The Mets try to do the Wright thing... 9/13/18

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Thursday, September 13th
What's at the top of Mr. College Football's must see list this week?

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Which starting quarterback in the NFL would you most want to be this week we starting quarterback in the NFL would you least like to be I think I'd go. Philip Rivers. Would mind being Philip Rivers going into buffalo. In at least wanna be Sam Bradford. Going into the coliseum to take on the rams. You know that's the toughest Arizona Cardinals and I can't argue that that's a tough one I'm not sure how I feel about paean. Andrew Luck don't play the Redskins. As the redskins' defense looks a lot better and it did a year ago. But Bradford got the toughest assignment by far. Green mountain Josh Allen no bargain in Johnstown is first are just straight up though I mean generally need kid you know. Whoever they were playing it wouldn't matter it's like that's. It's gonna be rough. You know that you know at least he's at home we've talked a lot this week about quarterbacks who really have something special some Maxtor and approved this week. Like back in their car that Roethlisberger is one of those guys who have. Assuming normal conditions I expect to bounce back for them. I think their options probably their offense wasn't bad they can bounce back and still lose yet they could I just that's a dangerous game no question there. That's a hard games to two pick actually I think because the chiefs. You have to decide you know right now he knowing you've got one week so now you decide Yunnan on Kansas City or not to fear in. Then in steelers' defense is very good. But if the chiefs can move the ball like that. That's to me after the game what is at the top of mr. college football's must see list this week and I know we have number four Ohio State. Is number fifteen TCU right here on ESPN thirteenth when he. I think it's a best game time. Although. I tissues rank is that you know. Ohio states of a better team dialogue TC is the home team that's the only possible equalizer its last game before Urban Meyer is. I'm back on the field coach on game days although nobody looks at that situation doesn't think it is. I mean really he's senators and just. Things he's been suspended I don't understand what you mean. Like suspended with privileges so weirdest thing. The key to your retirement or college we wanted to access right now out that door there's. Out that door I said where are you saying it's like a Bobby Valentine scenario where he got thrown on the game and came back in the day got the mustache and a it's no it's nothing like that because they did this suspension though the suspicion basically says that you didn't you know be with him at practices. A lot of sits powerhouse. That's the thing that's being lost in all this because it's very understandably spent about to head coach and you know about the head coaches. Problems but the truth is that that team stacked yeah. Say mr. based on what as a manager typically do he's ejected from a Major League game to go in the clubhouse and I'm typically he boxed just far enough to be out of sight and no it doesn't go in the clubhouse. He walks down the steps. Into the tunnel holding area did you know in your minds I think oh there is she's walking to the clubhouse now all he did his walk toward cameras cutesy. And that's it in everybody's okay it. So it doesn't mean any steam and they're barking out instructions. Because. If that if a manager gets ejected the bench coach Dennis almost in every situation what the manager would do mean. But he's very near using almost a well. I guess I get to go home see the kids nearly denying her home when I'm on the radio and I think Cape Cod league this summer Wear for guy got ejected from the game the umpire would wait until he walked to the team bus yet to guess at the team. I now they generally. Don't go too far in general is coming gonna stamps. What players do when they rejected pleas go home now they got the clubhouse. They usually go stretch out substitute. Wait for the team it's to command is it true that there's no crying in baseball. 'cause I remember I mean not that's really never been true was a great line is it was a last year when Wilmer Flores thought is going to be traded wasn't at Wilmer Flores that Matt is right I think it lies within a year ago. K two years ago whatever was in news crying. He was really falling on the field because he thought is going to be trading Chrissie wasn't treated. And now we had David Wright breaking a little different deal here David Wright meeting with the media today to announce that he's coming back to the Mets. Off for a final homestand. And he all but announced is gonna play one more game and ask an immediate and during the little press conference says he he thanked his family his parents and he broke down. Tears nets ahead in the pit reporter I said oh OK just be clear this is it and he said yeah pretty much think it is. Well. It was a great New York moment by two guys has the most emotional news conference every ever he's he's like choking his way through thanking everybody. A guy who might he hasn't played once since Torrey sixteen. And and for whom that vets have just said