The NBA playoffs essentially start tomorrow... 4/10/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, April 10th

How long has it the drought been for Minnesota?


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This sliding today with the family his mark Shriver has jury duty that's not our idea. American other people would try to get out of jury duty but he couldn't figure out how to do it. Three point nine thirds 120. Big Al joins us right now on ESP Entergy Tony thanks rang a big Al what's up. That's cute but collider got dumped out of the jury pool if there is governed data so you over you know look out and it got out of the box Abbott bought. If it cool part of sitting around waiting. What's important it's important that if people do I just did that my seven Aegon October. Al so now we need people to do that. I don't know I don't know a couple of judges it by my golf group we have they I mean outside of our country I think it right I and to the point now where Arab educated well yeah court the purple. Abide appeared you're appeared. But they're professional juror a bit edgy more look but I'm a bit and I'd pick up or LB or I bought did you listen to the other. Thought. I don't that it's bad I I've I've don't they but he had a date well. Anyway I start my regular outbid talks that we're saying prompt. When south solid citizen on the leg and I was in the pool cues in the pool of canned music I led the final ten probably would have made some team. Am I bought them like I felt bad for you don't like to scream about that he'd get a yes he did a very credible job and better for many years he's been very good boy. He was a little undersized it made the most of it you're right. These secret dialogue there and dad had been picked back Garrett met a big birthday party would want to buy paper. I appreciate already work you did you know do the right way. Anyway that's and I thought about this card from wandered into bed after read article about really interesting development among the. I look forward to it that's big Al big golf guy big Al. Was he also more scooting someone I was something he was sending let go and on the other Russians I don't know exactly what he was doing back in his car on ask a lot of while I was close to where he matching Kareem in one of the things remember about Karine was. When Kareem was wrapping up his career. And their animals ceremonies for him all around the league where every wind and it's Sacramento you know he's the gitmo motorcycle here or rocking chair whatever area and Sacramento Kings actually. They created scholarship the sac state in his honor remember him saying that was one of his favorite items that he had received and his goodwill tour obviously. It's about you don't put some thought into the whole thing and that's with the kings organization did and that's a big Al does culture right yeah he's there he's a gala appreciate that. The NBA playoffs tip off on Saturday right well essentially they tip off tomorrow do they not mr. basketball. But I guess it's sometimes critical to mr. bass plus I'm I'm not mr. Vance okay well yes actually they do with Minnesota against Denver yes. Nuggets at timberwolves tomorrow. Winner makes the playoffs loser misses out the timberwolves lead the season series 21 timberwolves have not made the playoffs since 2004. Longest active playoff drought in the NBA now they make the playoffs and that would mean. That the current longest playoff drought would be the second kicked in wow. But the nuggets with a big win last night over Portland it. Hanging in there comes down to their last game in coach Mike Malone in the nuggets missed the playoffs last year. By a single game and then I'd be taxed too thick skin when it can be tough for Minnesota to miss the play I was after the season which you talk about high hopes I mean with that with a roster that they have in tips coming in I mean they thought they were left. That's for sure. Nikola Yokich joining Wilt Chamberlain and then Simmons as the only player 610 or taller with ten triple doubles in a season. And rise guys present is that a then I guess it's. Is that I think mr. basketball and locates joining wilt and then Simmons only player six tenor taller with ten triple doubles and a season. Wilt Chamberlain and a 1968. Had 31 and 6722. Out Benson's with twelve this year and I Yokich with ten this year. That thing yeah I guess I guess it's a thing you just I don't wanna get. I think there Yokich there will tailor made double will get no thirty and then he gets twentieth they weren't even accounting blocks in those days and who knows somebody really. Already like in that contest Minnesota Minnesota's home that's I was go don't you in the situation but I think they might have more of a back up against the wall feeling too. I mean they have. I think they might have a few more pressured in Denver coming in. Then there's been so good late in the season so I think Minnesota if they don't get out to a good good start a good lead. They can make that joke and Russell Westbrook now. Russell Westbrook is open to average a triple double for us a season so he can be the first player in history to average a triple double in multiple seasons although. Law and Oscar Robertson do that but we can. He averaged one over his first five seasons but he did not individual seasons guys averages for his first fiber while senator Ted intend yeah he helped his case some money from that point three points eighteen rebounds and thirteen assists for his 25 triple double of the season. And for his career number 104. The thing I don't like about Russell Westbrook triple doubles is that he seems very conscious of getting them. Yeah I mean he kind of cheapens them a little bit. You haven't is some of that do you think that people make such a big deal about them. A minute we don't hear from old timers well I don't know I didn't mean to be right but