix passed a six. Mean there's no excuse. Four if you if you're taking out the coach's hands. Then there's no excuse on any level for not having enough manpower whatever somebody in theory has been watching every plane every game right so that when that happens hey by the way guys. As you'll wouldn't look at that thing. Just hold. That's politics as one interest at this tennis guy and he's overlooking another gamers them and all my goodness or maybe Zack at this point we couldn't get Mario Dumont. Can hug and a half tonight. Mean I can't the author of yes it was its debts you know at that replay official does not win. Yeah it is not we are solid as a rock award for today any never will. A ever pork bill O'Brien put a tough situation there I appreciate your links are there holes coming back today. Almost like reviewing the film yeah you know I OK now I've had a chip. And I understand that but I think she was within his rights to think what they would have reviewed it. How ceaseless secede from over there. In much you've got someone in eerie air saying no we're looking and the Mars some wrong I think part of today is you know it's never a good look or it's often not a good look anyway. For a coach is there will stop my job or sodomy and coaches after is yeah outside stuff with me. Gonna go to Dallas ship I should've called it right. I mean but in reality no that's ridiculous I think that's all that's happening today has him saying I should probably just own it so we can move past her path.