The NCAA team hoping to prove that defense still win championships... 3/12/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, March 12th

Are smaller conferences not getting the same opportunity as larger schools?


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At the risk of sounding like a sore loser I think had may have to file factored into. Broke his witnesses and judges' cards you've actually got a point. All the modern. Royalty. Board saying Oklahoma State. I was now. And you actually got a loyalty points for that eating go to as you hook now eating go to Oklahoma State you had to Oklahoma so. What in the world is going on here well I root for the state of Oklahoma. We don't root for Oklahoma State do you know I yeah in net will yeah I think that was judged it incorrectly. And we should definitely point that out to the judge this time this year you have to look at our prime look at it and it was that one point was that pivotal or not there was an I mean not file a protest I would definitely pretend I in my Dana file a protest that loyalty points for saying it's a nice about Oklahoma State. I mean. To sing and and I definitely think you should protest it now maybe what you can do me wrong I mean here is planning and I know that here is Flanagan who played note when a darn well play with pride light. Yeah I do think USC was that the team that was not the most. Their coach was Indy infield. It's very good coach I mean if you're number two when your converts in to prove that in the coverage since three teams. And you don't wanna bum hello yeah. It happens. Every year in maybe not every conference but in so many conferences that that regular season thing means nothing just past Jim lasts. In UC Davis. And a great year but they were second in the tournament as well. But they won their conference. That's all I'm saying they they won a beaming USC yeah yeah right I get on that but I'm just saying. It's. I don't know it's time difference between what you see right in front view on what the committee's actually looking now there's like we're looking at one thing in the committee's look at something else. In the committees trying to remind you of games that were won in November December that people just don't remember them the way they were great I think you know they went to the great Alaska shootout and they won. X games in your thinking and you remember seeing these I don't care I don't know if Oklahoma belongs in the tournament but it'll be good to have tray young and there's Lon Kruger on. Trey young here and all these people who say well I used to look like the end next dev Currie. Now it looks like the next mark curry. Went from being the darling you know at their November December to being a part of most highly scrutinized player during that month. You know February so yeah yeah. At and let it bother to some degree yeah he's clean I acknowledge there of course is competitive even if you want to be beyond that stuff but he had nineteen and have a lot of a lot of attention on everything he's doing and played very very well them on November December and then bill took on low paying too much of the burden probably in February. And you're not gonna believe this but dig by Intel says that smaller conferences are not treated fairly larger one just favors all the guilty conferences Clinton about the opportunities they get the player if you're only. Tough conference you're getting a played those teams on a regular basis and you can do you want to look a fortunate. I know I could feel the Muslim guys going 48525. Suits sitting hole. And I just think it's sad the way that mediocrity rather than common sense sometimes you look at the numbers don't does not because there's so they've pulled common sense. USC by the way had nine quadrant one wins and they're going to be go watch in the terminal a TV is a problem that I have. With this it is that I would think that the tournament has to decide. You know why it exists because Dick I tells point seems to be. The other that smaller conferences don't have the chance. To play those big ranking games and that's mostly true. But but as a turn emit fan. I want the best teams in the country to get to be in the tournament so I'd be okay with the USC. Being in the tournament at the expense of you know a smaller school that is had a good year for who it. Competes against but isn't by you know any measure one of the best teams in the country. I'm OK with that mean I thought the idealistic crowned the best team in the country. Staff forget the bubble teams about the teams with real chances to win this thing best odds to win the NCAA tournament. I don't know how this compares again there which again at the character Mimi Chrysler casino. Villanova 72 bitterness odds though as is based on. Better perception public perception bill another seven to two duke five to one Virginia six to one that. Michigan State 621 Michigan ten to one Virginia and Villanova also each have at least a 50% chance to reach the final. Four and that's according to ESP and outcomes BP I Virginia 52% chance Villanova 50% chance to reach the final four. Duke 37% produce 30% Cincinnati 29%. I'm still mad at Cincinnati because they lost EC late last year here when I picked them to knock off the Bruins. You should be. You should be angry. We have Villanova as a 31 favorite so that's you know that. We