NBA Power Rankings 9/11/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, September 11th
Football is here and that means the NBA is around the corner.

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What follows here which means there won't be long. The NBA pre season ticket office. Just sports trolls on. It just rolls on the convergence is approaching playing field Peter picture you just never really you're never out of season. You're always sort of in season. The NBA has been out of season for a long time but doesn't feel that way don't really doesn't because they did free agency and they did the draft and they were in the news all the time and now. They come would you like to hear about ESP in this. NBA future power rankings the idea is future power rankings are ESPN insiders projection. I'm the on court success expected expected preached team in the 20192120. 21 seasons. Yes image it all right you're probably interested in your Sacramento Kings they're not last okay Charlotte this thirtieth 29 this the Sacramento. A key. From from this. Body marks we nobody marks yes affect maybe we'll have a moment to talk about this he says Sacramento holds permit number 29. Where they were last. And really. Okay because of their roster stockpiled with recent draft picks within certain potential and veterans on expiring contracts to could be on a different team following march wavered buyout doesn't sound that great when you put it that way here's how the NBA insiders ESPN rank the kings in these categories players against future projections next three years. Tied for 27 management. There's no. Money fifth because of the cap space they have available market 28 we don't care what you thing. And a draft tied for 29. Okay well pay cash. You can do ring while money even with money disband and on the NBA's top venues there is no guarantee of moving up Sacramento needs to produce a homegrown all star or start attracting. Top start attracting top free agents with success on the court to significantly rise here says body marks the essence of the kings situation is wrapped up right there. He you have money but no one wants to take it seal have cap space but you don't you're you're not a free agent destination so. The situation during their their formula if you wanna think about that way. Hasn't changed so you gonna have to develop your own guy yes which is hard to do when you trade away draft picks yes and especially if you're from offices is. Not one that people trust. On to. Identified talent and if you're coaching staff isn't known for developing on town and yet in this town here you are supposed talk about the matter but that's a reality right yes and as a reality is Joseph ownership jacked up. In the front offices jacked up in the NC willing to make a bold move there you probably can't change something like three year projection. Anonymous really wants to live much longer than a three year projection like I don't hear about your seven year plan right. Save it I mean it may he may be a change the world but in the meantime what are you gonna do for me this season that seasons he's beyond. That's up front offices do they trafficking in the here now and also two years maybe two years. Mean even teams like the warriors that are very forward thinking rush to kind of working in that. One to four year one to three year frame. Sometimes we really don't know are remembered before the 2000 and gosh I think was at 2008 season. 2008 and 2009 and all projections for the chance you're going to be maybe the worst team in baseball. And they work there and they actually were decent and there were just a few years from actually winning World Series. That said right now all objective views. Lead to the conclusion that the kings could be just. Dreadful this year and so we don't end. What would have to happen to me and basically beat the kind of thing you're describing is. Sort of like. Having some in my Posey come up to the big league team and all of a sudden degrade Terry Giles could be that guy right some debts that'd. It's not a miracle 'cause some when your ready bag Leo you are terrified yeah it has to be one he has UBS's sharks starch filling pardon me early in the year that. He's a star player so could happen but it's not. Real promising right now yeah I mean did did the unknowns are what keep people coming back like will may be. Dear and fox is about to. Make it a quantum leap it happens guys do it did that's actually how they stay pros the bottom line big big news given the challenges that a team and a market decides. Pass you you need really shrewd. Management and they just they don't have it. You mean you need really sharp shrewd management right and they don't have it itself. I think there's a chance that the kings are as dysfunctional right now have ever. And that's anal but there's the the upheaval on the front offices he's been dramatic. And that might front office going all the way down to the training staff that now that's getting into the coaching and training staff. But all the way to it's it's. There's Arab and weird element to it there's an element of control. From way too high up that's really really a problem. And and that would cause a lot of GM's either quit or to have a moment you like it needs to be that moment of truth where plotting or. Insert. Credible GM name here would walk in Dioner say look it in there this is it you either trust in her on the organization or firemen. But but we're can't do this anymore I can't have people non basketball people interfering in basketball decisions or. You know steering the ship in the wrong directions can't have that and I think that's what's happening with the kings right now. And that means that the vet casting have a huge. Moment of awakening that he it's been reluctant. Whether that's about his front office construction. Executive suite construction or slice job. Like there are a lot of tough decisions to be made him move forward giants have a lot of tough decisions to be made a lot a set and make a tough decision today they really didn't have a choice Sean and I. Is gonna have surgery loss for the year it looks like he'll be loss for at least a good part of next year. But you know I'm gone and won't always also children can judgment. I mean if we find out its labor room that would make a lot more cents. But it was described it this way and it hasn't been corrected I think because they've been I'm not giving deliberately vague but it just now sort of look she's on the DL some news to shoulder thing and we'll get to it. So it's a scope but Bob Melvin today laid out a one year time line that puts him essentially out of the ninety. Sees skis out in nineteen season. And he's really good I mean that's a really tough blow. And on the giants we agree you know announced lookalike this year as I said earlier the one thing this year had gone forward for the giants was well spent and last year. And right now they lost on a row they're not looking much better than they were last year so. They're gonna have to make a big trade it just elegant and improving after trade. Bomb garner and order belt. I don't know if they have the stomach for that. But I think that's what they have to do. It's the big news that they don't economy and big if if you. If you identify we can't oppose it right now anyway but you know it depends on what we can get an out to saint nom though but right belligerent best chance yet some packets can improve. Yes totally and if we agree you know Posey can't be moved really anyway but if you agree or not living proffered. Then but Lerner of course is the prize. Mean he's he's a team controlled player but I mean he's getting paid but not this minute. And he's still just in an insanely high level pitcher. So he's he would fetch at times and maybe hang on to him till the break next year but wouldn't it doesn't all have to be done in the winter but. I don't know how you. I don't know payroll forward. If the price savings right and it really I mean it's like you said some people don't know but if if if it's really true that you nicer and Atalanta slugger. By free agency has known what's count. And new venue being short of agreeing with the general principle that you can only win so many ways. And one of the ways that you won't win is by out homely people in have to. You know you're gonna have to throw quality numbers out there instead of having to be bop percent. Changer right your offense and you have to move big name to get. It's no other way to do it.