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He can go anywhere. From two to some mock drafts had him in the teens. But rate lately it's looking like you might be a top five taking a little bit earlier I had a chance to catch up with one. Michael Porter junior here on the will Cain should listen. NBA draft prospect Michael porter's you're on behalf of auto trader in the Kelley blue book price advisor in ESPN's latest mock draft by Jonathan Gibboney. Michael you are going seventh in the draft men you're the guy. With the most mystery around in my C mod dress had evil in second I've seen mock drafts had eagle and eight or ninth what sense are you getting from teams right now when you land in the draft on Thursday night. I'm gonna pretty good centerpiece you know on it bothers my medical information they got it and they remember our Brothers and I would like to do. And I think a lot of news pretty I feel very comfortable. And I'm feeling great you know so unlimited plans could you not I won't go to a program. You say it seems pretty high so give me gimme some cystic specifics of yum I'm Michael who's showing the most interest in you right now what teams. So for me to agree or are. They are viewed regular polo people are really. Really talking a lot about me calm you know I'm sure there is going to be traded regard absolutely but are looking right at the prior. A lot of Toomey. They bigger issues or. NBA draft prospect Michael Porter here on the will Cain so icing you talk about Michael it is not important to you necessarily to go number one that you wanna find the right situation. Would you please tell me like describe what's the right situation for you in the NBA. Really hit it and believe me and you know it could be a relationship. Because it to me it is my considered going number one or not. Not that BP's so what kind of image of the deceased soldiers at a computer they were in great situations we're down so amused to. Corner right to me. Learn what I can't promote gun there have been a big part are you get a big. On how the team he and do what I can't help to incur a winning a winning organization. The NBA drafts going to be on ESPN radio on Thursday night so we'll see where Michael this big mystery will be answered on Thursday night where Michael ends up. So on you makes injure injury a couple times with a back injury and hip injury. First we ask you this I've seen reports Michael do you you might be available to work out for some teams this week is that true we'd be working out. I'm missing the possibility not feel good it's up to sort of mark my agent. I've got a lot of trouble and honestly so will be marketed sport got split. And got I got evaluated you know others. The doctor Carmen you know doors are armies are human spirit and I think that you are comfortable but I am I am I gonna go or characters. What was so last week apparently woke up in and your your hip was heard is that right is that connected to the back injury. Our man had Carter Patricia Garrett richter who lives are as woke up normal though normal what the zero Mormon. And I do like my parents would do a little sore from the table or not been working crazy aren't past or weeks. You're a Croat and all and it was just a little sort oh mark. We TomTom. There's environment other Americans who all sorts these wanna shut it down for a couple of days and then people with that kind of ran with it is very you know. Might have been injured in our can get out of bed was none of that was really true relatives or. And I wanted to get a couple of days off without follow us. Michael Porter junior again here on behalf of auto trader in the Kelly. Blue book price advisor so I was reading Michael did at the back injury the one that caused you to miss most of your freshman season in his area he was 53 minutes. Over your freshman season the back injury dates back to your sophomore year is that right to a to a dunk attempt somebody hits you is that what happened. Yeah you is probably about a sophomore year Goran or year or. Or did that bother you Michael your junior and senior year deal lingered all before you got to Missouri. Oh you the when they were talking about me you know we've been in the country on that it would bother me then there was there was there was always nagging. And I was always they can you know about that a pain are Kabila somewhat better. I'm so Linda Missouri the saying you know I never really got word I would get MRI you have to you're never changed some good news. And then it is kind of took apparently the worst. And they wanted to get that big and I'll be out of panic could really responsible potential so it's really a blessing in disguise sort of having to replace Missouri put on. Not a whole career military so. What you're dating yourself back Michael and again talking Michael Porter junior draft prospect here on the will Kane Joseph you're dating yourself back to your sophomore year the last time right teacher back truly felt. I guess a 100%. Where you today after back surgery going into the draft what percentage would you call your back today. America feel you backed normal. I've no issues with the and you know there's no. Recovery injury every MRI and outgun the perfect. You know look good to know there's no question the running anymore and I'm just continued their camera body image sir are there other. Okay see you the big risk reward guy right obviously the risky is for teams. That they need to get over the idea of the injury the reward is what what kind of player do they gates if they if they draft Michael Porter junior. I think I was going to be an immediate impact guys. Well well you know transform a franchise. He it is the McCain on the court on the perfect. It today's NBA game now going there and you know. Be special from a job. I don't want to take long for me one of the best players in the NBA. And I just think that changed she'd either lord put out of a little concerned with the with the medical. So you know my agent has been great in getting that medical or permissions figure out something that you know I'm more comfortable. Is there anybody that you model your game after Michael. On. Well what's going to be a player you know what KD. Trees and McGrady can't leave. The Olympic that I try to play like those guys that is applicable law. You can shoot dribble our home but you know the great players are still let it be enough arm system beluga. OK so last question for Michael Porter junior so on this show Michael to sell you on right now the will Cain show. You've got you're talking to me first all mavericks fan. You've got a magic saying you've got a knicks fan I think in different mock drafts you've been mocked each one of our teams. So we're at to ask you which team do you wanna play for. And didn't even on. I'm stuck considered organ that right now that I would rather I ordered over the other element of the organization. He did it completely betrayed me and believe me injure. Immoral but what are you like any in my go to. All we all be okay I'll fit in and copy RB did so they want. I'm Michael really appreciate your time today looking boards see what happens on Thursday night. Appreciate your.