want. That the money but I realize that's tough bet for a lot of people possess not given a lot but that's how. It then this is post bracket odds you know we'd like Villanova is bracket and we like Villanova strength. I'm duke is a five is five to one but Michigan State is actually five to one at the cried a casino as well. Again simply because we like where they're positioned in we'd like how they can get through the bracket. A Virginia we have actually well down if you still love Virginia. Because the style they play in the way that they can really keep team should do what they're doing credit casinos for you because we've got a 21 effort on Virginia. At a real casino unlike your place and an actual casino. Oh win if it was legal to wager. I take a long look at Michigan attend a one I'm a big fan of move on Vietnam we tend to line. No one's pretty good odds on a team yeah that's I think that real good chance at least to get the final four. But Virginia courts as the team trying to prove that defense still have a never edit. Oh win steamy tips Virginia has held 34 straight teams under seventy points. Dating back to last season the longest active streak. In the division. One it's not always doubt it's easy on the on days but it's proven to be vary effective for the cavaliers hit the the thing that can undo Virginia to me is pals stunted. They are offensively. Because if you get at some point he'll match up with a team that. Respect your defense that can still score on you and you're gonna have to be able to trade up in offense to win. And Virginia specialty is limiting possessions basically. In just choking you out on defense that also makes it look like they're not very good offensively sometimes when it's really just a matter we can take as many shots no question in what I'm thinking about Virginia is that. If they have that if there's a way to attack them it's probably too. By whatever means is to force them to play from behind because that's not what they like to do what they like to do use. Get a lead and they don't exactly sit on it it's just that they played defense so aggressively. That they force your possession deal longer possession and you wanted to be issued to get terrible shot. And then they'll take a nice controlled possession on office. And the only way to really counter that is to force them to be in a ketchup. And you know easier said than done but I do you think that I take Virginia dale plus they do haven't they've never really tough bracket for the number one overall seed yet that's pressure. Report 913 twenty how about Justin on ESPN thirteen twenty hello Justin. What's up just how the bulls doing. Vocal. There and they had a cakewalk for Coca-Cola pay losses he's in Atlanta you know this place. And then look for the open. I don't I know welcome to the club. It's early yet. People really knew about don't give a person who. Totally opposite that he. I think that. I think they're. It could be appointment with a yeah it's good to get I actually ever if you and I won't be secret you know I was told them. It was a statement in the circular no kidding us. Is biblically. There who elect to whom we. There or it's government early in Cedar Point has it that the media I think that it is it was this is it wouldn't eat it. If they if you're. The beta is out as it's currently. There and it's not a punitive deeper yeah yeah I'm gonna go where and what. I disagree that the pack when we sit here it's hard it is part of it. Like who want to put insert here in. Tackled every religion you. In the it was important that you didn't. I think he Dylan were I think he'll do it if you if you had it at Michigan where they want it's in the final or. Union. Who recruited and that it was championship that it. Now we haven't we haven't. Not yet I'm still leaning Villanova I haven't made that official yet I'm Alina Villanova mark the last markets at and has every right obviously it changes over. The last I heard from you're you were leading Kansas. Yeah I will that was before the drama I'm I'm I'm not. You know I am not love with where Kansas is I actually think Michigan State can take out Kansas gets the final four. Islanders can state a lot they'd have to be do you but I like missed and stabilize. You know that they're about it was that balance here shared this pick Lamar hack it it's been impractical. It Angela Park who is a certain well in years and they've gotten bellowed do what are they were that he. He completely blown up and down day. But I think. We look beyond the real quick look like that you they would report it now it is in other. It it's oh a duck it's pretty well there are they were it was C three once all the way to the resistance which. In order than what you know hit. It up so. They got in. It was it's for this and we'll we'll get there and I wish them the book yeah of course. Be lucky to win a game let's not get crazy pathetic and adjust existent for the act. Arizona's gods seven yeah and Arizona's got. Adds nothing about day. You know a down. Four seed is gonna phase there's another way they're playing right now it's just an up it's strictly a matter of safety belts on you face Virginia can they neutralizing Eitan and if they knew neutralizing house will you attack Jerome as the guy you said Virginia a compromise offensively obviously they're not the best offense in the country but hello again to.