Matt Barrows Interview, 49ers Beat Writer, Sacramento Bee 3/12/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, March 12th

Matt and the Guys talked about the newest additional to the 49ers and if they made a run at Talib.


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But our next guest. Has been very very interesting job he does very very well. But I think his job just got even more interesting with the 49 years. Agreeing to sign Richard Germany's the 49ers beat writer for the Sacramento. Be very generous for this time we appreciated. Very kind to on the only Matt barrows and ESPN thirteenth when he holding a match. I'm doing well yeah even when you can get candidate not out loud even though it's now what 48 hours after the deal went through it's still. It's still have sort of an odd ring to her and it would 49ers. Yeah how confident do you think the niners are. That the guy they signed can still play like Richard Sherman. Well. They're not confident I mean there is they're not not confident that is that there's certainly area. A legal trade one you've got a guy who's going to be thirty later this month and he's coming off of not one but two. He particularly related in injury. Days gave him a physical on Saturday. And obviously he tactics physical and if he thinks that he'd be ready to head to go full speed even during the the spring practices in May and June. The 49ers into. Deep area measured with their approach with him on that and you probably won't see the field until. Trade independently neutralize. But you know the hope is that that he continues to heal. And dignity more than that they're using natural competitive nature. That fire we've been seeing. From the other side of things for so many years. Is is alive and well and it even spoke to pick by. The fact that he was released by his team and that people are. Questioning whether he indeed people like you. Our art collection wasn't. You'll see I am in fact completely questioning whether he can return to his former form but. I'm Matt how much of what John Lynch it was a side comment I know he was talking. More generally about Richard chairman he mentioned mentor ship a much of that enters into this equation. I think it really didn't do it you know pretty highly and Vietnam in this is still a team that aspires to be one that's built for the draft and and you can achieve this. Feel that now later on that we can create and he's not going to beat a big free agent class that they had last year and everybody's condoning war. It seems right now that they want to be a young team and organically built team. And they really can be a Callaway this balloon and check a little cynical disbelief being. Any. Eight of their next Richard Sherman or somebody that. Can be molded into that position that long haul aggressive approach quarterback. That you know Richard Sherman of the pro prototype for. But he can help look you know bringing the total this booms along and then the kill with a spoon like talked last night is absolutely. Download that and he's been setting term inferred first several years now. I just can't wait to get to pick his brain and really learn the the mental part of it. The cerebral part of the job which secretly give a lot of credit. To Sherman for he says he's actually in that regard. And with that his familiarity with the cover three can Richard Sherman be almost like coach for the 49ers. Yes shored up a clinical community gets set a good way to put it you can be by far that build this guy in that meeting that defensive backs room. Let the young group Jimmy war McCloskey part. Carol Witherspoon a couple of other quarterbacks attracted their names nor would recognize him I mean it's say if a young group than you know. Richard Sherman isn't going to get speed. And he you know. That would be a veteran voice in that locker room are or that meeting will be could be that the veteran police for the entire defense. And you know that's that's. One of the things that the 49ers had that kind of not check out and you know it's bell actor Richard Sherman about are you okay would. Sort of being the you know that the player co option like like you shed for the defense and I think he's really looking forward to that role. Panel like you in the in this act we newsroom right with the likes to do Davidson they lean and you're kind of left. Hey guys have done this before your Kalish or writer coach. That's right at drag only in money you know I'd move that sent to Iraq and I yelling move that's subject to you're a man they love it when it is I think. And conform. It's when they're in their right like more people. How to write and a little bit better. They look forward to your visits Matt and by the way I'll give you directions of the bees do rent Newsom if you need to find it an article and feature. Thank you did Richard Sherman it addressed Turkey leg gate today and in seriously. Is there. Is he aware of sort of the