Mike Greenberg Interview 5/9/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, May 9th

The Guys talk with Greeny about LeBron, Michael, the Warriors, and his new book!


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You think he considers us friends. I don't know plus account I think they're suing the Brenda this show by a friend friends at the Super Bowl sealed it via. When he stopped by with his Gatorade and that was great you know where this. Poppy monkey B. Pokemon he Arabia and I think it was Mountain View pretty specially that was interviews Hewlett yes anyway he says he's written a new children's book for a great cause. He's the host of get up on the ESPN every morning Mike Greenberg joining messing greening first ball. I guess they get up get up is this part shell Richard Jefferson was terrific today. I appreciate your saying that thank you very much we're we're working really hard. It is very hard to launch some big boy and me with as much of a microscope and this. But I think we're getting it right while a lot more than we're getting a blog and figuring it out as we go. And so far so Garnet and look at this we are part because it is Jalen. And beatle for that matter a little bit with the NBA stop and the NBA clubs have been really compelling. I think that's about the current to a screeching halt the honest review. But. But any bit a lot of spot and I appreciate it but if you like. How much I can ask is there something or anyone thing about the show now you're into. The every day programming and not the months of work and they spent walking up to it that a surprise you about the way to show rolls out each day. Yeah having Iran while privately no I wouldn't say about our. Yeah quite a bit read about it but didn't really know what to expect you know you you could Barber's is like you're walking the planet hunters while they want to start actually doing. And here we are people reacting to everything that you're getting what you knew all along. Whatever they're predicted it would start evolving literally straight day. And and that indeed exactly what happened so I wouldn't say biggest surprise me especially while. I would say that that. And I think their thought we're going to be our best ball we immediately decided not really looking well. Lit up credit available or what will most it's a great noticed. Our goal is to be is to move quickly haven't stopped move quickly human up down and talk a little bit. You know in depth we have on an anti big topic and you know try to figure the sweet spot of all the do that and how long that pharmacy could be into the a lot of very boring but are in the C broadcast from the Bible stop. For the audience I'm sure but thought that that's what we're doing that bad job here that big board figuring it out as regards I think we will wind up with a really good place that best. Now grainy you said does something along the lines of you thought the compelling NBA talk would come to a screeching halt so. I take it you don't think the rockets warrior series is gonna live up to all the hype. Our dog and of how hard guys. What I admire the warriors I think they are but from the best team I've received. And and and I don't have any issue with immigrants doing what he wanted to do what was it is Patrick. But I credit until like four of 21 of the sixteen whatever year was that he fired their city courtroom in the NBA for a short while because no one can play with them. My son played a basketball and ordered urban on a U basketball powers. There are a whole lot of games at the minute the ball's tipped up you immediately say it came should not be quite. If you don't want it 88 to a level. And that's what it looks like what you want these guys play so there now that they are not a particularly the in my head they are 24. And in the playoffs the last few years people like Ed and on their way I think what like 32 and five. Arm and that is not fun to watch you know I I covered Michael Jordan is a bad. And they want all the titles. Sullivan type but next to them to the rink multiple times in the east in the editor from the break multiple times in the edicts but into the break in the final few jobs for them to the brain in the final. It's important they could not gonna break it's like there was never a point bless you where you thought they might lose and I do not believe there will be a point here where you think they might lose. And supplied moderate than al-Qaeda how good they are but it either as a fan of the sport. I find that frustrating because it violated article you can end it makes me what he does that at all. Does this mean that there is no chance that LeBron authors some new amazing chapter. Record anger and that's what I thought that at. I care about of course the biggest factor that what all is it sport that help. As bad period at a variety of injuries. And Vicki has another problem whether they Butler knee then then all of at all that obviously changes everything. If there weren't already have heard that would change everything is quite obsolete and part of the team we've already got Eric. That would change everything to a lesser degree your doll ought a get well. It would better health Seattle and everybody was of them I think I've heard it's this one game from an accused it will take water maybe a maximum of two. And so they'll wind up thirty to learn it. There's something like rapids and in particular post season and I didn't again I admire the governor I admire that they are. But bad in street that he would not as much fun to watch. Catching up with the Mike Greenberg of course here and ESPN thirteenth warning. We had never seen anyone quite like Michael Jordan of course you sum up close and personal. And we've never seen anyone quite like LeBron. So I understand we all engage in it but in a way greening our they'll LeBron and Jake comparisons. Are they kind of missing the point point being that there's never really been anybody quite like either one of these guys. Yeah could be that degree yes this is sort of like. Well it's not quite like but it'll be similar to saying. If I was Tom Brady a great a player that mark killer now what they do it they're totally different that it kind of hard to compare that. Give you another one of the ridiculous but it jumped into my. I'm from new York and I live in Chicago for eleven years and people always ask me to compare. New York LB feet that the Chicago. That was AP they're not the same fate. They both have