Ned Colleti, Former LA Dodgers GM Interview 10/4/17

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, October 4th

Ned and the Guys talked about the MLB post season and how far behind the curve the Giants are.


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He has interviewed when he is your home for the end of the post season yes. We started early we did that so we can bring you every pitch that diamonds Diamondbacks Rockies game today I keep enjoying it. Right here it's all part of a service that cloudy former assistant GM of the giants' former GM of the Dodgers he's written axle and new book out writes yes lent book. The big cheer the smooth cops and bad bounces from the inside world of the acclaimed. Los Angeles Dodgers general manager were fortunate enough to have a witness today. It Ned there's no way we can do justice to your amazing book in the short time we have here what were you most proud of about this project once you had actually completed it. I think to be able to sit down and and spent months kind of release and a lot of emotion and also a lot of different experiences that I saw and have that Kamal instances kind of remarkable that I can actually I think. Gotta pay tribute to my parents as much as soon as good and that's a great question you know you do assessment I think debate pay tribute to my parents. And those who came before me and who open champion helped each may have helped guide me along the but open the garage in Chicago in the spent 35 years in Major League Baseball wintry great franchises. Most people want from their don't have that opportunity in the blossoms or go with the. And Ned and I know will want to talk a lot about Dodgers and certainly the giants but. Just first say when I first met you I think I was covering the Padres in you overcame I believe you were the cubs. SI DR or PR meter record absolutely worth it for so you are there you have the opportunity to to seriously won't work for that. Team that you grew up rooting for what was that line. Well it was it was unbelievable well the whole dynamic of the show interest in him I was limited such as well in my life. And it turned into one of my greatest lessons my toes were eventually have most of the NHL. From Chicago. Group there. And Mike Ditka I don't get lung cancer 49ers and the Bennett's 51. In all one smile lights to crescent. By what became pregnant because you wanted to like they had a grandchild. Before he passed. She quit work. I would look into a little too general that's one out of business I've ordered duplex about two months for the people went out of business I was paying. 18%. Interest that I am now. I was up against and I had I had no income we've got welcome but about 30000 about the possibly more. Or impose my dad died of cancer 800 miles. Western Chicago on mom got Lester had never driven a car side all the spins. And now and it's Lincecum back to Chicago thanks to those Korean. Would it gave me an opportunity and he you ultimately want to jobs in it before. And I they were really that complicated with thirteen thousand dollars each set. And there's not another dollar package as a hundred people want each of you and I actually had a total. Wooden decks for a thousand in the fifties and he says though I'm not giving anything but they're cute he's so dead it if you. I'd sit down I can do I'll do both jobs stretch fifteen I need every pickle I can get so right that very candid. Understood that that was supposed games with a task and junior is littered movement of baseball operations in 1984 assert that do. Salary arbitration and player development scouting and so flight that so. One of the body that they catapult the figure out what to do and how to do it out of we've learned against the inside. Net colliding nice not to join his his new book is the big chair today it's an excellent excellent book the giants rough season Ned stunned everybody. In this era of you know wild home run totals does a pitcher's park like AT&T make fielding a team. More difficult or the giants way behind the curve here. Unalterably behind the curve I think this season was really surprised to a lot of people including me. That the the duration and actually there's really going to be between fourteen that's a change Google still kind of that are republika Colorado out of the interest rates and AZ much better. But I didn't expect to to take to sit there that they could. I think at the end of the day that you will always win it's it's almost impossible to win and so it would also consulted with the whole lot. The game has changed that the whole world record all time addressing the season by. By the sport itself was broken with a half days left what do you have that record in the broke it shouldn't be broken some Beck. The last thing Mattingly have to go you know 2000 more home runs and just three years ago. The way trends right now the other you know they're a little behind it but. Pitching is you'll always be the Bellwether of organizations orbit that you can pitch. Opens volleys and become more and more Russians is that the last five years become more or vital so that. You know I was surprised that you're they had I really don't think that their. That far away from being good again they have a great culture there. And the great front office great manager but the the year I think took them by surprise as well we've. They did not know our belts around her little bit that but it was when you were GM that the Dodgers. Madras did seeger drafted bill injured. You guys afflict keenly Jansen from a catcher to a pitcher. I view you signed tweet how much of this Dodgers team. Did do you feel like is yours or right guess I should say you've written for that team. I am for the two. A lot of players. Myself and any other Scola who. Share it with Cleveland he was drafted like first draft of 06 we had good scouting people go political people. Nobody does it by himself and there's a lot of great players that