NASCAR drivers deserve as much as NFL or NBA players? 10/4/17

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, October 4th

NASCAR teams are having trouble finding money.


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Well here's thunder made their debut last night president knew that fund that'd be good to see the new look fund Russell didn't. Plants that I saw a couple of highlights and its seat time. I'm sure you saw driving NB ATV it was on NB ATV annoy him a look seriously awesome awesome baseball game and I mean even look. I'm not overly I'm I'm excited about the season but. I'm seriously pre season basketball doesn't do too much from me there there's. When you when your guys won't play. You know like Westbrook is gonna play a minute then I don't actually get any questions answered. It's not as much fun for wanna see a meaningless game all watched the all star game right is that what you're saying exactly what I'm saying yeah it's it's it's either that are pre season game. I I know Carmelo can make a shot at saw I saw him making couples so. I guess all good I don't know about your boy you're big Robertson and right. No but at one point last not a zealous excuse me but he's. I think it was a three pointer. And Chris Paul is there he's he's it's his balls man and he's gonna close out on on these sides no way. And elects him suited and he's and when and then there's journeys as hell non. It just blatant disrespect from Chris Paul for your guy I remember last year playoffs the rockets. Ms. ball is on the rockets last year but the rockets last year in the playoffs just. Laughing. Openly mocking. Robertson as the shot free throw ya I mean he's an extremely limited. Player it's it's remarkable to me that he still so valuable mini plays defense such a high level. And he can facilitate and he will rebound and again I can't achieve in him he's not a big guy he can't shoot. Is a wing the key issues it's really Weirton Carmelo had nineteen Aldrich had fifteen. Westbrook still recovering from a late let rich plasma injection. In his left knee. Oh my goodness. It's worse things so what can you glean from that game Houston wins 10497. Carmelo looked comfortable Chris Paul eleven point seven assists. Note turnovers in his first game with James Harden he outlined it you know I don't know how well turnovers really stands out I don't know how to play together but he'll be he'll be fine he's he's. I think Houston's. As competitive as Houston can possibly be accusing got more competitive. I'm and that's the best they can do the best they can do is be hopefully a as good as anybody else if the warriors fall for some reason. And and Houston did the rockets scored ninety points in their first 36 minutes. Walsh. Who. That's pretty good. I you know play that pace NBA general managers' survey came out today and I think 93%. Of the NBA GM say the war is gonna win. Yes they've they may be it's the deck on I guess I gotta take a look at the warriors not NBA dot com has been doing this survey for sixteen years and they've never had anything remotely close to that so even over the last couple years. You know there was that strong either or argument for the warriors. Or Cleveland. That's Alexis. I'm sure they're wrong a lot but that's what everybody thinks can and indices. Did you wanna hear what step curry thinks of the all star game changes yes. I by the way I'm not crazy about about him after rethink that because Stephen A Smith says they're terrible not an awful wanna lineup Cristina Gonzalez and nice because he's not skip I but I just an oval on a line up with them. You have got to find them he had the five. Express your thought before you ever heard what he thinks okay so our I think you're in safe territory step curry what do you think the all star game changes. The is very good game kind of she writes that a little bit. Give the fans they deliver more interest and other teams are available now to another island. Makes these in the west it's an different combinations together their horses should be. They're pretty cool tested two. Groups like. But one of my teammates didn't fit their attack and defense that looked good. That's kind of the cool thing about it far. Look good together vision. I appreciate. Harvey's tough decisions in that it's. That would be okay. I don't wanna make too much is this perhaps I already have because it's the all star game we barely care about the all star game when it's here that's true art. But I just feel like the NBA maybe I feel like they're insulting my intelligence a little bit. I feel like they're passing this off these changes is as part of their new fan friendly measures. Which include starting this season earlier and stretching the games fan friendly. Now so that. I think he's just friendly that's how the NBA's trying to position I think I read that somewhere. Okay. I'm really just think it's a try. I mean I as far as I'm concerned it's on collect approval. Current trial basis more than anything else he can position anyway you want to blow it. Let's face it they'll probably let guys take out of a hat for a couple years and see how it went and did people like it would we didn't want to beam. Controversial was that get it. What is it good if guys go to all star weekend and start bitching about stuff. Like which teaming up placed on Imus and a half minutes it happens. I'm sure they