Michael Silver Interview, NFL Network 1/11/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, January 11th

Michael and the Guys talked about Gruden's press conference and how far off they are defensively.


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Earlier today we got up to Michael Silver from the NFL network nfl.com tell us about everybody tries. I'm Mike actually started seeing Rosa press Democrat if you believe that. And coming the niners and been covering football ever since who worked for Sports Illustrated. Yahoo! for a long time now for NFL network follow him on Twitter at Michael Silver we began our conversation with me asking. Michael Silver when Al Davis would think of the huge deal his son just gave to John gruden. He would die a second time probably aren't. Yeah you know it it. It's really interesting bit. Mark Davis called getting drugs are back the break is there lives and by the way I loved the higher I love the fact that they went out got I think it's going to be out but. The notion that Al with so I'll be proud of mark which it. Well. Is pretty silly L with not a big believer paying coaches big money you you'd like discovering. And that. Kind of tormented. And you know Jon Gruden they're. Great things when he integrators they were dysfunctional that he got poked in order very quickly. And had them competing at a high level and got a lot of attention though we got all the super. Real about John's going to be giver of star and definitely. This broke down over money and that's why he was traded. Mike. What's your sense of what the league does the league care or not care if the raiders blatantly violated the Rooney rule. I'm glad it only cares I do think there is there recognition that there's a big blow up the road rules when there. You know a clear hole and candidate out there. If your dream candidate or maybe ever victory and then in some cases. You might only fired a coach you can get that person. You would do anything against them. That it's not a great situation last supper out via American or a minority so. You know. I the weapons were going down but I thought mark should it five. That is negligible compared to you know not a guaranteed money were talk about him as. You know big picture with John and that it is a flawed rule by you don't want their father. The rule or the raiders market news you know. Be very progressive. In is that the that the as they you know by active but it. In that very thing to do a couple shelter there are. After the fact markets or to that are basically there. He had already agree with Joseph and so you know a one time there was a fine antidote 2000 grew alive and I went out got he Mariucci. And they in the bought five or 200. You know it was the commissioner's discretion so presumably the power could be worse but in my opinion they should just. Acknowledge that this is a case where they didn't honor the rule and it. And Michael Silver you've been of course to many many many many many raider. Media conferences over the years what really stood out to you about the gruden press conference this week actual press conference itself. If you go to meet you it was just aren't being in the real and you know that I of the kind of motivate applaud by Google a good job but it. Yet every time I watched the gala like we'll look at ruby didn't that the play. You know Jon Gruden. Being a little more politically correct and we saw a slacker. That cell replication but. You know kind of acknowledgment that you're not a 50% of their views. But political maniac who does not handle losing well and I thought it was a nice. Reminder for the people who either worked here the first ever round or have got a lot what. You know Thursday. I I the other kind of been this. Sent out there that well Olympic Games the you know you wrote that let's. The ball and while that your panel on outlook for the ordered. You know it is ours. Artest plays go gonna lure it. And it is I think it's just kind of emphatically. Reminded people. You are getting paid big big personalities. Who will. Work when I equally. Everybody's going to be swept doctored game. That south struggle. That the guarantee that they get a wouldn't champions are sort name but you know I had a pretty good feeling about it what do you do it the first time. What a much tougher thing to do it but were circles that are functional paranoid they tend to blame everybody else. Or service orchard and there was a book and error of negativity around that he's. Got rid of it pretty quickly it happened just put their heads down oil art and you know now become an as a guy it was so much. You know regime and also vetoed the magnitude of back contract clearly you don't or. Or you're not you're. I think it's a wooden era when your guard consistency thing and other coaches might say. And they're gonna look at you more that way electrical arc of what the lakers. Well that's fullback better buys it so I actually. Think that. What we saw that press conferences. You know the guys that I remember being so there. I'm much on the road this week in giving great game saints vikings beat in your mind. Is he doing all the games are they said he doesn't like yeah he actually eat it but my understanding is you'll be off work and which is fabulous. But 600 her or hurt. The I everywhere over which is a bigger deal as you. As you approach that game Minnesota's defense and the fact that its case Keenan trying to be their quarterback. I mean I can't get that particular thing and you know I got like number taxing mechanic the archive about it. It's accidentally elbowed governor gave it to maybe it's will prove you wrong like a pick for what it almost. You know that I gave you that night there and I just in via the article we've used that doesn't mean the fate will would assure that it's Toby got to really balance beam. That are both you know capable what are your championship and one quarter backed by. Future first ballot hall river Drew Brees is covered up what the best you were. And the other one's core backed by. If you roll your roots and similarly. You know on the dispute about right and over nick holes and that Roethlisberger over like portal like you took detectable real real chips and on and I'm gonna let him go to greater market bird Asner you know. I hope I'm wrong or. Literally created state that are put. Yeah I. I mean to me it's it's been a long time it also right I think they are about I think. You know what you have that kind of rushing attack with. Second set up play action and things for Drew Brees that allowed him. That drive. You know the late career and that you sir. In the good of the I think the states. And lot of it is by. You know both of them very very cup immigrants. The other indices is is that he's still other agency does not going to be. Developing. What we would get the New England Pittsburgh matchup we think we're gonna go over the real quick group. Well forgive me for asking Michael Silver but do you think that is the ESPN's story on the demise of the patriots do you think that. In any way as a affected the patriots preparation for this week positively or negatively. What would send. A partnership the ruling could be journalists but a lot of credence in that story. They're based in part people dispute but one thing that we can't dispute is that it exists and this is the place. Prides itself but no leaks coming out there rhyming. You look up the recorder got pushed out of what is there is brokered. Pulpit that'll be a lot of quote leaks coming out of that place about a lot of entry. My understanding is that's no big deal I heard Haley says so is not gonna be a big deal. Well that it is a big deal atrocity to have good people and so but yeah I mean I have to say you're not a lot of others but there's a city. That it is you know the fact that people are talking to be here is the first you know but it's significant but I would sit. You know. In their mind that they believe that this type of thing Google or local right I actually disagree. Mark I probably could. Spent hours of workers. Go back and forth by the experience but I I think that. Quote movie. You know bulletin board material and actually speaking like you're human beings. I believe that does nothing to impact it gave one way or the other but I hear people vote seconds the other camp. So by his war. Is more we. Totalitarian. Definition. How are you wanna prepare for a playoff game yet they should do or. And like we got let's go real quick and realizing that this is this is I know this is that a longer answer than try we have time for but I just wanna get. May be your flash perspective is it over in Seattle. Yet it is. And that's crazy but I'll give you a caveat that it. Building around Russell will have about Wagner. With a great general manager judged Dieter coach Pete Carroll who has shown it can get the most out of a lot of people. They have the chance to maybe transform on the fly. But yes I I honestly believe focus erupt without parole promise but it's stable credit. Richard sure but Michael that it will probably be quote they're rolling capture work. Who made up tighter I don't think in your goes by guys go back these so. I think that it can be a major major transitions are gonna hope that. Russell wilt and Bobby Wagner can be transit center and that the complaints. Well Mike I I wish we had more time will catch up with few hopefully he doesn't he's glad myself that wherever I thought at that. Travel safe air general. I wish we are court just generally better thank you all take it to the bank. And Ed do everybody a favor and try not to freeze your faceoff in Minneapolis. You know how freezer burn looked bad nicely indeed they your neighbor was it looks in this and Al. We're pretty good figure like ability to feel sorry for us because our token. So nah not terrible you know like cargo goods yeah I could I could fit her alive but nobody was there always blunt or try to model. 84 degrees for a high on Saturday enjoy Michael thank you Michael. Semen and sort of started freezing in the faces and started.