was there for awhile. There's a lot of positions and c'mon the last couple years Chris Taylor have a bad this year. Out with a server to which you were chill. Darvish is spiritual to them especially of late so it's kind of a combination I guess of two different from opposite but. What is that it's a probably young guys were drafted and developed by the Dodgers are. And not this Mortal Kombat. That this that this script at the end treatment also. Attitude that it truly is treatments yeah ago our anxiety. All the time and you know there where we've got a great report we talked about a lot of different things. I think for vital along the way there help them with their transition to inject it. Catching up with Ned to letting NE SP I'm thirteen Tony Ned how crucial is this particular offseason for our Yasuo week. Well I think that he's really he's turned the corner a little global look the other that they can't lay what. I think that your goal this spectacle on religions are real quick called. That here as they were rumors all these. He loves so you want to be there I think is you're this year has been more with less expectations. And more productivity. Finishing more than 250 run. Played go globe right field hit hateful. I think. The morning and obviously that was their thought process that they get. Maybe a little bit of October the alleged terror and I think that'll be a good goodies. He has technical and he's become more focused and the slider you should see his Achilles heal until slider up the place he would not go after the 90%. I'm Susan Boyle to do to slow does want to sliders could also have a park the two later so I'm really trying to transform the kind of matured I think as a player. I think people. Load the most dynamic players in the game. We think about that could take the main law but in say you've got to Garrick a global oil field and it's gonna have more than 25 poll shall be eight spot. You take that everybody will. Ned why you've been in the game while I've been covering the game. The industries become a global industry how much more complicated is it now for front office to try to actually assessed prospects. When you are really looking at an international field. It that's a great question is it's far that the especially from my early days it's and they can't. You have to you always. You have to try to play it's it's it's really just looking at this you'll shut. And then looking at how they approach competition. And there's no competition like there is then the United States at the top level management baseball they've got collegiate program to the United States that are. Upper Echelon of world citizenship good players should play as well the power wheelchairs pretty much within a year so to the big lyrics. We've been drafted you that draft when he signed players from other other cultures and other countries. The competition is not exactly the Shaq. You've got to measure that you've got a way that it process so that would be trounced. Down to lose an evaluation of the tools of the player and a couple who is beside the that's that you kind of have to go on you can't really put a lot against. The competition and say it is going to be able to transfer their competition to another. Another lead to another country. Just based on competition it's really the tools of the trade how influence how we approach is that how they wouldn't want a certain Faisal RD. Will it means so. And I think you can you can just pretty good but the rest of the competition they get stuck in my opinion does this fought for suffered because of competition the states that the that the opposition. In Latin America or Asian. I'd love to get Ned Collette he's view on this somewhat in the yankees' last night and at how the Yankees managed to go from memory serves. Tony fifteen there and older teen with a hero they lose the wild card game when he sixteen at the deadline their trade enough pieces. Tony seventeen they're playing Cleveland in the division series how did they manage that Ned. You know blankets and so the other day Bryant catch. The full world church. I don't think he's given them. Better job and has a last year. I think the transition that they've done in the big market world weren't built or rebuilt as a crucial that it would want to say. And that it is able to change it assesses. With the younger and younger group an exciting course judge certainly helps. We didn't really think they've really turned it been in civil sanction operated franchised. And it really done a complete with a with a local music able to shoot it well a lot of titles and then very competitive or wants what they're that old. Immune booster to there that is essential. Sheriff's search and got all these guys get credit. Yet that's all these guys are saying about it. And you've traded a lot of boxes sought ways to keep the ball. That. They've done and they've been drafted well they've developed while an industry that is going to be you know our troops. That they think that the intent of being the best job that he's with last year. Net real quickly with a all that said is it Cleveland's time is that the best balanced team in the playoffs right now. I think it could be clintons on that a lot of long we'll devote to the it is way to predict that the on those everybody can that's a matter but it is urgently were frequencies that everybody can pitch well. So it ought to be the hoosiers across the board and Erica blues who died as a pensions. It's total oil wouldn't that's at the postings that I have a great series I think Colorado Arizona that was looks like the church that the late sister's. I think at least every series is going to be big time is that the classic based a lot of that the picture ticklish. Whoops. Great post season reading the big chair Biden had to letting net congratulations on a fine book thank you very much for your time enjoy the post season sir thank you go thanks. They're good luck here Dodgers or whatever.