red tomatoes rotten cheese but they could not be less similar. And and so that's where LeBron and Michael I guess I'm more similar than that. But what I would say is. I have been killed in the my life it's a great years. With Michael on the every single day and you made the greatest although we see this as just as good. Get it I mean I objectively speaking Michael was not better than LeBron James I'm I'm not saying he would work. Quite but it is subject that we have put them alight on the same level you say you can't tell me that anything that you people put in the LeBron James and I'll give you think about all right now. I refused to say anyone was ever better from abroad has right now are that they remain there. Or guys who were because I would not say anyone Michael Jordan added they actually anybody else was better than that guy is right now. On my quote put you in the how do want to fight him writing a book with your wife and how did you get through that process together because that's pretty intense process. Yeah I'm glad that you asked me thank you. That if this thing stands. Our book project and our foundation and from our friend Heidi who is my wife that's fine. Who in 2009 died of breast cancer at the age of 43 G actually little kid it. It was just that it was justice that that the worst thing I've ever seen happen in my life up close and we didn't start of the that'll foundation of our honor and we just want to raise money for best in the church. And I wrote a book called all you can ask for several years ago we donate 100% the first it's a bad. The V foundation to combat record occurred and we are we're at a 150000. After that we've raised with us. And we did a lot of and we want to do another one and I like actually got the idea. We do a children's book based on our dog to be obviously both achieve a dogged people react really nicely for the daughters really cute. Until we get a children look at classic children's book about a little girl who want to play sports. Which is afraid to try this year that we know are out. But her dog knows out because the dog wake up every morning and watch it took all the television talk about what. The dog table that feature out and let our children's picture book beautiful art meant to be read a two year old three year old Orioles. And we donate we are donating 100%. The V foundation a combat pediatric cancer and I'll make the first donation but I'm party united but I felt you. And this is all memorable moment that you wouldn't ordinarily it about the white Oprah that you could ever come across in your life. Opposite Eric put together. Out of the children's books a little different than writing a novel wasn't hard. But it beats pupils story in the big cart as wonderful. And I particular did you mention that event and what are apparently an obstacle here it was Google is just a we got it on my TV show it on purpose social media. And people are so supportive of what we're doing. That we were a little children's picture book was the number three mover and shake on Amazon.com yesterday but I can't tell you what a remarkable. A cheaper better than and that is exclusively. A credit to the support that we have gotten from our audience over the years but I'm so grateful. So you want to warn that if you have a little kid in your life about our daughter and nephew whatever IP. That you would like sort of the booklet to go to Amazon.com and discarded MVP in my life and metal pop up. And then 100% of the author's first he will go directly to the V foundation combat pediatric cancer. Angry beast and not only great cause but such a great messages I understand it for kids message being that sometimes it's okay not to be perfect. Yeah you know that's something that at and my kids and outside and keep insisting and we're gonna get into an entire order for your but I have important it is to an end that is correct that is that I am really dismayed. By eight. The message that my children have received from the world and that is. And I do my best to combat their sport and as a parent to earn hard because what little there. Many of the messages we receive outside of their IR RR is very difficult to convict them there but your right in the overall. And that it I think it they believe that if I haven't made up their mind what they're doing with their lives and have for internships. I think I have already don't like all of us up by the artistic yeah but they do. And that such a ridiculous concept. I'm I had I'm a college kid. Contact me can duplicate that in sports broadcasting. And figured I would probably too late for me Cuba haven't done an internship in the area. Eight sophomore and of course I get to watch it for you have like I can't believe that you think deputy genuinely does. I apartment very frustrating. So our own little party level that in the Mets didn't spoke about it it's okay to try something would fail. It took it a try and you don't know that you do your best at Yale Bowl itself also try again. About happens in this book I'm a big ignore anything good to be children what it is that the plot is false story wise regulation play. And she failed a little bit and all the ticket seller told they would keep fighting and and that sort of the message of the book here. I'm bet that the only be able to walk away in the entire history human civilization. People aboard at a good moderate things would have been trial are. And like it is kids are afraid that they also though about the purple red alert. And so are your Al that is the message of the book and that if you know is that he pinned a little bit to a little kid was three years old. And I think that would be polite folks are. You same article you will greedy congratulations on the show congratulations on the book thank you very much free time we appreciate it and now we'll see on TV. And we'll talk again soon. But they do very much so let me talk about it at about to do it again anytime you want but. Thanks like talk disagree. I tell you what though there is one of the way through the history of human civilization that people have improved in pass through performance enhancing drugs yes I didn't wanna you know correct them at the time because he's aghast but there is another way be such trial and error TNT said if you screw that up we can use the baseball itself its energy sync fails some yes. Obviously wonderful wonderful concept. With the book and a great cause yeah yeah. We appreciate demy Greenberg joining.