Matt Barros Interview, Sac Bee 49ers Insider 4/12/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, April 12th

Matt and the Guys talked about the latest on Rueben Foster and what this means for the 49ers.


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Well as you know doubt know by now Ruben foster's forty niners charged with multiple. Domestic violence and weapons counts. Think connection do his February arrest that announced by the Santa Clara County district attorney's office so. Where did the 49ers go. From here and nice not to join us with more on that Stewart he's been covering it all day. The outstanding forty niner beat writer from the B Matt barrows thanks for your time that they matter how's it going. Are you. And that good good is it if Matt is it safe to assume that the 49ers. For the most part knew that these charges were coming. No I think it's safe to assume that they didn't know they were coming I don't I don't think that they were prepared for the charges to be. Did. Dramatic they X graphic. Com I think that they they feel like in other charges were eight feet. Navy he gets the the gun charge maybe there's something else but. You know that three felonies that he was strike would today. It doesn't really. Jive with what I was hearing from the 49ers you know what direction where would woodland park which is basically nothing. And that they seem to become a sticking with that plan like this this case is going to. Fall apart at some point shells were not gonna make any dramatic moves would Foster. Madison also true that they're kind of limited in what moves they could make at this point other than to just cut him out right. Yeah I mean they can't suspend him. It paid remaining question about whether they can. Beatle asking him require him not to take part in the out offseason program. Which begins on Monday and that there that early part of that program is basically when that when the players. You know come back to Shannon Clara. It's all voluntary and maybe the early part of that. Begin live you know strength and conditioning and stuff like that and then a few weeks later they expect to do on the field stuff and then it goes into OT gazans. Mini camps and whatnot but. On Monday it'll just be sort of the the conditioning aspect of at all. Met very interesting you told us that it looks like the 49ers are still in that wait and see. Mode. How how precarious is Jed York's position here in your opinion. Give then you know what has happened with forty their players in the past involving domestic abuse. Yeah I did it's. Happily ate it keeps coming up over and over again and they've done. Different things each time they mean remained rock just a year ago. We was charged win many of the same things that with a paltry than they cut him the next day and that they did today after he was arrested. We all know how long the deal and smitten. Episodes took and that wasn't. Domestic violence related that would sound it was mostly alcohol related and obviously that's still continue to be a problem with him. Ray McDonald. Domestic violence issues Bruce Miller did to. You know there's the Bruce Miller case that or is just dismiss dead. Meet all ally. Me did that the charges were blown out of proportion. They can bat. And that goes all all went away and they Bruce Miller would say upstanding. Welcome back. Member of the team and then lo and behold a year later he gets into that didn't even more salacious incident. In San Francisco involving. An older man in a hotel room I mean. APEC is the one thing after another and they eat each case has been handled differently by the team. And that's really what Tomlinson said that it hasn't been Matt. That's it starting with John Lynch's tenure he made it very clear come knowledge remained Brock thing well everything will be handled individually. These cases are different which is kind of event executives way of making sure he has wiggle room right. Yeah absolutely. For sure and then you know and that may maybe that was the case would these two cases and it seems to be that. The 49ers learned something about remain Brock case that bothered them enough that they felt. Inclined to dismiss him the next day did their natural. Observation would would the room foster's situation was that it wasn't enough dismiss them right away. You know and it did that have to do it there. You know relative standing on the team. Crimean broth with somebody that does lynch inherited. We even thought surely somebody that they did copious amounts of work went. Research on and then drafted in the first round of the draft show. Beyond not not exactly the same. Situation I think caliber of player. It is in both of those cases. Matt we know the charges are to say the least have serious and we know that they're sickening we also know. That Ezekiel LA got a six game suspension when he never even. Faced any charges that were actually filed so. Based on where we are now on and other charges he could be convicted they could be dismissed the based on what we have right now these charges. Where do you think the NFL would come on come down as far as a suspension at this point. Yeah I think we're looking at at least six games at this point because. You also fold in the big drug charges that he's facing them that they'll come out of Alabama. And also. From the at this gala in com my lack sheer he he failed a drug testing into diluted example. And these scouting combine in between seventeen to think that counts against him as far as the the league's drug policy so now he's got. Ostensibly to strike against him in that regard so I don't know how the either delete calculate that when there's. You know chariots charges. And and so he's in both the the league's personal conduct. Policy in there you know. They're drug policy is well shelf I'm not sure Allen Alec come down but does it seemed like six would be the beat fewest amount of games that he might miss in 28 feet. Matt to you know lie Richard chairman was in court today. Yeah Lucia Lucia who would not in trouble let's just put that out there he would Asia in court you actually seated next to me. They can that there Grotrian. In. They'd be can't handle the big courthouse as it happens all the effects that. And I didn't hear you been an inadequate or I'll say yeah right now. But you have Barrett that extensively to offer support to. More than talker he told me afterwards that. Foster's from Alabama. He doesn't have any family in the area and that you know he that the 49ers are is the fact of family that he would be here to sit. It would support the guy and that. It's sort of Richard Sherman he's himself in that role. There are. If if there are more than one. Thirty somethings on that defense I think there's only one other guy maybe they go to a lot since then what Richard Sherman who turned thirty last month is. The oldest guy in the defense and sort of sees himself as the the veteran as the father figure that's going to. You know at least try to help these guys through the the issues that I've been playing them. Okay Matt I don't know if there's a fair question I apologize if this not why would you say why do you think the 49ers thought that they kid. Help proven Foster to a boy aid that type of problems that he has. Created day in the passing thing maybe they're starting to rethink that at all. These teams always are are confident that they have the structure in place to help. Out. Guys who who need it frankly and since sometimes that there right I mean. You know he he got. Should support staff you've got the team chaplain who has been very active. Reverend Earl Smith then in these guys lives. Tina Turner you got all all sorts of people in your organization who. Would bend over backwards to help these guys out into the kind of give them the the structure is you know that does the father figure frankly that that many of them don't have they didn't have growing up. And then obviously you know like Richard Sherman some of the better players take on the role as well. You know it's it's it doesn't happen overnight I guess who is the venture omni and the hope is that. You know having those things available to these guys they. They start to learn and they start to make sure they start to become. You know responsible adult. That they really hadn't been to that point. And Matt this is a lesser story today but time is tight it's gonna become a bigger story in the next couple of weeks. Does this affect how the 49ers have to plan for the future they've got a draft and a couple of weeks. Yes it absolutely does judge in helping to gazans. Events affected and I think the 49ers already knew was that. You know we can't count on them for sure I mean we just talked about the the suspension that he might get this season. Beyond if there's another incident at any point and really can't see him being on the 49ers anymore show. These Goldman guys that they wanted to build the defense around to somebody's there they're not quite sure who is he going to be there or not so. But they they definitely started to draft process. Or at least back in into February when when the com mine was occurring between dead. We may have to added an inside linebacker nick brought in. To Santa Clara a number of prominent ones sell records Schmidt from University of Georgia is the possibility with the number nine pick. Coming in Edmonds also plays that middle linebackers bodies from Virginia Tech. Either possibility with the number nine taken and there are other guys that they're taking very close look looks set. A little later in the trap to who could be taken as well show. I'd be surprised actually they didn't take. An inside linebacker at some point at some point early on and I thought my first three rounds of the draft. And if that's the case that that's the guy that you're looking at two at least speed there at the safety net if it was a culture is been around. For very much longer. It's a very very busy day from we appreciate your time very much Matt barrels from the B thanks Matt we'll talk too soon. All right thanks Matt.