did in the NBA some sort of thinking. I give the world you know he's talking about NBA players and also NFL players is Danny Hamlin NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin. Denny Hamlin knows NASCAR teams are having a hard time fun and money. So the suggesting comes up now on and maybe the drivers should take pay cuts. Pinning him under and then appreciate that he's gonna he's now he's an owner knowing he's a an engineer now. He's a driver where way underpaid as race car drivers there's no doubt doing what we do uses Denny Hamlin the schedule. That we have on the danger that we incur every single week NASCAR drivers should be making NBA NFL money and quote. Will you advise you your sport doesn't generate nearly the money that the NFL the NBA does any expect. Ian you make money in direct proportion to hear and she makes you that's why like firemen don't make what NBA players but certainly it's more dangerous what they're doing I'm the first to agree that went. Pro athletes making general is ludicrous it it's surpassed my understanding along time ago. And I would say for the most part we throw around numbers like it was mean and really to us many to mean really it really is theoretical because I would know what that money looks. With that said you're worth his message is an inch she's willing to pay an inch he's willing to pay you relative to your amateur makes to its credit Denny Hamlin points out he's really not talk about himself he says I'm sure this'll be in some headlines somewhere. Where Denny says drivers aren't paid enough but I'm basing it off all other sports he recently built. A home with a 31300. Square foot home he's as I'm not including myself. I'm including the back half of the field those drivers are risking the same amount I am and they should be paid alum a lot more. And quote. Why actually dented economy at a fair question I I assume if you are aligned with the team. And Robby would notice are you set a salary as a driver or use set the salary plus percentage of winnings how's it work. It's it's a salary plus percent of the race winning okay. I mean at least that's not I I I admired you got some skin in the game like I I appreciate. If you play own golf tour you may have someone backing you write a lot of those guys have financial backers. But is still making whatever you earned by winning they got a unionized right. Bynum their Zardari if they're serious about this drivers and teams have consistently wanted more money or NASCAR's. TV deal. At NASCAR distribute 65%. Of the money to the tracks 25% of the teams and keeps 10% OIC which are saying you mean as a as an entire. On the entire driver's side yeah or. Race side I guess would be more appropriate. They need be bargaining for just what you're slice of the pie right if you wanna seriously complain about this okay take some action yeah. The magistrate Egan muted most of eat even some of the bad contracts. I'm in the in the major. Sports are better than what drivers get. Better than what tennis players get to zone Denny Hamlin says there's got to be reset and it doesn't come from the drivers that comes from NASCAR helping the team survive and a better basis. They're just has to be different revenue sharing encode any. NASCAR's got to problems to be fair I don't think I think with the drivers are making is pretty low on NASCAR's priority list right now NASCAR's worried about title sponsors. It's worry about race sponsors its word about team sponsors. And it has to get that money in a row first beef rusher talk about sheer. And that's why they're looking at what what are we gonna do and then it comes up paid driver should take less and perennials and we should yeah I'm I understand. Where is come from but man oh man any can't it's really hard to go any compare. To league sees revenues to where fears just the way it is. That but you're right. In the other sports the players have negotiated. A feat in most sports a fixed percentage based falling count. Invest all football you get it fixed percentage of of specified income not only income mass the other problem. Well it's a NASCAR tells you what is in included in the income stream them you may not be as happy Tuesday. So he negotiated if you want to were taken you up to ESPN radio coverage of the nationally wild card game which is. Okay I'll watch I'm looking forward to but it there's no reason to have this game. There is and it's proven their ability Gleason and the Rockies have. Over the six games better over 1626. Overall policy we they've got to play one market to make sure when they play nineteen times during the regular season and Arizona won eleven I think terrorism should be favored airs on was at home some but I love there I'm pulling for Iraqis upset. If you know with the Arab Afghan women as strong way to put it if forced to choose I would say a dime action win cranky should win them. But me personally I'd be thrilled with the Rockies won. Thrilled yeah I think Perry more interesting team. I do they're just a more wrenching teamed me they they're kind of in a dynamic moment where. They're shifting this team to a younger roster and they're asking young guys not they don't have a Greinke asking John great to go out there and trying to teach a racer. And he throws gas season 97 mile an hour set should be a fun game well when I guess the Dodgers have good luck. Malia next.