here's what we're going to do you mean minute activated for the last series and we're gonna let him run out to third base to start the final game. And then first questions near the border okay we just to be clear. You retires right heck of a question I mean yeah because he didn't catch a little bit long here's the thing Paoli. I can't get out of this chair after the news conferences ever say yeah I am pretty close to retired can be tough on to play. The hot corner against the Marlins and on September 29. By the it was disposed with the Tivo game NT Russert now so they had to come up some else I'm as. Good Dave Wright thinks or says he's such a great player and couldn't stay healthy really. His last year that he even played a 130 games aren't 35 was 28 while. And so. Not commit a lot of guys a lot of careers or quotas but. But his numbers earlier this trio were so impressive and he was in the middle of every good thing happening with the Mets again it's not like he just you know hurt his knee which has been out for an Achilles or some more shoulder. Multiple surgeries on his shoulder is back in his neck yeah. In the next king went on and on and on and so he. What he's gone through just to get to the point where he can even put on the uniform and run out there at the end of this month. It is pretty impressive but it's really too bad it was kind of in a lot of ways it was the it derailed so much of what the Mets thought they were gonna do you because he was a cornerstone player and and they had signed him to a huge contract. Which social yeah yes salaries at twenty million this year fifteen million next year 121000000 and 20/20 that's the following year of his deal. Now this is into saying when the Mets reinstate him from the disabled list they could actually diminish the amount of insurance money that they could collect on this contract. They stand to collect quite a bit of the money that they guaranteed to them because of injury but he got it it says it's in as are the claws and their insurance. Pack that says Betty if you Henri you know it's certainly activate him. We won't counted because it's only for show but I want to. Set up probably listened. I'm but it's the right thing to do he he is Hamas. Time again as close to. He's as close in mr. met is this as the mask I mean he's he most people associate him with the Mets. Immediately and for years it's the first thing you thought it was David Wright so. You know he had. Want Lagarde spoke whatever you do you agree or disagree LA you're right well however analysts think about it. It's at its two man in a wonderful start to his career. And I think he would have been. I'm at this point if you do it will stay LT. You know like ten time all star and just one of those guys that your measuring for an up close as it did yeah yeah polling is out there in pretty good darn good players do well hustle play yes. Now here's speaking of a New York yet the Yankees are only one game ahead of the a's now on the wild card chase the American League. He is scheduled rest of the way they play the Orioles tonight then three on the road against Tampa bank. Three at home against the angels three at home against the twins in the a's finished with a six game road trip Seattle and Minnesota. The look too daunting writes about yeah dad do yankees have three at home against the blue jays three at home against the Boston Red Sox three dome against the Orioles but then they finish with four on the road against the rays soon. And finding pay played in Tampa team around they've had such terrible look and yes and then finally three games at Fenway. Wow okay. Every chance for the case to do to the Yankees what they did to the mayor's honestly. Which is suddenly blow by him on because happened. But the as it's part of it is just the days since the all star break really. I'm sort of general rising they've just been so consistent. That it is really. The yank that's a tough schedule for the Yankees but I I think they'll probably not measure up pretty well. It's just that the as a relentless there was someone in Houston said. Yesterday the day before when gasoline Astra said. They just keep win a date Astros are quicker. And they keep looking over their shoulder the engineers docket. And Oakland has found that thing that formula they get you to 32. Best won the series which gave one answers. I'm reminded of Billy's famous saying in them unable book my ass doesn't work in the well we'll see yeah. And taken to a three taken two of every three and during the regular a year then apply I mentioned yesterday about Cahill. Turn tail and he's going home. From the road trip with rom believed issue. About probable. So Susan I thought that was a little robot that sweeps up your house. You could be right but it's possible it's also reference to learn and back. Know yet that day he rested and annie's content going to be able to pitch again I don't I'm white I don't know it's an MRI that's on now. No match for an MRI so doesn't sound of bullets on them like seriously with three healthy starters will Brett Anderson's thoughts persona thing. That's the next step is to see if he can come back but it's fires and you know Edwin Jackson and how you feel bombings and I mean that's really where they are on so their hoping for Brent and Kenya.