it's all right I get double double that's just what I saw that was a clear and it's true and accurate barometer of what he was doing how he was playing music didn't really care like Westbrook I need sixteen we asked tonight. Well then the status actually affecting how he plays sea grass. Harder to get a true reading on what he's actually contributing it does tonight but for the most part I think he's just so. Incredibly talented I mean he just how yeah I know house that the numbers in yet tonight if you looks to her tomorrow night he looks to get sixteen rebounds that's a little bit skewed but for the most part he just goes out he just. Is an accumulate here and he's just so good he has the ball all the time. As he just does that mean I guess those numbers most double doubles in NBA history Oscar Robertson 181 magic won 38 chasing Q1 07. Russell Westbrook 104. And it's really impressive course fat lever guy who you have to. Do some announcing for the kings had a ton of triple double really did yes he played for Weston's nuggets brightness so many possessions and that's why they're so many more triple double and all right there was a funny or possessions yet so so many more opportunities for points and rebounds and assists and have a good big man not being as dominant as they were in the past makes it easier for guards is slipping to get I think I would think more rebounds anyway didn't ask for the kings that fell of course in the San Antonio Spurs so the kings now what twelve straight seasons about. I post season and the spurs 21 straight playoff appearances. Second longest streak in NBA history. And why they want straight years and that's very impressive but the depressing part about your first statement about the kings this twelve straight years without making them and really no end in sight. I mean it's not like well that's a takers were on the way and I place them in two years we might be there well maybe but I don't see how. As you said everybody else keeps getting better every year to assume it's like Acosta lifting keeps going up for everybody and they're just not the I don't see them breaking through so what is the plan say according to the plan have now may be into but certainly according to the plan now. With three years from now I know that's an attorney but then they're supposed to be a a legitimate. Relevant playoff contender right yep how can they be I know I know I'm just saying what's the plan what are you planning here before making any judge what I what are you play are you planning this. Bright things you've got to have a plan. And I think that plan is contingent on getting an infusion of talent from a place you don't usually get it via trader via free agency and if you don't get that. How do you have greater talent it sure you could hit the draft. You could intrepid couple times like Minnesota did but it took a more why don't even with talent and wigand's to get to the point they are now and they need to Butler to help them get their. So if you can't improve on anywhere else except for the draft. I don't see the talent level behind have to contempt. Well they have to do something that the spurs about a lot of success with and it's not easy and the odds are against him but there's four ways you improve your team right. Draft and right yeah host how else. A trade trades yes how while free agency S and player development who has been getting the best out of what you can draft trade for an acquired through free agency but especially getting the best at what you draft for. Look at the warriors this year who's Quinn cook I don't know but they just signed him to a contract rose said they share they know recast me because he was phenomenal. And that's what the spurs are good for so long yes that that's how you make the last 21 years and run and it's easy nobody howdy do you draft for future development or is it just do you develop players so well. In your system that they and I think that is then I think. I think one of the reasons the kings over the years have had so many guys like us guys terrible. And especially they've had so many guys that what a market here but when someone else's because the kings. Have not been very good at all when it comes to player development race and that is the part about their current plan that I think. His most encouraging thing at the very least are mindful of that so they're trying to do something about it. And that's what is encouraging us optimistic about the backcourt like a doctor but the three guys in the back court moving forward. Are they gonna be just or I don't know but it looks like they're starting they're going to develop together and they've got something anyway. So that you can my apparently they've got four guys that can be guarding a long time right if include Mason right. And I've gotten. Absolutely I don't consider him to be much more than a second or third of course of course I guess for your war for our dad again the mystery the front court. Is it to me will cause Stein because he's got flashes. And shown flashes that you wanna keep him around at least you don't want son to son Jack what you don't wanna give up early like you've done some of the other guys and like you say a lot of that was fit and stuff but you don't wanna give up too early I will because studies were split relatively young guy from the just got to get more talent that front court I think he would put points in the tummy or player development I mean look at the spurs again they've had some great town it's not easy but I think that's the only way forward for the kings. They have to nail the draft and they have to be much better player development get the most out of the players that they do draft and so Harry Giles becomes even more important because he is technically a player he's eligible and the Jackie most of what I inspired about it absolutely is so there's even more pressure on the show.