disconnect that 49ers fans have with this whole notion. All c'mon guys send in Turkey leg gave date for the big Turkey leg on that Ford can be heeded the call NBC all right what rate when he flashed that choke sign an icon cat fanatic he would actually. Telling happening to arm and a cover up his neck because you're getting a little bit cold out that's next time they'll at all it's all big misunderstanding don't water under the bridge. Okay it's nice cute and yes. What yeah go ahead sorry. The editors say he did did address the elephant in the room by saying he felt as if the Rio all. Rivalry with the 49ers. Had taxed at Leo once Harbaugh left and wants. From the other big names shuttle Crabtree Kaplan it. Had gone though the arrival he sort of deemed so he didn't he didn't feel as if he loses it was it was Hatfield and the quarries anymore itself. That's sort of you know tone down the bill move anywhere from one not from one team to the other. It's kind of funny met you know forty niner fans and Seahawks fans don't see I'd I've the one thing a lot of agree upon right now is that while Richard chairman of the 49ers that's thinks it. I think so I mean it's it's funny he he apparently blocked on Twitter. Scores and scores hundreds and hundreds of 49ers fans and now he's giving those fans and XP. At the same time blocking his old follower to. Angry at him for for jumping ship and and going to the 49ers so. I think it is going to be a a net. You know even even addition vs contraction in the country is all a Twitter blocks. I do not expect this I realize it's Richard Sherman and he's a big name. But I don't know how much it affects the rest of what the 49ers are thinking about doing Matt so wit with that with the pick in the draft that they hold. Are you still expecting them to look to a defensive answer add at nine or even keep the pick at nine. Yeah I think that they would love to trade down if there's an opportunity to win any treaty already peaking that buffalo sort of creeping. Higher and higher in the trapped in order to get a quarterback. Beyond that he's built that movement gonna continue their there's several teams after the 49ers. The Broncos. Beat Arizona Cardinals. I'm the Buffalo Bills are still after the 49ers in the first round who want a quarterback in the you know the 49ers would be one of those teams that. Would probably deal. And all out looking to come up and get that QB but done yet if it's 889 I I still think XP it's been. There's the possibility that it remains cornerback. You know they could bring this guy had been to award in. He could be their nickel back for a little while and it's sort of learn the ropes from. Richard Sherman just like it Callaway this bonus. That's sort of idea to me and a bit now that cornerback has been addressed the Indy glaring need that sort of rises to the the topic is if pat structure the end that's the position he can't seem to find in free agency. And he want to bring in that you know ten plus fact I. You have to find it in the draft and I just wonder whether. That's going to be the pick up the ultimate pick in the first round. If the dolphins do as many expect they will. Cut Donna can sue do you think the 49ers to kick the tires there. Now I think that they feel as if the interior of their line it is it's good because they got the fourth spot and that will be the spot that. Chu would would would fit in with the 49ers that that defensive tackle three techniques spot. And that is to force doctors spot and now they've got to jail all the talent they've got Eric Armstead. That got Earl Mitchell. It it just doesn't seem to be extra Keane fit for the 49ers. And yeah I think they added another big name defensive linemen interior linemen. Transplant. About the window at this point. So Matt is there if and I know we got to go real quick but is there a free agent that you think they might be actually look closely looking out as this market kind of opens up now. Yeah I've been saying this on the radio and in nobody likes it when I say it but I don't think that they're going to be. On targeting any of the dignity I mean. There might be eighty a free agent running back but it's not going to be probably beyond foolish. Or anybody else with a big name it might be. Somebody like Isaiah scroll war that your McKinnon. And that this Carlos Hyde did departs and into until morale so. You know they'll they'll add in freeagent split I just don't think they gonna be the marquee names. They have been linked to they would ignore well. He the Panthers guard that would be nice pickup for them but. Everybody seems to think that the world heading to look at your China itself. We'll have to monitor that there's a lot of chicanery if you will these next few days show we'll have to wait until Wednesday if he what's true what's not. All right Matt thank you very very much for your time we appreciate it we'll talk too soon. Right and ice event thank you very much.